How To Bust A Zombie - Mini Series

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This is our new series, presenting different ways to kill a zombie.
Maybe you like it? ;) Every episode has a running time of about 30 seconds.

How To Bust A Zombie Episode#1: Guitar

How To Bust A Zombie Episode#2: Boom

How To Bust A Zombie Episode#3: Burger

How To Bust A Zombie Episode#4: Portal Gun

How To Bust A Zombie Episode#5: Mentos Coke

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NOPE!!!!!! out side the "portal gun" all of your videos were NO GOOD! IMO. sorry man, I like that you tried to come up with something, but if you want a good youtube channel, then your going to have to do something more than "how to bust a zombie" cause there seems to be a million zombie(ish) channels out there. And even if you admit it or not, anyone making videos for youtube at this point, is trying to stand out from other youtube channels to make that "youtube money" and your is nothing special! Try again, with something else!
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