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How old is Lizzie supposed to be? My 4 year old draws similar standard pictures?!

The Michonne and Judy scene was heart wrenching.

I agree more perimeter guards patrolling more frequently are needed.

I liked the mixture of action and suspense this episode.

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I don't think Lizzie drew that picture. It was probably one of the little kids.
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The impression I got from Rick cutting the pigs was to draw out the smell of fresh blood to make them more attractive to the walkers.

Yeah,but...I've tried to catch pigs that didn't want to get caught. No way a walker, or even a bunch of them, is going to grab a piglet that hasn't been injured enough to slow it down- especiallly one down around their knees.
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Yeah, I'm fine with people downvoting me because it just shows they disagree with me, but I would like an explanation or an "I disagree and here's why..." post. I'm perfectly open to criticism, but it doesn't help me if people don't explain it


Oh well.

Well, I appreciate a well thought out, intelligent review even if I disagree with some of it. If we all agreed all the time, discussion would get pretty boring. So thumbs up for keeping the discussions going from me. :)

Do you guys think the person who fed the rats is the same person who burnt the bodies? I'm definitely thinking two different people

My guess is that one of those little girls fed the rats (naming the walkers and such) or it was Bob Stookey and the body burner is the doctor

The body burner can also be Karen who faked her death, but that would be an absolutely ridiculous plot twist

I think they could go either way with that. It could be the same person working for the governor to weaken the prison from the inside. Luring walkers to the fence does that on several levels in that it keeps a lot of them busy on the fences trying to manage the buildup so they don't have a lot of people available for other things like supply runs and, if the fences do collapse, it would be very difficult - if not impossible - to properly defend the prison against an attack while dealing with all those walkers. The murders are going to cause tension and distrust within the prison because they'll know it had to be someone on the inside. They'll be suspicious of each other and people who don't trust each other are less likely to work well together. So the traitor could be going for distraction and taking advantage of the illness to divide and conquer as well.

I'm not ruling out it being the same person, but either option would work well so I'm good either way. I don't think they will go for Karen faking her death though - it just wouldn't make any sense after she watched the governor murder her friends and just narrowly escaped being murdered by him herself. Not to mention him just leaving her there with around 27 corpses that could turn into walkers any minute.

I don't think Lizzie will have anything to do with either. If she were feeding the walkers, she would feed them the whole rat. Letting the walker bite of the head and leaving the body next to the fence was obviously an attempt at sabotage - and that person looked to tall to be a child to me. I can't see Dr. S. or Bob being the killer if the motive is to prevent the disease from spreading because both of them would know that exposure has already occurred. Killing Karen and David would not prevent the spread of the disease. If that is the motive, the killer has to be someone who doesn't have much medical knowledge and doesn't realize that a lot of people have already been exposed.

Another theory for the killer is the mother who was shown grieving over her child and carrying the body out to be buried. They put emphasis on that - and Karen having an emotional reaction to it - so that does seem to have some significance.

In the "Making of Infected" video, Greg Nicotero talks about the plans they had to build a moat around the prison, but they had to scrap the idea because it became a hazard because of ground problems (quick sand).

That's interesting. I was wondering if they had considered other options, but safety must come first. Now I'm wondering if they will try to work that into the show somehow because it would be a good explanation for why they didn't dig a moat. They could have someone mention it while they're discussing the problem about the fences if nothing else.

You know what they say about great minds... :)

I think Carol was the only one who could call Lizzie weak and it not come off as overbearing or cold. We have seen her come from the point of being weak, herself, to being one of the stronger characters on the show. She is proof that you can (and that you *have* to) overcome weakness and timidness, while still retaining your humanity.

I agree. Lizzie asked Carol to let her be the one to put her father down, but she couldn't go through with it - and her hesitation absolutely could have gotten herself and her sister killed if Carol hadn't been there. That is a weakness that she has to overcome because there are going to be times when you have to put down someone you care about to prevent them from turning and hesitating could get you killed. It's harsh, but that is the world they live in now. They can't shelter or coddle the kids and expect them to survive. They need to be honest with the kids and teach them how to protect themselves.

Have you seen the deleted scene where she tells Merle she will kill him? Sounds pretty malicious (or at least willing to be brutal) to me. Of course, you could argue it was a deleted scene, so not relevant, but I still think so.

I wouldn't consider that malicious. They all had valid reason to consider Merle a potential threat and Carol in particular considered him abusive towards Daryl. Rick only met Merle the one time in Atlanta before this, but the others had been around him quite a bit before that day on the roof. There's a big difference between threatening someone who could be a potential threat and murdering two innocent people in cold blood. Carol has reached a point where she is strong and capable of standing up for herself and others, but she's not a cold blooded murderer.
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