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Nice Knowin' Ya

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*Hey All to anyone still visiting the board*


Hopefully this goes through since it seems 75% of threads don't even open anymore and it doesn't seem like anybody visits much these days! I know I haven't logged on in a long long time! Sorry to be a stranger! Life got crazy for me last year and a half and forum posting just took a backseat to everything else. I got engaged last May, and also became a father earlier this year, busy with the band, recently bought a house etc,. So needless to say I've got a full life! 


After the show going downhill and the comic ending it seems like this board has gone into disrepair and folks have migrated elsewhere or just moved on from TWD. I have to say I've met some good folks here on R&L and still keep in touch with a few off the board from time to time. Many of you helped me out and supported when I got diagnosed with leukemia 5 years ago while I was also simultaneously going through a divorce (still alive, well and still in remission, fuck cancer!) to which I am eternally grateful for the help and support through those dark times. Ya'll really were like a second family to me. R&L was a great place to waste time, have fun, talk shit, rant about things and have positive conversations. Some of the members here even fell in love and got married (Kid & Ans). It's sad after all this time to see the board falling apart and nobody is able to get a hold of RumblePup to fix it, but at least it looks like a few of you have left links for forum alternatives. Unfortunately I probably won't have much time to check them out being a new dad and all, so this is likely the last you'll hear from me on here. 


I may check in here from time to time if R&L still exists, but this will probably be my last post (Still #1 poster apparently lol). I wish everyone well who I've come across here. Take care of yourselves and each other. 

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I jump in every few weeks or so to see if there was a miracle cure.

We never spoke much but I've read your posts for years and I am very happy to learn that you are healthy and life is great. I knew you had the band thing and as a music junky I've always been curious.

Might check back to see if you throw a detail on that herein.

See you around!


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So glad to hear things are going well, keep Vermont real lol Congrats on your new baby! 

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Although I stopped watching the show about 4 years ago. I would check in from time to time.

Best wishes TBBL!

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I still watch and read the comics to the end, but every time I tried to come on here, I couldn't get anything to post, as you said. Eventually I just gave up for the most part.

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Lovely to hear an update BBL! I do remember the earlier days on the forum fondly, particularly the games room. And I still think of your user name as underwear! Congrats on becoming and dad and being in good health now. The parenting lark definitely takes internet browsing time away!
Good luck with everything
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