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In your opinion, could an actual nation-wide/world-wide acopolyse happen?

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sure, it's going to happen, and soon, too. we know for a fact that SS can't withstand the baby boomers hitting retirement. Pols dont dare touch SS, so they'll inflate the $ to utter worthlessness. Then see if mere TP can buy food and fuel to haul food to you, pump water and create electicity. Then what, hmm? zombies will be easy to deal with, compared to desperate, gun armed "neighbors". Diseases will run rampant within months, too. Are all your vaccinations up to date?

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A well organised army and a cohesive society would make mincemeat of a TWD style zombie apocalypse. However, society has to stay in one piece and remain functioning to keep a ZA under control. Two things could lead to a full scale ZA. First, to keep the army together and supplied, that requires money, and a functioning economy. Supplies aren't just guns and ammunition, they include food, clothing, and transport costs. It could be that the many and varied costs of keeping the thousands of dead people every day from reanimating may destabilise the economy. If the world economy crashes properly, then sufficient resources may not be available. 


Secondly, a world stretched by containing a universal zombie virus infected population might not be able to continue resisting the zombie menace if weakened by a second disaster. Nuclear war. Technological breakdown. Etc. 


Economic breakdown could lead to widespread famine, lack of medicine, etc. This could lead to an increase in the death rate, and a populace weaker and less able to keep zombies contained. At some tipping point, the weakened ability of society to contain zombies could allow their numbers to increase, resulting in humanity being overwhelmed. If you have starving people shooting each other to steal each others food and these people are often reanimating, then you have a much more dangerous society. If you have parents stealing food to feed their starving children, then they're going to be more interested in obtaining food and getting back home to protect them ASAP than cleaning up after themselves. After all, if they're out robbing and killing other people, someone else could be doing that back at home. 


The Day of the Triffids is a good comparison IMHO. Society was on completely on top of the Triffids initially, farming and exploiting them, until something happened to break society. When the global blindness struck, at that point, Triffids became a potential humanity exterminating force. Rather than the useful resource that they had been.


If you have a safe society, then people may be happy to chain themselves to their bed should they die and reanimate in the night. If there is widespread violent crime and theft, then chaining yourself to the bed means that you're more vulnerable to home intruders. 


TLDR; If there is widespread infection a'la TWD, then society doesn't only have to be able to handle a ZA now, it has to be perpetually able to contain a ZA now and indefinitely into the future.

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