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Speculation: Why Rick Is Special (Minor Spoilers)

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In a flashback to the hospital in the episode TS-19, Shane puts his ear to Rick's chest and doesn't hear a heartbeat. Some indeterminate amount of time later, Rick wakes up and the rest is history. But what if he didn't "wake up" so much as "reanimate?"

What if he was actually dead (no heartbeat), but instead of waking up as a walker, he woke up as himself? The virus affected him differently.

Maybe the virus was designed by scientists as a means of resuscitating people, but instead had the zombification effect. Maybe it worked correctly on Rick.

This would make Rick special and make his story worth telling. Kirkman has said that there is no guarantee that Rick will survive in the comic books, so it makes sense that there must be some other reason to tell his story above and beyond "there was a zombie apocalypse and this one guy survived for a while."

In Australia, they released the myxomatosis virus to exterminate the population of rabbits, but some survived and repopulated. If a virus wipes out a population with a few exceptions, those exceptions will pass on their immunity to their offspring and the population can begin anew.
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Here is the established thread on the "Rick died" topic. Feel free to continue the discussion there. :)
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