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Issue 187 Discussion

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I liked this issue more than the past few because we got more focus on the Hilltop again (something it doesn't seem like has been focused on for quite a while now) but at the same time I did scratch my head a few times.

I don't really think enough time has passed for them to really be that alarmed yet back at the communities. It should take about a week to get back and forth from Alexandria to Commonwealth (so that would be two weeks right there to go both ways) and it doesn't seem like they have been at the Commonwealth that long. I'm guessing maybe they have been there about a week at most. Were Magna and Maggie expecting them to leave right away as soon as they showed up? Maybe. Then again maybe more time has passed than the comic has let on about. That said I think they should probably be gone for a bout a month or so before they would resort to sending people after them. I'm guessing this is a way to get the folks from Hilltop to see the place without having to do a 'third' official trip to the Commonwealth.

Kirkman is really developing the Carl and Lydia relationship to be really unstable. I think it is going to be one of those deals where they are breaking up one week and getting back together the next until one or both of them just decide to break up for good (kind of how traditional unstable teenage relationships go).Them saying that they'll both be each others monster was pretty telling. I'll have to see Kirkman do anything with Lydia outside of Carl scenes before I'll believe it is going to happen. I don't think Lydia has had a single scene so far in the series that didn't involve Carl so right now I'm assuming that won't change and that we won't see her again until Carl gets back to Hilltop. Maybe it will though and he actually is planning on doing something with Lydia and Sophia that doesn't directly involve Carl.

Princess's backstory was ok (at least we were given an explanation for why she acts that way). I kind of have a feeling though the reason Kirkman decided to put that in there was because he knew a lot of people weren't warming up to the character. To me I think she was just intended to have that 'kooky' personality since Negan was riding off into the sunset as a character without much explanation just like Negan's personality was never really explained.

I am interested to see how he plans on juggling Commonwealth with Hilltop and Alexandria in the future. When he brought Hilltop and the Kingdom into the comic it really wasn't any big deal because he could still involve all those communities within the same storyline. He can't do that with Commonwealth though and I feel like it has really shown. Hilltop and Alexandria have really been placed in the background ever since about issue 170. I feel like if that continues for too much longer people (who aren't feeling the Commonwealth story) will start dropping the comic.

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Thank you for getting this started ReyRey!

It seems Rick's group could have been gone as little as a couple of weeks and possibly over a month. Magna wasn't comfortable with what she saw in The Commonwealth so it makes sense that she'd be concerned and send a group to check on them.

Seeing that life goes on with The Hilltop was nice. When the characters get left behind too long I don't like it. Plus comic Carl is much better written than show Carl which makes more interesting. I'd have been disappointed if he didn't want to go see what's going on with his father.

Finally I have some empathy for Princess, but i still find her annoying.

I like that Michonne talked to Rick. I do not like The Governess' grandstanding for attention by playing on the mess with Dwight. It just made me think of any sleazy politician. Yes, I know she's Pamela, but do far I'm seeing her as The Governor light.
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5/10 not really a great issue...

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I don't mind having less Alexandria\hilltop.


We already spent so much time with them and the focus has shifted toward new settlements.

We will see the old settlements if they get relevant again, unless rick leaves it for good.

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