There Is A Walking Dead Synthwave Tribute Compilation!

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Hello everyone! 
I wanted to share this great news with you, which can interest you as a Walking Dead fans.
Out now!
Scythe Saga Records has just unleashed "Hear the Living Dead", an 80's-styled synth compilation of songs inspired by the works of George Romero and contemporary zombie film and television.
For those of you still reeling from the latest episode of #TheWalkingDead, let this 30+ track "pay what you want" Compilation ease the pain. Have it for Halloween!
Including fantastic synth artists such as Europaweite Aussichten, Jon Of The Shred, Amplitude Problem, 20SIX Hundred, LeFanu, Stewart Hamilton, KFDDA, Cryocon, Ron Cannon, Full Eclipse, Damokles, Dashcam, Takahashi Jones and hordes of others
A grim roller-coaster trip through the darker end of the synth spectrum and a potent soundtrack for getting right into the Halloween spirit, Hear the Living Dead: A Retro Synth Compilation is now available on Bandcamp at https://scythesaga.b...the-living-dead
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