Possible Crossover Between The Comic And Season 3 Of The Game?

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So after reading up on the news for The Walking Dead Game Season 3 (it'll be called A New Frontier and will start in October,  takes place a few years after season 2) I decided to go remind myself of where Clem and co left off. For shits and giggles mostly, like 'lol maybe they'll cross paths with Ricks group. After all, after this time jump they'll probably be around where the comics currently are.'

I wasn't actually being serious. I mean, I was pretty sure I heard that there would be no more Comic crossovers after season one. But then I saw that Wellington, where season 2 ended....was in Ohio



Ohio, where the person Eugene is speaking to says they are from.

So uh...there's that possibility.




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I have read hints that there will be some form of reference to the comics in Season 3 of the Telltales series, and yes, I think that will take the form of some Stephanie appearance.  

That makes sense.  It allows for duplication of some of Eugene's dialog by Stephanie's perspective without demanding an actual crossover of the storylines.  It will just acknowledge that they are happening at the exact same time in sufficiently distant places.


Logically, Wellington seems to be big enough that, if the timeline allows and Stephanie is telling the truth, they will either be where Stephanie is or have direct knowledge of whoever is hosting her.  


Awareness of the Alexandria Safe Zone may therefore come to the Telltales cast.  I don't expect a full crossover anytime soon, but some measure of cast interchange might very well happen down the line.  It would offer both a haven in the game for characters whose actors don't agree on terms for remaining in the TV series and a number of already developed characters for the TV series to cast at some point.

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