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Just Recently Went Back To Look At The Woodbury Section Of The Series

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Was just looking at different things while streaming youtube and decided to look at Walking Dead filming locations. That got me curious to go back and look at the Woodbury section of the comic. When I did it made me realize how underdeveloped the town of Woodbury is (just going off of what we see in the comic and not any further developments it got in the later novels).


Basically Rick, Glenn, and Michonne show up in town and immediately are questioned by Martinez. Martinez in turn immediately takes them to the Governor. The Governor immediately takes them to the fighting ring where he cuts off Rick's hand and immediately after that they lock all three of them up and we go into the Michonne getting tortured and Rick recovering from his injury part of the book. 


That essetially is all we ever get to know about the town and the people that live there. After that Dr. Stevens and Alice help the group escape and that is all we see of the town in the comic. Everything else that takes place regarding the Woodbury group takes place at the prison with them coming to attack them.


It seems all Kirkman ever intended for Woodbury to be at the time he was writing the group in the comic was that cliched maniacal society that we see in horror movies. The comic was still pretty new at that time (only running for about 30 issues) and I wonder at that point if he still wasn't sure how long he would be doing this and didn't want to spend an extended amount of time developing a community that wasn't part of his main cast of characters. Or if he just didn't have the writing skills at that time to develop a group of people unrelated to his main cast?


By the time we got to the Alexandria communities even the communities that we barely see still received far more development than Woodbury ever did.

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I think that was the plan. In The Walking Dead Issue 1 10th anniversary edition, he is interviewed by Eric Stephenson and they both talk about everything leading up to the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman explains that he wanted the Governor to be an "evil mirror" of Rick if he had lost Carl, as TG lost Penny, and that Woodbury would be somewhat of a reflection of the group or something.

Of course, I might be wrong, since I haven't read it in a long while but I'm pretty sure that's what he had said in there
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