Immune 11 The Dead Stikes Back Part Two

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-Immune 11 –The Dead Strikes Back- Part Two

“I told Dale that I was on the fence with this one but I think I made up my mind.” I looked at Shane. “You’re right Shane, the world has changed and not for the better. The life we knew is gone and I don’t think we’ll ever get back there. I had a teacher who trained me on this very sword,” I touch the katana at my back, “he once told me that with every life we take we lose a bit of ourselves. Once we get to a point, we will lose our very soul. Compassion should always be a part of every decision if it results in the ending of a life. We kill this boy for something he hasn’t even done and we are killing ourselves. How much more of our humanity do we have to lose before we are no better than the ones we’re trying to protect ourselves against?” I looked at them; no one could meet my eyes.

Emotion touched my voice as I spoke, “I killed before. Not a walker, those two men in the woods that…tried to…with Lizzy, they tried to have their way with her. I stood over them lying on the ground in pools of the own blood and I remember thinking about the power I had. Power over someone else’s life and I wasn’t ashamed…I enjoyed it.” My voice trailed away and my eyes searched the ceiling above as if I could see God in the Heavens with my pleading eyes.

“It’s not something I’m proud of. But I…can’t…I can’t condone this. Randall maybe a threat, but he’s still a human being. We start getting rid of anyone that may cause a problem for the majority who will be next? Me? You, Dale? What about the weakest or the youngest? Who decides it?”

“We can’t do this Rick.” I looked at him, dark circles ringed his eyes. “We just can’t.”

“How can you even say that? What about Lizzy, if Randall endangered her, would you kill him?” Shane asked and he made a valid point.

“I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it, Shane. But for right now, he’s done nothing to hurt her or the rest of us.”

“Ridiculous.” Shane dismissed me and turned to Rick. “You can’t be soft; you have to make a decision.”

“Tomorrow….we’ll take care of the problem.” Rick walked up to me. “This is for the good of the group; you understand that, don’t you?”

“Many of the atrocities committed in history were done for ‘the good of a group’, Rick.” I told him and walked out of the house. How did things get so bad? I sat on a log near the camper and gazed at the stars. If the world hadn’t gone to hell, this would be a beautiful night. I heard footsteps come up behind me and the log dip as Daryl sat down.

“This is how is supposed to be, ya know? This is what we have to do to survive.” His voice didn’t have the hard edge it usually had recently. It was almost as if Daryl was pushing people away and I smiled at this small attempt at comforting.

The next day, Shane and Rick took Randall into the barn. I think he knew he probably wouldn’t walk out again. I couldn’t stay for that. I went upstairs to Lizzy. I sat on her bed, stroking her hair. She had seen so much in her short life but how was this going to work now. What if a horde came through the farm and Lizzy wouldn’t run away like I taught her?

Just then, a screeched reached me on the second floor. I closed the door behind me and ran down stairs. I heard Daryl say, “I’ll take of it,” then “holy shit!”

Outside in the day, a solitary walker stood in the dirt road. It didn’t move toward us even though I’m sure it heard us, it just stood there looking at us through dead eyes. “What the hell is that? Why isn’t it attacking us?” T-Dog spoke.

“I don’t know.” I walked around the group and could see it move its head as if it could see me. “Interesting.” Testing it I walked to the other side of the gathered group and the walker, a man with a ‘Henry’ nametag that use to work and Sav-A-lot.

“Do you see that? It’s watching Vanessa. What the hell?” Shane reached the same conclusion as he drew his gun.

“Wait. I’ll do it, quietly.” I withdrew my machete and walked to the walker. The whole time it watched me and the closer I got to it the more uncomfortable I felt. This is odd, a walker doesn’t just stand here and watch its prey, and they attack at the first sound. I can to stand no more than 3 feet away; I stood there as if I was waiting for something. This was irregular behavior and this particular walker seem kind of familiar. There was no point in waiting any longer and I raised my machete when the walker bent at the knees and sprang onto my chest. It all happened so fast and the walker was on me as I fell to the ground; the machete dropped out of my hand.

“Fuck!” I yelled as I held the walker by the shoulders keeping its teeth away from my neck. I heard the scuffling of feet as the others converged. The walker looked up at them and screeched. It knew what they were coming to do somehow. With the strength of a pro-wrestler, Henry the walker flipped over me and swung me towards the others. I flew along the ground knocking Rick and Glen down on top of me. Shane leaped over the heap and fired a shot. I heard him fire twice more followed by a “What the fuck?!”

I got up from the ground and saw the walker dodging Shane’s shots, actually dodging the bullets. Rick took out his gun as well, they both fired and hit mostly the torso but the walker kept dodging them. Rick’s gun clicked empty and Shane’s followed suit. As they re-loaded, the walker leaped for them, I rushed in between them, machete back in hand and lunged at it driving the blade through its sternum. I pushed it back with all my strength trying to get away from the group.

This thing, Henry for Sav A Lot, looked at me. It looked at me with those dead eyes and I could see something, I’m not sure but it made me pause. Taking the opportunity, the walker grabbed my upper arms and pulled itself forward sliding along my blade. I could feel its bone exposed fingers digging deeper into my flesh, I screamed in pain. Rick was beside me, the Python against Henry’s temple and after the loud boom of the gun, only a huge gapping whole remained where the walker’s strange eyes were.

I pulled the blade out and stood over him. I felt the warm blood trickle down my arms.

“What the hell was that? Rick asked; his breathing labored.

“Something really really bad.” I held my arms and walked to the house. I heard the group following. Inside Hershel bandaged me up.

“I saw in its eyes. I saw something and from the way it was dodging bullets, I think it may have mutated.” I tried to explain.

“What do you mean mutated? What kind of bull is that?” Shane asked standing by the window. His training always had him facing in a room with his back to an exit.

“I don’t know. It was strong. Much stronger than any other walker I’ve encounter. It was thinking. It dodged your bullets meaning it was using... well its brain. A walker that can think is something very dangerous. But how is that possible?” I asked more myself than the group.

“I knew him.” A small uncertain voice sounded from the hall. Lizzy stood there. Her loss of weight showed underneath the t-shirt and jeans. I was just grateful to hear her voice.

“Lizzy, what do you mean, you knew him?” Dale asked.

“The walker outside; his nametag says Henry. He worked as the store close to my school. Me and my friends would go there to buy candy, he was nice. You remember him Vanessa. He was the walker that bit you when you tried to save me.” She looked at me. Honestly, so much has happened that I really didn’t remember Henry the nice walker.

“He bit me.” I looked down at my arm at the old bite that I hid from Rick and the others when first meeting them. I thought I was going to turn because of it so I asked Rick to take in Lizzy. But I didn’t turn. Somehow Henry did. Perhaps the bite to my arm affected him in some way. I voiced my concern with the group.

“You mean to tell me that a walker that bites you will turn into a stronger faster killing machine that can think?” Shane asked exasperated.

“Perhaps? I don’t know.”

“Thanks just great. If we thought life was hard now, wait til a whole army of those things came after us.” Shane seemed more mad at me that the situation.

I don’t know how to take this new information. I am immune but are walkers immune from me? Being immune there is something in me that can’t become infected. It could be that same thing that will cause mutation in walkers somehow. Jenner already showed us that this infection affects the brain like meningitis. Maybe the immunity changes something in the brain as well; unlocking some of the higher functions allowing the walkers to think. Not good at all.

To be continued….
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