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S9 Ratings

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The ratings for the premiere look bad when looked at in a vacuum. 6.1 million total. Less than half the S8 premiere, and down 23 percent from the S8 finale.


But looked at in totality, the fall ratings overall are down double digits across the board, as live viewing continues its downward trend. And in the young Fall season, it was still #1 show in the 18-49 demographic on cable, and #2 only to the This is Us premiere.


The article did also note that AMC's streaming service, AMC Premiere had it's highest single-day signups ever on Sunday, and that AMC cares most about Live + 3 Day ratings.

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I am one of those that did not come back for the season premiere.  Knowing that 2 more main characters are leaving and the bad taste left with seasons 7 & 8 have killed most of my interest.  I only watched about 15 minutes of episode 2 and turned back to football.  This never used to happen.  During the first 6 seasons I only missed 1 episode (S2 well walker).  Now I don't even care. 


I'll probably follow along in the threads here and maybe binge after mid-season if the feedback remains positive.  Then again, this show has burned me out emotionally with all the deaths of beloved characters lately. Once Rick and Maggie are gone we're left with Daryl and Carol from the first 2 seasons.  This show has become a spin-off of itself.  Sounds Gimple has done the same with FTWD.  That doesn't make for long term health of either show. 

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I haven't watched my DVRs of the 2nd half of FtWD season, and I have the first couple episodes of TWD waiting as well.  There are probably 5 other shows I'm more interested in so its conceivable I won't get to those for months (or maybe never). I can't really imagine what could be done to make the show interesting to me again. The interesting things about sociology, morality and ethics commentary have evaporated. Now its just been soap opera drummed up character drama to try and string along interest from one false-feeling crisis to the next. I think the next logical step in rebuilding a society is probably dull TV, so its an inherent problem for the writers.

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