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Characters I Miss

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After watching e1 of FTWD, and that causing me to re-watch TWD s1e1, I began thinking of characters, now departed, that I miss.


I find that I am not as invested in the new crop of TWD characters as I was some of the first. So, here are some characters that I liked, and miss, from early TWD.


Amy (Andrea's sister). She seemed a nice kid, and not annoying (I am looking at you Beth).

Morales. Only on a couple of episodes, but he was a memorable, and not over the top, character.

Jacqui (sp?).

All the Vatos. It was a great episode, and I liked those guys, sad to see them wiped out.


Of course, I miss Dale, but he had to go for us to get Hershel (whom I also miss).


I hate to say it, I miss Shane! He clearly had t die, but what the heck. Same goes for Merle.


As you see, My "I miss them" list is weighted toward S1 & 2.


Anyone else have prior characters they wish were still with us?

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As crazy as Merle was, it seemed like he was ready to turn around and help everyone. He would have been a great asset....use all that bad assery in a positive way.

I miss them all one way or another. Not Lori...lol I  never liked her. Shane was cool but had to go.

Hershel was one of the best.

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Milton imagine him and Eugene together  ASZ could be the 1950's MIT.

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