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10. Douglas Monroe - Douglas was really interesting because he subverted all of my expectations for his character. I was expecting him to be some kind of tyrant or incompetent that needed to be deposed for Alexandria to work. Instead, Douglas wanted to do what was best for the community, but was ill-equipped to keep everyone safe and so voluntarily stepped down so that Rick could lead. His death was stupid and senseless, but still tragic.

9. Morgan Jones - Morgan didn't get to do much after being re-introduced into the comic and he got killed off way too soon, but I always liked him. I can't help but get the feeling that Robert Kirkman just didn't know what to do with Morgan.

8. Alice - In her short time alive in the comics, I think Alice left a big impact on the series, as I said in the "Who would you bring back" thread. She's my favorite character that didn't make it out of the prison. I don't have much to say about Alice because I don't remember the early comics as much, which is probably why my list is slanted toward the post-prison survivors. Still, Alice is awesome. I need to re-read those early issues.

7. Eugene - Eugene is an interesting character. He went from being pretty much a human-shaped piece of shit to being one of the most useful and brave members of the group late in the comics. Eugene's character development gives me hope that other less developed characters like Rosita, Aaron and Nicholas can be fleshed out appropriately in later issues, assuming that they don't die first.

6. Glenn - Glenn was a pretty cool character early on, but after the prison he didn't get much of a chance to do anything. He might not have been the deepest, most fascinating character in The Walking Dead, but damn it if he wasn't likable.

5. Carl Grimes - He's annoying at times and now he has emo hair, but his relationship with Rick is the heart of the comic and his character development is one of the coolest sub-plots in the entire comic. I like that Carl is product of growing up in a zombie apocalypse.

4. Paul "Jesus" Monroe - He's just a cool guy. Really likable and entertaining to read about.

3. Andrea - If Rick ever dies and the comic continues, Andrea is the only living character that I'd like to see fill Rick's leadership position. Maybe she could become the deuteragonist of the comic, along with Carl. Andrea's currently one of the most idealistic (living) characters in the comic. I'd really like to see how she deals with the pressures of leadership and how she changes. I hope she doesn't die before then.

2. Abraham Ford - Abe is just awesome, interesting and hilarious. I feel like The Walking Dead could have easily starred him instead of Rick. His backstory was sad as all hell and he's got the funniest quotes in the entire comic. Negan eat your heart out.

1. Rick Grimes - Rick is my favorite character not just because he's the main character, but because he's a complex and dynamic character. He's always changing, like we all probably would be in a zombie apocalypse. Rick from issue 1 isn't Rick from issue 20 or Rick from issue 50 or 70 or 100. He does what he thinks he has to do and he doesn't enjoy any of the bad things he does. He does it all to keep his family safe, but even that doesn't always work out. He doesn't always do the right thing, from a moral standpoint or a survival standpoint. Those flaws are what makes Rick so fun to read.
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10. Glen- A very likable character would be higher but after the prison arc he had very little story and his time as captive in Woodbury made him look like a wimp. 9. Dale- A good character who never lost his humanity. 8. Jesus- while I would still like to know more about him he has been very loyal to Rick and acts like a ninja. 7. Abraham- A very colorful character who I thought was killed off to early. 6. Tyresse- maybe the most developed character in the book . 5. Andrea- Biggest badass in the comic, well maybe number 2. 4. Michonne- nuff said. 3. The Governor- most hated character and his actions effect the story till this day. 2. Rick- its his story. 1. Carl - The future and has developed threw out the story.
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10 dale- was the father figure of the group
9 Glenn - he is generally the good guy in the walking dead he was one I've the only characters who always seemed positive
8 tyreese - had the most practical weapon and stood by rick no matter what I mean besides that on little fight
7 Carl -most badass 8 year old ever
6 Rick - he's the main character so yeah
5 Alice - she was an awsome addition to the prison arc the comic would be more interesting if she was still alive
4 Michone-who dosent like michone
3 Brian Blake - the governer even though he's an evil son of a bitch had an amazing story that shaped his personality and greatly affected the comic
2 Andrea -she reminds me of Carolina from red vs blue
1 Sophia - just because she reminds me of my little sister
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10) it's a tie between Axel and Zeke, they're both great comic relief and are pretty good hearted fellows.
9) Abe, abe almost didn't make the cut for the same reason Tyreese doesn't make the cut, cheating, the difference being abe's dark side, carrying carl when running from the herd, and for managing to "work you're not the last woman alive" into a break up.
8)Negan & Lucille, negan is hilarious, he reminds me of a friend and I love lucy, ill never forgive them for glen but they're lots of fun.
7) Andrea, I liked her a lot more when she was with dale than rick but she's solid, I like her steady development.
6) Eugene, the lie was the biggest dick move ever, but I loved the religious debate with gabe, I love his love of rosita, and I want him to fully redeem himself and hook up with Rosita.
5) Aaron & Eric, they make me go awwwe even when they're hoarding the good booze.
4) Sophia, I just want her and carl to grow up and get married.
3) Glen,the hot altruistic Korean guy with a heart of gold, nuff said.
2) Carl, that is one badassed kid. He's like the cool little brother that I never had.
1) Michonne, she was originally my least favourite character of the good guys because of the tyreese/carol love triangle (carol was my fave character until she attempted to kill herself in front of Sophia) but eventually through many a zombie kills, and how she handled the governo, plus her attitude in general, she won my love and respect. She is a great catalyst in the story.
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