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Does anyone actually have a solid understanding of Gilliard's billing status? For me, understanding whether or not Bob Stookey is a main character is a big part of determining if I should try to be more open about the character and having a decent idea as to how long he'll be around.

I was checking AMC's cast listing for 30 Days Without An Accident
and a bit to my dismay, Gilliard is not there. These credits on AMC's site don't seem to ever track the series regulars who are billed for each episode, but to my knowledge, Gilliard isn't a regular.

In the episode itself, Gilliard was the first billed of the guest stars (right after Emily Kinney, Chad L. Coleman and Sonequa Martin-Green, who are kind-of-regulars and are slated to be billed for each episode, including those in which they do not appear).

Gilliard is also notably absent from all publicly released promotional photos and posters. Even Kinney, Coleman, Martin-Green, and Morrissey are placed onto each of these. I find this slightly odd, since the semi-regulars are usually included in promotional photos on this show (S1 - Daryl, Amy, Morgan; S2 - T-Dog, Carol, Sophia; S3 - T-Dog, Beth). He's also completely absent from AMC's official cast page.

If memory serves correct, the initial casting call for Bob Stookey was for a potential series regular (which usually means you start as a recurring guest star, and if all goes well, you're promoted to the main cast as soon as possible), but I'd have to double-check on that one. I'd be gracious if anyone could pull up a link to the casting call quicker than I could Google search it.

So does anyone know what's really going on here? Is Gilliard a kind-of-regular, akin to McBride and Wilson last year, and Kinney, Coleman, and Martin-Green are this year, and if that's the case, why no promos?
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I don't read the comics, so just conjecturing...

Part of the whole billing in the credits depends on the actor's agent and the details of the contract. It doesn't necessarily mean who has the most lines of dialogue nor who has the least.

Maybe Gilliard was brought into the prodcution too late for the promotional photos OR maybe his character is not slated to be around long. Or, here's another thought... other than the walkers, the promos depict "good" characters.
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