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Hi Guys,


*cue sales-y voice*


I'm from Mantic Games - we're a miniatures and wargaming company who make tabletop games. Out latest endeavor is in partnership with Skybound and Robert Kirkman to create a tabletop skirmish game based on The Walking Dead Comics. We're already doing quite well, with many characters and zombies popping up form the series. We're running a kickstarter to fund the production of the game.


*/end sales-y voice*




We’d like to appeal to fans of the comics or the show (or the TT games) so we've just released the game rules for playtesting (below). We want people to play and enjoy this game, so will be reading any and all feedback we can get our hands on – so it’d be great if you could post it here, or over on our Forum. We want this to be  a game made by fans, for fans, so we do value anything you say to us.

In addition, if you want to check out to back the kickstarter, there’s a link below:


Rules: https://www.manticdi...playtest-rules/

Feedback Forum: http://vb.manticforu...esting-feedback

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstar...miniatures-game




I'll be about if you have any questions or comments, Thanks!

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Looks cool, best of luck to you.

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dittos: best of luck. Also another thing I thought of looking at your figures, is you could market the unpainted figures with acrylics or other child friendly paints as an art or craft kit. Children or grownups could have the pleasure of painting their favorite pieces up in their choice of colors for the clothes, skin and especially the Blood. You could run some focus group or demographic tests, but I think the hands on participation in the phenomenom of TWD might be very popular, very rewarding to the customer, and maybe lucrative to you, the vendor. Good Luck.

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