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This thread is like a train wreck, it's hard not to look.

I know. I haven't posted in it in a long time, yet I keep on coming back to look.
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After rewatching tonights episode I am wondering if there is more to come for Lori, there was bad writing, or I am just plain reading too much into it, so thoughts and comments would be appreciated. And please dont rip me a new one, just some thoughts

In the scene where Rick finds the "bloated walker" we presume that it has devoured Lori, but there are some problems here:

1. the drag marks. A walker would not have the strength, nor reasoning or mentallity to drag Loris body to devour her

2. Where are her bones? No way would a walker be able to eat every single piece of her, with no trace.

3. The bullet Rick finds was obviously a bullet that was shot, but it is clean, no blood or anything. Seems to me it was never shot into Lori but rather Carl shot it into the room to make it seem like he shot her (hense why we never see him do it)

4. Going back to episode 4, it is possible she never died in the first place, but rather was in shock. Could she have bled out? well sure but they never even check for a pulse (if they did I dont remember so sorry)

These are just a few things that I have in my head since tonights episode and definitely something to think about. I know producers, writers, etc have confirmed she is dead but there are a lot of inconsistencies surrounding her death. I could be completely wrong and according to the comics this certainly isnt the way she dies and we know how the writers like to stray a little from the comics to keep us in shock.

Just to clarify, do I think she woke up and walked away? No of course not, but her being drug from the spot where she "died" makes me think someone (possibly Carol?) got her out of there. She was trained by Hershel to medically treat people so it is a possibility she helps her, and saves her (or at least tries). A stretch? sure but with this show you never see ANYTHING coming

feel free to share your thoughts. And btw I am a long time lurker and fan of the show! This is my first post and hope to talk with you guys more!

OMG I agree and AWESOME points, some I didn't even think of!

I always thought something was fishy about the death scene too. They never showed Carl shooting his mom but they showed Andrea when she shot her sister and Rick when he put down Dale and Sophia. I know in the comic books the wife is supose to die ANYWAY but the way they killed her off in the TV series just made me think the writters just wanted that space to say "Yeah she is still alive" incase the ratings go down or whatever because the audience is pissed she is dead.. who knows. Thats just my own guess for the holes.

Did anyone else notice that Lori, Maggie and Carl went into a completely different room that the room Rick went into when he found the bloated zombie? The way the stairs are facing... maybe i am just over analyzing but they looked like two different rooms to me.
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