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Where The Characters Are Currently At

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I know a thread about how many issues each character had been in was going strong for awhile so I decided to start up another type of thread that I have found interesting about the characters. With there now being multiple locations in the comic now and the characters move around from time to time I thought it would be fun to open a thread where we could keep track of where all the characters are currently located at. I'll just stick with the main characters as there isn't much point to keeping track of the background characters that usually only show up every ten to fifteen issues or so and often don't move around anyways. 


This first one will be as of issue 183.



Rick- Traveled to the Commonwealth with Pamela's group.


Carl- Currently located at the Hilltop 


Sophia- At the Hilltop.


Maggie- At the Hilltop


Michonne- At the Commonwealth


Elodie- At the Commonwealth


Eugene- Traveling with Rick to the Commonwealth


Aaron- At the Hilltop


Heath- Went back to Alexandria after issue 182


Siddiq- This one I'm not sure on right now. He is either at the Commonwealth on Rick's tour of the location or he went back to Alexandria with Heath. They didn't make it clear if he went with Dwight and Rick or left with Heath. I'm guessing right now he is in Alexandria but can't be a 100% sure.


Jesus- At the Hilltop


Earl- At the Hilltop


Dante- At Hilltop


Laura- I believe she went with Rick and Dwight to the Commonwealth but can't be a 100% sure on that one either.


Dwight- Went with Rick to tour the Commonwealth


Magna- Screwing Yumiko at Alexandria (lol sorry but these characters are so underdeveloped that this is the only explanation we can come up with for why they disappear for fifteen issues at a time).


Yumiko- Screwing Magna at Alexandria.


Lydia- At Hilltop (has been about ten issues since we have seen her but I believe she will start being featured again here within the next couple issues)


Princess- Can't say for 100% certainty on this one either but I believe she went back to Alexandria with Heath.


Going to leave out the Commonwealth characters for now as we don't know if they will be moving around much or how long each one will be featured in the book.


I'll update this after each issue.

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Nice idea. Great list.

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