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After a particularly intense round of rock, paper, scissors the fisherman got to choose this weekend's 'flix show.

Not knowing the above title was an 8? episode original we lugged all the snax to our fave seats and settled into what was going to be a short binge of the first few episodes.

This was at approx 4 pm...

At the end of each episode, we would look at each other with the raised eyebrow that is our language for "one more"?


We try to hit the hay early on Sunday nites (yeah we are old farts lol) since he has to get up a 4 am ish for work while I sleep in and shop online (somebody has to spend all that money ;-) all day.


Down to the nut cutin'...VERY much worth the time and IMO MUST be watched at one sitting as it plays out like a very long movie which carries the danger of key plot lines being forgotten.

Plenty of intrigue as well as dry comedy along with the usual sex and violence.

Lots of timeline leaps so if for some reason you miss even ONE sentence, back up and watch it again.


Two thumbs.

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I've been eager to watch this but didn't want to start it until I had an appropriate amount of time to binge. Been hearing good things and you can rarely go wrong with Jeff Daniels.

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