Immune 18 -The Heart Of The Dead-

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Immune 18- The Heart of the Dead

“Don’t take any chances with her. She’s dangerous. We need to move her to the square. I want the people to meet their savior.” The Governor spoke while drying off his hands.

“What about Merle and the other one?” Martinez asked.

“Take them both to the square, we’ll have ourselves a little fun first. You,” he pointed to an unsure man in the corner, “get her to the square. Take this and knock her out first. Got it?” The Governor handed the man a Taser already loaded and on its highest setting. “You think you can handle that?” With that, the Governor left with Martinez and a few other men in tow.

“What the fuck, man?” A man asked the one given the Taser. “Did that really happen?”

“Shut your mouth, you really want to question a man that could do that? Let’s just get through this.” Vanessa still sat on the floor of the cell; her hands still held the metal bars. She stared blankly at the tub and the legs hanging off the side.

“Vanessa?” Rick asked “Vanessa?” There was pain in his voice. Rick was a good man who has had to make hard choices, there was a time when Vanessa worried that Rick was losing his humanity with the decisions he’s had to make. Now it seems that Vanessa is the one who has lost everything she tried to hold onto.

The man with the Taser shot her and Vanessa welcomed the electric agony that came with it and the blessed unconsciousness that followed. “Alright, Cooper, Johnson, pick her up and let’s head for the square. I don’t wanna miss the fight.” Taser man spoke. Vanessa heard them, she wasn’t fully unconscious as she would have hoped. They began to drag her along the concrete floor by her arms on her back, Vanessa could make out the thud of boots.

Rotating her hands inward she grabbed the two by their wrists and flipped her feet above her head and drove them deep into their mid-sections. Using her momentum, Vanessa was able to roll up on her feet, back to them. She shifted her weight to one leg and twisted around to kick them in their faces with a powerful roundhouse.

Taser man shot again but not letting the electric current phase her, she simple grabbed him by the neck and shoved him into the wall. He dropped the Taser as Vanessa continued to ram him into the cinderblock until blood appeared on the wall and his body slide down the wall.

Vanessa stood there over the body breathing deeply. It felt good to kill him and she only wished it was the Governor at her feet instead. The sound of splashing water stopped Vanessa’s breath. A numb feeling fell over her as she immediately knew what the sound was.

“Vanessa…wait. Just let us out, I’ll take care of it.” Rick spoke from the cell. The look in her eyes was dark and frightening. Rick watched as the thing that use to be Lizzy began to slosh out of tub. She couldn’t do this. He couldn’t let Vanessa take this on. Having to kill walker-Lizzy would be the final nail in the coffin on what was once Vanessa’s soul.

“Please Vanessa, let me help you.” Rick continued to plead with a cracking voice but Vanessa knew she would have to do this on her own.

“I’ll take care of her, Rick.” She spoke in monotone. This Lizzy is in stark contrast to live Lizzy. She used to be so vibrant and alive. No longer. Her skin was pale and somewhat bloated from the water. Her eyes have become gray and clouded and her hair swung about her slumped shoulders. Vanessa let her shuffle closer, she used that time to think about what she had to do.

Vanessa bent down and picked up the knife from Taser man’s belt; she held it against her leg as if it were too heavy to lift any higher. But it wasn’t the weight of the knife, just the burden of this world that was weighing her down. This dead world that made men into monsters, children into pawns, and friendships into liabilities; was not a world Vanessa wanted to live in much longer. How easy would it be to just end it? To stop the pain and hardships with one bullet.

The thing that was Lizzy groaned and reached for her. Vanessa held her by the throat at arm’s length as it struggled.

“Lizzy, I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you. You didn’t deserve this. I’m not sure I have anything left to give this world anymore. But I will do one thing for you, Lizzy. I’ll kill that bastard. I promise, with everything left I have in my heart, I’ll take him to Hell with me. I….I…..oh, God…” Vanessa’s voice trailed off and she spoke in sobs. She let the tears flowed down her face again.

The knife plunged into Lizzy’s skull quickly and efficiently. Vanessa twisted her wrist to turn the blade inside, ensuring the brain is badly damaged, Lizzy slowly fell to the ground with a wet thud.

Rick watched as Vanessa wiped off the blade and proceeded to check the fallen bodies for a set of keys to unlock the cell. Her movements were robotic with vacant eyes because there, lying on the floor in a dead heap, was Vanessa’s heart. Her purpose for staying alive in this desolate world for so long when at any time, she could have ended it.

Rick sympathized because it was the same feeling he felt when his wife Lori died. He had been used to keeping her and Carl alive for so long that he didn’t know what his purpose now was until he realized he still had Carl and now a daughter. He still has his group; his surrogate family. Will the group be enough for Vanessa to care about living? To Rick, she already looked dead.

The sound of a turning key and disengaging lock shook Rick back to situation at hand. Julian followed behind Rick as he led them to the back stair case that would lead up into an empty part of the warehouse. Vanessa went in the opposite direction.

“We need to go.” Rick said in an urgent whisper. He still didn’t know how many guards occupied the warehouse or beyond.

“No, I’m not leaving here until he’s dead.” She didn’t have to say who she meant and there was no arguing with her. Rick, still in pain from his wound, relented and followed Vanessa silently up the front staircase. He understood that she had to do this. She had to face this man and she’ll succeed in killing him even if it means she kills herself in the process.

Outside the guards were light. Vanessa only came across two that she easily dispatched by snapping their necks from behind. They never saw her coming. She didn’t bother to stab their brains, she’d rather they turned while inside the wall. She was done playing games and taking prisoners. Now, anyone between her and the Governor is her enemy and will be killed. Her own train of thoughts were frightening enough but if Rick and Julian could see the image she had in her head of how she would kill the Governor, they would run the other way in horror.

A crowd was gathered around a clearing. Along the inner ring of the crowd was a line of armed guards and at its center was the Governor.

“Fuck my life!” Vanessa cursed. The Governor would have plenty of warning she was coming and enough guards between them to slow her down considerably.

“I don’t see a way through without being undetected.” Julian surmised. “We should leave. We can regroup and plan…”

“No. I’m here, I’m doing this.” Vanessa made a move to run for the center when Rick’s strong grasp stopped her.

“Wait! Look, it’s Daryl and Merle. What are they….they’re going to make them fight each other? We need to stop this.” Rick demanded. “You go now and you’ll be killing them too. They’ll put a bullet in their heads before you get to him.”

The cloud of rage was dispersing and Vanessa was thinking more clearly. Rick made sense. She was willing to risk her own life, but not everyone else’s. Vanessa handed Rick a gun she took off a dead guard, she handed Julian another. They took up positions without having to even speak and began to spray bullets amongst the crowd. They didn’t intend to kill, just distract to allow Daryl and Merle to escape.

Screaming people began to run haphazardly. Guards fired blindly into all directions and Vanessa aimed her sights on the Governor. He wore a black patch over one eye and Vanessa secretly thanked the person that caused him pain. He was wondering around the center of the confusion unafraid of bullets or walkers that all flew around him. Vanessa slowed her breathing, quieted her heartbeat and steadied the weapon. She slowly pulled back on the trigger and let the bullet loose.

Vanessa watched as Andrea walked in between the shot and the bullet entered her right shoulder and exited out her back. The force put her into a spin and just as she turned around, she faced Vanessa. There was pain on her face but also determination. She knew, Andrea knew the shot was fired and she intentionally walked into it. Vanessa could tell she will live from this wound.

“Fuck.” Vanessa lowered her rifle. The Governor had ducked down beyond her line of sight and the element of surprise was lost. Andrea made her choice and she chose to be between her and the Governor; a perilous position.

To be continued….
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Excellent chapter, hope she does get to the Governor
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