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Immune 17 –Daggers of the Dead-
The Governor stroked the hair of a dead girl in a secret room of his apartment. The little girl was outfitted in a frilly little dress that was somewhat clean with matted hair and arms in a restraint jacket. The Governor was soothing and gentle with his brush strokes and hummed a familiar tune. His eyes were blank and unseeing. He didn’t see an undead creature that would rip his hand off should she get the opportunity. He saw a daughter. He saw the little girl that maybe could still grow up normal if only he could find a cure.
“It’s okay Penny. Daddy’s here. Daddy’s gonna take care of you. I’m going to find this woman no matter what it takes. Daddy loves you.” The Governor cooed as he tied the restraints back in place and ushered little Penny back into the dark cage in which she lived; waiting for a cure.
Andrea and Michonne sat on a bench on the main road. Andrea watched life unfold here in Woodbury where the people seemed happy and content. She wanted that same contentment but Michonne was having problems blending in.
“You shouldn’t have taken the sword, Michonne. He would have given it back to you eventually.” Andrea spoke while still looking at the kids play.
“It wasn’t his to take from me to begin with. Andrea, don’t you see there is something wrong here?” Michonne turned towards here trying to make her see.
“Isn’t this what we wanted? Didn’t we talk about a normal life again?” Andrea finally turned to face her friend.
“This is not ‘normal’. This is a prison and I’m not staying here.”
“You should listen to her, Andrea. I have a bad feeling about this place.” Vanessa walked up to the women. She had been listening and her thoughts mirrored Michonne’s. There was something off about this place, something just beneath the surface that Andrea is choosing not to see.
“Van…I mean, Tina, you don’t know what we went through. I almost died this past winter and I don’t want to live that life anymore. You two can leave, I’m staying.” Andrea stormed off in search for solitude while Michonne walked with new determination.
“She’ll just slow me down anyways.” Michonne headed for her shared room most likely to retrieve whatever supplies she has to leave Woodbury. They fought like an old married couple; signifies that they went through a lot together. It’s sad that they are parting ways like this.
Vanessa and Julian have been assigned to Milton to aid in the search for Vanessa Summers. So far, her guise has been working and she hasn’t been uncovered yet. From what she saw and heard, finding a cure is very important to this governor. More than just protecting the people of Woodbury; there is something more there.
It had been a week and 4 days since they arrived in Woodbury and Vanessa has been on the lookout for a way to slip out. The Governor has told them they would be able to leave whenever they wanted but there was always some excuse as why they couldn’t leave today.
Michonne was able to walk through the gates and Vanessa hasn’t seen her since. The Governor has told them that he sent Merle out to check the roads and they were overrun with biters from all the recent activity. Vanessa thought that seemed plausible.
It was just after dusk when some Woodbury citizen raised an alarm as to intruders within the wall. Armed guards took up positions along the perimeter.
“What should we do?” Julian asked as we looked out the window.
“We should get our things, we’re leaving.” Vanessa told him as she grabbed her back pack. She never did unpack it as was her habit.
“What? There was walkers out there and now intruders in here.”
“Yes, the perfect distraction for us to get over the wall and away from here. I need to get back to the prison.”
“What about your friend, Andrea?” Julian’s questioned.
“She made her decision.” Vanessa said after a pause. Maybe she’ll come back later and try to convince her but for now, she needs to get out of here. Outside on the street, people were yelling and running. They couldn’t pinpoint where the strangers were and so everyone was confused.
Sneaking around a building, Vanessa glimpsed what probably was the offending intruders huddle in an alley. There was something familiar about their organization; Vanessa has seen it before. She walked out beyond the shadows and into the road unfazed by the bullets that flew around her.
“Rick.” Vanessa whispered to herself and allowed hope to spring in her mind. Did they come for her? How did they know she was even here? A shadow moved towards the group from the wall, it was Michonne. Perhaps she found the prison and told them. Vanessa made a move to run towards them when a strong hand pulled her back.
“Get down! You’ll get shot.” Julian said as a bullet shattered the masonry right behind their head easily demonstrating his point.
“It’s them, Rick and the others. We need to get to them.” Vanessa spoke. “We have to run, now!” Vanessa pulled him up and ran towards the wall. The group was making it over, one went down. Rick was holding the rear line to allow the others to get over.
“Rick! Wait!” Vanessa yelled out. She watched him turn towards her and recognition spread on his face. But it didn’t last long when a bullet grazed his left arm and he went down hard. “No!!!!”
“Hold your fire! I want them alive!” Vanessa heard the Governor’s commanding voice over the dying sound of gunfire.
“Vanessa!” She heard her name and froze. Not from knowing her cover was blown but because of who screamed her name. A voice she hasn’t heard in months and wanted so desperately to hear again. Lizzy. Vanessa slowly turned and focused her eyes beyond the encroaching guards and the smoky haze to the angry Governor with a piece of glass where an eye should have been. He held Lizzy’s slender arm like a father holding a daughter.
“So, Vanessa Summers, pleased to finally meet you.” The Governor’s words dripped with rage kept perilously in check.
Vanessa, Julian, and Rick were taken down to a basement with cages set up to hold biters as well as people. Vanessa was put in a metal cage in the center when the Governor and his men arrived. Two men carried a claw foot tube and began filling it with water. Curious, Vanessa thought.
Before they arrived, Rick told her about Maggie and Glen being taken by Merle and that they were here to save them. They didn’t know about her until tonight and Vanessa didn’t know about Lizzy until tonight as well. On the one hand, she was glad her search was over but on the other she had to deal with the Governor and his men.
“Vanessa Summers,” The Governor walked in and sat in a lone chair near Vanessa. His eye was now bandaged and his clothes changed. “So you’ve been right here, under our noses all this time; hiding. Why…why is that huh?” He waited for an answer.
“I didn’t know if I could trust you. I can’t really trust anyone. I wanted to find out more about you, about Woodbury first.” Vanessa spoke. She felt the need to face this man who seemed to be on the cusp of insanity.
“And did you?”
“Did I what?” She answered a question with a question.
“Learn anything about us? Like how to disable our defenses? How to breech our walls? How to kill us?” He stood up so forcefully he knocked over the chair.
“No, I didn’t know they were coming. Besides, they weren’t after me, they were after the two innocent people you kidnapped and tortured. This is because of you.” Vanessa said.
“Because of me? So my little girl is dead because of me?” That struck Vanessa. What little girl? Rick and the others wouldn’t have killed an innocent like that unless she was caught in a cross fire. That must be the reason for the Governor’s disenchanted expression; the man lost his child.
“I’m sorry…” Vanessa whispered to herself but he heard.
“You’re sorry, you’re sorry. You know Summers, you’re gonna be here a long time. We’re gonna find a cure so you’ll be staying with us. We’ve moved your accommodations here. And if you are going to stay with us, you need to learn the rules. I’ve found that hope is a powerful thing. It can move mountains, build a town out of nothing, even give a man who’s lost everything a reason to live. But when that hope is gone….and there’s nothing left…..a man could do things he wouldn’t normally do.” The Governor motioned a man to open the door. In walked Lizzy who walked right up to Vanessa.
“Lizzy,” Vanessa tried to hug her as much as the bars would allow. She didn’t speak except to say her name again.
“I never knew her name. Lizzy. Lizzy has been with us for months now. She’s never spoken until tonight. Must have seen something terrible out there on the road. You see she was in my apartment sitting by the window when she say you walk by. She simply said Vanessa. Of course, I was looking for a Vanessa Summers and what a coincidence that she happened to know you. I was amazed. I guess she did prove useful after all.
“Lizzy, listen to me. I want you to go, leave this room and go. Please.” Vanessa tried to plead with her.
“No, Lizzy is going to help me prove a point about hope. When a person has no hope, they tend to not put up such a fight. Now you Vanessa, are a fighter. I can already see that. This should prove to you that if you fight me, you’ll be sorry.” The Governor ushered Lizzy to the bath tub now full of water.
He violently pushed back into the water leaving her thin legs dangling off the side.
“NO!!!! Please stop this! I’ll do what you want, please, please stop!!!!” Vanessa’s hands gripped the bars and she shook them with all the power she could conjure. She screamed and wept and pleaded to let her go. Water sloshed out with Lizzy fighting to breathe. Her legs kicked air and her hands clawed at him. She wanted to live and fought as such.
“NO!!!!! Lizzy!!!! Please, please God!!! Please stop! I’ll do anything! Please!” Vanessa’s throat grew hoarse, her hands bled where the metal bars cut into them, her face was wet with tears; she felt helpless. The kicking finally stopped and Lizzy lay motionless in the tub. No one moved. His men had a look of shock and horror on their faces but did nothing.
All Vanessa could do was cry. Cry for Lizzy and not being able to protect her from a psychopath that wore the disguise of a charming man. She felt empty, hollow and her sobs echoed throughout the basement.
Vanessa abruptly stopped her crying and let the pain and anguish settle to the bottom of her stomach. She would use that; use the pain for revenge. She slowly lifted her head and allowed her eyes to shoot daggers at the Governor.
“You’re going to die…..screaming. And I’m going to be there, I promise.” Vanessa spoke from a place in heart she didn’t know existed. A place of hate but spoke the truth.
To be continued……
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