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I'm trying to establish a timeline (version 3.0). If you have any suggestions please comment.
I have changed Day 0 to the day that the global outbreak occurred as that is the point that life really changed for humankind.

Pre Global Outbreak:
Hershel’s’ farm has been in his family for 160 years. (ep9)
Hershel left home and didn’t return for his father’s funeral. (ep10)
Hershel drank heavily at the local bar until Maggie was born and then he quit drinking. (ep 14)
When he was 9 years old Darryl got lost in the woods and eventually found his own way home. (ep9)
Shane took the principal’s car for a joyride. He also slept with the PE teacher in High school. (ep11)
While tripping on magic mushrooms Darryl thought he saw the Chupacabra. (ep11)
Andrea’s father gave her a gun to protect her and her sister Amy as they went on a road trip. (ep7)
Dale lost his wife Erma to cancer. (ep5)
131 days before Global Outbreak Wildfire started. (I.e. first case of zombie infection). (ep5)

Shootout day
Rick and Shane discuss Rick’s family. No mention of zombies. (ep1)
Rick and Shane engage in shootout. Rick gets shot and passes out. (ep1)
Outside Carl’s school, Lori and Paula talk about Lori’s relationship with Rick. Shane and tells Lori that Rick has been shot and is in the hospital. Lori relays this information to Carl as Shane looks on. (ep8)

Shortly before Day 0
Shane visits Rick in hospital with flowers. (ep1)
Lori and Carl visit Rick in the hospital. Carl offers to give Rick blood. (ep8)

Day 0 - Global outbreak
Day 0 Morning:
Hanna and her daughter Jamie and son Billy sit on the sofa and look at their dead goldfish in the fish bowl. They have a fish funeral around the toilet bowl. They go for a drive in their SUV. (Web1)
Judy walks down the street with some groceries. She sees a woman lying next to a car in front of Palmer's undecorated house. While doing CPR she gets bitten and infected. Presumably, Judy escapes and wanders off. (Web3)
Mike Palmer's front yard is decorated for his 50th birthday. (Web1)
Andrew's dog Max is "torn into" by something/someone. (web4)

Shane investigates a disturbance at a house. (Dead Reckoning web game)

Day 0 Afternoon:
While looking for a gun to put his dog down, Andrew encounters Palmer in his basement. Palmer informs him that the CDC is looking for a cure and that he shot his wife but not his kids. He gives Andrew a gun after he (non-verbally) agrees to shoot him. (web4)
Andrew shoots his dog in the backyard, comes inside to wash up and notices the power going out. (web3)
Andrew encounters an infected Judy and shoots her in the stomach. He covers her in the rug. (web3)
Hannah gets into a car accident trying to avoid a mob and is knocked unconscious. Her kids leave the car and go to Andrew's house. (web1)
Hannah awakens in her car to find her kids missing. She runs through the neighborhood and notices a dead body on Palmer's front lawn amidst party decorations. (web1)
Hannah encounters a walker eating a dead body and is chased by the walker to the front of Andrew's house. Andrew shoots the walker and lets Hannah into the house. (web1)
Once Hannah is inside the house the kids hug their mother. Andrew asks Hannah about her injury. (web2)
As Hannah and Andrew chat, Billy asks to go outside and wake Max. Andrew tells him no and tells him to put the dog bowl away. Billy walks near a rug and noises can be heard coming from it. (web2)
As Jamie and Billy talk Judy (now a zombie) rises. They hide under the table and then in the closet as Judy stalks them. Just as they are discovered, Hannah kills Judy with an axe. (web5)

Day 0 Evening:
Andrew decides they need to go to Atlanta for safety. He goes over to Mike Palmers house to get truck keys but is killed by Palmers walker kids. (web6)
Hannah hearing a helicopter announcement decides to leave the house with the kids. Once on the street they are pursued by several walkers. Hannah is bitten on the arm and says goodbye to her kids. The kids escape. Hannah is torn apart by the walkers. (web6)

At the Onset of the Global Outbreak (day 1 to day 5?) -
Shane visits Rick in Hospital. Military is shooting staff. Power is on at Hospital but goes out due to explosion. Shane listens for Rick’s heartbeat. Walkers roam the halls of the hospital. Shane leaves Rick and blocks the door with a bed. (ep6)
Lori/Carl leave house with Shane to find a refugee camp in Atlanta. (ep11) They are on a gridlocked highway with Carol/Ed and Sophia. Shane and Lori watch as helicopters napalm bomb Atlanta. Shane hugs Lori. (ep11)
Andrea and Amy meet Dale in Atlanta. (Frank D)

Between Day 5(?) to Day 53
Quarry Camp established (when?)
In his first day in the camp Darryl talks about a Chupacabra. (ep11)
Hannah has decayed and turned into "bicycle zombie". (web6)
Tony and Dave meet on I-95 out of Philly. (ep14)
Tony has sex with someone. (ep14)

Day 30-33 -
The French come close to finding a cure according to Jenner. (ep6)
Jenner losses outside communication. Electrical Grid is lost. (ep6)
Jenner at CDC starts trying to shut down scrubbers to conserve electricity. (ep5)
Gas lines stop working according to Morgan. (ep1)

Day 53
- Lori starts suggesting to Shane to post signs on Hwy 85 to warn people. (ep1)

Day 60 - Rick wakes up in hospital and has drink of water. Tries phone and gets no dial-tone. He leaves the hospital and sees multitudes of dead bodies. Rick sees bicycle-zombie, and bikes to his house to find Lori/Carl missing, encounters Morgan/Duane who knock him unconscious and bring him to Rick's neighbors house. Morgan explains outbreak/disease to Rick. Walkers (w/ Morgan's wife) surround house at night but don't get in. Car alarm set off outside house.(ep1)

Day 61 - After killing a Z with a bat Rick goes to his house in morning and finds photo albums gone, Duane suggests Rick's family is in Atlanta, Morgan suggests CDC as safe place. (ep1) Rick/Morgan/Duane goes to police dept, shower and get guns. Rick gives Morgan a radio and leaves them. Morgan says he will follow in a few days once Duane has learned to shoot. Rick kills the bicycle zombie and leaves for Atlanta. Morgan returns home and tries unsuccessfully to shoot his zombie wife. Rick stops at Gas station north of Hwy 85 at shoots zombie girl (start ep1), Rick makes radio transmission on Hwy 85 which quarry camp hears, Rick runs out of Gas, finds dead people at farm house, gets horse, Rick arrives in Atlanta on horseback and sees helicopter reflection. He follows and encounters a herd. He makes refuge inside a tank. He makes Radio contact with Glenn.
Rick escapes from tank and meets Glenn + others (ep2). They are upset about the noise he made on the street which has attracted the walkers to the building. Lori/Shane has sex at camp. After a disagreement Merle is handcuffed to roof. Rick and Glenn cover themselves with zombie guts and gain access to a van. The group leaves department store without Merle with Glenn causing a distraction with a red sports car. The van arrives at quarry camp and Glenn brings red car to camp. Rick reunites with Lori/Carl. Later there is a campfire discussion about Merle. Lori & Rick have sex at night. Jim has strange dream.

Day 62 - Jim & Dale scavenge red car for parts/gas, while Carol cleans Rick's clothes a walker nears camp and starts eating deer. Darryl arrives back at quarry camp looking for Merle. Merle meanwhile is trying to retrieve a hacksaw to escape. Rick makes a decision to return to Atlanta. Rick/Glenn/TDog/Darryl travels to Atlanta to retrieve guns, they go to the department store to see Merle has left. Back at camp Shane argues with Lori then Shane beats Ed (ep3) Amy and Andrea catch fish in the quarry pond. Jim starts digging holes which alarms Dale. Shane confronts Jim and after knocking him down ties him to a tree. Back in Atlanta Rick & co follow Merle's trail but decide to retrieve the guns before searching the streets. They encounter Miguel and Glenn is captured by some thugs. After a showdown with the Vatos they be-friend them and talk with the Vatos leader Guillermo. They return to the van to find it gone they set out on foot back to camp. Back at camp Shane frees Jim and invites him to the fish-fry. Ed declines to join them. There is a campfire discussion about Dale's watch. The camp is attacked by many walkers and Amy is bitten/killed. Ed + 11 others are killed. Rick & Co arrive in time to fight off walkers. (ep4)

Day 63 - At the CDC, Dr. Jenner makes morning transmission and states Wildfire started 194 days ago and global outbreak was 63 days ago. (ep5) He loses TS-19 samples. Back at camp the quarry survivors bury/burn dead. Rick makes a morning transmission to Morgan. Amy reanimates and Andrea shoots her. Jim's bite is discovered. Shane makes a campfire announcement that they will leave for the CDC in the morning (Day 64).

Day 64 –The survivors leave the quarry and part ways with Morales and family. They leave Jim by tree while the RV is repaired. The survivors arrive at CDC. Rick pleads with CDC camera to let them in. CDC door opens.
Group goes inside CDC and meets Dr. Jenner. They proceed to get blood tests. (ep6) Group eats and drinks. Group takes hot showers. Rick and Jenner talk. Shane confronts Lori. Everyone sleeps.

Day 65 - Group awakens with hangovers and eats eggs. Group sees Enhanced Internal View of TS-19. Jacqui comments that Andrea lost someone (Amy) two days ago (day 62). Jenner states that building is in lockdown mode. After finding no gasoline in basement the group confronts Jenner who locks them in viewing room. Rick persuades Jenner to unlock doors. Jenner whispers in Rick’s ear. The group proceeds upstairs without Dale, Andrea and Jacqui. Using a grenade they escape the CDC and board the 5 vehicle caravan. Dale and Andrea emerge from the CDC. Jacqui and Jenner remain in the CDC as it explodes. The caravan departs the CDC area lead by Rick and family in the RV and Shane in a Jeep at the rear. The caravan stops somewhere for the night.

Season 2
Day 66 - The group reduce their caravan from 5 cars to the RV, the Station Wagon and a motorbike. Not much else is known about this day.

Day 67 - In the morning Rick makes a transmission to Morgan stating they lost Jacqui "the day before last" (day 64). The group boards the caravan and head out on the highway. The RV breaks down and the group stops to fix it and gather supplies. A herd of zombies approach the group. A walker attacks Andrea in the RV, which she kills with a screwdriver. T-dog is injured and Sophia is chased by two walkers into the woods. Rick pursues Sophia and finds her. Rick kills the two walkers. Sophia is seen emerging from the stream with her doll. Sophia starts to make her way back to the highway but goes off track. A walker attacks her biting her neck. She drops her doll in the water. She escapes the walker but dies from loss of blood. She turns into a walker near Hershel’s farm. Back at the highway the group looks for supplies. Shane fixes up a car and the group hears a radio transmission. Rick and Darryl search for Sophia but only find the woodchuck walker. They return to the RV and the group sleeps.

Day 68 - The group awakens and gets changed into new clothes. Andrea confronts Dale about their decisions at the CDC. Dale and T-Dog wait at the RV while the rest of the group goes into the woods to search for Sophia. They find a tent and Darryl pockets a gun. Otis discovers walker Sophia and brings her back to the barn. He then sets out to hunt deer. They find a church and kill the walkers inside. Carol prays for Sophia. Lori and Shane discuss Shane leaving. Andrea talks to Shane about leaving the group. Shane, Rick and Carl remain behind to search for Sophia. The rest of the group makes their way back to the RV. Lori confronts Carol about Rick. While searching for Sophia, Carl sees a deer in a clearing and approaches it. Suddenly the deer and Carl are shot. Rick runs to his son while Shane sweeps the area. (ep7) A short while later, Rick carries Carl to Hershel’s farmhouse while Otis and Shane follow. Rick approaches a farmhouse, where an older man, Hershel, meets him on the front porch with his daughters Maggie and Beth, Beth's boyfriend Jimmy, and Patricia, Otis's girlfriend. Hershel proceeds to tend to Carl while Rick donates blood. Meanwhile Lori hears the gunshot and worries about Carl. Andrea and Carol talk but are interrupted by Darryl who wants to keep searching. Back at the RV T-Dog is getting delirious from his injury which concerns Dale. Hershel tells Shane that he needs a respirator to operate on Carl. Shane and Otis leave for a FEMA base to gather the supplies. Maggie leaves on horse to retrieve Lori. In the forest Andrea is attacked by a walker but is saved by Maggie who tells Glenn the directions to the farmhouse. The group returns the RV and discusses their next moves with Dale. Darryl finds some pills for T-Dog. Maggie and Lori arrive at the farmhouse and Lori and Rick watch over Carl. As it gets dark, Shane arrives at the FEMA camp and large herd of walkers block the way to the supply trailer. Shane distracts the walkers with some flares and they enter the trailer and get supplies. When they exit the trailer the walkers chase them into the school where Shane and Otis pause to catch their breath. (ep8) Shane and Otis venture further into the school and split up in order to escape. They meet up outside the school and as they are limping away from a herd of walkers Shane shoots Otis in the leg. Shane retrieves the medical supplies and makes his way back to the truck as Otis is eaten by the walkers. Glenn and T-Dog arrive at the farm and meet Maggie on the porch. Darryl and Andrea venture out into the woods to look for Sophia. They encounter the hanging lurker and Darryl shoots him in the head. They return to the RV where Dale gives Andrea back her gun. Back at the farmhouse Shane returns with the Medical supplies and Carl is saved. Shane shaves his head to cover up where Otis tore out his hair. (ep9)

Day 69 – In the morning Rick tells Carl that Sophia is ok. The survivors arrive at the farm and once settled in they have a funeral for Otis. Shane lies about his last moments. After the funeral Maggie brings out a map and they formulate a plan to search for Sophia. Maggie volunteers to go into town to get medical supplies and asks Glenn to accompany her. T-Dog and Dale fetch water from a well and discover a lurker inside the well. The group attempt to get the lurker out by using Glenn as bait. Eventually the lurker is lifted out but rips in two. T-Dog kills the lurker to the chagrin of Maggie. Glenn and Maggie venture into a town where Glenn gets a pregnancy test for Lori. Glenn and Maggie have sex in a pharmacy. They return to the farm and Glenn gives the True Blue test to Lori. Meanwhile Darryl searches a farmhouse for Sophia but only finds some flowers (Cherokee Roses). Elsewhere Rick and Hershel discuss the farm, Hershel’s father and God. Rick asks to stay at the farm which Hershel considers. Shane and Andrea scout out an area for target practice. Rick returns to Carl’s bedside and they talk. Rick gives Carl his hat. Darryl gives a flower to Carol and tells her a story to comfort her. At night Lori takes the pregnancy test and looks concerned when it shows a positive. (ep10)

Day 70 – The next day Lori wakes up and talks to Carol about using the farmhouse kitchen. Meanwhile the group is still searching for Sophia and Jimmy joins them. Shane questions Rick’s decision to keep searching for the girl. He states that she has been missing for 72 hours. (Since day 67). When they return Rick and Lori talk about continuing the search. Beth calls for Rick to talk to Hershel. Hershel is not happy about Jimmy joining the group and Darryl taking a horse. He and Rick agree to control their own people. Darryl finds Sophia’s doll in a riverbed. He continues to search but his horse throws him and he falls on one of his arrows. He has a vision of Merle and awakes to find a walker biting at his work boots. He dispatches that walker and another and then climbs out of the ravine. Glenn and Dale talk about the women and Glenn admits he had sex with Maggie. Andrea thinks she sees a walker emerge from the woods. Rick and co approach the person to discover it is Darryl. Andrea blinded by the sun shoots Darryl in the temple. Later Hershel tends to Darryl’s wounds as Dale comforts Andrea. At the supper table there is awkward silence as Maggie slips Glenn a note. Glenn returns the note. That evening Maggie checks the note and realizes Glenn is in the barn. She runs to the barn to find Glenn has discovered a number of walkers. She tells him that “he’s not supposed to see this” as the walkers push at the barn door. (ep11)

Day 71 – In the morning the group is doing chores around the farm. Lori and Carl feed the chickens while Patricia snaps the legs of some of the chickens and puts them in a sack. Patricia then feeds the walkers in the barn the crippled chickens from the safety of the hayloft. Glenn watches the barn with binoculars until Maggie warns him not to tell anyone. Rick and Shane plan out that day’s search for Sophia and Shane volunteers to check out a housing development near where Darryl discovered the doll. Carl is discovered with a gun and Rick and Lori decide that he should learn how to use it. The group travels to the firing range for gun practice. After the group leaves Glenn confesses to Dale that Lori is pregnant and there are walkers in the barn. At the firing range Andrea shows remarkable marksmanship and Rick recommends she attends Shane’s ‘advanced class’ after the rest head back to the farm. Dale speaks with Hershel at the stables and tells him he knows walkers are in the barn. Hershel tells Dale that his wife and step-son are in the barn.

While mending a fence Hershel tells Lori that the group should be moving on soon. Lori confronts Rick about leaving and Rick says they will get by. At the advanced training Andrea cannot focus and after Shane brings up Amy, Andrea walks away angrily. Shane catches up with her and apologizes. Andrea accepts and she and Shane journey to the housing development to search for Sophia. Dale talks with Lori about her pregnancy and afterwards Lori asks Glenn for his help in obtaining an item at the pharmacy. Glenn and Maggie travel to the pharmacy and Maggie is angry with Glenn about him telling Dale about the walkers. At the pharmacy Maggie finds the morning after pills but is grabbed by a walker. Glenn decapitates the walker saving Maggie. Maggie returns to the farm and gives the pills to Lori. Maggie and Glenn have a fight about Glenn role in the group.

At the housing development Shane and Andrea search for Sophia but all they find is burned bodies. Walkers appear and Shane and Andrea flee to their car. Andrea finds her shooting touch and starts killing walkers with ease. After her and Shane leave they engage in sex in the car. Lori and Glenn talk about the pills. Afterwards Lori swallows the pills and then suddenly throws them up. Dale confronts Shane after he returns with Andrea and tells Shane he “knows what kind of man you are.”

Rick finds the morning after pills and confronts Lori. Lori confesses she is pregnant and admits she slept with Shane while Rick was in the coma. (episode 12)

Day 72 – In the morning the group is eating breakfast. Glenn announces to the group that there are walkers in the barn. The group investigates with Shane taking the lead. Rick decides to talk to Hershel about the walkers after Dale reveals Hershel thinks they are sick people. Various conversations are held between Maggie and Glenn, Darryl and Carol and Dale and Andrea. Dale sneaks off with the guns to hide them in the woods.

As Hershel reads the bible over lunch Rick talks to him about the walkers in the barn. He reveals Lori is pregnant and leaves to tell Shane the same. Shane talks with Lori and Carl. Shane goes to the RV to get the guns but discovers them missing. Jimmy tells Hershel there are walkers in the swamp and Hershel persuades Rick to join them in retrieving them. They find two walkers and struggle to lead them back to the barn. Meanwhile Darryl brings Carol to a Cherokee Rose plant. Maggie and Glenn confess they have feeling for each other and make up with a kiss. Shane finds Dale in the woods and they talk about Otis. Dale points a gun at Shane’s chest but cannot pull the trigger. Shane takes the guns and leaves Dale.

Returning to the farm Shane rallies the group to do something about the walkers as he distributes the guns. He sees Rick, Hershel and Jimmy leading the walkers out of the woods with ketch poles and runs to investigate. Shane snaps at the latest development and shoots walker Louise several times to proof that the walkers aren’t living. He opens the barn doors and as walkers pour out the group mow them down with their guns. The last walker to emerge is Sophia and the only person able to shoot her is Rick as Carol cries in anguish (episode 13).

After Rick shoots Walker-Sophia, Beth runs to her dead mother Annette who re-animates and grabs her. Andrea kills Walker-Annette. Rick, Shane and Glenn follow Hershel and his kin to the house and ask questions about the barn. Carol sits in the RV while Darryl watches over her silently. Glenn and Maggie briefly discuss their future in the farm house. Lori and Carl talk about Sophia. Lori asks Dale to bring Carl up to the house for some rest. Lori suggests they dig 3 graves and Andrea announces they will burn the rest. Lori and Rick talk about the barn incident. As Shane gets the truck he notices Dale and has words with him. The graves are dug and Lori invites Carol to the service. Carol refuses and laments Sophia to Darryl. Hershel packs up his wife’s belongings and finds his father's flask. The group has a brief service over the three graves where everyone is present except Carol. The group separates after the service and Hershel leaves the farm in a car to drive to the nearby bar. Nearby Carol tears down a Cherokee Rose plant.

T-Dog and Andrea throw the walker bodies in the truck. Dale, T-dogg, Rick, Andrea and Rick discuss the merits of Shane decision to open the barn. T-Dogg and Andrea drive the walker bodies to the pyre site. Glenn and Maggie discuss their plans until Beth collapses. Beth is brought to a room while Rick, Shane, Maggie, Lori and Glenn search Hershel's room in order to locate the missing Hershel. Rick deduces he is at the local bar in town and he and Glenn decide to go there. Lori and Shane question Rick's decision to leave but Rick decides to continue anyway. Glenn and Maggie say goodbye while Rick waits at the station wagon. Shane washes up at the well when Carol emerges from the woods. Shane talks to Carol while he washes her wounds. Dale and Lori talk about the barn incident and Dale relays his suspicions about Shane sacrificing Otis.

Rick and Glenn drive towards the town and discuss Glenn's love life. Rick and Glenn arrive at the local bar and discover Hershel drinking at the bar. Andrea tells Lori that Beth is 'burning up' and Hershel is needed. Lori approaches Darryl and asks Darryl to go look for Rick. Darryl angrily refuses and Lori leaves him. Rick and drunken Hershel discuss Beth, Annette and hope for the group. Lori takes her gun and a map and drives toward town to get Rick. She hits a walker and crashes the car on the side of the road. After having heated words Hershel decided to leave with Rick just as Tony and Dave arrive at the bar. Dave and Tony tell their story and ask Rick where they are staying. Ricks states Hershel lost allot of people today (barn incident). Dave deduces they are staying at a farm and when Rick refuses to take them there the tensions escalate until Dave point a gun at Rick while Tony flanks him. Rick does a quick-draw and shoots Dave and Tony dead. Meanwhile back at the farm T-Dogg and Shane burn the walker bodies in a pyre. (episode 14)
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