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Immune 16- Cloak of the Dead :Where we left off: Vanessa and Julian have been captured by the good people of Woodbury and forced to help locate "the one who is immune" by The Governor. Vanessa encounters Andrea and Michonne on the clean streets and has a meeting with them to discuss her plan. You can read more of my fan fiction and original stories on my blog:
I left Julian standing on the street and walked to Andrea. She didn’t see me and I didn’t want her to yet, not until I can let her in on my rouse. She was speaking to a black woman that looks like she wasn’t having a very good day.
“Andrea.” I placed my hand on her shoulder and she turned. She opened her mouth to say my name and I quieted her with a hug and spoke low in her ear.
“Tina, call me Tina. No one can know who I really am.”
“Why?” She whispered back.
“I don’t know if I can trust them yet but they are actively looking for me.” The embrace couldn’t last too long and I looked her in the eyes, they began to water. Andrea with all her attempts to be strong and independent had tears in her eyes and relief in her voice. “We’ll talk back in my room, okay?”
“Sure, oh this is Michonne. Michonne this is…Tina.”
“Nice to meet you.” I got the feeling Michonne knew about me if she spent time with Andrea; she would. I’ll need to explain the situation to her as well. Back at the room, I had Julian on watch by the door. There were still guards patrolling the area but they’ve pretty much left us alone; a show of faith, no doubt. I told Andrea what has happened up until now.
“So everyone is okay at the prison, but Shane, Lori, and T-Dog? God...” Andrea spoke in a hoarse whisper. I didn’t go into details of Shane’s death and simply let her think he didn’t make it off the farm. Andrea told me of how she got separated and Michonne saved her. Also about being at the crash site and seeing the pilot Welles just before the Woodbury crew grabbed them. I got the feeling, even though she didn’t say, that Michonne didn’t trust them. She most likely didn’t trust anyone. Andrea had told her of me and the group in great detail but she didn’t know much about Michonne.
“So that’s it. I can’t let anyone know who I am until I gauge the threat.” I said.
“But they could have the best intentions.” Andrea spoke hopefully.
“The road to hell is paved in good intentions.” Michonne quoted and she was right. The Governor could have the same intentions as the good doctor but until I know for sure, I’m not giving away information.
“So you haven’t been able to find Lizzy at all?” Andrea asked.
“No, I wish…I just wish I knew what happened to her. Whether she’s dead or alive, I just don’t know.” A vision of Sophia came into my mind. Carol has always said it was the not knowing that was killing her. I completely understand now and had more sympathy for her. Lizzy was not my daughter, in this new world, we are all motherless, but I promised I would protect her and I failed.
“So what’s the plan?” Andrea asked me.
“I was hoping you had one.” I spoke as I sat on the twin bed.
“Well, this place doesn’t look so bad. They have a fortified wall and enough people to protect it. People here live in houses and not in tents, there’s running water and lights. Maybe we can ask to bring Rick and the others here?” Andrea seemed optimistic but I had my doubts.
“We can’t be too sure of what we see on the surface. Things may seem fine here but they act as if the world didn’t go to shit outside these walls.” Michonne spoke up. I didn’t know who this woman was but she has a survivalist mentality; something we sorely need.
“You can’t go on with this mistrust of everyone we come across, Michonne.”
“That mistrust has kept us alive. The walkers are dangerous; people are even more dangerous. Especially if you have something they want.” I think Michonne was talking more to me than Andrea with that last statement. But she was right.
“But…I want this life. I want to live without running, without wondering where my next meal is coming from. Life on that road is hell and I don’t want to go back to it.” Andrea was up and heading out the door.
“Andrea…” I tried to stop her to remind her of the secret.
“I know, I know. I won’t tell anyone.” And with that she was gone. Michonne and I looked at each other and she moved to follow. Once the women left, Julius came back into the room with some information.
“I was outside talking to some of the residents of Woodbury. They seem pretty content here. Things don’t look as bad.” He said with the faint hint of hope in his eyes.
“Yeah, that’s what Andrea said. But they’re complacent and that’s not a good thing. Even now, I feel naked without a weapon. More importantly, they won’t let us leave. That’s never a good thing.” I told him.
“Well, they think we can help them. They think we can find…Summers…and find a cure.”
“Yeah, we have what they want.” I mirrored Michonne’s warning. I hated to think that there were no more good people left in this world but this Governor and Woodbury somehow just felt wrong. Of course I wanted a normal life again, just like Andrea; but we may want something so bad that we blind ourselves to what’s really going on.
The facts were this: I was kidnapped by the good doctor Julian in the hopes of finding a cure. The doctor’s cohorts were fully prepared to take me to some head honcho in Arlington until they were killed by the friendly men of Woodbury. Now I’m being held in a small town where children play and lemonade is being served charged with locating….myself. There’s so much going on in my head I can barely keep it straight.
Somewhere in Woodbury in a dark warehouse, two men strategized their plan. The Governor was not who he seemed to be but he had ideas for this town and for Summers. One woman in this world is immune to this infection. From the transmissions they were able to pick up from one Doctor Jenner, they knew that she was female and her name but nothing else. Lately, The Governor had put a campaign in place to round up as many women as they could find. He had scouts out as far as Birmingham, Montgomery, and Augusta.
He needed to find this woman alive and unharmed. His daughter’s life depended on it. The Governor walked to his room and sat on his empty bed, a small gold framed picture in his hand. He was a man that had lost so much but his story was no different from anyone else’s. On his way out he noticed the petite pretty blonde that was brought in that same day and he decided to go play nice.
“Is your room comfortable?” The Governor spoke with smooth tones.
“Yes, thank you. It’s been a while since I had electricity and running water.” Andrea smiled up at him. She had always considered herself tall for a woman but even she had to look up at him.
“I know. We’ve had electricity and running water for weeks now but it wasn’t always like this. We started off with just a few of us and we lost some pretty good people along the way. But I’ve been trying to give back some semblance of life before all this with the biters.” The Governor spoke as he walked through the clean streets. Andrea noticed there were no burnt out cars or bodies decomposing on the asphalt.
“Biters?” She said with a smile.
“Yeah, that’s what we call them. What do you call them?” He smiled back. She noticed his whole demeanor changed when he smiled.
“We call them walkers.”
“Walkers.” He said testing it out. “I like that. Have you lost anyone Andrea?” The question was moot as everyone has lost someone.
“My sister, Amy. When I lost her I…I wanted to die. I didn’t think there was anything left for me.” Andrea answered honestly.
“I lost my wife. I felt the same way. The only thing I have to live for now is this town, these people. I want to protect them.” He gestured towards a small group of women chatting in the shade of a tree. Their clothes were not ripped and dirty and they were well fed. Two children, a boy and girl, played tag nearby and life looked as it did before the world ended. “And I believe I know how to protect them. I need to find this woman, Vanessa Summers, she’s supposed to be immune to this infection.”
“How do you know she’s immune?” Andrea asked cautiously.
“We received transmissions from a Doctor Jenner. We recorded them and in it he talked about a woman he was working on that didn’t get the fever after being bitten several times. Unfortunately, he didn’t describe her only that she was a woman and her name. There are so many people who would benefit from finding her, don’t you think?” The Governor watched Andrea’s reaction. This woman was good at hiding her thoughts and emotions but not all of them.
“I hope you find her.” Andrea said after a long pause. “I should go get washed up before we eat, I’m starving.” She smiled and left but the Governor knew she knew something. Make her trust him and make her talk.
To be continued…..
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Good blending of TV characters with your own original characters. I like that the emphasis is on your people. Nice unique story line, too!
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