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Issue 183 Discussion.

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Good issue. Pacing was good and they made it clear that some time passed to make it more believable how Michonne could get right there in the middle of the conflict with the mob of people accusing her of siding with TPTB. It's very clear now that Kirkman is bringing real world politics and issues into the series now. In order to keep things together the government has to keep a certain structure in place and as a result of that there will always be a certain group of people that become disenfranchised when things aren't going as well for them as they would like.

It will be interesting to see how long this lasts though. It definitely isn't going to turn into another war as this is along the same lines as the inner turmoil we got at the Alexandria communities during the Whisperer War (though I think this Commonwealth politic storyline is planned out a lot better than that was). I'm guessing Rick and Pamela will begin working closer together to help make both the Commonwealth and Alexandria stronger communities.

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Thanks ReyRey for posting this thread!

After the cover preview I was a bit wary that either Michonne or Elodie was bit or shot or something. Needless to say that just seeing Michonne in action was a pleasant surprise. I also loved Michonne for giving the goodies for the trip home to that family.

I'm holding judgement on the cop thing because this could be interesting. I felt the riot was pretty quick, but expected because of what I feel was pent up anger and resentment of the "lower class". Looks like Rick and Michonne will need to teach Pamela a few things about how to treat people.

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