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I don't know how many of you read the walking dead with music but I do (as with most things I do) and I find that reading it with the right music adds a level of atmosphere that I feel truly adds to it.

Then again maybe its cause I listen to a lot of ambience music :smiley-confused002:

Anyways I always felt that the walking dead always carried a sense of hopelessness, as if no matter how far you read things never really get better for Rick and his company. Even the high points in the story always felt bittersweet at best and reading those moments with the right tunes really hit on that point.

Now I know the TV show has used alot of Southern inspired music (and in a sense it makes sense given the setting) but I always felt the Walking Dead was more than just that. Of all the music I think the one song that really sums it up the world and life of The Walking Dead it has to be Could've Moved Mountains by A Silver Mt. Zion. Trust me, read a few issues while listening to this song and it will add to the atmosphere of decay, helplessness, bittersweet moments, and hardships that basically sum up Rick's life. It also helps that its long enough so you can read an issue easily while listening to it.

What are some other songs that you associate to this comic and why?

Other songs that fit the walking dead for me include:

Ekki Mukk - Sigur Ros
Sleeping Giant - Jonsi and Alex
An Ending (Ascent) - Brian Eno (though I think this is cause of 28 Days Later)
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Dont really read the comic with music, but I'm glad you're a Sigur Ros fan. They're my favorite band.
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