Did The Survivors Lose Their Innocence?

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Ok, so i rewatched the first part of season 3 and i feel like the survivors are less happy, nice, patient, joking with eachother, less CRUEL, etc ever since sophia and dale past. What do u guys think? Do u guys think they can become a little bit happier and regain some of their innocense?
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No but they definitely lost their ability to use spell check...

Not a whole lot to joke or kid around about during a ZA, people getting killed left and right. Knowing you can turn into one of those things after you die unless you're shot in the head or brains bashed in. They could find a bit of happiness here and there, little milestones or finding a truly safe place ... even if it's just temporary. They had a few moments like these already in the prison.
But honestly with all that has happened, those moments will be few and far between.
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This is a S3 topic and there is a similar thread here, please join in. :zombiethumbsup:
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