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As time passed during Alex's sleep, the monks were confused about what they should do, and questioned whether he was capable for the role, their opinions ranged from doubtful to mixed, however the majority had sympathy, for his position was both not wanted and unprepared for. Ashley stared at the sun as it raised and lit up the whole city, hoping Alex would get a grip before it was too late.


The highway where Nisha and co. slept was soon lit up by the bright shining rays of the sun. Nisha awoke to having the sun in her eyes, it was a welcome contrary to what was outside.


“Oh, finally awake you dozy bitch?” Max asked with a whisper.


“Good morning to you too” Nisha replied with a slight smile, “How long you been awake?”


“Long enough to know you’re going to be stuck here with me for a awhile” Max answered. “Not like I really mind, I haven’t been this cosy with you since we fucked.”


Nisha sighed and shook her head “I knew you’d bring that up, are you ever gonna fucking drop it? We popped each other's cherry so what? I had to bang someone, and it just so happened to be you end of story… speaking of which, that better be a gun I’m feeling against my ass.”


“Well, it’s a gun…” Max snickered. “It’s the morning, I can’t fucking help it.”


“Ya, I bet that’s the only reason...” Nisha said with suspicion before sighing again “So I’m stuck here in a car with your five and a half inch dick poking me…” Nisha summed up.


“Just like last time, only we aren’t butt naked.” Max pointed out, enjoying himself.


“Well enjoy it while it lasts… did you really mean what you said earlier? Back at the motel”


“Of course I fucking did, you know me. I’d follow you through the depths of hell and kick Satan right in his damn balls if I had too” Max reminded her.


“Oh god, I still haven’t forgotten that line... you said that right to my mother’s face”


“That bitch said I’d never be good enough for you, called me a… oh what was it?”


“A horrible man who I’d see castrated first before you ever lay a hand on me. Fun times…” Nisha had to not laugh as they both reflected on their past together. “You caused so much fucking shit between me and my family; still don’t know if it was worth it”


“Sorry, but I don’t care how much you loved him, if I think a guy has a metal bar up his ass, I’ll gladly bend him over and help shove another one in there. Same goes for your mother with her salty vagina, your sister was cool though.”


“Only because she had the hots for you, God she could get annoying, so fucking jealous.”


“She was jealous? Really, I had no fucking clue.”


“Of course you didn’t you were too focused on dicking me, as usual. And like you can say anything you arrogant prick, remember what you did to end up in detention school?”


“Hey, your father was being a real asshole that day.”


“So what, doesn’t mean that when you say, ‘I’d rather jerk off to you from my window, rather than ever shake your fucking hand’ and my dad calls bluff, you fucking do it.”


“Proved him wrong didn’t I(?)” Max rhetorically asked.


“Yes, but then I couldn’t see in like… forever… was it worth it?” Nisha asked with nonchalant smile.


“Not in the long run sure… but just to see his face?...fuck ya it was” Max said with pride.


“... You are a fucking dumbass…” Nisha said as she shook her head and rolled her eyes. ”Someone seriously dropped you on the head as a kid.”


“Nah just me, I don’t need help getting brain damage” Max joked.


“Ain’t that the fucking truth” Nisha concurred. “Are you really comfortable back there? I can’t tell if I am. All feels the same to me.”


“Not really, my neck feels as stiff as my dick and my legs aren’t feeling any better. No offence but I’m not sure feeling your ass is worth this” Max admitted.


“Well, tough shit, we’ve both gotta deal with it” Nisha told him.


“Fine by me, if this is as close as I’m gonna get to ya, I’ll enjoy it as much as I can”


“You just… Max, you’re the best guy I’ve ever known, dumb as shit but nonetheless a great guy. But that doesn’t mean I want you in my pants.”


“I think that night we fucked says otherwise” Max countered, much to Nisha annoyance.


Nisha’s whispers slowly sounded furious at Max’s precedence “I just told you, I wanted to know what it is like, and I knew you wouldn’t dare say no to that”


“For fuck’s sake, excuses, excuses, Nisha do you really think I’m stupid enough to believe that? You said earlier I was the most trustworthy guy you knew, now you’re saying you used me? I’m no fucking psychic, but I can tell; you’re making shit up on the spot.”


“You… Max… oh why do I bother? Once your cock has a target, it never gives up” Nisha said just as she dropped her head. “Just look, I like you, but I don’t love you. Is that so hard for you to grasp? Sure you got me into the Satanic Angels but that doesn’t mean... “


Suddenly Nisha was cut off by sound of Lizzy mourning, getting both her and Max’s attention. Lizzy awoke still dozy and tired.


"Nisha, Max?" she quietly called out for while rubbing her eyes.


"Shhh, keep it down Liz, we're right here" Nisha told her as she slipped her hand through gap between seat and doors. "How you feeling?"


"Okay I guess... can I go back home now? It's so scary up here" Lizzy asked.


"We'll be heading back to subway once the flesh cravers fuck off" Max answered.


Lizzy wasn’t pleased to hear that she would have to stick around, “Awww, I hate zombies, they’re scary and smelly, at least rats can look cute… I miss Snitch too”


“Snitch?” Nisha asked, not recognizing the name.


“My cat, I bet he’s lonely without me” Lizzy said worryingly.


“I’m sure Jimmy is watching over that furry little bastard” Max assured her.


“I hope so” Lizzy responded.


After putting on Max’s glasses Lizzy went in between the car’s seats so she could see Nisha and Max, she gave them both a curious look, thinking she interrupted something.


“Should I go away?” she innocently asked.


“It’s not what you think Lizzy” Nisha told her.


“Nah, Nisha’s still at the denying stage” Max added.


“Don’t bring her into this dickhead. This is between us and for the thousandth fucking time, I’m not in denial” Nisha stated.


“Which is what someone in denial would say, you looked rather cosy against me to say you’re not interested.” Nisha turned away to hide her slightly blushed face, “See, you can’t even look me in the eyes and say the ‘I don’t love you’ shite”


While she started to grind her teeth in frustration, Lizzy then added her own little bit to the conversation “Nisha and Max sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.” to which Nisha lightly smacked her head “Ow, what was that for?”


“I did not save your ass just so you and this horny bastard could tag-team me” Nisha stated with an annoyed glare.


Max chuckled at Nisha’s embarrassment “Putta there Liz, haha.” Max and Lizzy then did a quite high five, while Lizzy still didn’t feel so good, it helped her put up a genuine smile. Until Max told Lizzy with his typical smug smile “if we were kissing, I think we’d be fucking naked already”.


“Max you do..! don’t fucking say that to a kid. Now she’s scarred for life.” Nisha told Max holding back her frustration while Lizzy shook her head in disturbed disgust.


“What? I’m just being honest” Max pointed out nonchalantly, getting a pair of daggered eyes from Nisha. Max then took the opportunity to embarrass her even further “Hey, you can’t say I’m lying, it didn’t take long for you to drop you...” Nisha, quickly realised where Max was going, her face blushed just as quickly as she got mad. “Ugh…fuck”


In her quick burst of anger Nisha shut max up by forcing her elbow into his gut, “Was it worth it, cuntface?”


“Hell ya it was…” Max answered as he giggled and held back his coughs “Fuck this hurts.”


“Good.” Nisha said with no sympathy as she rolled her eyes again before looking back to Lizzy who still. looked horrified “Sorry about that, Liz. You okay?”


“No, why are grownups so gross?” Lizzy asked, keeping her face of disgust.


“We’ve got all day with him kid” Nisha informed with a little bit of dread. “Anywho, Liz I’m sorry for how stressful things were yesterday, seems we can’t get a bloody break.”


“Yeah” Lizzy concurred as she held her locket. “What’s gotta happen when we get to subway?”


Nisha could sense Lizzy was both worried and frightened at the thought of being left alone, once she got back. To cheer her up, Nisha put up a smile and stroked her cheek ever so slightly as she spoke.


“Hey, if you’re worried about being left alone don’t worry, I’m not just going to forget about ya once we get there. Liz, I’m watching over you from now on. Okay?”


“Does that mean you’re my new mummy?” Lizzy asked.


Nisha hesitated and the car quickly filled with an awkward silence, even Max didn’t have any words to say, knowing of Nisha’s past.


“Ermm...I guess so...but…I’d rather say more like a big sister”


“Okay, I’ve always wanted a sister, but my mum said one was enough.” Lizzy told her before she jumped to a certain thought, “Wait, does being your sister mean I can…”


“No Lizzy” Nisha interrupted knowing was going to ask about joining her gang.


Lizzy started shaking her fists up and down in fit of fury at always being turned down whenever she asks about joining. “Awwww, whhhyyyy?! I wanna join…!” Lizzy caught her words when you realized she was making too much noise.


A few of wandering corpses outside, overheard Lizzy brief fit, but not long enough to properly investigate, some of they did wander close to them, but so close that they could see them. Lizzy hid back under the passenger seat, while Max and Nisha stayed quiet. After staying silent for roughly ten minutes the three of them figured it would be okay to whisper to each other again.


“Okay hold the fucking rage Liz” Max told Lizzy, who apologised afterwards.


“Okay, let’s cut the chatter down now, we’re gonna be stuck here for a while and Max, try to keep the perversion to a minimal” Nisha told Max in an orderly fashion.


“I make no fuck...ugh..Nish..” Max suddenly felt a great deal of pain coming from between his legs as Nisha forcefully grabbed his crotch and started twisting and squeezing it. “Fuuuu…”


“I want you to promise me you’ll lay off me for as long as we are in this car, otherwise little Max is gonna suffer a fate worse than death”


“Alright, alright, alright...I fucking promise, get the damn bitch… I thought Carla was meant to be the sadist…” Max said as he felt almost paralysed.


“Good boy” Nisha said tauntingly.


While Lizzy watched fearfully at Nisha’s enjoyment of what she did to Max, she suddenly thought of something. “Wait, if you two got together would that make Max my big brother?”


Rather than an answer Nisha told her “Don’t you dare start.” making her drop the question.


“Sorry.” The trio then quietly chatted among themselves, making sure to avoid bringing up Nisha’s feelings towards Max.

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As the three occupants of the car talked, time felt like it was going a little faster than usual for them, however for the cultists at the police station time felt much slower than normal. Many of the monks felt like they had to do something, however due to Anderson’s wait and see leadership, none of them knew what exactly and were hoping Alex could somehow guide them, but his silence inside the chef’s office brought nothing but doubt.


Three hours passed though they felt more like seven, and Alex never left his new office. Some assumed he was planning, others assumed he was still in distress, both happened to be right while others figured he was praying. Eventually a few knocked on his door, but they got no response from him, soon Ashley decided to check on him again, her eyes still hurt a little but she felt she had cried enough and wanted to be sure Alex was okay, after taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.


“Who is it?!” Alex asked, to Ashley’s surprise.


“Ermm, it’s me Ashley” she answered.


They was a moment of unsettling silence until Alex finally replied “Come in.”


Ashley entered to see Alex, sat down on the sofa rubbing his eyes like he had just woken up. He quickly stood with a regretful look in his eyes and approached Ashley who watched him carefully, as she was as frightened as she was concerned about his current state of mind.


“I’m so sorry I hit you, I don’t know what got over me, I just don’t know what I’m doing right now” he told her apologetically.


“It’s okay, A… my priest, sorry I’m still not use…”


“No, it’s not okay. I’m so frustrated right now and I took it out on you. It’s not just weird being called priest now, it feels wrong to be called it. I know it’s the law but…”


Alex had to take deep breaths every so often to prevent himself getting overly mad, but it could only do so much for him as the stress had feeling like tearing out his hair.


“...I’ve always wanted to be the priest but this is way too soon, my master… oh what’s the point? Anderson told me that it would take years for me to be ready, but I also needed the patience. He was right, my lack of patience got him killed, and I’ve no idea WHAT THE FUCK I’M DOING!...” Ashley backed away in fright at Alex’s sporadic outburst.


“Alex calm down, you can’t say such foul words, especially in the lord’s presence” Ashley warned.


“I know god...I know, for heaven’s sake I know. It’s just I was spending all night trying to think of what to do, I even wrote some plans on the desk but I can’t even remember them right now, I’m so tired right now, even though I’ve just slept”


“Plans?” Ashley asked for clarification to see if she heard him right.


“Yes, that’s what I was working on when you came by this morning… I think, I don’t even know the time…whatever, just have a look for yourself.” Alex answered as he threw his arm towards the desk.


Ashley and Alex both then went toward the desk to see Alex had laid out a map, some parts were scribbled out while others had a question mark on them, the roads were even marked down with question marks, while Alex understood the context, Ashley hadn’t a single clue what to make off it.


“What am I looking at?” Ashley asked.


“Anderson had us stay here, so it’s no wonder how the heathens slipped by, he thought after the head keeper’s… purgation they would hardly be any more non/false-believers around… needless to say he was wrong. Can’t blame him… as much I… hate what she did, I can’t lie and say she doesn’t do a excellent job”


“We all thought our land was finally clean, but what does that have to do with this?” Ashley asked, not seeing a connection.


Alex then proceeded to properly explain his plan at a slow pace, mainly so he could focus on what he was saying. “This place was police station Ashley, there’s weapons, police gear, all sorts of things we could use, the thing I don’t know how we could use it effectively, remember we the man I brought in?”


“The... charity worker?” Ashley assumed.


Alex pointed to various parts of the map as he answered, “yes, the other two who escaped got away in a van, but they were stopped by a spike strip. They still escaped, but they were out of our territory by then. Imagine though if we had one near our roads, hell imagine if we had them by that highway. We would have caught them easily and both your brother and... it sounds so obvious when I say it…”


“It’s not your fault, you were just following orders, we didn’t expect them to take a car, and it wasn’t your place to make these kind of plans back then”


“It was my fault Ashley, nothing you say is ever going to change that, he followed my orders. And that’s what got him killed, I said he was expendable, but... right or wrong, that was still a person I sent..."


"Can you stop? Please, I was there remember? I don't need to be reminded." Ashley told, in a slightly aggressive manner.


“Sorry... Anyway, that's why I’ve marked these parts of the streets, the question is… where would the best places be?”


“I see what you mean but, do you even know if we have any? I’ve never been good with plans, but we can’t place things we don’t have.” Ashley pointed out.


"I know... that's why I've been marking buildings as well, which ones are destroyed and which can we use. That's all I've got though, I'm sure there's more I can do but... I can't think of anything... damnit Anderson, why didn't you think of something like this before you could stil... “ Alex was on verge of crying again as his guilt ate at him.


“My priest…” Ashley tried to comfort him but Alex put up his hand, signaling her to stop.


“Don’t call me priest… I know I hit you for saying my name earlier but… seeing how we’re alone, just call me Alex. Just being called that, reminds me of Anderson calling me a fool.”


“Okay, Alex you can’t stay here and blame yourself…”


“I know Ashley, I don’t plan to, everyone is looking up to me for guidance, I don’t deserve to lead them right now, but I have to… I just wish I knew what to do…”


“Well you’ve got a plan here, so let’s make something of it…”


Alex then had an odd feeling about Ashley’s eagerness to help “Ashley… are you volunteering to be my apprentice? You’re acting like it.”


“... I don’t know what you mean. I’m just trying to help the man who saved me.”


“And also…”


“Will you stop it right now!? I don’t need your self-pity. Let’s just focus on getting a plan together alright? That work?” Ashley upsetly asked, tired of Alex’s reminders.


“Okay… sorry. Well, the monks need something to let them know I’m not just mopping in here, and I need to see what we can do… Ashley could you have a few of the monks do a check to see what police equipment we have here? Get a list, and… hold on…” Alex quickly looked around to see if they were a spare map in the room, but he couldn’t find one. “Great… find a map, and have a few others see what buildings we could use as sniper nests. Can you do that for me?”


“Of course Alex. I’ll let the others know, now try to relax. We’re going to sort things out”


“I hope so…” Ashley was about to leave until Alex said “Wait!” she turned around and could tell Alex had something sincere to ask. “Ashley, from a one friend to another, can I ask you something, and can you promise me you’ll never tell another about what I’m about to ask?”


“Of course. What is it?”


“Do you ever doubt our cause?” Alex asked.


Ashley paused, doubt wasn’t something the cultists would discuss openly, especially the higher ups in fear of punishment.


“Ermm… well ya, everyone has a moment of doubt. I certainly did after seeing... what they did to Anderson” she admitted.


“That’s exactly how I feel right now. I know desperate times call for desperate measures but… I can’t see why our Messiah could let a woman as needlessly cruel as our head keeper have such a position of power, we’ve heard the rumours, that she’s the sole survivor of the Union church massacre and that she saw the eyes of the devil that Sunday. I looked right into her eyes yesterday…and I swear that is what I saw. What I’m trying to say is… I can’t see why god would allow should cruel people as his most righteous… I thought cruelty was the devil’s work” Alex said, will with utmost doubt.


“I know, but as they say, god works in mysterious ways. it’s best we don’t question him. In the end, he’s always right.”


“Do you really mean that?” Alex asked.


“How can you ask that?” Ashley asked back in shock.


“Isn’t it unquestioning faith that has led to so much needless death? How do we know we’re not part of the same cycle?” Alex asked, Ashley didn’t need to look into his eyes to know that Anderson’s brutal demise had greatly shaken his faith.


“... I won’t tell the others about this… but let’s never discuss this again.” Ashley dismissed.


“Wait I have one more favor to ask!” Alex yelled.


“What?” Ashley said before sighing.


Alex then looked to Anderson’s robes, “Could you clean these robes for me… I already see Anderson’s blood on my hands; I don’t need to see it on these robes I will need to wear.”


“Oh.” Ashley responded, expecting something different. “Of course Alex. Why don’t you take some rest while me and the monks get the information you need? You really need it.”


“Ya, I guess you’re right.”


Ashely then took the robes and set off to let the others know of what Alex was planning, while he stood silently and looked to one of the Christian crosses on the walls as his mind wondered about a single question in mind; was he really doing god’s work, or is he just the part of a never-ending cycle of death?

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Bit of a screw up earlier it should have been part 3 of 6, not 4.




As Alex was left to ponder his thoughts about his position and if the cult was really in the right, Ashley gave the other monks instructions to search the station’s armoury and make a note of what equipment was available to them, meanwhile other monks would check the local area for various points that could be useful sniper positions. While the monks weren’t entirely sure what Alex had in mind with the gear, they were happy to finally be doing something.


Ashley assisted the monks that were assigned to checking the police armoury, each monk did a head count of the gear and weapons that remained. As they did two of them discussed what they thought of the whole situation.


“Hey Dominic what you make of all this?” one of them asked curiously as he counted the weapons and made a note of what type they were and their numbers.


“I’m glad I’m finally doing something other than sitting around, don’t get me wrong. Anderson ( feels weird saying his name now) was a good man but, it isn’t half boring just sitting around waiting for the devil's minions to come to us. And that turned out well didn’t it.”


“I hear ya mate, wish he didn’t have to go like that though, I’m…” Dominic turned to see if Ashley was in ear range “glad he’s not in charge anymore. I just hope we don’t end up having a fourth alarm. I heard the stories of what the high keeper does… seeing it was a whole new thing wasn’t it Mathew?”


“Yeah… god, now I know what they mean when they say she’s the angel of cruelty.”  Matthew answered “I really feel sorry the new priest; I certainly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.”


“Nor would I. Say, why do you think Ashley is so eager to help him? Wasn’t long ago she was crying in her bed, now she’s ordering everyone around, she think she…”


“Not a chance, I think she just doesn’t want to him to deny salvation as well, we all lost our mentor, she lost her brother as well, can’t believe Jacob is gone. One moment I’m checking the car those hell spawns used next thing I know, Jacob literally get his sins ripped from his body. Poor guy.”


“Yeah, Anyway I’m done here. Hope the priest has a use for this. I really want to get back at those godless wankers. Speak to ya later mate,” Dominic said as he went to hand Ashley his weapon count.


“You and me both” Matthew replied.


Meanwhile at the Necro-walker’s temple, Luke had been called to visit the Messiah in the building’s basement in private.


As he went down the stairs he noticed that the basement was decorated in a manner different than what he had seen before, the entire hallway was dark and lit up only by red candles giving the place a very delicate and sweet smell. There were no crosses in sight, only darkness kept at bay by flames. He was told to head to a room in the middle of the hallway. Once he found it, he entered and saw something he never expected.


Inside there were 4 white robed figures, one standing at each side of the wall, the Messiah was at the far end, looking down at what large pool that was as brown as mud. Right in the middle was likely a runner, it was kept to the middle and afloat by steel chains, two were locked to the far end and kept it’s legs in place, one was at both sides keeping it’s arm spread out like stressed wide. at the end closest to Luke a long extended chain was around its neck and attached to close end. The basement didn’t have a cross around because the runner was its cross.


“Right on time my son, good. Come child, I believe we have something to discuss.” The Messiah said gently at welcomingly tilted his hand back and forth.


Luke slowly walked toward the old man, eyeing the floating corpse as it chokingly snarled at him desperate to move, but the chains just rattled as as it slightly drifted to the left and right.


“Do you know what this is Luke?” the Messiah asked as he looked down.


Luke took a good look at the pool, from where he was standing he could clearly see the runner was positioned to mimic a cross so he assumed it was “the cross for this basement?”


“You are correct there, but actually” the old man took out a syringe he had hidden behind his back, he placed the tip of it into the water and began to pull back the plunger, “I was asking about this, do you what this is? Take off the hood child, no need to be so formal” he told Luke.


Luke took off his brown hood as ordered, that way the Messiah could clearly see Luke’s young face, green eyes, black hair and silver earring on his left ear.


Luke was slightly intimidated he had a hunch for what the water was, but he couldn’t be certain so he answered “I’m not really sure my holiness.”


The Messiah nodded slightly with a kind smile as he moved the syringe into plain view. “Before these dark times, we use to believe holy water was simply water blessed by a priest, we were wrong. This is holy water Luke, blessed by the skin of a pure soul.”


“Forgive me my holiness but, why are you telling me this?” Luke questioned.


“A keeper should know how to purge a heretic’s sins. I must apologise we have had no new keepers since I brought God’s words to my sons and daughters, I overlooked showing you this earlier, even god’s messengers are not above small mistakes. But that is not the only reason I brought you here” The messiah explained while he handed the white robed figure behind the syringe. “My daughter Selina tells me, you’re having difficulty adjusting to the keeper ways.”


Luke looked away for a brief moment, he had something to say, but he had to pick his words carefully, he cleaned his throat before a word left his mouth. “Yes, I am. I understand at times people need tough love but… what I see in her methods is nothing but cruelty. Unblinking, cold, cruelty.”


The Messiah kept his smile throughout the entire conversation, “I know Selina is… a rough one, but don’t doubt her intentions, she has nothing but our best interests in mind. She has just learned that sometimes only the worst of punishments can keep children orderly.”


“Then how can you tell they aren’t just afraid? That they aren’t following you because they believe in you, but because they fear you?” Luke asked.


“Why do people believe in me? Just take a look outside Luke, science has always been the way we’ve found answers to how complex God’s designs are, and a bringer of doubt. In fact don’t look outside, just look to your left.”


As the Messiah pointed to his right, the two looked to the runner that was still growling and trying to get Luke.


“The fact that one of these blessed beings exist destroys all doubt they we are all part of a divine being’s grand creation. According to all manners of science, its existence should be impossible, yet here we are looking down on it and using the holy water it’s body has help created to help us show the world the paradise they have denied themselves.”  


Luke couldn’t deny that the Messiah had a point, but that didn’t answer the whole question.


“I understand but, forgive my questioning but…”


“Do not fret, you may be one of my highest servants, but you are still new. Please ask away” The Messiah interrupted.


“Why instill so much fear in your… family?”


The Messiah paused, like he already had the answer but didn’t want to say it just yet.


“Ask yourself that.”


“Pardon?” Luke asked, not understanding the Messiah’s point.


The Messiah then asked a series of question, each one shocking Luke more than the last “You think I don’t see it in your eyes Luke? The determination for vengeance, how you want nothing more than to ensure what became of your family will never become on other good people?”


“How do you…?”


The Messiah then took full advantage of Luke’s attention, “Your eagerness to help our cause in whatever way you can, how you care for your brothers and sisters so much, wasn’t so long ago you looked like a child who lost everything of value was it? You can’t imagine why they would hurt one another. I’ve seen that before, not just in my most devoted daughter, but also in myself. Let me tell you something, it’s something only Selina knows as far as I can tell, but I am good at reading people, it’s what I did before these dark times, and what I see in you, is a very capable man, you have more in common with Selina than you think. You both know as well as I, what a child can become when it’s undisciplined and left to run amok, it results in others getting hurt or worse. One child regardless of its parents, birth right or status, is no more valuable than another. They all must understand the world and it’s cruelty, and none must be spared it when they step out of line.”


“I see…” Luke didn’t know what to say, he felt the old man before him knew things about him that he didn’t know.


“I won’t pray for details, but I want you to reflect on what and who drove you here, and think for a moment, imagine if those who caused you pain were taught properly how to respect their fellow man.” With that said he lent his arm to right and asked “shall we make our leave?”


Luke nodded with a thoughtful look in his eyes before vacating the room.


Meanwhile Selina was observing the city from the ‘temple’s’ thirteenth floor as she was approached by one of the keepers who had a clipboard in hand.


“Something on your mind priestess?” the keeper asked.


Selina turned her head to face the brown eyed, ginger haired man to tell him “It’s nothing Mitch, just curious to why the Messiah called Luke. He sees me in him, I can’t make out why though. How’s the count on the fireworks anyway? Can we launch one early?”


“Easily, while the blessed are as detached as they are, a single big bang will likely do the job.”


“Excellent. Have it ready for tonight.” Selina ordered.


“Way ahead of you priestess, already have a few of the monks on it.”


Selina smiled, “Good work.” Just as Mitch was about to head off Selina told him to “Wait, Mitch, what’s your opinion on Luke? I had you stand beside him for a reason.”


“Well, he certainly values our cause, but like you I don’t see him being worthy among us, he’d make a excellent monk or even a Priest. But he lacks the heart to be harsh as being a keeper requires.”


“Precisely.” Selina’s face was riddled with confusion, “So what does he see that makes him certain that deep down he has the same passion I do. The Messiah is the one who had him join us, despite all of our questioning, he told me there's a fire burning inside his eyes, and that I only see the gas waiting to explode. (I’ve known him over half a decade yet I still don’t understand him sometimes). Keep observing him, there’s something there, and I want to know what it is.”


“I will watch him like a hawk priestess.”


“Thank you…” Suddenly off the corner of everyone’s ear a bang coming miles away from the east, could be heard ”What was that!?”


Everyone ran toward the west side of the building, and saw nothing but could hear the sound of blazing guns coming the west side of the city that was separated by a river but attached by two large bridges.


“Heh, cancel the fireworks, looks like the heathens each are doing our job for us.” Selina ordered with a smirk, before walking away, while the others stayed a moment to observe before walking away themselves.


A few minutes earlier Lizzy Max and Nisha were still stuck in their car whispering to each other and sharing tales.


“Wow, I wish I could be so brave, those boys really sound like jerks” Lizzy said.


“It’s not fucking bravery kid, it’s called sticking up for your friends. No one calls this woman  here a fucked up bitch except me.” Max declared


Nisha chuckled as she pointed out “I think that was one of the few times my dad actually said ‘thank you’ to you, hell even you acted like a gentleman to him, every other time it normally ended with ‘blow me’, ‘go fuck yourself’ or my personal favourite, ‘oh just go inside and fuck that Asian cunt wife of yours, you old bastard’, I laugh nearly every time you said that, and Dad would just give me the worst stare ever, I was always afraid of what my dad was going to do when I got back, then I’d punch you in back like always, for getting me in trouble, again.”


“Hey my day is never complete without pissing some asshole off. Hey remember that time these three jerk offs tried to jump you alone, but you toughened up by then, boy did those assholes get a nasty surprise, you called me to pick you up, said you had a treat for me...  I didn’t expect that.”


“Oh I think I know what you were expecting dick-brain, Don’t ask Liz, best you don’t know.”


“Okay, why though?” Lizzy asked, confused.


“Adult stuff” Nisha told her, which seemed enough.


“Oh, okay then.”


“How about you Liz, you have any adventures?” Nisha asked.


“Not really, though one time, I forgot to stop the kitchen sink, and I flooded the house by accident.” Lizzy admitted.


“How the fuck did you manage that?” Max asked, “Where was your bible grinding mother or that worthless fuck nut of a father?”


“Mum went to church and dad was at work… I may have pretended to be sick so I didn’t go to church…” Lizzy said, with a guilty smile.


“Nice one kid, only been to one once, and that was e-fucking-nough, I could get more entertainment from shaving my pubes then sit down and listen to a guy chant shit.”


“Your what?” Lizzy asked confused, with a tilted head.


“Don’t you dare answer that, or I’ll give little Max another lesson” Nisha warned while pointing at him.


“I won’t say a fucking thing.” Max promised, “But, I will say...the fuck was that?”


Everyone inside then looked up through the window in wonder to what caused a loud bang. Suddenly a couple of decaying bodies started shrieking and screaming, driving the horde that was already curious to sound, into a march to the east.


“I have no fucking clue, but I think our ticket to leave just came early” Nisha told him as she read her Ice axe, and looked to Listen who was covering her, not wanting to hear the sound. After patting Lizzy’s shoulder to calm her down a bit she told Lizzy, “We’re going to be home soon Liz.”  

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In buildings around the southwest sections of the city, monks stopped their activities as the sound of an explosion hit all their ears at once. The ones close to bridge that separated them from the west side of the city looked outside and observed from a large apartment building as they saw the dead bodies as they piled against the coach and vans blocking the road, it wasn’t long till the screaming ones ran into them, only to bounce back and try again, eventually hundreds were shuffling against each other, compiling into one big undead mass.


“The west is being louder than usual lately isn’t it?” one of the monks inquired while she watched the dead bundle from an apartment window.


“Appears so. The priest says he’s expecting war. Have you heard the north reports?” a male beside her asked.


“You mean of Anderson? Yes, word travels fast in these lands” the woman asked.


“No, I mean north as in the island, the redeemers have told us that as many as a hundred men have seized it and all of HERC’s weapons. All in dark clothes with white Wolves on them”


The woman looked at him in disbelief, “Can we really trust them? We may believe in the same god, but they believe the blessed are demons.”


“I doubt they’d make up such a big lie, either way it looks like our resolve will soon be tested in the days to come. Especially if the heathens west happen to turn their attention to us.”


“I doubt it’ll happen, the infighting west hasn’t stopped since we guided these purgatorial souls to these holy grounds, why would they stop now?”


“You never know, if we can start from scared lambs in the ruins of a church to holy crusaders. I see no reason why the heathens won’t eventually flock together. I must get back to the priest, she’ll want to know the barricades are doing their job.”


Meanwhile back the car, Max, Nisha and Lizzy had to move to the other side of the car, so that the dead heading west through the trees east, didn’t notice them hiding. While Lizzy hid under the driver seat, Nisha had to hide between with Max pressing against her.


“Ahhh” Nisha gently mourned as Max’s body crushed her against the door.


“Enjoying yourself?” Max smugly asked.


“Oh fuck you, you know I can’t help it” Nisha pointed out.


“Exactly, now the fucking table has turned. And I’m gonna make the fucking most of it, hope you’re not comfy back there” Max told her as he purposely forced himself against her.


“Even when death is literally walking right past us you have to stroke that ego don’t you?” Nisha whispered frustrated, giving Max that satisfying feeling of revenge,


While Nisha was fighting the combined feelings of fear and pleasure, Lizzy watched the windows as the mourns of lifeless bodies seemed easier for her to hear than the two bikers beside her.


Nisha growled before finally accepting she was going to be stuck for a while, “... fine, enjoy it while you can, but once we’re out of this, I’m so kicking your ass. And that’s a promise.”


“It’s worth it, how about we shut the fuck up now?” Max asked, realising the idiocy of their squabbling.


Nisha agreed, they both then went silent as the dead slowly passed the car. With nothing distracting their ears, they could all hear the soulless bodies as they fell over the barrier beside them and their decayed flesh bumped against the vehicles including theirs, all while their lifeless mourns echoed around them, the eeriness went on for what seemed like an hour. They waited and waited till the mourning finally could no longer be heard.


“Are they gone?” Lizzy whispered as she looked up to see if she could spot any.


“I don’t have the slightest fucking clue, biters can be fucking ninjas sometimes...I know” Max said with a sadistic grin as he turned to face Nisha.


Nisha looked at him with unsettling nervousness, “Why the fuck are you… Ohhh!...ohh.. you son of a bitch! ohh..” Nisha exclaimed as Max suddenly plucked one of her nipples.


“Nisha you alright!?” Lizzy yelled concerned.


“She’s fine kiddo, in fact I think she feels great.” Max answered in Nisha’s place before he looked around the car to see not a single corpse close by. “...Looks like we’re clear…” Max was then cut off as Nisha punched him across the face, though Max only chuckled in response, “hehehe… worth it” he concluded while rubbing his cheek.


“Mmmm... Ya, I’m fine Liz” Nisha added as she stuck up her middle finger at Max with a deadly glare and with her teeth laid bare as she slowly breathed “Let’s get out of here”


Lizzy wanted to be sure herself so she stood up on the driver's seat and looked around woefully, she even sniffed the air to see if their rotten sent was strong.


“Okay, can’t smell them. Hope home isn’t far away” Lizzy said as she went towards the passenger’s door to open it.


While Lizzy opened the door, Nisha grabbed Max and stated “You, are a fucking asshole...”


“Karma’s a bitch, bitch” Max replied with his smug smile before getting his bag and then leaving the car.


Nisha sighed and rubbed her breast hopping it’d down the pleasure she was getting to no avail. Once she finally got outside the first thing Lizzy noticed was her blushed face.


“Why are you blushing… did Max kiss you?” Lizzy asked.


“No, the bastard didn’t kiss me” Nisha answered, looking half grumpy.


“Nah, I went ahead and skipped a base” Max pointed out before getting punched again by Nisha in arm, who just about felt close to killing him.


“You’re lucky she doesn’t know what that means” Nisha pointed out.


“What, what means?” Lizzy asked confused.


“Never mind, come on we’re wasting time” Nisha pointed out as she took Liz's hand.


Slowly the groups moved between the massive traffic jam, keeping themselves low to the ground as they didn’t want to potentially expose themselves. As they slipped through the abandoned traffic they could tell up ahead it a massacre had ensured, Humvees, police cars and barricades were at the end of the highway and many of the glass windows of the traffic close by were either cracked, shattered or both with the rare one partly painted over with blood bodies could also been seen inside the cars, decayed and still.


“Is there any part of this city that isn’t depressing as fuck?” Max pondered aloud, as he passed by a whole ridden car.


“The whole city is depressing Max, you just get used to it, how long have you been stuck in that subway?” Nisha asked curiously.


“Honestly, I can’t fucking remember, was after we settled an old score with Danny and his bitches I can say that, but apart from that, all I can say is a fucking long time”  Max answered.


“Heh, should have figured Eric would get back at that two faced son of a bitch.”


"Who's Danny?" Lizzy interrupted.


"Just some asshole who got what he deserved Liz" Max answered.


"You mean like my dad?" Lizzy wondered.


After a moment's hesitation Nisha told her, "Yes exactly like him."


Lizzy soon looked down to ground as she asked "Why was my dad so mean?"


Nisha turned to Lizzy and said "I dunno, sometimes you'll never know the answer, sorry to break it to ya like that."


Max then tapped Lizzy on back to get her attention as they moved closer to military blockade. "Hey, it doesn't matter a lot of kids have shit parents, my mother was a total drunk, but hey I turned alright didn't I?"


"Yeah if we don't include the fact you're an asshole pervert who mooned a highschool teacher after graduation day. Oh and jacked off in front of someone's dad just to make a point" Nisha added.


Lizzy was oblivious to what Nisha meant so she replied, "Ya I guess so. Did your dad hit you too?"


"Nah, my dad was a total deadbeat jack off, sure my mum tortured her liver on a daily basis but hey, she fucking worked her ass off which is more than I can say for him and she didn't need me to clean her room for her. Unlike a certain ball busting bitch here" Max answered.


“You had it coming dickhead and I can clean, I just can’t be asked most of the time”


“Yes, and it took a 8 year old girl to get you off your ass and get shit clean, I’d hate to see the fucking mess your apartment was without someone to move your fine ass you lazy cow.”


“She only cleaned it because I wanted my own room” Lizzy pointed out.


“Shut up Liz you’re not helping me here, whose side are you on?” Nisha asked


“Errrmm mine?” Lizzy asked innocently.


“Smartass, you know...Jesus…” Nisha remarked as they closed in on the barricades.


Because of the cars blocking their view they didn’t notice how bad of a slaughter the blockade once was. Dozens of bodies could be seen, many were both chewed up and clearly shot multiple times, they was even a body on top of a taxi, only a small handful of the bodies belonged to military personnel, implying they either left or turned. Lizzy covered her mouth in shock as they was no way she couldn’t look at the rotted faces of people who were gunned down, both once undead and alive.


“Fuck me…” Even Max was disturbed by what he was seeing. “Guess that’s why therey was hardly anyone back there...they're all here, poor bastards.”


“Oh fucking Christ (I forgot)…Lizzy close your eyes.” Nisha ordered as she saw children weren’t even spared the horror that had once transpired.


“I am already” Lizzy pointed out “Tell me when it’s over…”


“What the fuck do you think…” Max tried to ask before Nisha answered.


“I don’t want to fucking know, (It’s even worse than the first time)... let’s just get out of here quickly, if I had lunch I’d have thrown it up by now..”


“No shit…” Max replied.


Slowly they moved up towards the blockade, making sure not to step on the victims of the massacre even though further ahead it looked impossible. Nisha picked Lizzy up so that she wouldn’t feel her feet putting pressure against remains of a person or child.


After reaching the blockade, they could see it had been searched for every weapon and piece of ammo around, there was literally nothing of use left. The cult had cleaned the place out. Being so close now meant they now had to go through the piled together bodies, Both Max and Nisha could feel their stomachs getting queasy as their footwear pressured against the rotten flesh.


As they finally got passed the stomach turning obstacle, they took a rest against one of the Humvees to take in what they just crossed.


“You can open your eyes now Lizzy” Nisha told her as she put her on the floor.


“I don’t feel so good…” Lizzy informed as she held her stomach.


“I think we all feel a little fucked now kiddo…” Max pointed out.


As Max and Lizzy were busy trying not to puke, Nisha looked to the south past a park in middle of a open green land towards an intact large residential building, as she started to feel sad as memories came back she shook her head to keep them at bay.


“Max, how close are we to the fucking subway?” She then asked, having enough of the memories flooding back to her.


“Very, in fact if I remember right…” Max made his way past the blockade and looked to west toward a section of the street that had two stairways surrounded by green metal bars that led underground visible, “yep the fuckers are right there”


“Oh thank fuck for that, I’m done being at this side of town” Nisha declared.


“Well you better be ready to fucking fight to get out of it because, guess what, we have company.” Max informed as he also saw that at least over two dozen corpses had lost interest in following the racket rather early and were now blocking their way.

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“Always fucking something isn’t there (?)” Nisha asked rhetorically before asking a real question “Okay how many are we talking?”


Max counted how many corpses he could see standing while also keeping a close eye on their movement to see if any of them were runners.


After careful counting he answered “At least over twenty of the fuckers, none of them look like they’re having spaz attacks so I’m guessing they’re all slow as fuck.”


Nisha started to think about their options, “Well we could easily blow them away but, I don’t think causing a racket will do us any favours, we’re too far in the cult’s territory”


Max then had a slightly off-topic question “Just how big is that fucking bunch of zombie ass worshippers?”


“I don’t fucking know myself, but big enough to wipe out the Bricks prison and then some” Nisha answered, only bringing up more questions in Max’s head.


“You sure know a lot about those flesh wearing fuck heads you know that.”


“Yeah well, I’ve been here long enough to pick up on a few things” Nisha pointed out, though Max didn’t totally buy it. “Anyway, let me have a look… sshhit. Okay, I don’t think fighting them is going to work, they’re too bunched up. We’re gonna have to distract them.”


“And how the fuck are we going to do that? You know a lot about those  flesh wearing fuckheads don't ya(?)"


"Yeah well, I've been around these parts long enough to know a few things" Nisha explained, Max didn't totally buy it however. "Anyway, let me have a look...sshhit. No way we'll be able to just fight past all those bastards, we'll need to distract them."


"Well how the fuck you propose we do that? Ain't like the old days where I could pull my pants down and yell 'suck on this' while flipping them off a few bastards is it(?)" Max pointed out.


Nisha closed her eyes as she replied "No it's not and thanks, I really needed reminding of that...(how the fuck did you never end up in prison(?))" while trying not to have that imagine in her head.


"Max you're so gross" Lizzy commented as she did the same as Nisha.


"Just be glad his hormones have gone down...slightly then Lizzy. Don't ask what those are. Okay enough of this bullshit, if we could just get them to look away we could run right in. Maybe smashing one of those apartment windows would do it." Nisha figured as she looked to the southeast.


Across the road opposite the park was a ten story apartment building next to to ruins of another one, while a good sum of the windows were broken, a few still remained intact.


“They must be something we can throw to smash one of those. My arm is still fucked though; Max I hope your good arm is good for something other than giving yourself a handjob.”


“Hey, I was damn good at pitching in baseball; if this hand can still give a good wank it can still give a good throw.” Max stated.


“You only joined the baseball team just so you could hit something with a bat and not get in trouble for it. And I’m pretty sure those aren’t the same thing” Nisha pointed out.


“Yes they fucking well are, you grasp a big hunk of wood, swipe it all over the place and hope something goes flying out of the park.” Max argued with a smug grin, leaving Nisha speechless for a moment before going on to say “Now will you give me something to fucking throw? Good thing it’s my left arm that stings like a bitch isn’t it?”


Nisha had to shake her head into focus before saying “Yes it is… Lizzy where are you…” Nisha quietly called out to Lizzy.


Lizzy had wandered off to find something for Max, all while covering her nose with her shirt, she eventually found a tire iron in one of the Humvees then ran back to Nisha and Max asking “Will this work?” as she showed it to them.


“That’ll work great kid, putta there” Max remarked as he fist bumped Lizzy and took the tire iron. “Okay back the fuck off a bit, I may be a little rusty” he then warned.


“Oh that’s fucking comforting isn’t it?” Nisha commented.


“Oh quit your bitching and step back, I’ve got this” Max insisted.


Lizzy and Nisha backed away  giving Max room. Max stood beside the Humvee, keeping him out of undead sight, he then took a rigorous look at the all the windows, taking his rustiness into account and making sure he knew which windows of the building were still there. He chose an intact window on the third floor.


Max put his bag on the ground then lightly gripped the long end the iron as he properly positioned himself. There was little if any wind so he didn’t have to account for the iron’s direction being affected. Once he threw the iron high into the air, the three watched closely as they saw the iron spin rapidly towards the building. Max clutched his fist in pride as he metal object collide and smash the window into pieces, remarking “Fuck yeah” at the sound of shattering glass,


“Oh hell yeah” Nisha relieved the moment Max hit his mark.


“You did it Max” Lizzy whispered to him, with a proud smile on her face.


“What can I say, breaking shit is my favorite pastime” Max said in an attempt to be modest.


“Okay Max, for pulling that off… I won’t kick your ass” Nisha told him gratefully.


“You mean you’ll kick my ass later right?” Max said with a smirk on his face.


Nisha smiled in response as he knew her all too well. “Ya, you’re right, I’ll get back to wanting you dead later most likely, how’s it looking over there?” Nisha then asked as she pointed her thumb in direction of the street.


Max took a look and as Nisha expected, the corpses flocked to sound like moths to a flame. Those that only glanced out of curiosity soon made their way once broken glass pieces fell to the ground and smashed against the concrete floor.


"Like boobs on a thumbnail, dumb shits took the bait." Max confirmed.


While Lizzy took Max's comparison literally and stared confusedly at Max, the group waited for a few minutes till the mourning dead bodies were right in front of the apartment.


Once they were there, Max put his bag back on and Nisha picked Lizzy up to her left shoulder. The moment the dead were too far south to be considered a threat, Max and Nisha ran straight for the stairway leading underground. The undead heard their footsteps and turned to pursue them, but they would be long gone before they could catch up.


Once down the first lot of stairs, they opened and passed a metal gate, Max shut it behind them so they couldn’t follow. As they got further down, the subway slowly got darker and darker. Once they got to the bottom of the stairs, they could hardly make out what was in front of them.


“I can’t see a thing” Lizzy commented once Nisha put her down.


“Max please tell you brought a flashlight with ya, I can’t make out shit. Max?” Nisha asked after not getting a answer.


Max was too busy listening for anything about, he didn’t want to risk the undead following them and potentially, even though the odds were slim.


“Max!” Nisha yelled, getting his attention before repeating her question, “Do you have a fucking flashlight?”


“Sorry, force of habit. And of course I have a fucking flashlight, you think I’d travel through a place darker than the devil’s asshole without one?” he asked as he got his torch from his bag before giving it to Nisha.


Nisha took the torch and once it was on, to her surprise the place looked mostly untouched. The walls, benches and even the bins looked spotless in comparison to the outside world.


“I guess the army did a good job keeping everyone away from here” Nisha figured.


“Evidently. Not as many people thought about the subway as you’d fucking think. There’s only about a eighty of us at most squatting in our little shit tunnel called home… not counting Becks or that scumbag who killed her” Max explained.


Thinking back to Becks raised a serious question in Nisha’s mind “Hey Max, I know you’re not one for this, but was she a friend of yours? You haven’t mentioned her once.”


Max closed his eyes and answered “Nah not really, she hated kids probably more than I do (Not including you Liz) but other than that I didn’t know anything about, given how much I hated that shit head Mark before … well you know. Anyone associated with him I figured wasn’t worth my fucking time, but she seemed cool actually.” his tone lacking the usual cockyness.


“You okay Max?” Lizzy asked, “You look a little upset.”


“Max isn’t one to discuss… lost ones.” Nisha explained.


“Yeah… past is the past, leave it where it fucking belongs. Nisha I’m not fucking around when I say this; don’t ask what happened to the others around me…” Max almost demandingly told Nisha.


“Max, you know I never would. I may want to smash your head with a sledgehammer from time to time, but I would never do that to you, hey your annoying dick aside, even once we’re casted into hell we’ll be friends” Nisha reminded Max.


Max smugly smiled at Nisha words, he knew Nisha meant every single one of them.


Once they arrived at the tunnels, the trio got off the walkway then Max lead them the way towards the community where Lizzy could finally feel safe.


The tunnels felt cold and lifeless, even the slightest sound could be heard from the squeaks of rats, to footsteps against the gravel, they didn’t have to worry about being snuck up as even a single dead mourn would echo through the hollow chamber. However to be on the safe side, they kept their voices down.


“Hey Liz, could you go on ahead, I need to talk to Nisha in private”  Max asked Lizzy politely.


“Erm, I dunno. Tunnel is spooky when it’s this dark.” Lizzy replied.


“What the fuck could you possibly want to discuss in in private Max?” Nisha asked, noticing Max’s uncharacteristic behaviour.


“It’s about Jackie…” Max told her bluntly, giving Nisha a sense of dread.


“(Why the fuck did I bring her up again?) Alright Max, Hey Lizzy, why don’t you take the torch?” Nisha asked, secretly hoping Lizzy wouldn’t take it.


“Okay, I guess I could go in front” Lizzy answered.


Once Lizzy got the torch, she went ahead, but kept close enough that Nisha and Max could still easily see her.


“Sorry if you feel a little fucked off. I shouldn’t have…” Nisha tried to apologise but Max had already accepted it.


“It’s cool Nish, I just need to get something off my mind that won’t fucking leave; did those fucking dead worshipping piss heads kill him?”


Nisha paused for a moment she didn’t want to remember what happened to Jackie, but she realised there was no avoiding the topic.


“Yes, they did. Let’s leave it at that, I don’t want to fucking talk about it.”


“So that’s why you know so much about those assholes, I take it that means…”


“Yes… them too..” Nisha took a deep breath before asking Max “Can we leave it at that?”


“I can, but Eric won’t even if he forgives you for leaving him. He won’t forgive them, he’ll want blood, and a lot of it, that bastard is a fucking savage when someone crosses him. He’ll get it out of you, whether you like it or not. We all know you wouldn’t leave Jackie behind, he will want to know what and who killed him.”


“Oh I know who killed him, some shit haired woman with matching robes to boot, her and eight other fuckers. I’m lucky to be alive… can we go back to pissing each other off, I’d rather you try to fuck than listen to you all serious all of the sudden.”


“Sure. So you’d rather me try get in your pants than talk about them… these fuckers must be really bad news” Max remarked.


“More than you’ll ever know.” Nisha added as they slowly made their way to her new home.

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This Special is focused on the cultist Selina.





At the edge of a ruined city ruled by the dead, six people had taken shelter at a motel that never got finished, the east side of it was fully constructed, its rooms made and balconies safe, the west wasn’t halfway to being complete, thick metal beams in stack could be seen scattered around and a trailer for the ones who once worked on it still remained. The people who had set up camp only had to look to the east to get a beautiful view of the sea and forgot for a moment what horror the city had suffered in recent months.


So close to the city outskirts and with a fence and balcony to help keep them safe, they felt like their location was idea, but it wasn’t. Far to the southwest, a cult unbeknown to them had risen from the horrors that spawned the city and believing it was a merciful punishment from God. To them if you weren’t considered a believer you were nothing more than a example of what was wrong in the world. As the survivors spent their day just hoping to survive the next, two figures in brown robes watched them from the south in the middle of tree filled Greenland while six others waited behind them.


One of the two watching was a brown eyed man with ginger hair, he observed the survivors though the scope of his M24 sniper rifle as he relayed information to his partner, who did the same but with binoculars.


“Seems like there’s only six worthless heathens to cleanse here, one watches from the balcony, can’t see anything other than a side arm on him. Jamie, anything you notice?”


Jamie’s face was covered by the decaying skin of another, a person who had died, but whose body had never rose, the only part of his face not covered was his green eyes “Nothing noteworthy considering the prison and the last bunch we encounter. Think that woman’s soul is cleansed by now Mitch?”


“The Asian’s?” Mitch asked before he concluded “Most likely, if not what little sin is left in her will soon be vanquished for eternity.”


Jamie looked behind toward the other six figures to see if someone had arrived, when he saw someone hadn’t he asked Mitch “She would likely have my head for this, but do you think the priestess has been more… ruthless since the prison?”


Mitch glanced briefly Jamie before asking “What do you mean? What we did to those prisoners was pure and just brutality; I think only her and the Messiah had any kind of thrill from it. Speaking of which, do you think those two knew each other before God had enough of us?”


Jamie decided he had to explain what he was trying to say, “I don’t mean so much what she did, but more how she did it. During the prison, that woman was like a force of nature, she demanded the most out of us, and wanted everything done quickly without fault. What she did back there, she was smiling the whole time, well grinning really, I know those people had forsaken good but, the convicts we caught alive had their punishment done just as soon as they were caught, but those five back there and what she told them, I dunno Mitch, she looked like she was loving every moment of it.”


“She loves nothing more than doing what the Messiah asks of her.” Mitch stated. “Which brings me back to my original question; you think they knew each other? When we were at the church ruins, she took nothing from anyone, that woman was all business, she made sure everything was done right, then he comes with his message, the two talk in private next thing you know she’s right behind him doing whatever he demands, I means he has a way with words but someone as stubborn as her suddenly following a fifty year old man just like that. I find it too much of a coincidence”


“Why don’t you ask her? It’s nothing to do with doubt so I’m sure your redemption won’t be at risk” Jamie told him.


“You think I haven’t? I asked once and all she said was ‘is it any of your businesses while giving me that cold stare she’s fond of, I ain’t asking her again.” Mitch stated.


“Touché even before then we all knew nothing about her, that woman never discusses the part or futures, always the now” Jamie then pointed out before taking another look back to another figure arriving in brown robes, “Speak of the devil”


The figure who had just arrived waved her arm backwards at the sniper team, signalling them to come to her and they did just that without a moment’s hesitation.


“Your report Mitch?” the figure asked with a woman’s voice.


Mitch quickly gave his report, “Only six heathens my priestess, I haven’t seen any weapons on them other than small arms, mostly handguns, they have a watch on the balcony, but that’s it. They should be easy work”


“Excellent Mitch” the woman compliment as she started to take off her flesh mask.


Using a carefully carved opening on the back of the mask, the woman slowly took off the mask, making her small focused green eyes, brown hair and the rest of her calmly amused face visible to her fellow brothers, while they all knew her name was Selina, they would never address her as such.


“You know I must admit, once we’re finally done removing these disgusting eyesore from God’s world, I’m going to be rather bored, nothing pleases me more than doing what God demands of us” she stated as took out her sickle and stroked the blade.


“That is beyond doubt priestess, when shall we strike?” Mitch then asked


“Just before dawn, we’ll let them see one last sunset before many of them will suffer eternal damnation and suffering at the hands of the Devil’s demons” Selina ordered.


The robed figures gathered around a small camp, they kept their voices down and relied only on their eyes to see. The figures all but Selina engaged in small talk, if it wasn't about their cult, it didn't matter to her. Instead she sat a distance away from them to spare her ears from their trivia, and just looked at the cloudless sky which fulfilled her with calmness as her acquaintances wondered about her past.


Six years earlier where Union City was still a place for the living, Selina lived in a suburban home. It was a Sunday summer morning and the sun was way above the clouds as her and her sister had breakfast together in her clean standard kitchen; Selina was sat on a smooth wooden chair wearing a brown shirt while eating her cereal with her sister who sat opposite her. Her sister was only seven years old, she had matching coloured twin tailed hair, she also wore a grey shirt with a green alien logo on it and had silver stars above her ears. While Selina was simply eating her breakfast her sister was playing around, pretending the cereal was flying saucers, making whoosh noises with every spoonful.


"Jill will you stop messing around with your cereal? You need to get dressed for when your mum and dad get back" Selina told Jill while she was in her own little world.


“They’re not cereal they’re little men. Whoosh, fly away or the evil empress Selina will gobble us up aahhh it’s her evil sister Jill, fly away ahhh nom” Jill replied as she cheerfully ate a spoonful.


Selina couldn’t help but giggle a little but she reminded Jill “Your mum and dad just got back from their anniversary, come on you’ve gotta look proper for them and you’ve got church today, quit it.”


“Aww please? Why you being a sourpuss?” Jill asked as she put up a pair of puppy dog eyes.


Selina and Jill then had a stare out, but every time Selina lost to Jill’s throne.


“Okay fine, just once though then get dressed okay?” Selina asked.


“Okay” Jill answered with a wide smile of victory as she took another spoonful and pretended to fly it towards her sister. Jill put up a squeaky voice as she acted like she was a pilot “Oh no, the empress is sucking us in, reverse, reverse, helllppp, we’re being sucked in ahhhh noooo heellpp, mercy Selina, mercy!”


“Get on with it” Selina then ordered before she opened her mouth widely for Jill to put the cereal on her mouth.


Jill then pretended to beg as Selina chewed “No, no, please Selina spare me, don’t eat me!”


After Selina swallowed she told Jill “You’re one messed up kid you know that?” to which Jill just giggled and smiled nonchalantly.


Selina raised an eyebrow in wonder of how they’re related before she suddenly got a phone call, “I better get that, now eat your cereal missy.”


While Jill secretly still pretended to be a giant in space. Selina went to answer her phone which was in her living room on her leather sofa.


“Hello? ... Oh hey, you found something? ... Wait that’s it? … I don’t think that’s gonna provide a strong enough case … yes maybe with other judges, but Kimberly can be a real pain in the ... butt. … My sister’s still here that’s why ... Whatever, look just see if you can find something stronger, otherwise this is going to be a hard case to prove. Alright, okay, bye.”


“What was that about? Was it that creepy guy again?” Jill asked curiously.


“Nah, just work. That creep hasn’t called or texted me since I threatened to charge him.” Selina answered.


“Charge him? Like with a spear?” Jill asked.


“Oh I wish (More like kill him with an axe). Anyway, you better be getting dressed soon, mum and Sebastian will be here soon”


“Okay, okay” Jill replied as she went through the living up to get upstairs calling Selina a “Sourpuss” when she passed her.


“I’m not a sourpuss, you don’t even know what that means.”


“Yes I do bossy boots” Jill replied even though Selina was right.


Selina rolled her eyes and smirked at Jill’s response before she went to clean the bowls and cleaned the living room for her parent’s return. After a full twenty minutes Selina had quickly gave the ground floor a quick clean, just before Jill began making her way down stairs, still wearing her grey alien shirt.


“Jill, I told you to change that” Selina scolded.


“I did, my mum bought a spare one remember?” Jill pointed out.


“I meant a different kind of shirt”


“My mum likes it so mmmm” Jill said in defiance as she stuck her tongue out at her sister.


Selina gave Jill a cold stare and ordered her to “Get changed now you little spoiled sport.”


Jill just folded her arms and daringly told Selina “Make me” as she turned her head to face wall.


“Oh I’ll make you” her sister told her with a devilish grin.


Jill then made a playful scream as she ran into her pink, teddy and stuffed alien filled room. Her cupboard had a whole stack full of children’s films and even more stacks of teddies. Jill then jumped onto her green and black bed and screamed again as Selina tackled her.


“You’re wearing a uniform whether you like it or not” Selina made clear.


“Uniforms suck!” Jill yelled in defiance as she laughed playfully.


“Well tough luck you’re wearing one!”


The two were then cut short of their playing around as they heard a car parking outside, they both instantly knew who they were.


"Dad, mum!" Jill shouted in excitement, immediately rushing to the front door.


Selena followed right behind her sister, but not after straightening her shirt. Once they were down the stairs, Selina unlocked the door to see her mother and father getting out of their silver Mazda MAZDA3 car.


"Hey Jill I missed ya! Come here!" her mother asked as she leant out her arms to hug her overjoyed youngest daughter.


Immediately one could guess Selina and her mother had very different personalities. While Selena had a very formal and professional look, her matching eyed, blonde dye-haired mother's only formality was her glasses. She had bright red lipstick and a small amount of makeup on as well as a sliver necklace around her neck. Her clothing was a grey buttoned shirt with the two top buttons undone, slightly showing off her cleavage.


"Your sister take good care of you darling?" she asked Jill who nodded in response. "Oh come here dear" she then asked Selina.


Selina put both her hands up to her side and told her mother “I’m okay mother” with a awkward smile as she shook her hands.


But she mother wasn’t having it, “Oh don’t be ridiculous come on” and hugged her anyway.


Selina had a really awkward smile on her face and her eyes screamed “get off me!” when her mother gave her a surprise kiss on cheek she flinched and just as quickly tried to rub off her lipstick as she told her “Okay that’s enough mum.” awkwardly laughing as her mum finally let go off her, all while Jill and Sebastian were smiling and chuckling at Selina’s nervousness.


“You’ve always got to be a sourpuss haven’t ya?” her mother asked, bringing Selina to a realisation.


“Oh so it’s you she got it from (?) Jill’s been calling me that for the whole two weeks she has been here” Selina brought up.


“She’s not lying is she (?)” her mother then told her with a smug smirk, getting a blank stare from her daughter in response.


As her mother stuck her tongue out at her before going inside with Jill, Selina asked herself “How the hell are we related?” before Sebastian approached her “Hey Sebastian.”


“Are you ever going to call him dad?” her mother then asked.


“Not in a million years.” Selina told her.


Sebastian was Selina’s father in name only, being thirty-one, only ten years older than her. Ironically Selina had more in common with him than her mother personality and dress sense wise. He had well combed brown hair and wore a brown coat and black tie over a multiple stripped shirt; his eyes however were brown like his blood daughter Jill.


“Hey give her a break Samantha; we’ve only just got back” Sebastian told his wife. “Anyway good to see you Selina, hope Jill wasn’t too much of a hand full (and just between you and me, never call me dad, it’s weird for me too, I know I was a bit of a rowdy youngster, but not that rowdy hehe).”


“(Exactly) And no she wasn’t much trouble at all minus nagging me to play with her twenty-four seven and calling me sourpuss all the time. Lucky for me the one thing we have in common is we don’t make a mess. Anyway, how was Germany? Better I ask you before my mum bores me to death.”


Sebastian laughed identifiably before he replied “Oh you’re not wrong there, I love that woman, but damn she can talk for hours. And Germany was great, I can see where you get that stare of yours from, your damn grandfather wouldn’t stop watching me like I was a mugger. I’ll tell ya one thing, my wallet has certainly lost a lot of weight. The only part of Berlin we didn’t check out was the frigging sewers. You’d think she was a tourist not someone returning home for a while.”


Selina “Yep, sounds like mother alright. I bet someone there scammed her”


“I wouldn’t be surprised, that woman is so carefree.  Anyway let’s get inside; she has got a lot of stories to tell ya.”


“Oh goodie, I get mum and a priest to talk on and on while I daydream, today is going be a fun day” Selina responded sarcastically. “But yeah, let’s get it over with, would you like a cup of tea?”


“Yes please, three sugars” Sebastian replied.


After making her family and herself a cup of tea each, the whole family sat down around the living room.


“So how were my two precious daughters? You better not have had a fight while we were away?” Samantha asked nicely.


“We didn’t fight, though wouldn’t play with me sometimes.” Lilly said.


“I can’t play with you all day Jill. And other than that we got along fine, finally got that jerk to back off, all it took was threatening sexual harassment charges” Selina informed.


“Ya kidding me?” her mother replied in shock. “That ba… does that man even know what no means? It’s been what a month since you dumped him? I tell ya it’s always the hot ones that have the big egos.”


“Oh thanks (!)” Sebastian yelled in cheerful sarcasm.


Samantha then smiled as she jokingly said to him “No offence dear, you’re good looking and all, but you’re no hunk” getting a pair of raised eyebrows in response, making her clarify “I’m joking you halfwit” making everyone laugh. “But seriously, I would have charged him long ago. That man has issues.”


“Trust me I almost did, if he texts me again I damn well will though. He seemed a good guy too until that night. Anyway enough about him…” Selina then asked the question she dreaded but wanted out of the way “how was your anniversary?”


“Oh it was brilliant wasn’t it Sebastian?” Samantha then went on and on about what she and her husband did in Berlin with a lot of detail, Selina kept the bare minimal amount of attention need so her mother wouldn’t realise she wasn’t really listening. She and Sebastian exchanged a knowing look at each other that said “and on she goes…” as they both smiled and nodded at what she said, the only one really interested was Jill. While Selina daydreamed, she had no idea how much she would miss her mother’s rambles.


Back to present day Selina lightly kicked her accomplices who had fell asleep on break.

“Get up, change of plan, all the heathens are asleep. We move now we won’t have to fire a single shot” she told them.


As all the brown robed figured got up and prepared to mount an ambush to capture them all. Selina gave them all an order.


“These ignorant beings have been so close to us yet blissfully unaware of our presence; let’s make them suffer harshly for their foolishness, Mitch, Jamie, keep an eye on the windows in case there’s any movement from inside, if you do see anything give us a signal with your flashlight. The rest of you, don’t fire unless they draw a weapon I want them all alive to witness they are yet to be punished for their sins. Now let’s go and make God and the Messiah smile on us once again. Sanctitate in morte.”

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Like shadows of the night, the cult began making its way to the partly constructed motel without making a sound, while Mitch watched the windows for the slightest hint of movement as his partner Jamie laid next to him, torch at the ready.


Before they got out of the woods they saw two figures come outside from the upper balcony. Selina quickly ordered them to “hide” so they wouldn’t be seen. They hid behind the trees to remain out of sight. The two figures were a man and a woman, Selina carefully watch what the two were doing and noticed they were heading towards a white car, they went inside it through the front doors and appeared to having a conversation together.


They looked to be too focused on each other than their surroundings so Selina looked and pointed to two of her fellow cultists and ordered “you two keep them in there, the rest of us will handle the rest.” then put up two fingers and pointed right at the two inside the white car.


The two she ordered, readied their rifles and lead the way while the rest followed behind them. As Selina figured the two inside were so preoccupied talking to each other that they didn’t notice the robed men and women making their way. Once close enough the cultists ducked down and crossed the road between them, intentionally staying behind the car.


Once close to the car they could hear the two occupants having a heart to heart conversation over what they were going through, it was clear a relationship was blooming between them, but it wouldn’t last till sunset. Swiftly the two robed figures got to the sides of the car and aimed their rifles at the windows in plain sight; the occupants finally saw them and stuck their hands up. The two nudge their rifles to side signalling them to get out, which they did.


Meanwhile the others went to the Motel walls and checked all the bottom floor windows in search of the others three of the remaining four were found.


“You lot get them outside on the parking lot and Lisa, take this” Selina gave one of her comrades a syringe with a dirty grey substance inside it, “Line them up on their knees, prepare your brasses and await my instructions.”


Lisa took the syringe and as the others started to make their inside the lower motel rooms to get the sleeping occupants outside, she went to the upper balcony and checked every room till she one with someone inside. After checking one of the middle rooms she saw a man laid asleep on a double bed. Selina slowly opened the door and slowly shuffled towards the man till she was practically right beside him. After she slowly got close enough she slightly tapped his side with her rifle till he woke then proceed to slam it down on his face, knocking him out.


Back to six years earlier after Selina’s mother had finished talking everyone’s ear off she asked “So how about you two? My darlings have any adventures while we were away?”


“Me and Selina were space commandos and we fought evil Sighlongs” Jill immediately said,


“Oh wow, there you go girls, fight the good fight” her mother encouraged.


“Don’t encourage her…” Selina told her mother in disapproval as she checked her leather belt  watch, to find church was soon, exclaiming “Oh shit…!” in response.


“Selina, language!” her mother yelled while Jill covered her mouth and giggled at her sister getting in trouble.


“Sorry, church is in half an hour. We better go now. We don’t want to be late.”


“Oh fiddlesticks” Sebastian responded to news before he told them “You lot finish your tea, I’ll get the car ready for ya.”


After finishing their tea and Selina put on her grey coat and a black tie, they all started to get in Sebastian’s car. Selina and Jill got in the back while Sebastian drove. Sebastian drove them through the city all while Jill pretend to be a ‘space plane’ and pilot and tried in vain to make Selina join in and get called sourpuss in response to Selina’s irritation. In roughly twenty minutes the family got to the church which was in the district Newtown, in the heart of the southwest side of Union city.


“Okay we’re here guys, Jill no pretending the priest is a Alien overlord okay?” Sebastian jokingly told Jill as he parked the car.


“Okay, I’ll pretend he’s a Alien sorcerer then” Jill responded,


“Jillll” Sebastian replied as he looked to her with a raised eyebrow.


“Fine grumpy draws” Jill replied getting a laugh from her parents.


“She’s her mother’s daughter alright” Sebastian joked while Selina was slightly amused at Jill cheekiness.


Everyone then got out of their cars to head into the church, but along the way Selina stopped her mother telling her “You’re going like that, god have some decency, it’s church not a prom.” as she tried to button her clothes.


Samantha lightly smack her daughter’s hands telling her “Hey I can do it myself, yessh Selina it’s not a business meeting, and it’s not like I’m wearing yoga pants.”


Selina shook her head in disgust at the thought and responded “I’ll give ya that, let’s just get inside please”.


While they made their way inside they were completely unaware that four men were watching them inside a red Dodge Charger Hellcat. One of them in particular was eying Selina.


“Like fucking clockwork” the driver said to himself with delight.


The driver was a long light brown haired Geek man with freckled cheeks and matching eyes. He wore a black coat, grey shirt and gold necklace around his neck and a gold watch around his wrist. Next to him was a bald, green eyed man with a scar below his right eye covered by his tinted glasses, he also woke a grey skull necklace along with a sleeveless vest padded vest, with his hairy chest visible. Behind him was a slightly obese male with a face covered in spots and a plaster on his right cheek, he had long black hair, thick eyebrows, a light beard and dark brown eyes, his clothing was wearing a grey trench coat and grey scarf. The last passenger was a amber eyed man who couldn’t keep still, his hair was black, long and messy, his clothes were a brown coat with a grey shirt with red flames on it underneath.  


They watched as people entered the church and after ten minutes it seemed everyone had gathered inside.


“Looks like all the sheep and pigs have gathered for the slaughter” the front passenger announced as he twitched his figures and stroked his sharpened Kitchen knife.


“It sure as fuck does, can we do this now? I swear I’ve had a massive hard on for five whole minutes I’m so pumped up with anticipation can we do this? That bitch of yours is already in, come on let’s go!” The hyperactive man behind the driver demanded.


“Relax man; we’re just waiting for any late comers to turn up. You want to get the most of this right?” The driver asked keeping a calm tone and permanent smirk.


“Of course I do, but god DAMN I’m so fired up! We’re finally getting to do this shit! Come on guys you gonna admit it, the anticipation is awesome isn’t it?!” The man insisted.


“Yes Carlson it is awesome, all those flesh pieces of meat ready to help us paint the church red with their blood, the thought is almost toxic now that it’s so close” the front passenger added at a slow and anticipating tone.


“Zain I swear you’re giving Damon a run for his money for most fucked up among us. Ain’t I right Mason!?” Carlson asked as he lightly smacked the guy beside him, who just looked at him blankly unamused, “Oh come on Mason, you can talk around us, come on” getting a blank stare in response “Goddamit you’re no fucking fun in reality” Carlson then declared.


Mason then podded Damon’s shoulder who asked “What is Mason my man?” in response. Mason raised his left eyebrow as he nudged towards Jackson, “Hey, Jackson is just existed cut him a bit of slack” Damon told Mason, getting the same response, “Fine. Jackson, quit bugging him, the guy isn’t the speaking type lay off.”


“Fine man I’ll try but I can’t fucking help it, the shooting gallery is right fucking there, I can taste their screams right now. I swear I could fuck a old hag, my blood is so pumped!”  Carlson announced, getting an awkward look from everyone else. “What?!”


Damon and Zain then looked directly at each other, with Zain saying “Carlson is quite the animal isn’t he? Hehehe.”


“You said it, but who can blame him, I’m pumped too, that whore thinks she has one over me. Oh she’s in for a surprise, you don’t just dump beautiful like this, and expect to get off scot free. That bitch wouldn’t know beauty even if Aphrodite showed her.”


“I can’t wait much longer either, all that fresh blood ready to be spilled, the screams of worthless swines. On this day, I, Zain the flesh stripper shall make myself known to the world. Oh the thought of all that blood is making me thirsty. How much longer do we have to wait? I want to hear those blind fools squeal.”


“I hear ya man, we’re about to unleash mayhem” Damon then took a look around and couldn’t see anyone around so he moved his plan early “You know what? … fuck it let’s kill them now.”


“We’re doing it? HELL FUCKING YA!!!” Carlson shouted with glee.


“Damn right we are! You pumped mate!?” Damon asked with a sudden burst of enthusiasm.


“Pumped!? If I was anymore pumped I’d sploosh all over this fucking car! LET GODDAMN DO THIS FUCKING SHIT WOOO!!!” Carlson yelled at the top of his voice while aggressively smacking the passenger seat, before getting out of the car.


“That fucker has spirit” Damon said as him and Zain exchanged lustful grin at each other before getting out themselves.


After they got out Mason put on a Balaclava before joining the rest.


“Come on open it, open it, open it!” Carlson demanded as they went to the car boat.


“I’m getting to it you hyperactive freak, I’m getting to it” Damon told him.


Damon opened the boot of the car to relieve to them four bags, inside each of them was a AK47, a M4 pistol, more than enough ammo for both and a few Molotov cocktails. Zain and Damon looked at them with delight while Carlson was looking at them the way a kid would when given a new favourite toy, Mason just had a cold stare.


Just before they equipped themselves Damon had one last thing to say “Lets send all those holier-than-you fuckers to hell.”


With the bags on their shoulders the group made their way to the church as they readied to commit mass murder. When they got to the church doors they could hear the priest chanting to the people inside, on Damon’s orders their opened their bags and had their hand ready to take out their weapons. Once prepared Damon kicked the door open and they made their way inside. While they had everyone’s attention the priest demanded to know what the meaning of their loud interruption was. All of the men with the exception of Mason smirked sadistically while Selina turned and recognized Damon.


Just less than two minutes earlier a woman in a light blue shirt and brown coat with light brown hair and matching eyes was in a hurry to get to the church. She was pushing a pram with a two year old girl with black hair that matched the colour of her father who was just behind her mother.


“Can you please slow down, you’re only a few minutes late, God isn’t going to strike you with lighting for it.” the man told her.


“I’m sorry, I’m just going crazy, this little girl is driving nuts, she spent all night crying, Mum was right, having a kid so soon was a big mistake. I’m so tired” the mother said as she panicked at thought of missing church.


The man lightly grabbed her shoulder and told her “Will you slow down, it’s church you’re not missing too much, calm down, she kept me awake all day too, just calm down, do I need to smack some sense into ya. It’s not that big a deal.”


“...Yeah, you’re right, it’s not. Thanks. Let’s…”




Suddenly people all around suddenly jumped out of their skin, others ducked and many ran while drivers temporarily lost control of their vehicles as suddenly an entire orchestra of guns firing and screams could be heard within a mile radius, the little girl cried and screamed as she suddenly awoke to it.


“Holy shit, we better get out of here!” the man said in panic as the woman got her child out and ran with him.


In the church just under a hundred people screamed as their soon to be murders tore them apart with lead, while a few ducked down under the benches, those who tried to run in their panic soon met a agonising end.


They was not a single bit of mercy or remorse in the four men, Mason didn’t even blink as he saw people die in the dozens right in front of him. Carlson, shouted, whooped and laughed as he killed the helpless churchgoers, he was having the time of his life. Zain, panted and smiled maliciously as he saw bodies of men, women and children turn into bloody corpses. Damon just grinned with delight. Once their first mags ran dry, they reloaded, moved a bit further in and shot up all the benches in sight killing many people who took to either hiding and/or using them as cover. The sound of their firepower terrified those still alive as they froze in fear just hoping they would be lucky to survive.


Once their second barrage of lead ended Carlson, pumped full of adrenaline shouted “WOOOOOO! FUCK YEAH! FUCKING A MAN!!! HELL YA! WOOO!” with a face full of energy.


While Mason, just got straight to shutting the church doors. Zain was licking his lips and smiling with excitement as he panted and admired the floor as he saw blood leaving the bodies of his victims.


Damon just breathed and took what he thought was a beautiful sight in, before turning to the adrenaline filled maniac  beside him and asked “Ya had your fill?”


“Have I? Oh fuck no man, I’ve still got a fucking hard on… one more for the fuck of it?!” Carlson asked.


“Oh hell yeah” Damon replied before they both reloaded and shot up the two columns of benches again.


“Ohhh…. there, I’m done, fuck… oh man… if I knew violence was so orgasmic I would have done this long ago.” Carlson stated as his knees went weak.


Damon calmly responded “Let it flow out man. Keep an eye on the door, let’s make sure not a single cunt leaves this place alive.”


While Carlson was recovering the other three made their way up the rows of benches, executing anyone they saw alive or had no visible injuries. Mason and Damon started from the bottom column while Zain made his way to the top.


“Little pigs, little pigs, where are you…” Zain said sadistically just before he noticed a man still breathing despite being hit in chest, “Oh there’s a piggy, are you going to be a good boy and squeal while daddy cuts you up? Come here little boy…” the man hyperventilated as Zain approached him with a mockingly cruel smile. “Now, now, stay boy, stay…” Zain then showed his whole set of teeth and said “now squeal pig.


Further ahead Selina was shielding Jill with her body, shaking in horror as she looked at the bodies of her hole filled, still, lifeless parents. She shook, unable to take her eyes off them while shielding her sister's eyes, not wanting Jill to see it, Jill was in tears unable to absorb that her mother and father were taken away from her. They both then flinched as they heard a man scream for what felt like a minute before he stopped and all they heard was the sound of gurgling.


Zain soon reached the column they were at and easily noticed them, “Well, well.”  Selina gasped in fear as she saw him ready his knife. “What do we have here? Damon’s ex-whore? And her cute little piglet sister? Still breathing? Damon! Guess who’s still alive!”


Damon, quickly though about who he meant, when he realised, a small but noticeable grin was on his face as he muttered “Oh, I’m going to really have some fun with you…”

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With a overly delighted smile he ordered Mason “You handle finishing off any bastard that still breathes, I’m about to settle a score here” then made his toward Zain who pointed at Selina and Jill with his knife. While Mason coldly and shot anybody that could be alive including a begging woman with a so much of a hint of emotion, Damon went in between the benches while his ex and her sister were whimpering in middle of, seeing Selina scared for her life and shielding Jill with her arms was short of awe worthy to him. “Hey up bitch, what was that about pressing charges if I ever showed my face again?” he taunted with a mocking grin.


Back at present time, the man Selina had knocked out was forced to wake up by multiple slaps to the face. When he awoke he was horrified to find his mouth held shut by duct tape, his hands and knees tied behind him and his hair being held back, forcing him to stay on his knees. What scared him most was all his friends were all in front of him in the exact same position, but with one minor but noticeable difference, they all had scarves covering their necks while he didn’t.


“Good, you’re awake. Let go off him” Selina ordered.


Once the person let go off him, Selina stood before him and got on her knees with a mocking and slightly disappointed grin.


“You know, you people have got to be the easiest bunch of abominable heretics I’ve ever rounded up. No night guard? No standard patrol? A gun store is not too far from here and what do you people have? Pistols and nothing else, even if you people weren’t responsible for these horrific times, you’d deserve this.” Selina told him as she put a pistol on the ground.


The other brown hooded figures weren’t initially sure what Selina had in mind, all they knew it was going to be cruel, the ones stood behind the other prisoners knew she didn’t have them equip their brass knuckles for nothing.


Selina then began to explain the situation the man in front of her was in, in very thorough detail “If there’s something I can’t stand it’s incompetence, all these people behind me told you are the leader of this pack, that means their lives depended on you. As such I think it’s fitting their lives should be taken by you, just so you understand the weight of your idiotic decisions. This weapon has four bullets inside it, that means you must decide one of these souls must live. But there's a catch;” she then presented a syringe “one of them has limited time before their soul will be cleansed. So unless you put them down, every one of them in your view will die. You should have protected them, now you must pay. I’m going to untie your arms, so you pick it up, try anything I’ll slit your throat, take too long and I’ll have you watch as your friends are beaten to death. Now let’s get started.”


Selina readied her sickle and held the man’s hair as she put the blade close to his neck, and signalled the original holder to undo his bound hands, once they were released; she loosened her grip, so he could look at the pistol before he eventually picked it up.


The thought of turning it against his captors was temping, but he knew he would be killed before firing a shot. He looked at each of his friend all just as terrified as he was, it was impossible for him to decide who to let live and thought of one of them dying later didn’t help matters, he sweated and breathed heavily through his nose, trying to decide but Selina didn’t have the patience to wait for long.


“Lisa, if he doesn’t fire by time I get to ten, take his”


Selina was then silenced as the man quickly fired all four rounds, shooting the captives at random, leaving only the blonde grey eyed woman who was in the car earlier alive. She cried as she as she saw the man who had just become her boyfriend with a hole in his head.


“There we go, Adien, if you please...”


The man behind the woman took off her scarf and revealed she wasn’t injected with the substance. The man felt a quick gust of relief, seeing he didn’t incidentally kill them all.


“Nice work…” Selina complimented before slitting his throat and smugly telling him “but an incompetent leader that needlessly gets others killed isn’t a leader that deserves to live.”


The woman muffled screams as her last friend slowly died right in front of her as his blood left his neck and the others simply watched as she pulled his body back towards the concrete.


“What of this one Priestess?” Aiden asked as he held the devastated woman.


Selina then approached the tearful woman and looked down into her deeply devastated eyes and silently thought about what she should do with her. As she looked into her fearful eyes, she felt a sense of familiarly as a horrific memory dawned on her.


Selina looked at Damon and his bald accomplice as they both smiled at her. As Damon made his way to her, Selina begged Damon not to hurt her or Jill, but begging was meaningless. Damon wanted nothing more than to hurt her.


As Damon put his bag down and clicked his knuckles, he asked her  “Did you honestly think, I would let some stuck up, worthless whore like you, threaten me like that? Woman, you seriously fucked up…” he then yanked Selina by her hair and forcing her both on her feet and to let go off Jill.


“Selina!” Jill tearfully called out as she saw her sister get dragged away.


“Oh shut up kid” Damon ordered as he used his left hand to grab his M9 and shoot Jill.


“NOOOO!” Selina screamed before Damon forced her quiet by grabbing her shirt collar and maliciously punching her across face multiple times.


“You can shut up as well you damn slut!” Damon demanded as aimed his pistol at her eye.


Selina was too shocked, horrified and above all, devastated that she didn’t have the will to fight back, not even discovering Jill surprised being shot gave her the slightest bit of hope, because she not only knew it was luck, but the reason she realised that was because all Jill could do was hold her wound right shoulder and cry helplessly.


“See, she’s still alive, look” Damon sadistically taunted as he forced Selina by hair to look at her emotionally broken sister. He then gave Selina very precise instructions, “Now listen to me carefully you stupid, good for nothing breading machine. I don’t want to hear a single, fucking word come out of your damn mouth. Zain my man, would you be a sport and get the kid?”


“Sure, come here you little pipsqueak” Zain complied as he went and picked Jill up by her neck and held her to his chest with his left.


“Now, Zain has had a lot of experience in cutting things. Haven’t ya mate?”


“Oh yes” Zain confirmed as he added “Very, practical experience. Practice makes perfect as they say” while he gently brushed his knife against Jill’s cheek, “There’s plenty of places you can skin a cat, never mind a human child. And might I add, human screams are much more satisfying than any that a cat or dog can provide.”


While Jill and Selina looked at each other with soaked eyes hoping the other would get out alive, Damon and Zain shared a nearly identical malicious grin.


“I think she gets the picture. Now, you’re going to do what I say this time… one word, just one, and the last thing you’ll see of your after Zain cuts that little bitch up, will be my foot in her face before I crush her throat. Understand me?” Damon asked.


Selina was by trying to not dissolve into the same state as her sister, hoping to look strong and knowing it was pointless to try get sympathy out of her psychotic ex. To reinforce she understood him, rather than say she did, she silently nodded.


“Good, see. Isn’t life easier when you just say yes?” Damon mockingly asked.


Soon the sound sirens of multiple police cars could be heard, getting closer to the church.


“The fucking pigs have arrived!” Carlson cheerfully announced.


“No shit Carlson, I can hear them, yessh took the fuckers long enough.” Damon responded, “Keep an eye on them, they won’t shoot up the place unless they know we’ve practically killed every one, Mason! Help Carl keep an eye on them!”


Mason nodded before he ran towards Carlson who was watching through the church windows with excitement as the police quickly began to surround the front of the church.


“Holy fucking shit look at these oinkers! God I’d love to give those mother fuckers their coffins, hold on a fuck I know that shit head!” Carlson pointed out as he saw a 6ft2 ginger haired police officer, “That bastard kicked my ass last year, I outta fucking…”


Mason grabbed the barrel of Carlson’s AK47 and gave him a cold stare, telling him not to do anything reckless. To which Carlson forcefully got him off.


“Oh chill you mute, I’m not going to fucking kill myself. I’m just saying that asshole deserves a bullet in his head.” Mason, didn’t change his expression, leading Carlson to tell him to  “Get a fucking sense of humor man! Christ you’re stiffer than morning wood.”


“Focus Carl!” Damon ordered, before turning his attention back to Selina. “Get up you worthless stank.”


Selina did as she was told, once she got up, a shiver went down her entire body as she heard the clicking of a pocket knife from behind. As she closed her eyes in despair she could hear the knife tearing through the back of her uniform before Damon used his hands to finish the job, once that was odd, he cut the back end of her bra.


“Now take it off. Except the tie, leave that on.” Damon sadistically ordered as he put the tip of his blade against the side of Selina’s neck.


Every ounce of Selina’s being didn’t want to do it, but with her sister’s life on the line she shakenly fought the humiliating thought and took off all her upper clothing, exposing her breasts briefly before she covered them with her arms.


“You weren’t kidding Damon...she really is damaged goods, hehehehahaha.” Zain chuckled and laughed as he commented on Selina’s figure.


“Damn right, she is!” Damon confirmed as he groped her right breast tightly.


Selina gasped and blushed harshly as it became much harder for her to not breakdown, even pleading “please, please…” weakly for Damon to remove his hand,


“What was that? Zain… want to repeat that?” Damon asked as he had Selina watch Jill whimper and cry in pain as she felt Zain’s knife slowly cut her cheek. Selina didn’t say a word, knowing that was what Damon wanted, “That’s better, you can stop now Zain, hehehe.”


Selina was now on the verge of finally breaking down in despair fuelled sorrow as she saw Zain lick Jill’s blood from his knife, with a sadistic smile.


“And please? Oh come on, these things aren’t anything I haven’t seen and felt before, beauties like these should be up on display!” Damon then forcefully yanked Selina’s hair down as he held both her arms and forced her half naked body to be seen by Carlson and Mason as he shouted, “Ain’t I right boys!? Look at these gazongas!”


While Mason visibly had no reaction and kept an eye on the police outside, Carlson’s reaction was more than obvious.


“Oh fuck off man, I just got over my last boner now you’ve given me another one! Goddamn, those are some fine tits!” Carlson yelled.


“I know right!? Shame they aren’t going to be put to real use eh? HAHAHAHA!” Damon then laughed at the top of his voice.


Zain and Carlson laughed along with Damon as he mocked Selina. Mocked, humiliated and now her body being used as a laughing stock, Selina was finally broken. She cried as loud as she possibly could, giving Damon a strong sense of satisfaction.


Mason, cut Carlson’s laughing short as he hit his shoulder making him ask “What is it?!” before he pointed outside towards a black armoured SWAT van. “Holy fucking shit guys! The SWATS are here, these fuckers mean business!”


“Don’t shoot them, just keep them busy, Carl.” Damon ordered.


Carlson got the side of the window and smashed it open before he told the police outside “Any of you fuckers try get in and we’ll kill all the assholes who are still breathing in here!”


While Carlson kept the police busy, Damon threw Selina slightly away from him so he could get a good look at his broken ex.


“Finally realised how fucked you are? Took long enough, wasn’t wiping out a chruch of a hundred holier-than-you god dick suckers a big enough clue(?)” Selina shock and didn’t move a muscle as she whimpered. “You really thought, a lawsuit would keep me away from you? Oh please. I don’t give two shits, if you’re a lawyer or a fucking judge; the law is not going to stop me doing this.” Damon then proceed to punch Selina across face multiple times, throw her into one of the benches and hit her more, “this” force her back up and knee her in the gut, elbow her in the back of her head, “or this” twist her right arm and throw her over the bench behind them “or even fucking this!” then go around and stamp on her right hand and used her tie to choke her before he stop and let her collapse on the floor.


“Damon you really shouldn’t batter your food so much before you roast it.” Zain sadistically told him, getting a laugh in response.


“Spoilers man hahaha. Hey Mason…” Mason took his eyes off the cops and look to Damon as he pointed to his bag and told him “It’s time to burn this bitch. Carl! Tell them we’ll leave with the surviving hostages, so long as they don’t shoot us. (should have thought of that earlier in hindsight, oh well.)”


“On it my man, yo pigs!” Carlson yelled.


While Carlson did what Damon ordered, Damon grabbed Selina and forced her onto one of the middle benches before going back to grab the bodies of her dead parents while Mason used tape to keep her legs together, her arms behind the bench and mouth shut. Zain carried Jill towards the front of the church, Jill whimpered as she tried to reach out for her Selina who was barely able to stay conscious, blanking out briefly, only to blank out again and again.


Damon dragged the bodies and put them both beside her as he said “Now listen to me one last time, I want you to think about all that just happened here and then think about this, if you simply said yes and got on with it, none of this would have happened, we’d be banging and your parents would have lived past this, all of this is on you.” he then messed with her hair said his final words “antío bitch.”


Carlson, Mason and Damon then got their Molotov cocktails out and using Carlson’s lighter they lit them up before running up to throw them at the back end of the church before leaving the place to burn down with Selina still inside.


Using Jill as leverage, the four sociopaths went outside and surrendered, they were quickly taken away and roughly arrested, while Jill was taken to an ambulance. The SWAT team quickly went inside as they saw smoke coming from the front church doors and later saw the place was burning up, under their captain’s orders they quickly did a check to see if anyone other than Jill was alive. If it hadn’t been for the four men putting Selina in the middle rather than the end, Selina wouldn’t have been found alive and quickly untied from her bounds. Unable to stand on her own one of the men carried her outside. Once out of danger, she was placed on an ambulance trolley before her upper body was cover up and she was escorted to the same ambulance as Jill, by the time she was there, she had lost conscious completely.


As the doctor checked her condition Jill pleaded “Selina wake up, wake up” in distress, the doctor found that despite the severity of her injuries she was going to be okay, at least physically, not long after the ambulance drove them to the nearest hospital, all while Jill kept begging for Selina to be okay.


“Priestess, priestess…” Aiden said getting Selina’s attention.


Selina shook her head not realising she had zoned out for a moment, while the other figures looked at her confused to what was going through her head, Aiden nudged his head toward the captive.


Selina took another look at the woman, and told her something the others didn’t expect; “I’m going to give you two choices, either you join us, we’ll set you on the right path for a chance to avoid the faith of your friends, or you can run and take your chances, but let me warn you, either choice you make, I won’t give you this mercy a second time, Adien undo her bonds.”


Once Aiden untied her, the woman looked at Selina in fear.


“If you do run, head north towards the Uptown hospital, there’s a group there that’ll take you in. The choice is yours”


The woman wasted no more time running in sorrow, Selina watched as she ran away, feeling a marginal bit of sympathy she wasn’t even aware of.


“Let’s go, we’ve done our job. Let us inform the Messiah another demonic bunch have been put down.” Selina said as she began to make her journey back to the cult’s headquarters.


As Selina reached Mitch who saw the whole thing, he asked her “Why did you let her go? I know she wasn’t the one you purified.”


Selina only answered “I just felt like being merciful today” leaving Mitch and the others confused to her seemingly out of character moment, not knowing Selina was confused as well.


Six years earlier and a month after the Union church massacre, Selina was inside a very homely looking office and sat down on an exceptionally comfy sofa as she waited for someone who was going to help her overcome her trauma and ever haunting nightmares of Jill’s cries, and her parent’s dead faces. After a while a middle aged man entered, he was clearly mid 40s with most of his top hair gone, he had a very friendly and down to earth smile and voice as well as gentle blue eyes “I’m so sorry I’m late Selina, I understand you’re going through some, very troubling times, let introduce myself, my name’s Joshua Winslow”

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As the two bikers and child made their way through the tunnels on their journey to what would be Nisha’s new home, on the surface inside the police station, ignoring the loud display from the west, the monks had finished their work and gave Alex’s their reports. He sat behind his desk, happy about the results he got, they along with the Union city map were laid flat on his desk. He thoroughly looked through them, taking mental notes and carefully thinking about what he could do with the information in front of him.


While looking through his notes Ashley came through the door to check up on him, shutting the door before addressing him “Hey, Alex how’s everything going? The rest of the monks are getting a little anxious, they’re really hoping you’ll think of something.”


“I know, It’s going to be a awhile though till I have a plan, these reports are better than I thought they would be, and I really don’t want to mess this up and before I forget; Ashley, I really appreciate you helping me, I know you don’t want me to bring him up but, as much as I disagree, I’m happy you don’t blame me for Jacob's demise.”


“There’s no one to blame as far I’m concerned.” Ashley stated much to Alex’s confusion.


“No one? What about the heathens we chased, what if it was them? It could have been them that caused the blessed to… well…” Alex stopped himself, before finishing his sentence.


Ashley knew what Alex was getting at, so she responded, “Maybe, and if they did well… my brother would want me to avenge him and if I see them again I will. But I won’t hold his death against them, I doubt they even know why we wanted them dead.”


“I see… you’re too kind for the Necro-Walkers, heck you’re too kind for this world if you really mean what you say, makes things even more sadder that people like you must pay the consequences for the actions of people like me.”


“Oh for god’s sakes Alex, give the guilt trip a rest, you had nothing to do with it!” Ashley told Alex, thinking he was going to start blaming himself again.


“That’s not what I meant.” Alex pointed out. “I know I was chosen to be Anderson’s apprentice but, would you believe I was an atheist before all this?”


“You were an atheist? Of all of us here, you’ve been the most devoted of us all, I’d dare say more than Anderson.” Ashley stated.


“Yeah, that’s because I felt so guilty about possibly having a part in this. As you know after the Messiah told us his vision, I was determined to make amends for not believing in God. Before I saw dead people walking, I would laugh at the thought of someone watching me from the sky,  an alternate universe or whatever. But even now I’m not so sure what to think. So many terrible things have been done for religion, I hope I’m not… never mind, I’ll just be repeating myself now. All I want to say is, you’re a good friend and if things work out in the end… well I need an apprentice, and if you’d like...”


“No thanks, I know I talked some sense into you but, I’m not priest material. You could show me all those notes, and I wouldn’t really know what to do.” Ashley admitted.


“Well, there’s always time to learn, don’t think I was a very good planner at the start, it’s only because I’m so scared what could happen to us if we fail, I’m taking my time. And… I don’t want to let Anderson down, not again.”


“Well… I could give it a try. But don’t be surprised if my ideas sound stupid.”


“Pfft, Oh come on, even if it’s a bad idea, it could help us find a good one (now I’m telling you not to be hard on yourself). Come have a look, I’ll give ya a rundown on what we have.”


Ashley went towards Alex and had a good look at all the notes and map details as Alex, explained to her the details and any thoughts that came to mind about what they could  to improve their defences around the station and the surrounding area.


Back underground, not too far away from the subway community Nisha, Max and Lizzy were having a conversation about Lizzy’s stay at the apartment with Max back to being his usual self. Their voices echoed through the subway tunnels.


“Wow, Nisha you really must have been fucking bored out of your fucking skull to be playing board games, only game I’d ever play while sat on my ass would be spin the bottle… strip edition of course.’ Max stated as he winked at Nisha.


“(Oh for fuck’s sake)” Nisha whispered knowing what Max meant. “I hadn’t been with anyone for over a month at that point I would have killed just to have some company… come to think of it, I almost fucking did. Sorry, Lizzy but board games just bore the shit out of me.”


“It’s okay, I’m just happy we played together, it was fun. Everyone in subway is too busy… mum and dad wouldn’t let me go far either.”


“Oh, well you don’t have to worry about that anymore, I’m watching over you now… that’s a point where are you going to stay now?” Nisha asked realising the thought hadn’t crossed her mind till now.


“How about we let her stay with the gang, sure Eric is the toughest motherfucker I’ve ever seen and is no doubt preparing to crush my balls with a vise as we speak… but he’s a family guy as well, hell what you did to Mark was nothing compared to what he’d do for being a fucking horrendous father” Max stated.


“It’s not Eric I’m worried about, it’s Carla, we both know what she’s like behind closed doors, I’m the definition of masochism but, even if I was into women in the end, I wouldn’t spend another night alone with her” Nisha explained.


Max was a little hesitant to admit it but he told Nisha, “Yeeahh, even I’m a little fucking scared of that crazy ass bitch…”


“Well I told you dumbass, behind that sweet smile of hers is a fucking demon” Nisha stated.


“What’s Carla like?” Lizzy asked curiously.


“Well, she acts nice, but other than that, you really don’t want to know.” Nisha told her.


“Believe her kid you don’t, we both found that out the hard. Her and Eric are the only two fuckers on the planet that can make me shit my pants” Max further admitted.


“They must be scary then, if you’re afraid. You’ve always been brave” Lizzy told him.


“Don’t confuse bravery for lack of brains Liz” Nisha jokingly warned her.


“Oh please, Nisha you wouldn’t have liked me as much as you do if I didn’t do half the crazy shit I did during our teens” Max pointed out.


“...I’ll give ya that. But come on who can blame me, as much as I loved my parents, living with them could be dull as fuck a lot of times. Other than my sister always nagging me to clean my room, we hardly did anything exciting.”


“Your sister had a damn good point through, left to yourself your room would be a haven for rats, cockroaches and whatever fucking else. Do I need to remind you who cleaned your apartment already?” Max asked, leaving Nisha at a irritated pause.


Soon the group could see the orange lights coming from the flames within barrels, the group now knew they were close to the community.


“Looks like we’re finally fucking home again kiddo. Looking forward to it Liz?” Max asked


While Lizzy wanted to return home, now that she was close, she wasn’t entirely sure how to feel as it wouldn’t be the same without her parents. Lizzy held onto her locket as she told them “I don’t know actually… it’s gonna be weird without mum and dad.’


“It’s going to be weird for me too Lizzy, can’t believe I’m going to see the old gang again, been so fucking long it’s kinda crazy” Nisha told her in an attempt to comfort her, “don’t you worry, I’m gonna make sure…”


“Who’s there!?” a slightly high pitched female voice demanded to know.


“Recognize that voice.” Nisha thought out loud.


“Cool it Jinx, it’s me Max and you’ll never guess who I found” Max told the woman.


“Max? Oh you have no damn idea how dead you are once Eric finds ou... NISH!?”


The woman was only 4Ft11 in high, the colour of her eyes were hidden behind a pair of shades, just like her neck was covered a by black bandana and her neck by a grey scarf, the biker vest she wore was identical to Nisha’s, if a lighter shade of grey, she was smoking a cigarette that dropped out of her mouth the moment she laid eyes on her, in her left hand was also an Uzi.


“Holy shit…” Jinx remarked as she held her head surprise “Maybe Eric won’t kill ya Max when he finds out you’re back.”


“Nah, even with the shit I’ve got in here, I know he’s going to fucking kill me or worse” Max responded.


“True dat I guess, but hey we’ve all been hoping Nish and… where’s Jackie?” Jinx asked noticing someone was missing.


Max didn’t say a word, having one serious conversation was enough for him so Nisha told Jinx “He’s… gone.” in his place.


“Oh… well, fuck. Sorry to hear that, damn. Well, let’s not dawn on that, I’m thrilled you’re back I mean Jesus none of us thought we’d see ya again, you messed up masochist.”


Nisha chuckled and replied “Hehehe, I’m thrilled to see you too you sex crazed Midget, banged every single guy in the community yet?”


“Oh I fucking wish, there’s hardly any places for privacy though around here” Jinx answered


“Since when did you care about fucking privacy? You’ll drop your pants for any guy who offers you what’s in his.” Nisha pointed out.


“Hey, everyone knows I’m the biggest slut around, doesn’t mean everyone wants to watch though” Jinxed explained before noticing Lizzy and pointing at her, “Hey, wait, should we really be discussing my sex life around....her and why is she wearing your shades Max?”


Nisha looked to Lizzy briefly and answered “This kids hasn’t a batted a single eye over Max’s mouth, she doesn’t really care what the fuck we say. Do you Lizzy?”


“Not really. Though… what’s a slut?” Lizzy asked oblivious to the word’s meaning.


“Your mother would throw a fucking bitch fit if she heard you say that. No scratch that she’d fucking baptise ya if she could.” Max joked, though he wouldn’t be surprised if he was right.


“Why?” Lizzy asked again confused.


“Best you don’t know yet...” Nisha answered, thinking she may have to tone her language down again.


“Hey that’s a point, where the hell is that arrogant shit stain who you fucked off with our TMP, or that other woman who lost her fingers?” Jinx brought up, releasing Jackie wasn’t the only one missing.


“That fucking asshole Mark is in hell getting pitchforks shoved up his ass and deep throating a fuck ton of buckets full of razor blades as we speak.” Max answered “And Becks is dead. That goddamn fucking piece of shit killed her, if he’s a zombie now, Nisha here’s going to watch as I decapitate the bitch while she enjoys the show” Max answered.


Jinx just looked at Max with a baffled stare and raised eyebrow before asking “Okay… what the fuck happened?”


“Is it okay if I tell them Liz?” Nisha asked her, learning from her Lizzy’s reaction to when Max found out.


“Errmm, I won’t have to show her will I?” Lizzy asked, slightly worried.


“No, of course not Lizzy, I would never force you to do that, especially when we’re sisters now.” Nisha answered with a smile.


“Really?” Lizzy asked, surprised. Nisha just gave a nice smile which made Lizzy suddenly feel more comfortable now imagining Nisha as a sister. “Then… okay.”


Max and Jinx both smirked at Nisha’s way with children, though Jinx’s smirk vanished once Nisha explained that “Mark has been hitting this poor girl and was no doubt doing same to her mother as well.”


“What?” Jinx replied in shock, before asking “Are you fucking kidding me? We’ve had Mark around since we started, are you saying he was...”


“I saw what the bastard had done to her myself, hell he… nevermind that, but yeah that worthless piece of shuck shit was an abusive asshole right under our noises.”


With all this new news flooding her mind Jinx put one hand one hand on her forehead as she proceeded everything and remarked “Jesus fucking Christ, this is a lot of shit to take in, didn’t expect this when I took guard duty.”


“Wait guard duty, when the fuck did we start having guards around? I thought the agreement was we’d stick to the middle so people didn’t think we were keeping them in” Max pointed out.


“Well that was the agreement… until some dumb asshole though it’d be a good idea to steal from his damn boss” Jinx explained.


“Oh fuck…” Max replied, feeling he fucked up more than he already had.


“Oh fuck indeed Max. Now stay right there, I’m going to get Eric, better start praying he doesn’t skin you alive.” Jinx told him before setting off to inform her boss.


“If I still have my dick and balls attached by end of this, I’m the luckiest motherfucker on the planet” Max thought out loud.


“Well you’re not getting sympathy from me if you don’t; it’s your own fucking fault.” Nisha said before turning to Lizzy and kneeling down, “Hey Lizzy, can I just have a look at your eye before we head in, you’ve had those glasses on since Max gave you them. It can’t be so bad now.”


“I like these glasses…” Lizzy stated in a bad attempt to keep them on.


“Don’t worry, I’m just gonna take a peek, surely your eye is better now anyway. I’ll just tilt them down a bit okay?” Nisha told her calmly.


“Ermm, okay.” Lizzy replied.


Nisha then gently reached out for the sides of Max’s shades and titled them down just enough so she could get a good look at Lizzy’s right eye, when she saw it, she noticed the swelling had gone down quite a bit since the last time she saw it. Judging from Lizzy’s subtle shaking, Nisha knew just peeking at it was hurting her a little on the inside.


“It’s much better now Liz, you’ll be back to your cute little self in no time.” Nisha informed her.


“You really think I’m cute?” Lizzy asked noticing that word.


“Wait did I say that?” Nisha asked back not realising her choice of words.


“Someone’s getting attached” Max remarked.


“Well, I’ve spent enough time with her, so I guess so, okay you are a little cute I’ll admit it.”


Lizzy then hugged Nisha who hesitantly hugged her back in return. Even though Nisha was happy to be a big sister to her, it didn’t quite feel sisterly to her.


“Max, you have a lot of balls to come back after the shit you’ve pulled, and when I’m done with you, you won’t fucking have any!” A deep, furious voice echoed, Interrupting Nisha and Lizzy’s moment.


“You are in real....Nisha? Is that you?” a man asked as he came around the corner to and saw them.


“Almost didn’t recognise her myself with that new ‘hairdo’” Jinx told him from behind.


The man was 6Ft5 with enough muscle to lift a car single handedly. His hair and thick beard were as black as his leather biker jacket, steel tipped boots and the eye patch covering his left eye. Below his neck was a pair of military dog tags. On them was his name, Eric Milton and despite being in his mid-40s he appeared more in his 50s. His face was full of great surprise as he saw an old comrade return.


“It’s fucking great to see you again Eric” Nisha told him.

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Eric looked at Nisha with a wide open smile, his furiousness at Max seemed to have disappeared almost instantly and his voice felt rather smooth.


“Well now, this is a pleasant surprise. I would have never thought to have seen you again.” he admitted as he walked his way over.


“Yep, found and brought her and a…” Max tried to speak up but...


“Max, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll shut up right now” Eric interrupted him, making Max instantly be silent and not move a muscle.


“(Oh he’s in deep shit now)” Jinx whispered to herself, delightfully watching events unfold.


“We’ve all missed you Nisha, where’s Jackie and the others?” Eric asked noticing it was only her who was a new comer.


Nisha briefly sighed at having to for a third time, inform someone of her parent’s and Jackie’s demise, simply saying “They’re gone...”.


Eric was disappointed to hear the news, while he wanted more details, he didn’t want to ruin Nisha’s reunion with the gang, so he replied “Ahh, that’s sad news. I’ll ask about that later. Now did Max find you?”


“At a old dinner with Lizzy here, helped me protect her and brought me here” Nisha explained as she took a glance at Max, who was obviously nervous before politely asking “Go a little easy on him will ya?”


“You know I can’t do that, I’m sure finding you wasn’t part of his plan” Eric said, explaining his point of view, which had Max stroking side of his head wanting his scolding over with quickly.


“True I guess, though to be fair, I’m not sure if he got my ass into more or less danger, by taking your gun and ammo. You’re not angry me and Jackie fucked off to keep my family safe?” Nisha asked curiously.


“I was, but looking back I don’t blame you. We both hold family close, I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes, you don’t need to tell me what happened, it’s written all over your face, I’m sorry for your loss, Jackie was a good man and I’m sure your parents were good people too” Eric replied with sincerity.


“Thanks, that means a lot coming from you” Nisha told him.


The two then exchanged a mutual smile of respect. For one another before Eric noticed Lizzy holding Nisha’s hand with a awestruck face as she silently waved hello.


“Hey little one, Mark’s kid right (?) I take it he and that woman are…?” Eric asked


“They’re both dead, though trust me when I say in Mark’s case it’s a good thing” Nisha answered catching Eric’s curiosity.


“I see I take it you’re going to be her guardian now if you’re not already” Eric then correctly assumed.


“Yes, how the hell did…?” Nisha pondered at how quickly Eric figured that out.


“Nisha, if there’s one thing none of us have forgotten it’s your way with children” Eric explained before he kneeled to make Lizzy feel less intimidated.


Liz's mouth was half open the whole time, she had never seen someone as tall nor as muscular as Eric so close, it was both amazing and frightening for her to see someone so massive, even down on his knees Eric was easily taller than her, never mind he could lift her up without a hint of a struggle, the only thing about him that wasn’t scaring her was his rather gentle-ish deep voice as he slowly spoke to her.


“Hey, Lizzy right?” Eric asked, getting a nod in response. “No need to be scared kid, I may be a giant to you but once you get past that I’m a nice guy. I trust Nisha has taken good care of you”, Lizzy again nodded, that time a little less nervously, “I’m sure you already know this, but take my word for it when I say, you’re in good hands.”


“Nisha is my big sister now” Lizzy then told him, getting a smile in response.


“Sister huh, already, you really do have a way with kids don’t you?” Eric then asked Nisha.


“Well, Lizzy is a great kid as far as I’m concerned, certainly better than I was at her age, though she’s a bit of a clean freak…” Nisha replied.


“Hey your room was dirty” Lizzy told her.


“She cleaned your room? You poor thing, is it true she doesn’t clean at all?” Eric asked.


“Yeah” Lizzy answered.


“My sympathy, I guess nothing short of a drill sergeant will get that lazy woman to move her butt will it?” Eric asked Lizzy.


“I made her clean it.” Lizzy told him.


“Then congratulations, from what I’ve heard you’ve done the impossible.” Eric complimented, as Nisha rolled her eyes.


“(Can we get this shit fucking over with…?)” Max whispered, knowing Eric was binding his time.


“Mhm? Ahhh yes” Eric then stood up as he looked down at Max, who still had that nervous look in his eyes, “Nisha would you excuse me, me and Max need to have a serious talk (Take Liz away will you? Don’t want to scare the poor thing)”


Nisha couldn’t help but snicker as the thought of what was going to happen to Max “Of course, don’t let me keep you busy (Take it easy on his balls, I’ve already crushed them once).”


“Ain’t happening, no matter what you say, Jinx escort Nisha to the gang, they’re all going to be thrilled to see our pain loving Indian is back.” Eric responded.


“What?” Max responded to what he heard Eric say earlier.


“Sure thing Eric.” Jinx complied.


“I tried Max, have fun.” Nisha taunted.


“What the fuck did you say to him?” Max asked, getting increasingly worried.


Nisha didn’t answer, instead she took Liz’s hand and said to her “Come on Lizzy, let’s go see the gang” before walking towards Jinx.


“Is Max going to be okay? The big guy sounded very mad earlier” Lizzy asked, feeling worried.


“Oh he’ll be fine, mostly” Nisha answered skeptically.


“I’m betting a week’s rations Max shits his pants” Jinx told Nisha, once she got to her.


“I’m betting he pisses them” Nisha responded back.


“You’re on, come on, I can’t wait to see the looks on everyone’s… have you been shot?” Jinx asked as she noticed the dry blood on the on the improvised bandage on her shoulder.


“Ya yesterday, bullet went right through, tickles only a little so I’m fine” Nisha confirmed.


“I’m never going to wrap my head around that, I could break your leg and you’d thank me for it and let me guess; Mark shot ya?” Jinx assumed.


“Not exactly and you’re one to talk, you could take five dicks at once and still beg for more and then some, one is enough for me” Nisha countered before she got a good luck at the community that would now be her new home.


The place looked no better than a poor section of a city’s ally, people who looked like they just getting by in rugged old clothes that they clearly hadn’t changes in weeks and possibly months were gathered around warm steel barrels rubbing their hands together and putting them as close to the flame as they could without burning them. Others could be sleeping or resting on benches as they let time just drift by.


Other than the warm barrels and wooden benches, they were also steel lockers, fences and even stacks of sandbags around, Nisha took a good look at it and almost instantly felt at home as the state of it took her back to other places she had visited during her biker days.


“Well… I feel at home already” she remarked at the rough looking place.


“It sure as dirty as your home was” Lizzy added.


“Oh for… can people give give me a fucking break? I don’t like fucking cleaning, there I fucking said it,  are you fucking happy, can you give it a fucking rest?” Nisha briefly ranted, finally having enough of people referring to her almost non-existent cleaning habits.


“Well, people wouldn’t if you did clean right(?)” Lizzy pointed out.


“Liizzzz…” Nisha growled in response, making Jinx laugh.


“Hahaha, now I see why Max likes this kid so much, she sure isn’t afraid to speak her mind is she?” Jinx asked, amused at Nisha’s frustration.


“Yeah, and it’s annoying sometimes. I swear you made a deal with Max to annoy hell out of me… you’re lucky you’re a cute kid.” Nisha stated, getting a small giggle in response from Lizzy who thanked her for what she felt was a compliment.


Meanwhile back at community's entrance Max was more nervous than ever. Eric just stood and looked down at with a serious stare with his one good eye.  


“Eric please, I know fucked up but look this bag is full of shit that I’m sure makes up for it…” he stuttered while trying to remain still.


Eric just calmly put up his hand in response and told him “Max, just shut up. I’m in a much better mood now seeing Nisha is back and what kind of guy would I be to not be happy a child is actually smiling at such shit times.” Eric took two steps further, making Max who was 5Ft10 feel rather small, his tone even went to somewhat threatening “Now, I’m grateful you brought them back, but that still doesn’t change the fact, you took advantage of my light security, stole, from me. Without even so much as asking. And then you took off with two people were clearly not in the condition to go out there. I just have one question...”


“Eric, come on man, you know that Lizzy is the only child I haven’t felt like kicking in the fucking face, you can’t blame…” Max stuttered in an attempt to defend himself.


“I told you to shut up.” Eric reminded, putting Max at a silence. “Now I don’t blame you for wanting to save that little girl, but still, I want to seriously know WHAT THE FUCK YOU WERE THINKING!” suddenly Eric’s roared with anger as he effortlessly picked Max up off the ground. “It’s one thing to fuck off without telling us but it’s another to steal from us, don’t think I don’t know bringing Nisha and whatever is in that bag here was an after thought Max!”


“Come on man I’ve got way more than I stole that’s gotta count for something right (fuck, fuck, fuck…)?” Max asked desperately.


“I don’t care if you brought a fucking bazooka, it won’t change the fact you stole from me in the first place!” Eric told him before lightly tossing him forward making him fall backwards onto gravel. As Max tried to push himself up, Eric put one foot down firmly on his crotch. While Max was already feeling a paralysing pain, Eric made himself clear “Now, I was going to flatten your balls but seeing how I’m in a better mood, I’ll let you keep them. But listen here one more stunt like that and I’ll leave your punishment up to my daughter and we both know what she can do. You understand me?” Eric asked.


“Yes, yes, yes, I fucking get it; it won’t happen again, please get the fuck off! Please for fuck sake I get it!" Max begged.


Eric then lifted his foot off. Max felt a strange mix of stunning agony and relief, he used what strength he had to lift his back up from the ground and hold his crotch as he closed his eyes slightly and coughed from the pain.


Eric’s expression and his tone then suddenly changed back to the one he gave Nisha and Lizzy as he asked Max “When are you going to learn Max? One of these days rather than giving you another blow to your ball sacks I’ll be burying you.”


Max had to pause and cough every once in a while as he replied “Frankly I’d rather be fu… rather be fucking buried at this point… you can’t just… can’t just do this to a guy, fucking hell man....”


“When have you ever learned from a talking to?” Eric asked “The only difference between you and the common cocky punk is at least you have your heart in the right place. Even the privates in my old squad weren’t as cocky as you.”


“Oh ya… well I bet you didn’t discipline them by crushing their fucking nut sacks! You goddamn motherfucking sergeant bastard.” Max replied angrily.


“I didn’t have to, they didn’t steal weapons and go AWOL, never mind all the other shit you’ve done. Now get your ass up.” Eric then offered his hand, which Max took as Eric pulled him up. “Sometimes I wonder if you’re more trouble than you’re worth”


“And sometimes I wonder why the fuck I tolerate this shit, god-fucking-damnit. You’re lucky you’re a fucking mountain of fucking steel otherwise I’d fucking kick your ass you fucking asshole” Max stated.


Eric just chuckled briefly as he calmly asked “Got any more fucks left in you?”


“Yes, plenty, fuck you!” Max told him as he punched Eric’s side to no effect.


Eric then asked Max if he had “let it all out now?”


“Yes! You’re lucky I respect you Eric, you fucking gorilla” Max informed.


“And you’re lucky I know a good man when I see one, otherwise I would have thrown you to the wolves a long time ago” Eric replied.


“Oh, fucking thanks” Max replied sarcastically.


“Hey, I’m joking. But seriously, you can’t keep pushing your luck, it’s going to run out one day. Come on, the rest of the gang will be wanting to know what I did to you.”


As Eric and Max began making their way to the gang’s holdout, it was within Nisha’s sights, it was entirely surrounded by a steel fence and green covers made it impossible to see what was on the other side. The only way in was in between a stack of sandbags where a white, muscular bald man with thick eyebrows wearing a black, leather, biker jacket with matching coloured jeans and shades.


“Well I’ll be damned, is that who I think it is?” he asked himself as he saw a indian woman with a face covered in scars, due to the little amount of hair she had, it took till she was addressed him and the recognition of her voice for him to release it was who he thought and remark, “Holy shit… look who’s back. Yo, you lot, take a look who it is.”


“Max without his manhood? I Knew this was coming” a cranky yet cheerful voice stated from behind him. “I win Jorden, now cough it up.”


“Wrong Michael, it’s someone else” the man told him.


“Say wha? Who else could… no fucking... Arron you’re pulling my leg here.” Michael said refusing to believe it was a certain old member.


“He ain’t pulling anyone’s leg Mich, I’m back” Nisha told him.


Suddenly everyone’s head rose in surprise at who it was. Michael and the man beside him on a old rugged sofa, both rose and they both had the same thing on their mind.


“No fucking way” they both remarked before rushing to see for themselves.


Michael had long dirty black hair, light blue eyes and a long moustache that went all the way below his mouth. He wore a black, spiked collar around his neck and unlike the rest of the gang he wore a black coat rather than a jacket or vest, he also wore a black shirt underneath with had “hate” on it, in big, grey, capital letters.


Once he got towards the sandbags his first reaction was “Holy hell, well if it isn’t the ultra-masochist from India, hot damn I never thought I’d see your carved up face again” he stated with a wide smile.


“Never fought I’d see you again either you joyous cranky bastard” Nisha told him back, poking fun at his voice. “Jordan, nice to see the gambling duo is still kicking” she then remarked as she saw a African American right behind him.


Jordan wore a brown bandana that almost matched the colour of his skin, his eyes were golden brown and he had a thick beard on his chin and a light moustache, and just like Arron he wore a black leather jacket.


“And it’s damn nice to see you too Nisha, I can’t believe it’s been a few months since we last saw you, and if you’re worried, we’ve all forgiven you. We all thought you were a goner" Jordan replied.


“I told you, you would have never have guessed who’s came back.” Jinx reminded them.


“Right you were Jinx, I would never have expected this, I thought you meant Max, wait where the hell is Eric? We should be all having drinks to celebrate.” Michael said.


“Scaring the absolute fuck out of Max most likely. He brought me here, along with Lizzy over here.” Nisha informed them as she looked down to Lizzy who was by her side.


Lizzy was a little nervous seeing members of the gang she wanted to be a part of ever since she first became friends with Max, not sure what to say she put on a nervous smile and simply said “Hi” as she waved at them.


“Ahh yeah the kid Max kept telling us about, don’t be nervous little girl if you can win him over, you’ll get along with us just fine. What are we doing standing around here like a bunch of jackasses for? Come on I have a private section of booze in ice box I saved for something like this” Michael stated.


“No betting quarter on my return Michael?” Nisha asked with a suspicious smile.


“Oh hell no Nisha, I may be a gambling man, but there’s some bets I’ll never make… but I do have a question…” Michael then had wide grin on his face as he asked “how long did it take Max to try get in your pants again?”


Nisha rolled her eyes as she told him “Took the smug bastard less than an hour”


Michael started laughing for a couple of seconds before telling Jordan “Hahaha I win again, you owe me double now haha” before heading into the gang’s den.


“Goddamnit, you’re on a right winning streak lately, I’d be broke by now if money wasn’t fucking useless” Jordan stated as he followed with Arron right behind him.


“Yep, and I’d be loaded with enough money for a month’s worth of hookers” Michael added.


With a smile on her face Nisha delightfully asked “Things haven’t changed a bit have they?”


“Not one bit, there’s not as many of us left now, but we’re sure as fuck ain’t letting the zombie apocalypse put us demons down.”


“I thought it was Satanic Angels” Lizzy told Jinx.


“Oh you told her about us eh? I bet she told you some really interesting stories” Jinx replied.


“Not really, though she told me you stop bad people like my dad” Lizzy informed.


Jinx wasn’t too sure what to say so she just told her “Yes we do, sorry we didn’t catch on kid, if we knew what he did…”


“It’s okay, dad always acted nice when other people were around” Lizzy said, though a part of her clearly felt like upset with her father alway being brought up.


“Hey you two chicks coming in or what? Ain’t much of a party with only four of us.” Michael called out.


“Come on Lizzy time to show you your new home” Nisha told her as she took her to the den.


“Wait, I’m living with…?” Lizzy asked as she didn’t expect to be moving in with them.


“Lizzy did you really think I would leave you to sleep on a bench while I stayed here? What kind of sister do you take me for(?)” Nisha asked as they went inside.


The den was roughly just smaller than the ground floor of a regular house, six sleeping bags  were on the floor, right at the back was the door to a maintenance room, but the maintenance door had ‘Food, water and weapons’ written on it in black. against the wall on the right side was a dart board and to left were multiple jackets each one properly positioned, with a demonic angel on them, with the gang’s motto right above, written on a board in red letters.


The motto was ‘As Angels we shall protect the weak from the wicked by sending them into the depths of hell for Satan's pleasure, for we are his demonic servants.’ and below at the bottom were the words ‘In honour of our fallen angels’ just in front of the wall was a small table with a shot glass and an open glass bottle.


In the middle of the left and right side of the den were two barrels that were lit up and by them were two suitcase full of burning money. To the right was a old rugged sofa with a table with a large deck of cards on the middle and to the left was the same except the table was covered with multiple glasses of beer, cider and other forms of alcohol.


Lizzy’s reaction was mixed, while the dirt and lack of cleanliness really bugged her as she would be living there, the fact was going to be with the gang from now on also filled her with joy, but what cemented was what Nisha said to her.


“Welcome to your new home Liz”

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“New home? Wait that little tomboy is yours now? What happened to that complaining bitch of a father or crazy ass mother who said my stance was a pair of upside down devil horns? In hindsight I like the thought of that.” Michael asked as he opened his Ice box that was behind the side of the sofa and got a glass of beer for each of them.


Nisha was starting to get a little fed up at having to repeat what happened to Lizzy’s parents, she looked down and she had a good feeling Lizzy felt the same way about hearing it so Nisha told them: “Let’s not talk about them alright, least not till everyone gets back.”


It took a moment for Michael to catch on, “What...oh, right sorry to hear about that kid.” he then pulled out an extra beer bottle and asked Lizzy “Want a beer?”


“Seriously Mich you’re offering her a beer, she’s eight years old!” Nisha exclaimed, not knowing if she should be shocked or amused.


“So what, it’s end of the world, not like one beer will kill her. Besides one day beers are going to be rarer than a three titted woman, I think she deserves one beer. I think some drinking courage could do her good anyway." Michael reasoned.


"Hey now Michael, we all know Nisha likes to be Miss’ mother hen with the kids." Arron added.


"Yep, come on Nisha let the kid live a little, can't do much of that these days." Jordan also added.


"Ya what he said, we can at least fuck to pass the time that kid can't even masturbate."


"You can't say that around a kid Michael!" Nisha exclaimed while Lizzy pondered what Michael meant.


"You seemed perfectly fine discussing that I'll fuck any guy with a dick between his legs earlier." Jinx countered.


"See? What did I tell ya?" Arron responded.


"Ya, you're like every kid's mother, come on Nisha that kid probably knows every swear word in the damn English language by now after hanging out with Max a couple of times." Michael pointed out.


"Okay you're right. Sorry, I forget sometimes. And I think you mean mother bear Arron, no one fucks with a kid when I'm around" Nisha corrected before turning to Lizzy. "I can't believe I'm asking this but... would you like to try it?"


"Ermm what's it like? My mum always told me beer was..."


"Demon juice? Devil water? Something like that?" Nisha interrupted, now knowing what kind of mother Lizzy had.


"Ya, though my mum Sometimes." Lizzy answered.


While the answer gave Nisha a few thoughts, she kept the subject on track, "I see, well trust me beer isn't anything special. But it may cheer you up...(hopefully)"


Lizzy gave a moment to think before deciding, "mmmm okay, but it's a little late isn't it?"


"That's the spirit and don't worry, Nisha will keep a close eye on ya."  Michael assured.


Nisha then went and grabbed a beer for herself and Lizzy. They then sat on the sofa while the others sat on ground, and they all waited for Eric who wasn't long.


Once Eric had arrived he happily remarked “I see everyone here is already wanting to celebrate Nisha’s return. Settle down boys and girls, I know we’re all excited to see our old comrade back, but we’ve got to wait for the others first.”


“Yeeaahh you’re right Eric, sorry I got a little ahead of myself, we haven’t had good news like this in weeks.” Michael said.


"I know Michael, after the shit we've been through together; it's about damn time we got some good news, that's why I spared Max's testicles." Eric informed.


"Damn looks like my winning streak has ended, speaking of Max where is that bastard?" Michael wondered.


"He had to take a rest, I spared his balls but that doesn't mean I didn't punish him, though I also told him if he crosses the line again, Carla will have him" Eric stated.


Everyone in the den knew that was all that needed to be said, which Jordan pointed out with, "Oh boy, I bet that made him listen, what the fuck did she do to him? I know she's fucking ruthless behind those pretty eyes of hers, but aside from you man, she's only person that scares him"


"Yeah, I've been wondering that too, hell even you Nisha, ever since you two dated, you've been on edge when she's around ever since, what are we all missing here?" Arron added.


"That's gotta be the longest running bet we've fucking had eh Jordan?" Michael asked.


"Damn right it has" Jordan answered.


"Is there anything you don't bet on? You guys put ten bucks on which of you I'd fuck first, seriously who the fuck does that aside from slimy assholes?" Jinx asked, baffled at their gambling habit.


"It's not like you cared Jinx, either way you got laid. Why do you think they betted on fucking you and no one else? Getting in your pants isn't much of a challenge" Arron told her.


"Admit it Jinx, asking you not to ride someone for a week is like asking Max not to swear for a hour, or better yet, go half an hour without trying to ride me" Nisha pointed out.


"Yeah well, it doesn't... alright you have a point" Jinx admitted.


“I didn’t know Max wanted to ride you, isn’t he too old for a piggyback ride?” Lizzy asked


Nisha almost choked on laughter at Lizzy’s words while everyone else snickered at Lizzy’s obviousness of the subject matter being discussed, even Eric couldn’t keep a straight face. Feeling awkward, Lizzy blushed and asked if she said something wrong.


“Oh no, no, no Liz you haven’t it’s just… you don’t know what we’re talking about… he doesn’t want me to… ahem give him a piggyback ride.” Nisha explained.


“Oh he fucking does, just not in the way you’re thinking Lizzy” Jinx told her, which didn’t help Lizzy’s confused state,


“Please he wants more than that, he also wants to get a hold of Nisha’s twins ‘Sid and Nancy’ Michael added while laughing like the others.


“God help this poor kid if she’s growing up with us Nisha, she’s really going to look back on this and think ‘oh my god that’s what they meant’” Eric told Nisha with a smirk on his face.


“Let’s hope she doesn’t find out too soon, don’t want to traumatize the poor thing” Arron added.


“Huh? You had kids Nisha?” Lizzy asked.


Suddenly Nisha’s laughter faded in seconds. With a serious tone in her voice she told everyone “Okay that’s enough guys, I don’t think Lizzy needs to hear more about piggyback rides or my so-called twins”


“Oh come on Nisha we’re just having a laugh” Jordan said, still chuckling at Lizzy’s confusion.


“I said that’s enough!” Nisha snapped back, silencing everyone.


Everyone backed off a bit, a nerve in Nisha was clearly hit but none of them had an idea of what was wrong in what they were saying.


After a eerie moment of silence, Eric asked “Nisha, you alright?”


“Yes I’m fine! Just… just…” After a quick deep breath, Nisha calmed herself down,  “Can we just not fuck about for now guys? I’m not in mood right now”


“You seemed perfectly in mood earlier Nisha” Jordan pointed out.


“Well I’m not in the mood now!” Nisha replied, making herself clear.


“Cool your britches Nisha, fuck what’s got into you what the sudden, we were just cracking jokes, no need to get your panties in a twist” Michael replied


“Did I say something wrong?” Lizzy asked, thinking it may have been her fault Nisha was suddenly angry at everyone.


Nisha shook her head as she assured Lizzy “no, no, no, it’s not your fault” though something about the way she told her didn’t leave Lizzy convinced.


“Okay everyone, let’s give Nisha some room to breathe” Eric told everyone.


“No, no need Eric, trust me I’m fine. I don’t want to ruin this reunion. I couldn’t be more happy to be back, let’s just move on alright?” Nisha asked.


Eric wasn’t fooled, he, along with the others knew Nisha was hiding something but they understood now wasn’t the time to ask her about it.


“Where’s Carla anyway? And Dante, and Megan? Max told me they’re still around” Nisha then asked, breaking the silence.


“Both Megan and Dante are on a supply trip and my daughter is on guard duty, both thanks to Max, because of him I don’t want to take any more chances, I was already suspicious of him volunteering to watch Mark, but I didn't think he'd have balls to steal from me after all the shit I've already put him through because of his stupid decisions" Eric explained before something dawned on him, "speaking of which, Jordan you fill in for Jinx and get that guy up here if he's still sitting around I'll send someone to get ya when others arrive."


"On it Eric, later guys" Jordan replied as he got up to go take Jinx's post.


"Later Jordan. Ya Eric, when he told me he stole it from you, I didn't know if I should have been surprised or not, I mean it's not as bad as the bar incident I mean that... ya" Nisha said as she hovered her hand around her left eye.


"Yes, again that arrogant son of a bitch got lucky, that was inevitable through. This time he had no excuse.” Eric then took a good look at Lizzy as he gently told her “I don’t mean to come across as cold here, but I hope you understand that I didn’t want to risk anymore lives looking for you. Sorry, I had no way of knowing you were alive.”


“It’s okay, Nisha kept me safe, I’m glad to be home though. It was really scary outside.” Lizzy replied, barring no hard feelings against him. “You didn’t hurt Max did you? He’s… my friend” though she was still intimidated by his sheer size.


“Don’t worry, I just let Max know what he did wrong. He’s fine” Eric told her, though the entire gang knew Eric was lying so Lizzy wouldn’t be afraid.


“(As fine as a guy can be after a kick in delicate area)” Michael whispered to Arron.


“Don’t worry about him Liz, he’d gets himself in trouble all the time if we didn’t watch him, say how you did you guys set this all up anyhow? Max told me a little, but his memory is just as bad as mine” Nisha asked.


“It’s a bit of a long story” Eric responded.


“No it’s not, we shot up a warehouse, killed that snitch asshole Danny and his crew then decided to habitat and fuck in here" Michael summed up.


"It's a little more complicated than that Michael" Eric responded.


"Snitch... SNITCH!" Lizzy yelled as she remembered her pet. Lizzy quickly got off the sofa and ran straight out the den to find her cat.


"Lizzy!" Nisha yelled as she was about to chase after before Jinx stopped her.


"I've got it" Jinx quickly got up and chased after Lizzy so Nisha could hear the details of how the gang ended up in the subway. Just as Jinx passed the sandbags, she saw Max making his way over at a slow pace "Oh there you are Max, get your ass in there."


"Easy for you to say you fucking dick sucking nymphomaniac bitch ain't like you had a pair of fucking balls that got fucking crushed recently" Max told her, still hurting from earlier.


"Like you didn't have it coming" Jinx told him as she chased Lizzy, while Max stuck up his middle and index finger at her from behind her back.


Max took slow steps towards the den as he got in sight of the gang, Arron addressed him with “Well if it isn’t the thief” in subtly mocking way.


“Oh fuck off Arron, I already got that fucking shit from Jordan” Max replied.


“Well isn’t someone a cranky bastard” Michael stated.


“I’m not fucking cranky I’d just like everyone to back the fuck off, you’d be in a bad fucking mood too if you had your never fucking region crushed two days in a goddamn fucking row.”


“Wait twice?” Michael remarked not knowing about the earlier instance.


“We were stuck in a car together, I had to make him stop somehow” Nisha stated.


“Ouch, okay for stealing our gun and bullets he had it coming but damn Nisha no need to bust a man’s balls just for hitting on ya” Michael told Nisha.


“There’s hitting on someone, then there’s being a persistent ass, Max just won’t take no for an answer” Nisha argued.


“Only because you’re so full of shit, you just can’t admit you want me so you went for the fucking cheap shot so I’d shut the fuck up” Max argued back.


“Just like old times eh Michael?” Arron asked as Nisha and Max began to argue.


“Oh yeah, what we’d need now is Jackie punching Max across face and it’d be like they never left. Man I miss that son of bitch.” Michael remarked.


Eric then announced “Alright everyone, settle down, it’s good to know things are going to be like the way they were before the whole world went to hell. Now Max, I know I may as well be talking to a monkey’s ass when I say this; but give Nisha some damn space. Now before we move on, Max if I see you enter that storage room from now without my say so, you know what’ll happen. Now with that out of the way, I think I was going to tell Nisha how we all ended up here.”


Meanwhile, as Eric was explaining the community’s background, in between a small group of fences, a brown haired man wearing a dirty white shirt stood, was doing his daily scheduled check on his locker to do a medical supply count, with a ginger cat in a cage stood sleeping next to him, as he went on doing his mundane task. The cat suddenly peaked it’s head up and started meowing to be let out, even trying to push the cage open with its claws.


“What’s got into you Snitch?” the man asked as he noticed the cat acting up.


After the cat continued to act up, the man eventually opened its cage and Snitch quickly jumped out and wander away, leaving the man to follow it out of curiosity.


As the doctor followed the cat, Lizzy was calling out “Snitccchhh, Snitchy... ” as she ran toward her bench and looked around until she saw the ginger feline running to her, filling her with joy “Snitchy!”.


She jogged toward Snitch so that she didn’t frighten him and once he was at her legs and began rubbing his head against her, she picked him up and they both stroked their faces against each other until Snitch began licking her face, which tickled her.


“Snitch...” she giggled as she moved her face away from the cat’s tongue and noticed he wasn’t as clean as her standards wanted, making her remark “Oh you’re filthy Snitch.”


Jinx finally caught up to Lizzy though she was a little out of breath, “Okay, either you’re fast for a kid or I really need to quit smoking, whoever said sex improves your stamina is full of shit. Hey, slow down!” Jinx then called out as Lizzy carried Snitch off to her bench.


Lizzy’s old bench wasn’t far away, however once she got there, to her shock it appeared someone had taken all the sleeping bags that were once there.


“No, no, no, where’s my bed, no, no, no, no” Lizzy panicked as the thought of sleeping on the floor horrified her, she then put Snitch on the bench and told him to “stay” as she looked under the bench and saw a pink lunchbox she had hidden behind one of its legs was still there to her momentary relief.


“Lizzy!?” the doctor earlier remarked as he saw the little who went missing was perfectly fine.


“Jimmy!” Lizzy remarked as she saw the man.


“So that’s why Snitch was acting up. I’m so glad to see you’re okay Lizzy… where’s your father and your mother?” Jimmy asked.


“Errmmm…” Lizzy wasn’t able to tell him herself, having relied on Nisha to tell people but without her around she was at a bit of a loss.


Before Jimmy could ask again, Jinx caught up and addressed him with “Hey doc, why are here? shouldn’t you be watching your supplies? You know some Jerk is going to notice you’re away soon and going to pinch something.”


“Yeah I know, don’t worry about that I’ll be heading back soon, just noticed the cat over there was acting up, I can see why now. But where’s Becks and Mark or even her mother? Shouldn’t they be with her?” Jimmy questioned.


“Errmm, they’re… “ rather than tell him directly, she implied it by drawing a line against her neck, which Jimmy quickly caught up on to.


After releasing the news, his expression was one of sad shock, “Oh… oh god… I take it Max brought you back then Lizzy?” he then asked which Lizzy confirmed, “Okay, I’m so sorry for your loss, Jesus Christ. I wish I had something to say but, well, I’ve got nothing. Again sorry, hey Jinx, next time you see Max, tell him I really appreciate him getting Lizzy back safely, I know… just tell him I’m thankful. I better get back”


“Sure thing Doc” Jimmy was about to head back before Jinx stopped him by saying “hey wait” Once Jimmy stopped she said to him, “Actually you can tell him that yourself, he brought back a old friend of ours and they both look like they could use a check-up, Max’s left hand has seen better days and she’s taken a shot to her shoulder could you take a look at them tomorrow?”  


“Of course, it’s the least I could do to thank him, who’s the woman?”


“... You could say, a old flame of Max’s though she’d kill me if she heard me say that” Jinx told Jimmy, which didn’t fill him with much confidence.


“Ohhh great. I really should be going but, just tell me quickly, is she anything like him?” Jimmy asked anxiously.


“More than she’d be willing to admit” Jinx told him.


“Oh god another one. Thanks for letting me know, and I really should be going before someone gets any ideas” Jimmy remarked before he quickly headed back


“Oh he’s in for a real fucking surprise when he treats Nisha…” Jinx then chuckled.


“Come here Snitch” Lizzy ordered as she sat on the bench and patted her knees to signal him, once he got on her upper legs and rubbed himself against her chest he circled around before getting comfy on her.


“Nice cat” Jinx remarked.


“Thanks” Lizzy replied before she opened her lunchbox to get out a brush and began to stroke Snitch’s fur with it much to his delight as he purred loudly. “Why didn’t you swear when Jimmy was here?” Lizzy then asked noticing the timing.


“I like the guy, besides he throws a bit of a bitch fit whenever someone swears and I ain’t got time for that shit, that’s one reason why I’m never sharing a bed with him” Jinx explained.


“You swear in your sleep?” Lizzy asked, assuming that’s what Jinx meant.


“No, I just… just forget it. I like to swear let’s leave it at that, so that’s Snitch eh?” Jinx then asked, to keep the topic out of territory that could possibly traumatise Lizzy.


“Yeah, mum got me him when I was five. He likes being brushed… ermm do you have any sleeping bags back there? I don’t want to sleep on the floor, someone nicked mine” Lizzy asked, slightly afraid to hear “no”


“Oh we have a few spares, don’t worry, you could sleep on the sofa, you’re certainly small enough to use it as a bed” Jinx told her.


“But the sofa looks filffy, I don’t want to sleep on a dirty sofa.” Lizzy replied, “And snitch doesn’t either, do you Snitch?”


Jinx now got the impression Lizzy was going to be a bit of work to live with, but to be sure she asked Lizzy “You really don’t like to get filthy do you?”


“No, why would someone want to get dirty? It’s gross” Lizzy answered.


“(Better start praying you never learn my fucking habits then kid)” Jinx whispered to herself.


“Can I ask you something Jinx?” Lizzy asked as she thoroughly brushed Snitch.


“Shoot” Jinx responded.


“Does Nisha like Max? She says she doesn’t, but I think she's lying” Lizzy told her.


Jinx chuckled as she sat down beside her, “Nisha has always been a shit liar, don’t tell her I said this but trust me she does and always has, and I don’t just think that, I fucking know, how? The damn pain loving woman told me in high school.”


“You both went to school together?” Lizzy asked for clarification.


“Yep, she had all those scars you see on her back then, we both got picked on by assholes in school, though for different reasons, let’s just say a lot of girls hated me because I got attention from a lot of boys, needless to say I got shit from a ton of jealous bitches. Ahhh those were the days” Jinx remarked as she fondly looked back at her highschool days. “Anyway, where was I? Oh ya, she told me a few times that Max is a hunky rebel, but whenever he was around she’d act like she never said that and especially after she got with Jackie”


“What was Jackie like? Nisha hasn’t told me much about him” Lizzy told Jinx.


Jinx hadn’t spoken about the past in a long time so she was like an open book to Lizzy, and she always liked to tell stories. “He was a cool guy, little bit of a kiss ass mind you, he’d always be extra nice to Eric or Carla compared to Max who’d flat out tell ya if he’d like to beat the fuck out of ya. Don’t get me wrong he was good guy, but me, Max and Carla knew he was a bit fake, it’s no wonder Max didn’t always get along with him.”


“I see, Nisha smacked my head once because I sang the kissing song” Lizzy then told her.


“Kis...Oh boy I’m not surprised, Nisha always, and I mean fucking always had to deal with Max’s advances at one point, it wouldn’t be so bad, if Nisha could pull off a good lie, Max knows just as well as I do that Nisha likes him more than she ever did Jackie, but no, because her father couldn’t stand the sight of Max or any of us, she went with someone who’d suck up to anyone”


“Her father doesn’t sound nice, though she told me, her father did a lot for her” Lizzy then told Jinx, who was enjoying listening to Jinx.


“Well he wasn’t so much a bad guy, just a strict father. He was all about respecting the laws and getting on with life, while me and the rest of the gang couldn’t give too fucks, if we wanted to get piss ass drunk and start a bar fight, we fucking well would, and trust me if you want to hear it, I’ll tell you about it later. It’s a hell of a story, you’ll be wondering why Eric hasn’t killed Max if you hear it through”


Lizzy was already curious ”Why what happened? Eric looks kinda scary.”


“Pft, you think that’s scary, you should see him in fight, that guy could throw me through the concrete ceiling he’s that strong. And trust me when I say this, never yank his hair your face, will hit the fucking pavement.”


“Why are you telling all your stories to a fucking kid, Jinx?” a voice suddenly asked.


“Oh Megan, you two are back, took you fucking long enough, I was just telling Lizzy about… wait get Carla, she’s going to want to hear what I’m about to tell ya,”


While Nisha told the two figures to go get Carla, Eric had just finished explaining the background of the community. Nisha had a lot to take in she held her hand to her lips as she took it in.


“So this Daniel guy was the real mayor of the city, but wait something doesn’t make sense, why would he tell you where that Danny was at that warehouse, thanks to him a lot of us almost got killed”


“He told me a few men in suits were picking someone who was very important to him personally who lived not too far away, emphasize on the word personally. Said if we let them do their job, in exchange he’d give us Danny’s last known location. I figured right it wasn’t a trap, because why would he arrange on at the time where it’s every man for himself, besides, I wouldn’t resort to holding a innocent woman hostage, we’re ruthless, but not when we can help it”


“And once you finally put that fucker in ice, you decided it’d be a suicide to stay out. Damn, I wish I knew that, I would have brought my family here, I thought you guys died out there” Nisha said, wishing she somehow knew what the gang did during her absence.


“Hey you had no way of knowing, it’s not your fault” Eric assured her.


“Well hot damn, Jinx wasn’t fucking with us” a man suddenly said from the front entrance,


“Megan, Dante. You’re both back, Yep, our Angel Nisha has returned.”


Nisha smiled as she saw the two of them and even more as she saw a woman behind them.


Dante had thick, long, light brown hair and a light beard to go with it, his eyes were amber and he wore a black unzipped Jacket, showing off his grey skull necklace and bald upper chest,

Megan’s hair couldn’t be seen at the front due to her brown bandanna, but a blonde ponytail was visible from behind, she tinted shades and had a brown scarf around her neck, which covered the chain of the dogtags she wore. She also wore a grey Jacket.


The woman behind her was none other than Eric’s daughter Carla and compared to everyone else, she appearance was the most noticeable. Her hair was medium length and light red, her eyes were dark blue and combine with her red seductive lips, her smile came off rather gentle like, despite her other features. A slightly faded scar ran down her right cheek, and close to it and below her lips was a black ring piercing, while the left side of her face had a tribal tattoo above and below her eye. She also had two gold earrings. She wore a open grey biker short sleeved jacket and underneath it was a black shirt with with big red skull on it with two diagonal bones behind it. Her belly was also completely exposed. And beneath them were tight black jeans with a holster for a knife attached to her lower right ankle and black leather boots with two matching coloured belts wrapped around them.


When she spoke, it was with a kind, but rather suggestive tone “Well. if it isn’t my ex boy and girl friend, I missed you both and Nisha is it me or are you looking sexier than ever?”

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“Hello Carla, and you're looking just as beautiful as you are deadly as always" Nisha replied.


"Thanks sweet cheeks, I missed you and I know Max has, haven't you naughty boy?" Carla asked suggestively.


"Leave me the fuck out of it, I don't need your shit, I'm fucked off enough thanks to your fucking father" Max replied.


Dante interrupted and told Max, "I'm not surprised, how many times have you done fucked up now?"


"You can fuck off an all!" Max yelled, tired of people reminding him of his mistake. "I've been shat on by every other fucker in here, give me more shit and I'll ram my fist down your fucking throat" Max threatened.


"You won't lay a hand on him Max, want to try? Go ahead and see what happens" Eric told him, knowing Max was bluffing.


In bitter defeat swallowed his pride and said "Just lay the fuck of me alright? That's all I'm fucking asking" as he backed up against one of the fences.


"Awww what's got into you? That's not the brave rebel I knew" Carla responded.


"I said he'd be all yours if he steps out of line again" Eric clarified, much to her amusement.


"Oh thanks Dad" Carla said with a smile before turning her attention to Max, who clearly wasn't in mood.


Carla slowly walked towards him while everyone watched and enjoyed Max's nervousness as he slightly shuffled away from her, Nisha was getting the most enjoyment, seeing the tables turned on him.


Carla's voice was almost condescending, yet also sweet and seductive "Please be a bad boy for me Maxy so we can get some alone time, it'll just be like that night, I promise I'll go a little easy on ya this time."


"(She's seriously got to be into some fucked up BDSM shit)" Michael whispered with a grin.


"(Ain't that the truth)" Arron whispered back.


Max scaled at Carla as he stuck up his middle finger at her and told her to “I said, ‘fuck off’, you sadistic fucking cunt, and for the last motherfucking time; I ain’t in the mood for anyone’s shit!”


Carla just tauntingly giggled as she responded “That’s more like it. I’ll leave ya alone now dearly. But for the record, we both know you’re going to cross the line again, and when that happens, I’ll be waiting.” before blowing a kiss at him and turning her attention to Nisha.


“I can’t help but wonder what you did to him Carla, I’ve never seen Max sweat so much in my life” Nisha pondered outloud.


“Oh I think you know sexy, you should in fact, you’ve experienced it first-hand remember” Carla told her with a wink, to which Nisha chuckled nervously.


“Hehehe, let’s not get into that… (poor bastard)” Nisha replied.


“Carla that’s enough now, as entertaining as it is to see Max squirming over there, I don’t need to hear more of it” Eric told Carla.


“Fine” Carla obeyed before relaxed herself on the sofa and asked Nisha “So what you’ve been up to my pretty?” with a less seductive smile.


“I’m not your pretty and it’s a long story, I’ll tell everyone about it tomorrow. Where’s Jinx and Lizzy?” Nisha then asked as she wondered why the two weren’t back.


“Lizzy? You mean that kid Jinx is telling her stories to? Hold on wait was that the kid that belong to Mister whining cunt and Misses Jesus dick sucker? Where the fuck are they?” Dante asked.


“Bo…wait can someone get Jordan, I’m tired of repeating this story, Jinx knows it and Lizzy would hate me telling everyone, but I think you all should know. There was some shit happening none of you were aware of.” Nisha told everyone.


“Hold on, that kid would hate you? Why are you so fucking concerned about her overhearing? I know you love kids for some reason, but why would she be close to here, she lives all the way upwards” Dante responded not knowing of Lizzy staying.


“Oh shit, this may not end well” Arron commented.


“What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?” Dante responded, to Arron’s comment.


“(Fuck I forgot you…) Lizzy is going to live with us” Nisha explained.


Carla’s head perked up in intrigue and smirked in unsurprised wonder while Dante had a look that was of undecided shook. He only had three words to say “You fucking what?”


Nisha put both her hands up as she told Dante, “Calm down Dante, I know you hate kids, just hear me out”


Dante didn’t listen, as he was too annoyed at the idea of a kid hanging around them “Are we seriously going to be having a fucking snotnosed kid hanging with us? Us? Why the fuck does she have to stay here?”


“Dante, listen!” Nisha yelled getting his attention “That kid is my responsibility now, both her parents are gone and while I may feel half guilty for saying this, I must say that may have been the best thing that has happened to her. I’ll give details once Jordan is here, but trust me when I say that ‘whining cunt’, was human fucking garbage.”


“Okay, not to sound like a dick but so what? Why here? We were fucking vigilantes before all this, not fucking babysitters. Aren’t we supposed to be a gang of fucking badass bikers? Ya because we totally look like we can kick some ass when one of us is holding hands with a 2Ft tomboy with a smiley face on her shirt” Dante argued.


“It’s not about kicking ass anymore Dante, it’s about what we’ve always set out to do, keeping people safe because the law was fucking useless” Eric pointed out


“Even so, do we really look like strong protectors, with a kid beside us?” Dante asked.


“Now that you mention it, yes we do” Eric answered. “Think about it, what makes someone look more like a good person than protecting a child?”


“He has a point handsome” Carla added. “My dad looks like a vicious bear right now, but put that little chipmunk next to him, he’s suddenly a big cuddly teddy bear. Heck Nishy my babe, you look a deranged serial killer with those pretty scars, but I bet that cutie makes you look like a mother who’s gone through hell.”


“I’m not her new mother Carla” Nisha made clear before responding “but thanks. Just so you know though, I’ll be watching you.”


“Oh don’t threat dear, I’m not going to do anything… yet” Carla told Nisha with a sinister smile as she let her know that “we have some catching up to do first” as she suggestively raised her right eyebrow with a smirk before asking “for starters, what have you done to that pretty hair of yours?”.


While Nisha was figuring out how to react to Carla’s flirting she answered “I’d rather be bald and alive rather than pretty and dead”


“Hey they ain’t nothing wrong with being bald” Arron interrupted.


“Ya but you look like a motherfucking badass Arron, Nisha looks the end of a fucking Asian cock, hell my balls have more hair on them than she does on her fucking head” Max told him.


“Nice” Eric replied sarcastically.


“Hey he’s right, Nisha looks like a Indian Neo-Nazi with that fucking head” Michael added.


“Oh fuck you guys” Nisha responded to their comments. “Can someone get Jordan before I bash my head in? Fuck it’s like I never left.” Nisha asked as she covered her eyes.


“I’ll get him” Eric told her


“Hold on a fuck, are we seriously having a fucking kid live with us?” Dante asked, obviously annoyed by the very thought.


Yes we are Dante, now you can either shut up and fucking deal with it, or walk right out, got a problem with that?” Eric asked him, with an intimidating stare.


Dante quickly thought about his opinions before begrudgingly answering “arghhh, fine that kid better not be a pain in the ass.” before sitting down with Megan.


“Dante even I can fucking get along with her and you know the only place I’d normally want a shit spewing kid is at the fucking end of a fucking shotgun barrel while choking on it.” Max told him, feeling a little calmer than he was earlier.


“Whatever, so long as she doesn’t make me want to kick her in the face, I don’t give a shit” Dante replied disinterested.


“Okay, I’ll be right back, and Carla, be nice to Nisha while I’m gone.” Eric said before setting off to collect Jordan.


“I am being nice, nothing with a bit of flirting with my ex-lover now is they(?)” Carla replied.


“I was never your lover I was just fucking curious, you know that. And I said let’s not get into it didn’t I?” Nisha responded, slightly irritated.


“Oh bady, bady, bady why do you keep lying? You’re horrible at it” Carla then moved her body forward as she got on her hands and knees and seductively whispered in Nisha’s ear “(We both know getting hogtied by me was one the best experiences you’ve had)” before making a kissing sound with her lips, making Nisha blush from embarrassment.


“It’s at times like these, I wish you were a lesbian” Michael thought aloud while observing Carla’s advances toward Nisha.


“Oh piss off Mich” Nisha responded before turning her attention back to Carla and warning that “if you don’t get out of my face right now, I’ll fucking fist ya”.


Carla brushed off Nisha’s threat with “Ohhh, that’ll be a change from last time hehehe, but I’m not in the mood you see, so I’ll leave you alone for now sugar lips” before backing off into her previous position.


“Is it too late for me to go back to my apartment?” Nisha asked herself.


“You’re stuck with us sorry bastards now Nisha, better get used to it” Arron told her.


“Ya good luck leaving Nisha, I doubt Carla and Max are gonna let you get away, both of them want ya more than Jinx wants her weekly fucking” Michael informed.


“No need to remind me, I look like I took a nail bath yet I get hit on more by you two fuckers than a stripper in a Jane’s brothel. And speaking of Jinx, is they any of you guys she hasn’t fucked? That midget has been screwing guys since she was fifteen.”


“Aside from Max, I think we’ve all given her a ride, or should I say, she’s given us a ride, not to down my talents but damn that woman clearly has a fuck ton of experience” Michael told her.


“Wait hold on, everyone but Max?” Nisha asked in disbelief.


“Yep, Jinx tried for a while to get his dick, but it weren’t happening was it Max?” Arron answered in Max’s place.


“Nope, no offence to Jinx but I ain’t fucking just anyone, especially a cock gobbling slut that could have a memorial of all the fucking guys that have fucked her in every slot. When she dies her tombstone should read, ‘Here lies Jinx, she died as she lived, full of stuffed holes’ then there’s the fucking memorial with the words ‘In memory of all the dicks that have felt her warmth’ then you pull out a fucking magnifying glass because there’s too many fucking names to fit on the fucking thing” Everyone then chuckled slightly as they was some truth to his words.


“Assuming they find everyone who has slept with her, let's see, there's three of us, now to find the other five thousand" Arron then joked afterwards.


After a few laughs, Nisha looked at Max, rather surprised he of all men she was with Max was the only one to not have a sexual encounter with Jinx, who he knew just long as she did. Carla noticed Nisha staring at Max, so she tapped her leg with her boot.


Once she had Nisha's attention she tauntingly asked "Warms your heart doesn't it? Even when a woman offers herself he still waits for that special one."


Nisha raised her left eyebrow in annoyed curiously. After asking "what?" she meant Carla just smiled and winked.


Eric then returned with Jordan right behind him. "Alright aside from Jinx, we're all here. So what's the story with Lizzy then?" Eric politely asked.


"No sign of either of them coming?" Nisha asked first, wanting to be safe. After Jordan said there wasn't, Nisha looked to Max and asked him, "Max you feeling better?"


To which he replied "I feel more I got fucking smacked in balls rather than fucking kicked so sure as shit I hardly fucking feel better"


"Well, you better get over it because I need you to serious again for a moment, think you can manage that?" Nisha asked sincerely.


"I'd rather not, but fuck it, let's get this shit done with, tired of talking about that asshole" Max answered.


"Alright, thanks and ya let's get this shit over with, I'm fucking sick of it too, hope Jinx is in a chatty mood"


"Oh she'll be talking for a while, if she's not being a guy's jockey she's being someone's history teacher, that little minx loves to tell her stories" Carla responded.


While Nisha was about to explain the story about Lizzy's parents for what she hoped would be the final time, Jinx and Lizzy were busy sitting down and talking to each other.


“Why does Eric have that eyepatch? He looks like a pirate, did something happen to his eye?” Lizzy asked.


“Oh boy, now that’s a fucking story, trust me, remember what I said earlier about bar fights, well it just so happens that’s how he lost it, you go through multiple tours in Afghanistan without a so much of as a fucking scratch, yet it’s a fucking bar fight that lands him in hospital, can’t blame Eric for almost knocking him on his ass.”


“Who?” Lizzy asked again.


“I’ll let you figure it out, let me give you whole story it’s one of my favourites, never has a day gone from chilled as hell to all out fucking brawl, I even got laid that day, that’s just the cherry on the cake. Anyway, have you ever been to Aspenwood?”


Lizzy shook her head, “No, I don’t, what it’s like out of the city, is it true there’s trees everywhere? I like trees, and squirrels are cute too.”


“Ehhh, I don’t see what’s so cute about them. And there’s plenty of fucking trees, but personally I’d rather be on the road feeling the wind in my face, but back to the point. Aspenwood is was mostly a fucking boring place unless you were looking to relax, you may have liked, plenty of farmland with animals all around, though having said that, they did have this bar that was fucking great, whenever we happened to head towards there we’d alway have a couple of drinks. And they was always some guy I’d… keep company whenever I dropped by them, men there weren’t half bad.”


“You make a lot of friends there? And it sound like a nice place, I love animal, unless it’s dogs, dogs are mean” Lizzy replied.


"Hey, dogs are only as good as their owners, I know I once had a German Shepherd, fucking big but soft as shit, couldn't walk in without him trying to smooch me" Jinx told her.


Lizzy giggled and smiled as she replied "Snitchy kisses me a lot as well, his tongue feels funny though"


"Be glad he's small my dog was almost as big as me, fuck his breath was horrible and I couldn't do a damn thing if he pinned me, I love a man when he's all over me but other animals are off the record." Jinx told Lizzy before returning to her original story, "Anyway, back to your question; well... I wouldn't call all of them friends ermm more like... fu...(no don't fucking go there) let's just call them fun buddies, we'd... have some... fun... then go on our ways" Jinx explained.


"You mean like some of my classmates?" Lizzy asked.


"Ya, ya just like that" Jinx lied. "(Dodged a bullet) Where the hell was I? Oh ya, well one day most of the gang decided we'd go for a couple of drinks, everything was relaxed, we were joking, laughing and all that good shit, I even found this cute guy to spend some… ‘quality time’ with, but… while I went away with him, these other guys turned up, let’s just say being the kinds of people we are, you can sure bet we made a lot of fucking enemies”


“Were they bad people?” Lizzy asked.


“The guys that turned up?” Jinx asked just to be sure.


“No, your enemies? I was told gangs got in trouble with police a lot, you don’t seem all that bad though” Lizzy replied.


“Well, yes and no. If things go back the way they were anytime soon, one thing I you should know is just because someone is a cop, soldier or whatever, it doesn’t automatically make them a fucking saint, some may well be, but others are just plain assholes I won’t everyone in our gang was an Angel, pardon the pun.” Jinx explained.


“I know, dads are meant to be good, mine wasn’t though. I meant did were the good ones your enemies?” Lizzy clarified.


“Well, yes. But that’s because they had to be, being a vigilante means we help people when the law is either not doing its fucking job or just is too chicken shit to do what it should, let’s just stick my story, we keep going off track. No more questions okay?”


“Okay” Lizzy answered as she did a zipping motion against her lips.


“Right, these guys were bikers just like us, but not like us, these fuckers were all about being assholes to everyone who wasn’t in their gang weren’t low level punks either, those bastards were the real deal. Now we didn’t come to start a fight, nor did they but let’s just say Max is even more honest when he’s drunk. Now supposedly, (I wasn’t here for this) a few of them also had a few drinks, now Max is a asshole when pissed as a cunt but he’s not violent, he just calls you the worst and most bizarre fucking things… like a ‘skunk ass munching paedophile”


Despite her promise, Lizzy couldn’t help but ask “a what?” at those last words.


As Jinx thoroughly told her story, it was evident she was really getting into, as she did hand motions to go along with what she said “I’ve no fucking idea. I do know though those assholes didn’t take well to Max’s attitude. I was outback with my… buddy at the time, and just when things between me and him were just about getting good, I hear, shouting, screaming, yelling and a fucking window smashing. I was pissed my fun time got cut short, but what I saw more than made up for it. Now I ain’t gonna lie, I love a good fight and what I saw in there was fucking chaos. We both wanted each other dead but damn, that shit was total anarchy. Punches were thrown, glass was flying, pool cues were getting broke, Eric… remembers what I said what you wondering why Eric hasn’t killed Max?” Lizzy replied with a nod, “Well, in mid of that fucking carnage, some unlucky asshole, and I mean unlucky, threw a beer glass and hit Eric right in the face, part of the glass took out his eye… and fucking hell Eric became a fucking monster after that.”


While Lizzy was paying close attention, Jinx now had her ears homed in on Jinx’s words.


“Now Eric is usually a pretty cool guy especially for a war vet, but when you piss him off, be fucking prepared for hell. Eric lost his shit after that and if they was any doubt I had about how strong he is, it was fucking gone then, when he grabbed the guy who threw it, picked him way above the ground, and fucking threw him through one of the fucking bar windows! The fight stopped after that, and apart from Max, who was totally shitfaced down on the ground. It looked like we won, Carla was fucking pissed off too and had one of the bastards in a headlock ready to smash his face in, until he shouted ‘enough’. Police came not long after and the rest is history.”


“Wow…” was Lizzy first reaction before she wondered “Was Nisha there?”


“Yep, and she had a blast, minus the whole Eric losing his eye thing. Any bastard that managed to hit her was probably thinking she was a freak with the crazed look she had, hell, I’ve gone through multiple guys in a row not looking half as exhausted as she was by the end of it” Jinx answered.


Eric soon turned up and said “Okay Jinx that’s enough story time.” with a smile.


“Oh, hey Eric, how long have you been there?” Jinx wondered.


“Long enough, and it wasn’t hard to overhear either. You know you’re supposed to save the best for last right?” Eric jokingly asked with a intimidating stare.


Jinx nervously chuckled before explaining herself “hehehe, sorry Eric. But I haven’t had someone to talk this much to in fucking months, you all know the stories and it’s not as fun telling shit to people who already know it.”


“Hey, I’m fucking with ya, don’t worry about, you were gonna tell her sooner or later.” Eric clarified before turning to Lizzy, something about the way he looked at her was rather sympathetic through Lizzy didn’t notice. “Scared of me Lizzy?”


“...A little” Lizzy admitted.


Eric then got down on his knees again, and told her “If it’s about my size, I understand, even when compared to everyone else I’m still a giant, but it’s about the story, don’t worry, those people were bad news, and as much I’m not fond of Max, I’m not just going to let someone hurt him, even if he’s being a jerk”


“You don’t need to watch your fucking words with her Eric” Jinx told him.


“I know, but I’d rather speak to a kid like I did with Carla when she was Lizzy’s age, you don’t need to swear to prove a point do you after all right?” Eric reasoned, which Jinx couldn’t argue against.


“Max didn’t hurt your eye though, it was that person you threw.” Lizzy told Eric.


“I know kid, that’s why he’s still with us, he may have been an obnoxious asshole to them, but he didn’t throw the first punch. I have plenty of reasons to not like him but that fight isn’t one of them.” Eric explained.


“Okay, can I ask a question?” Lizzy asked politely.


“Sure Lizzy, feel free” Eric told her.


Lizzy was nervous at first but she pulled through and asked “Errmm Max and Nisha say I’m not bad enough to be in your gang, is that true?”


Eric, chuckled as he answered “Mhn, I can’t answer that just yet, but I can tell they’re both willing to risk their lives for you, and not just because you’re a kid. That’s a good start, so maybe Liz, we’ll see.”


Lizzy up and smiled at the thought of having a chance, cuddling Snitch tightly as she quietly remarked “Yes.”


“Come on now let’s go” Eric told the two before they all set off to return


When the three arrived they found everyone gathered around, with a beer next to them, ready to make a toast. they were all happily greeted back. While Carla moved herself so Lizzy could sit between them, Michael handed Eric one the last beers he had.


“Thanks ermm…” Lizzy stopped, not remembering the woman’s name.


“It’s Carla sweetheart, I see you’re staying with us. From what Nisha has told, you’re quite the angel compared to us, she ever tell you about me?”


“Nope, sorry.” Lizzy answered


“Really? Awww, Nisha how could you spend time with her and not mention your only girlfriend?” Carla asked.


“You had a girlfriend?” Lizzy asked.


“No, she was not my girlfriend; I just wanted to know if I liked women as well.”


“Oh now you’re denying our relationship in front of her? Awww I’m heartbroken, and in front of this cutie as well, that’s low Nishy. After we had such good times as well.” Carla responded, almost tauntingly as she smiled.


“I’m not denying anything.” Nisha responded, irritated.


“You deny Max don’t you?” Lizzy told her, sparking a fuse in Nisha “Owe what was that for?” Lizzy asked as Nisha lightly smacked her across head.


“Has he put you up to something Lizzy?” Nisha asked, with a furious glare, before seeing Carla “What are you laughing at?”


Carla, covered her mouth as she laughed before she dissolved into giggles “I think you and me are going to get along just fine Lizzy, see Nishy, even a little kid isn’t falling in for it. Just admit you like me and him in your own separate ways, then we can get to the real fun mhmhmh” Carla taunted, only getting eyes as sharp as daggers from Nisha, “Oh well, seeing you in denial hasn’t stopped being fun yet.”


“Why are you always such a bitch?” Nisha asked.


“What you talking about? Deary I’m just having fun. Come on, you know I’m only teasing.”


Before the conversation could go on Eric stood in the middle of everyone and got everyone’s attention. “Alright everyone, may I have your attention, now as you all know, Nisha has returned and I’m sure you’re all just as thrilled as I am to see one of our Angels is back. As you all know when this city went to hell, we all lost someone close to us, family, friends, comrades in arms. Even back then that wasn’t something new to me but even I have to admit, those few days were much closer to hell then the entire time I had spent serving this country. I can’t say I couldn’t be any happier than to have you guys at my side during those dreadful days. Nisha, when I found out, you abandoned us, I was furious, I even called you a traitor, I was wrong though. I know exactly how much family means, my daughter was fighting by my side, so I didn’t have that temptation so, just to be clear, you have nothing to be ashamed off. Also to everyone else here, I must apologise, I understand we all held the same hatred for Danny, but in our mission we lost many brothers and sisters to accomplish something that would have been done without us, you went with me into hell and some of us never left. And for that, I’m both deeply thankful and terribly sorry. So a toast, to Nisha’s return and to our fallen, whether they be up in heaven by god, or side by side with the Devil. HERE’S TO THE SATANIC ANGELS!”




“What is our motto?!” Eric asked.


“As Angels we shall protect the weak from the wicked by sending them into the depths of hell for Satan's pleasure, for we are his demonic servants!” the gang chanted.


After to those last words, everyone drank their beers and held up their empty bottles to the air.

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Am loving this, great job....

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Just over an hour after having their drinks most the gang went to have a rest while two of them went to guard either entrance to the community, the only ones still awake at the den were Nisha and Eric. Eric took a good look as Lizzy and Carla who were both sleeping on the Sofa, while Lizzy was snuggled up against Snitch on one end, Carla was out cold with her body relaxing rest of it.


Nisha on the other hand was sat on the ground, looking at all the Jackets that were hanging up, specifically the names on them, as she read them, inside her mind flashes images of their faces, one of the names specifically stood out to her, ‘Caroline’. As she was taken back to fond memories she took a quick gulp of beer that she stole from Michael’s container. As the memories slowly sunk in, the fact they were permanently gone also began to weigh on her, but she kept her tears inside.


“You okay Nisha?” Eric asked as he stood beside her.


“Ya, ya I’m fine…” Nisha lied, which Eric saw right through.


“Nisha your lies fall down quicker than Jinx’s pants do at a nightclub be honest” Eric told her.


Nisha sighed as she admitted that she “just can’t believe how many of us are gone. I know I was surprised that you lot were alive when Max told me but, looking at this, just reminds me how many of us aren’t.” Nisha’s tone was rather depressed “That was a nice fucking speech by the way. I know that… you said I have nothing to be ashamed of, but Jackie, my sister, my mother and even my father are still gone, maybe if me and him stuck with you, more of us would have been alive and here right now.”


“Woah now, you had no way of knowing what would have happening, you’re no psychic. You can’t see the future. Maybe I better take that away” Eric told her as he reached for Nisha’s bottle.


“Ya maybe you should, I don’t know what the fuck's gotten over me. I just feel fucking depressed right now. Then again I abandon my closest friends to save my family only to see them all go, only reason I’m here is because I’m fucking lucky, but I don’t feel lucky, not by a fucking longshot.”


Eric just shook his head as he remarked, “You always were a lightweight” before shaking her by shoulder “Nisha snap out of it. Unless you knew what was going to happen, you have nothing to be guilty over. If anything I’m the one who should be guilty, I could have lead everyone here much earlier. But I was too stubborn to let Danny’s betrayal slide, I know everyone else wanted blood, but I should have remembered what I learned during my days in the army; never let your feelings cloud your judgement.”


“Easier said than done though, telling yourself that doesn’t make it easy does it?” Nisha asked.


“No, of course not, but it’s a start right?” Eric asked.


“True, can’t believe Caroline of all people bite it, that woman was tougher than most men, only woman that beat her in the ass kicking department was your daughter over there.” Nisha stated as she turned to point at Carla.


Eric couldn’t help but chuckle “Hehehe, yeah, she wouldn’t be my daughter if she couldn’t make any man’s life a living hell. Though there’s one thing I don’t get about you two, it’s that you both picked Max of all people to be your man”


“Woah, woah, woah… what? My man? For fuck’s sake you too? is there anyone here who doesn’t believe I love that egotistical jerk-off. I don’t fuck…!... He’s my best friend, there’s nothing else more to than that, could I go one day without someone basically saying I want that guy’s dick up my ass?” Nisha complained “Jesus I would rather discuss the fucking weather at this point”.


Eric paused as he blocked the image out of his head “Okay first of all, don’t give me that image. Second, how long are you going to deny that you love him? You’re fooling nobody, I even overheard Lizzy say you deny him, face it, the only people who’ll buy your lies will also believe eating gun power and shell castings will give them ability to shoot bullets out of their asses.”


“Can we discuss this somewhere else?” Nisha asked “I don’t want to discuss this when I feel someone could be overhearing us, right Carla?”


Eric turned to see Carla snickering, “Awww damn, just when things were getting good.” Carla complained light-heartedly “How did you hear me? Trained your ears to recognize my sweet voice?”


“In your fucking dreams, I just learned the hard way to pay attention to quiet noises, not listening almost got me killed more times than my faulty memory”  Nisha stated.


“Why is that not a surprise?” Eric asked himself.


“Ohhhh, you almost had me convinced there, your lies are actually getting better” Carla responded jokingly.


“(Fucking hellfire) I don’t know who has the bigger ego, you or Max, seriously, is everything that implies I don’t want to fuck either of you a lie?” Nisha replied, sounding more irritated than usual.


“Woah there, someone’s a little feisty, retract the claws kitty cat, that’s my job, rowe hehehe.” Carla giggled as she pretended to have claws though Nisha didn’t so much as react other than give her a cold stare, making Carla drop her act, “Okay Nishy I’ll stop.”


“Thanks, could you be serious for at least one mintie? I give Max a lot of shit, but least he knows when it’s time to stop fucking around, I mean fucking Jesus, I was just discussing how we’ve lost so many people, don’t you give a shit?”


“Okay settle down kitty…”


“Carla, look we may be friends, but not even Max pushes my buttons more than you, the only thing standing between my boot and your ass is your father” Nisha stated, getting sick of Carla’s choice of words.


“Okay Nisha I think you need to take a rest. How many of Michael's beers did you really take?” Eric asked, noticing Nisha getting more annoyed than usual.


“I may have slipped one extra when no one was looking” Nisha said as she took out a empty glass bottle from underneath her jacket which Eric took.


“(Sneaky)” Carla whispered before saying “No dad, leave her, I think she has something to say, I wanna hear it.”


“You want to hear it? Alright then” Nisha then stood up and approached her, while she was tipsy she still had perfect balance. “How about you’re a sadistic, stuck up your ass bitch who thinks she’s untouchable because her daddy runs things”


Carla rolled her eyes as she replied “Okay, I see how it is. Dad, me and Nishy are going to need some time alone in the storage."


"I'm not so sure..." Eric replied


"Hell no Carla, you and me are going to discuss this shit right now." Nisha insisted.


"No we're not hot buns, you're going to be a good girl and go to the storage. Or do you Lizzy to hear about our night together, in detail?" Carla asked with a smug, condescending smile.


Carla now had both Nisha and her father’s attention. Nisha may have been between the line of drunk and tipsy, but she understood exactly what Carla meant. Nisha called bluff "You, wouldn't fucking dare..."


"Oh wouldn't I? No one loves corrupting innocents more than I do. You know that better than anyone." Carla reminded with a suggestive wink.


“Okay that is enough Carla!” Eric warned with a raised


“Woah, I was only kidding.” Carla replied, dropping her seductive tone.


“Don’t you dare bring her into this, threatening the innocents of an little girl is not something I’m gonna slide even by you” Eric made clear


“I was bluffing alright!?” Carla insisted.


“Can you guys shut the fuck up, I’m trying to fucking sleep here you fucking wankers!” Max angrily yelled as he quickly woke up and rubbed his eyes “What the fuck is all this about?”


“Nothing, just try get some sleep. After I’m done chatting with Nisha, you and I are going to have a serious talk” Eric told Carla, who didn’t look happy.


“I’m not eight dad, I don’t need to have a talking to by daddy” Carla replied mockingly.


Eric was now furious, “You may not be a child but that doesn’t mean shit if you act like a immature brat Carla. I raised you to be better than that, now you better stay there until I get back otherwise I’ll have you sleeping on the damn floor outside”


“Oh really what are you going to do, drag me out?” Carla asked.


“Don’t you dare test me. Because if you do, I will. And how will you look then in front of everyone? You want me to embarrass you front of everybody, then keep it up.” Eric told her.


“Jesus fucking christ, what’s all this yattering about, can’t a decent guy get some sleep?” Michael said as he also woke up dozy.


“Will everyone shut the fuck up!?” Max yelled, waking everyone else.


Lizzy yawned and stretched as she woke up half asleep, Snitch also did the same before getting up and shaking himself awake.


As everyone woke up annoyed, Nisha had only one thing on her mind “Nice going Max, you fucking loudmouth”


“Like you’re one to fucking talk, you three are the bastards yapping on and keeping me awake, I’m gonna ask again; what the fuck is all this about?” Max repeated.


“Nothing just forget it, me and Nisha will talk somewhere else. Rest of you get some sleep, sorry everyone, it won’t happen again” Eric promised before he and his daughter exchanged a fierce glare at each other.


“Wait, Lizzy come here” Nisha said as she picked Lizzy up who was too tired to complain.


While Eric and Nisha went away, Jinx asked “Carla what the fucking hell was that about?”


“Nothing Jinxy, just rest up everyone” Carla dismissed, with her usual tone.


While Eric and Nisha made their way through the tunnel Lizzy had fallen back asleep, thinking she wouldn’t notice Nisha took off her glasses so there wasn’t a chance of them falling off.


As Eric was rubbing the bridge of his nose he told Nisha he was “sorry about that, I know Carla can get… aggressive with her flirting”


“By aggressive, do you mean fucking blackmail?” Nisha bitterly asked, “Eric, I know she’s your daughter and… I’m no parent but there’s some serious discipline issues going on.”


“I know, again I’m sorry, I didn’t think she’d go that far. I mean you only just got back here and already she’s taking every shot she can at you, you didn’t have to snap at her earlier though.” Eric pointed out.


“Are you fuc…!” Nisha stopped herself from shouting for Lizzy’s sake. “Are you fucking blaming me? She’s the one who threatened to… corrupt Lizzy”


“No I’m not, what she did was out of line. What I’m saying is, you shouldn’t take her choice of words too seriously. You know she’s always been like that, what made today so different?” Eric asked, trying not to lean too much on one side.


“Okay, maybe that earlier part I was a tad out of line but come on, I was just talking about everyone who I’m never gonna see again… at least I hope. And there she goes, acting like the world above us hasn’t gone to fucking shit, I mean she could at least show some goddamn fucking common respect.”


“Don’t say my daughter has no respect” Eric told Nisha, almost raising his voice and point his finger at her aggressively “If she didn’t she wouldn’t have payed attention to my speech earlier. She has her own way coping, just like everyone else, you think she doesn’t miss them? Guess again, she… she.” Eric stopped himself before his temper got the better off him.


Nisha backed down and apologised “I’m sorry man. Like I said, I know she’s your daughter but… that doesn’t excuse threatening a kid, I don’t give two shits if she was bluffing or not.”


“Let’s just sit down, then talk” Eric replied.


The two went to a part of the subway that wasn’t so occupied. Though Nisha could tell a lot of people still awake were eyeing her heavily scarred face as she followed Eric, she was used to it enough that she wouldn’t let it get to her.


Eric borrowed two chairs from a pair of residences who were still asleep and place them in front of each other as they both sat down, Eric took a deep breath.


“Nisha, I know she looks all cutthroat and carefree on the surface, but surely you know as well as I do it’s a little fake, don’t think for one second she doesn’t care. I know she’s bottling it up. I’ve seen way too much hell to not know what people will resort to, to not let despair get to them”


“So she blackmails me as a way to cope? What kind of fucking excuse is that?” Nisha asked angrily.


“Can you tone it down? And I’m not excusing her, I’m just asking you to understand that she’s… she’s… she’s got some issues. Don’t act like she was always like this, you dated her, and don’t say you didn’t. Curious or not, it was still dating.”


“Whatever… but okay, I know she wasn’t. But I don’t care about that, I’m focusing on how she is right now. And what is she right now? Someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of fucking boundaries, she’s just as bad as she was back before zombies decided they fucking existed” Nisha argued back. “When I was coming back here, the only person I was worried about was her, why you think I didn’t leave Lizzy with her? I use to be her friend, now I only say I am so I don’t have to put up with her shit”


Eric sighed inside as he replied. “I know, she may be my daughter but I can’t lie and say she has turned out how I wanted. Nisha, you’ve been with us for a good few years you know, I’ve always valued you, we think more alike than either of us will admit, I can actually imagine this in reverse. I’m asking you this, as both a friend and a comrade. Will you give my daughter a chance, I’m gonna speak to her, and make sure she apologises for her rude behaviour, she won’t in public, she values her independence way too much to do that. Why do you think I threatened to force her to sleep outside like she was still a kid?”


Nisha paused to think for a moment, it took a while but out of respect for Eric she replied, “Okay, for you I’ll give her a chance, but I’m not, unless I’m convinced, not leaving Lizzy alone with her” Nisha then took a good look at Lizzy “Considering her parents it’s fucking remarkable she’s the way she is. And I’m not having Carla ruin that, whether she’s your daughter or not”


Eric couldn’t help but smile at that, much to Nisha’s surprise, “You know, I couldn’t be any happier to hear that. That’s exactly what I’d expect of you. It’s nice actually”


“What is?” Nisha replied, confused.


“Having a conversation like this with someone other than Jinx. At least with you I don’t have to listen to her... temptations for the sake of bragging rights.” Eric explained.


Nisha chuckled at that unsurprised, “Well that’s Jinx for ya, hardly any man is off limits for her.”


“Ain’t that the truth, anyway thanks. I’m sorry the reunion ended like this” Eric apologised.


“Oh don’t worry about it, I can safely say even when the world is fucked you guys are still tightly held together, and that’s more than enough for me to be glad to back… even if it means putting up with Max and Carla, no offence of course”


“None taken. Now, I best be off, my daughter needs a talking to” Eric said as he stood up.


“Wait, Eric. We’ve still got Max to discuss…” Nisha pointed out.


“Never mind that, I’m sure you’ve talked enough today, get some rest.”


“Yeah, let me say something though”


“Okay, make it fast.”


“I’m not gonna say I love Max, I’ll sooner be caught dead than ever say that. But for the sake of argument, let’s say I do. Can you honestly expect me to go straight to him…? Jackie died maybe two months ago at the least, that’s too soon for me to move on to the next guy and I certainly don’t grief by fucking whoever makes me feel comfortable. The point is, I’m not ready for another man, at least for a while.” Nisha explained.


“I understand, have you told Max that?” Eric asked.


“No, I want to but, I’m not sure if Max would either understand or take that as me using his death as an excuse and as much as you hate him. You gotta admit, if there’s one thing he takes seriously it’s his friends even if they drift apart. He may have testicals rather than a damn brain, but he has that going for him”


“You certainly have a point there. Speaking of Jackie, you know I want to hear the whole story of what happened. Those people you mentioned that tried to kill you, did they…”


“Yes. I even remember the face of the bitch who killed him…I’ll tell everyone tomorrow, I’ve got Lizzy’s story out of the way, may as well get mine done with. Eric, what are you going to do once I’ve explained to everyone that a bunch of deranged cultists butchered my family?”


Eric also had to stop to think about his answer “I’m gonna need most of the gang on my side, but if I have my way, we’ll be at war. We’ve kept our distance from the south not just due to the hordes. We lost two people due to snipers and that Becks lost two of her fingers. I’m not the kind to commit a blind search, but with you I’ll finally have something to work with.”


“I’m happy to help; I’ve been waiting a long time to get back at the bastards. But that can wait till tomorrow, if it’s all same to you, I’m going to rest here, I think it’ll best to wait till after you talk to her before seeing her again”


“Fair enough. Sleep well” Eric responded.


Eric then made his way back to the den and found everyone was asleep, including Carla, who Snitch had decided to use as a bed. Considering how everyone clearly wanted sleep, he decided to put scolding Carla on hold till tomorrow, when she would be more likely to listen. Meanwhile Nisha found a comfy enough spot to sit down against the wall. As she laid down she thought about the cult and more specifically the person who killed her parents, how she had just noticed her feelings for revenge were closer than she realised. At first the thought was almost intoxicating, but as she looked at Lizzy, something else was there, but she couldn’t figure out what.

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As most of the people underground slept and night loomed over the city and the moon was at its peak, up on the surface inside the police station, two monks were laying down inside one of the cell rooms. The cell had two small beds, one above the other. The monk below was short ginger haired male with a goatee while the one above him was a light skinned African American with pitch black hair. As the two laid down they both reflected on recent events, mostly what Alex and Ashley were up to.


“Ashley is speaking a lot of time with Alex eh mate? You seriously don’t think they’re doing a little more than planning? I know it’s a sin but, hey they’re both still young and Ashley sure is beautiful, I’d be sure tempted.” the man above asked.


“For the last time no. Why in god’s name would Ashley even think about that?" the man below asked back.


"I dunno, pity maybe? Come on, surely you know Alex has eyes for her, around same age, both can be more emotional than me at a soccer game. Come on it’s basic science" the upper man argued.


"I really don't want to talk about this. And what the heck is that nonsense about science? You got a D in that, you don't know Jack about science Dominic "


"Hey, I know basic biology, when two people love each other they..." Dominic stopped and let his cellmate fill in the blanks.


"Okay, shut up now. There's no love between them, he knows full well, unless a relationship was previously established, a priest can't love a monk. Not even Anderson took our rules as seriously as he does, and why the heck are you so interested in their relationship status? You have any idea how creepy you sound?"


"Well what the hell do you propose I talk about then? Hey Matthew, do you miss porn mags and pizza? There's not much to discuss these days" Dominic pointed out.


"Can you keep your voice down? You can't talk about that stuff and you know why, I'd just rather talk about something that actually concerns us" Matthew responded.


"Fine, fine. (Christ I had to get stuck with you of all people.)" Dominic complained.


"I heard that" Matthew told him.


"Sorry, it's just boring being stuck here. Alex better have some good plans, not just for his own sake. I don't care if I'm stuck on sniper duty, at least I won't be sleeping in these dull cells."


"I hear ya" Matthew responded.


"Who would have thought a holy crusade could be so damn boring? I can't even have a wank to pass the time" Dominic complained more.


"One more reference to anyone's sex life and I swear I will personally pull you off that bunk and throw you out" Matthew then warned.


"Alright I get it you bloody pillock. (Someone's jealous) moving on, what do you think Alex will have in mind once he's finally decided what we should do? Dominic then asked.


"Well, he had us check what's in this place, along with having rest of us marking places for sniper points, I figure some of us will be on sniper duty as you said and maybe trap some of the roads, other than that though, I have no idea. I need to sleep now anyway" Matthew replied.


"Goodnight then"


While the two monks slept, inside the chief's room Alex and Ashley had just finished discussing their possible plans, while Alex wasn't exactly happy, his mood was certainly better than it had previously been the rest of the day. The map the two were looking at had a select few locations close to the station marked with a giant X.


"Okay, it's nothing fantastic but it's certainly a good start, I'm really grateful for your help" Alex remarked as he looked at the map tired but, determined to stay awake.


"You don't have to keep saying that Alex, I know you are. But really, you did most of it, I just made wild guesses. I told you I'm no strategist." Ashley reminded him.


"Maybe I did, but this wasn't all my doing was it?" Alex asked.


"True I suppose. Alex what you said about being an atheist, even with that, I don't think you should blame yourself for anything"


"You really think so?" Ashley nodded answeringly, "You're very forgiving Ashley."


"It's not forgiveness, it's just... I... well if you trust me enough to admit that, I guess I should be honest about something as well." Ashley informed.


"You were an atheist as well?" Alex asked, conclusively.


"No, not at all. I've been a Christian as far as I can remember. But for most of my life, only in name as far as I'm concerned. Want to know what my brother did before all this?" Ashley asked.


"Errmm sure" Alex answered worryingly.


"Dealing drugs." Ashley bluntly informed him.


Alex's expression was blank, he didn't think for a instant the beautiful woman in front of him would have been the sister of a drug dealer, curious and worried he asked "Were you... involved?"


"No, though I knew full well what he was selling. My parents didn't live a good life, my father couldn't hold a job if his life depended on it. My mother on the other hand, knew how to 'garden' if you catch my drift. I didn't like it, but it got us money to survive so I wasn't going to say anything. I didn't help her, Jacob on other hand got into it very well, I was always worried that one day my mum would drag him into he wasn't going to get out off but god brought down his wrath before that happened."


"I see, wow, I never would have thought a pretty woman like you would have ties to drug trafficking. So I guess if this is god's wrath, we're both in same boat" Alex summed up.


"Exactly, so don't think for one second you dragged me along these dark times, I'm just as much to blame as you are, and I'm sure you had a better life than I did." Ashley told him.


"I wouldn't say I did, mine was rather dull, and being a customer service assistant wasn't exactly the most fun job in the world. Granted having an annoying customer say god have mercy on my soul because I couldn't do what they wanted was kinda funny. Though these days, that's all I'm hoping for... really" Alex yawned before finishing his sentence.


"I think we need to get some sleep now, especially you, you've got serious bags under your eyes" Ashley told him.


"I ain't surprised, even with your help I don't think I'll be getting some easy rest. We'll continue preparations tomorrow, hopefully by afternoon we'll have plans ready"


"That'd be best", Ashley then kissed Alex's cheek unexpectedly and bid him "goodnight" before leaving him.


Alex stroked his cheek once she left the room. He wondered why she kissed him, but in end concluded she was just being nice. He then went to sleep on the sofa, but with nothing distracting him, thoughts of Anderson soon plagued his mind, making his rest no easy task.


The next morning underground in the city's subway tunnel, under the advice of Jinx and Eric, Max and Nisha went to the community's only qualified doctor, Jimmy. Paranoid about Carla, Nisha took Lizzy with her, who was holding Snitch. Once they reached their destination Jimmy's reaction to Nisha's scarred face wasn't surprising.


Jimmy was waiting in between the fences that lead to his 'office' at the sight of Nisha he responded by silently asking "(Jiminy cricket, what in the world has she been through?)... I guess there's no doubt you're Nisha?"


"The scars give it away?” Nisha asked.


“Ermm, yeah. No offense but I’ve seen victims of horrible car crashes come out with less scars than you have on your face alone, I guess the bullet wound will just be one more to add to pile right? hehehe” Jimmy nervously joked.


“She’s not as scary as she looks” Lizzy assured him.


“Oh I’d imagine so, moving on, Nisha could you step right in and have a sit down? I know my ‘office’ isn’t exactly ideal, but gotta make do with what little I’ve got. Max, will you and Lizzy wait just outside?” Jimmy then politely asked to which they obliged.


Once Jimmy and Nisha were inside, she could see his ‘office’ consisted of two chairs, a small table in between them, and a locker no doubt filled with various medicines. Nisha sat down on one side while Jimmy sat on the table, to give himself a better position to look at her.


“Now I’m gonna take that torn sleeve off your shoulder, let me know if it starts to sting” Jimmy told her.


“Oh trust me doctor, it’s not gonna sting” Nisha replied “If anything it’ll tickle.”


“What?” Jimmy asked, confused. “I don’t know how that could possibly tickle”


“Jinx should of told you this, I can’t feel pain ermm, Jimmy your name right?”


“Yes, and really now? That explains the amount of scars, people who suffer from… oh what was it called, Con...congenital analgesia tend to not realise the damage being done to their bodies, but even so, I’ve never heard of someone with it having the amount of scars I see on your face and arm, did you roll around in a needle bed?” Jimmy asked.


“No, but in my younger years, I would have been crazy enough to. There’s more to it than that” Nisha informed.


Jimmy raised an eyebrow curiously as he asked “Oh really?”


“Yeah, I not only don’t feel pain, I actually feel the opposite. For me a needle bed would feel much better than a five star hotel’s Jacuzzi” Nisha explained.


Unsurprisingly Jimmy wasn’t going to just believe Nisha on the spot, instead he responded with “Okay, given I’m living underground in a subway because the living dead rule the city… that isn’t too much of stretch for me, but I can’t just believe anything people tell me” Jimmy told her.


“Want a demonstration?” Nisha asked.


Jimmy was reluctant, “What kind of a demonstration?”


“Oh, this shit is gonna be good” Max remarked, looking forward to seeing event unfold.


“Just watch” Nisha told him.


Nisha slowly pulled off her improvised bandage, giggling a little as she put full pressure on it as pulled it, Jimmy watched with unconvinced but intrigued eyes. Once the bandage was off, the partly healed wound was in plain sight.


"You may want to look away Lizzy" Nisha warned.


Lizzy dismissed it with, "I'll be okay".


Just before Nisha could place her index finger on her wound Jimmy pulled her arm away and told her to "Stop right there. Jesus, I didn't think you'd actually do it, either you're telling truth or a serious masochist, in hindsight you'd be both with the former"


"Not exactly, can't say I like feeling something I've never felt can I?" Nisha pointed out.


"That's true, blimey, when I left the redeemers I never thought I'd come across something like this" Jimmy remarked.


"The who?"


"This Christian group up north... north-east. At the uptown hospital, yes, that hospital" Jimmy explained.


Nisha was in disbelief that a group was holding up at the exact same place the first ever person to become infected was held. In her disbelief she remarked, "Are you fucking with me?"


Jimmy instantly became annoyed over Nisha swearing, but he didn't raise his voice much, "Woah, can you mind your language around here, especially with Lizzy right there, she doesn't need to hear those words."


Max instantly jumped into the conversation, "Jim, it's the end of the fucking world. Why the hell do you get your goddamn panties in twist over the word "fuck"?"


Jimmy tried to focus, Max was one of the few people still alive who could really grind his gears.


"Give me a moment" Jimmy politely said to Nisha, who wasn't going to stop him. He then told Max what he felt was wrong with his language "Because most of the time it's completely unnecessary Max, I've told you this before. You want to mouth off like a drunken sailor, go ahead and do that elsewhere, in meantime when you're at my office, I'd like it if you'd respect how I work. And don't get me started on swearing around a kid, I'd ask if you had no shame, but I know answer to that; no."


"(For fuck sake) Jim, I respect ya and all but that wrench lodged up your ass seriously needs removing" Max replied.


"My wha...? I have not... Max, I don't have anything up my never regent, I just have the common decency to not insert a F-bomb every ten words" Jimmy argued back.


"Okay, decency is one thing I'll admit to being fucking terrible at. But at least I don't have virgin ears that bleed just because I hear the word fuck" Max countered.


Jimmy quickly gave up, "I'm not discussing this, look how about we both just shut up and you let me do my job, would that be alright?"


"Sure, whatever, (pansy)" Max quietly remarked.


As Jimmy went back to examining Nisha, she remarked that she "thought doctors were meant to act like professionals."


"Correct, but if what Jinx told me was true, you should know better than anyone how Max can drive even the most patience man out of his mind" Jimmy countered.


"Oh believe me, I do." Nisha assured.


As Jimmy got back to doing his job, Lizzy tugged Max to get his attention and tell him "you didn't have to be mean to Jimmy."


Max lowered his voice, avoiding another spat with Jimmy "It's not being mean Liz, it's being honest, I have a problem with someone, I'll let them fucking know whether they like or not, and I'm not just saying that like other bastards do. I may piss people off, but at least they get what they fucking see."


"Telling the truth got me in a lot of trouble with my dad and mum" Lizzy counted.


"Hey, I didn't say telling truth was always a fucking good thing. I mean look here..." Max lifted up his shirt slightly and pointed at a hardly noticeable scar on his side "...probably can't see it, but back in high school Jinx stabbed me there with a fucking pencil because I told her I thought she was a 'dirty ho'."


"Why did you call her that?" Lizzy asked, assuming it was bad.


"Let's just say back then, I didn't know when to mind my own fucking business, but I eventually learned to not give a fuck about who beds who. And before you ask, the less you know the fucking better. Me and Jinx eventually became friends... a few fists and fucking black eye each later."


"Kinda like you and Eric? Jinx told me about that fight" Lizzy replied.


"Not at all, not sure if you've noticed kid, but I have both of my fucking eyes. Though I have a feeling he wants to take something else..." Max told her.


"Huh? Eric said he doesn't blame you" Lizzy informed.


"Bull-fucking-shit he doesn't!" Max shouted, getting Jimmy's attention. "Sorry, won't happen again." Max assured, though he could tell by Jimmy's glare that he didn't believe him. "Liz that big son of a bitch, can hold a grudge for fucking decades."


Meanwhile Jimmy had just finished cleaning up Nisha's wound, her giggles and held in mourns removed all doubt in his mind that Nisha was serious about her condition. He had a subtle fascinated look on his face as he tended to his seemingly unique patient.


"Well, in all my years of being a doctor, I must admit you're the second most fascinating thing that I’ve set upon...”


Before Jimmy realised what he accidently implied, Nisha repeated the word "fascinating?" with a suggestive look.


"Oh, no, nothing like that, I just meant your condition, never have I heard or even thought about the possibility of someone feeling pleasure rather than pain...sorry, I don't mean to look at you like a new discovery..." Jimmy apologised.


Nisha just shrugged "Don't worry it's cool, took a while but I learned to accept that I'm a very strange person. Besides, I'd rather be a new discovery then be the city freak. You wouldn't imagine the among of chumps who called me that before they learned the hard way, it has, advantages."


"Oh I think I could. And what do you mean by advantages? If you don't me asking..."


Nisha didn’t know exactly how to describe them but she gave it a shot “Well Max isn’t in a rush so killing a little bit more time can’t hurt. Well… it’s not easy to describe, I guess the best way would be to tell you what getting shot felt like, it was like a sudden adrenaline rush hit me then slowly went away, at least everywhere but my shoulder, after a while it just starts to tickle, was not hard not to laugh either for some time.”


Jimmy placed his right hand firmly on his chin as he took in what Nisha described “That’s… a very interesting way to describe it, I can’t say I’d know what to do, I wouldn’t say it’s way off my expertise but, I’m a doctor not a Biomedical scientist. I’m surprised you never made the news.”


“Well, with the exception of my Family, Jinx... and Max, no one really knew I actually wasn’t feeling pain, they all thought I was just some weirdo who loved to get hurt, tried to tell at first but... well no one believed me, Jinx heard me out, we both got picked on for different reasons, Max, took some convincing..  heh, first guy to actually listen to me though..." Nisha quickly shook her head as she stopped herself from rambling on "but anyway. My Dad never trusted doctors, had a hard time trusting anyone really. But... one day, he had no choice but to tell someone."


Jimmy was very intrigued he was taking mental notes as Nisha went on. "What happened?" he asked.


Nisha's expression had become blank, the memories she were recalling were engraved in her mind, she would never forget them as long as she lived, a time so long ago her tears were dry.


Her answer was, "You're digging deep doc, but for patching me up, I guess I can share it with you once... but only once, and I'm sparing the details. That fine by you?"


Jimmy could tell by the tone of her voice she was only telling him out of thanks, "Yeah, I think I'm lucky enough to just get that much"


Now that they were at an understanding, Nisha told him "Well, for starters, would it really surprise that most of these scars were... self-inflicted?"


"Knowing what I know now, no, not really" Jimmy answered.


"Thought as much, they was a time I didn't know pain was real, took some convincing but eventually I realised I was different. Didn't stop me from hurting myself though. My dad eventually thought he finally convinced me that biting, slapping and stamping on my own foot wasn't good. But he was wrong. One day, he went to work and my mother had to quickly go to one of the neighbours for something, my sister normally watched me but she was sleeping over. Leaving me alone was a big mistake, the knifes were in Kitchen... that look on your faces says you figured it out"


Jimmy wasn't too sure what to say, "Ya... Jesus, I can't... can't imagine how your mother felt when she saw... what you did..."


"I can, I remember her screams very clearly... was when I finally realised what I was doing wasn't right... before I passed out. My dad's best friend ironically enough was a doctor, he told him everything, kept it secret. The last thing my dad wanted was me to become a headline for a new discovery... that's all you're getting."


"I'm sorry for what happened; I can see why... must have been terrible. I... don't know what to say."


"Don't worry about it, having someone listen is always nice. Gets be..."


"What's taking you two so long? You jizz your damn pants again Nisha?" Max interrupted.


Before Jimmy could even sigh, Nisha shouted "No I didn't 'jazz' my pants! And what the fuck do you mean 'again'?".


Seeing Nisha already mad, took him a little by surprise, but nonetheless, Max was amused "You know what I mean."


Lizzy had a confused look on her face. Not understanding what Max meant, nor why Nisha was annoyed.


"... Oh for fuck's sake Max, getting shot wasn't orgasmic, if it was I would have on the damn road, not in middle of that damn parking lot" Nisha told him.


"You could have held it in..." Max argued, deliberately annoying Nisha.


"Oh yeah, not like I stop because they were a bunch of fucking bodies next to me. How stupid are you?" Nisha asked.


"Not as much you think" Max snickered as he pointed to Jimmy.


Nisha turned to see Jimmy's palm across his face, it was by then she noticed she fell right into Max's trap and cursed "(You son of a bitch...)" quietly. "Ermm... sorry Jim."


Jimmy wanted to scream but he wasn't going to, instead he replied, "Nisha, I think it would be best we talk again some other time. When your husband isn't winding you up."


"My what?" Nisha asked, only getting a annoyed stare in response, "...I'll be leaving."


"Much appreciated" Jimmy replied as Nisha walked away.


"Lizzy you coming?" Nisha asked.


"Can I stay with Max?" Lizzy asked in return.


As much as Nisha hated to admit it, she trusted Max with Lizzy more than anyone else, "Sure, just stay close to him alright" she then leant towards Max and promised him, "I'm gonna get ya for that you asshole"


"Like ya didn't love it" Max replied with a smug grin.


"One, one of these days, I am gonna fucking kill you..." Nisha then bit her lip and swallowed her pride before asking, "But before I murder you, could you keep a close eye on Lizzy, I don't want Carla anywhere near her"


"Done, I wouldn't trust that bitch around any kid. That cunt can go lower than low to get what she wants... what the fuck was going on between you and her last night anyway?"


Nisha, looked towards Lizzy who was quietly listening, after a quick whisper into Max's ear, Max was ready to punch a wall in rage.


Max, put his right hand fingers against his forehead as he tried not to yell "That fucking, cock sucking worthless ass cunt licking whore. I fucking swear if she did, I don't care if Eric would skin me alive, I would fucking kill that woman."


"Who?" Lizzy asked


Nisha was a little surprised at Max's protectiveness, "Nothing Liz. (When did you get so protective of kids? Lizzy is the only you haven't wanted to kick upside the head.)"


"Nish, we both didn't just save her from that, may he scream in agonising pain for fucking eternity asshole father, barely escape for our lives from a bunch of death worshipping fuck heads, in the goddamn city of the fucking undead just so some stuck up cunt could make Lizzy her damn fucking plaything. As far as I'm concerned Lizzy is one of my friends and no fucker messes with my friends unless they want my fist down their fucking throat..."


Nisha was stunned for a moment, hearing Max rant off reminded her of his almost zealous loyalty. Both of also forgot Lizzy was right next to them.


"You really mean that Max?" Lizzy asked, both shocked and comforted by Max's words.


"Of course I do Lizzy, I wouldn't have said it otherwise, would I have gone looking for ya if I didn't? Lizzy, you're smart and the gang minus Dante is cool with ya, certainly says something when a kid fits in with a bunch of hard ass bikers"


"Wow, you didn't say 'fuck' once then..." Nisha remarked.


"And you ruined it Nisha..." Jimmy told her, "Did you both forget I'm standing right here?"


"Oh, yeah my arm, shit sorry, just I got so pissed off" Max explained.


"I'll forgive that. Can I take a look at it now?" Jimmy asked, no longer annoyed.


"Right, Nisha you better be off... I'm sure Eric wants to hear everything... what's with that dumbass smile on your face?" Max asked, smiling back once he noticed.


"(Not what you're thinking fuck face...) I'm just impressed, never thought you'd say something like that." what Nisha was really thinking was more obvious than never but no one said anything. "I better go, Lizzy stay close to Max alright, no wandering off.'


"Okay." As Nisha walked away, Lizzy quickly hugged Max, "Thanks" before getting gently pushed away.


"Not in front of everyone, I ain't getting soft in front of them." Max responded before heading to Jimmy.


"You know that was a mean trick you played on Nisha" Jimmy stated.


"Can't say I swore though can ya? See I can respect rules" Max cheekily responded.


"That's a lie and you know it Max, all you did was find a loophole... why can't you use your brain for something useful that doesn't involve a gun?" Jimmy asked.


"I ain't a boring guy with manure coloured hair" Max replied as he sat down.


Jimmy paused and looked at Max's smug face, remembering why he isn't too fond of him.


As Nisha headed towards the Den ready to tell Eric and the other about her family and boyfriend's murderers. She was worried at first, but hearing Max's rant reminded her greatly of the kind of people her fellow gang members were and while she knew what was coming, the fact that those people, even Carla, would have her back, gave her comfort in what was sure to follow.

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During the time Nisha and Max were making their way to the doctor with Lizzy accompanying them, Eric was about to have a needed talk with his daughter. They were both inside the room that the gang was using to store their food and weapons. Everything was sorted into groups, food and water were kept separate and the food was separated into subcategories, such as vegetables, fruit and meats. The reason their talk was in their was primarily so Carla would be more cooperative.


Carla evidently didn't think the talk was necessary and tried to play innocent "Dad can we just move on from this? I didn't mean what I said, I'm sorry"


Eric was the last person who would buy her act "Don't you play dumb with me, you know what you did was wrong. Whether you meant it  or not, you don't blackmail someone and use a kid to get what you want, had it been anyone else I would have had them thrown out permanently. It's disgusting knowing that my own daughter is making me bend the rules."


"Dad, please. I may have been too pushy, but she called me a stuck up bitch, I couldn't let her just walk away after that" Carla argued.


"I'll tell you the same thing I told her, yes, she shouldn't have taken what you said so seriously, but, you didn't have to threaten her by exposing her fuc..." Eric paused so he didn't blow up, "You shouldn't have talked to her like that in the fucking first place. I know we all have our own ways of dealing with loss, how would you react if someone was coming onto you during your time of grief?"


Carla eyes shifted to right and left, her father was the only person she couldn't walk away from, "I wouldn't take it well, but Nishy..."


"No buts!" Max interrupted, "Carla, you're twenty-seven, maybe twenty-eight, yet I have to talk to you're like a damn teenager"


"Oh, like you know what I was like in my teens" Carla replied.


"That's besides the point!" Eric responded, almost yelling at what Carla was referring to, "I may not been there to see you, but I know damn well your mother raised you better than that. If she's still alive out there...she's probably thinking you're a bandit right now..."


Carla suddenly regretted her snide response and tried to approach him "Dad..."


"Don't change the subject. Where was I(?)..." thoughts of his ex-wife, removed his anger, and replaced it with regret. "Carla, look, what you did, was inexcusable. 'Corrupting' a kid, I've dealt with people who brainwashed kids on a daily bases. Hearing you threaten that kid's state of mind after... where did I go wrong...?"


Knowing of her father's war history, her mind was also regretting "I wasn't serious alright, I heard what Nisha said, after what that cute munchkin has gone through, did you really think I'd actually do such a thing?"


"I...I don't know" Eric admitted.


Carla was shocked at the thought of her own father thinking she'd actually go so low, "Dad, you... you actually think I'd do something that messed up?"


"Carla, I thought a lot of things about other people that turned out to be wrong. Even your mother if you remember. I'm been through enough to know, you can never truly know anyone, including family..." Eric sighed at how the subject got sidetracked to something much more personal. "You say corrupting Lizzy would be low, yet you're fine bluffing about it, I don't see how that makes things better for you. You threaten someone with a unloaded gun, all they will think is you threatened them with a gun. I'm going to make myself clear, I love you Carla, but if you threaten that child ever again, I will personally have you exiled from here"


"You'd have me out there fending for myself!?" Carla yelled.


"No, that's not something I could ever do. I would have exiled from the den, this place we've got here, is for making the people around here feel safe. What you did goes against everything we stand for. 'Protect the weak from the wicked' the one thing I don't want is you to be the wicked and if forcing you to live like those poor people out there, is how, that's what I'll do."


"Dad, please let me say something." Carla pleaded.


"Alright, it better be good."


"Alright, I'll admit I went too far, I promise it won't happen again. But I'm not your little girl anymore, stop treating like I am. I can handle my own problems, I'm lucky the others didn't see you threaten to make me sleep outside like I'm seven. Okay?"


Eric didn't know if he should've been furious or disappointed by Carla's response, "Handle your own problems? What would you have done if I hadn't of intervened?"


"I would have had a talk with her right here and told her I was making that threat up... you were right to stop me though... I'll... I'll apologise to Nish, not in front of everyone, they don't need to know"


Eric didn't show it, but he was relieved to know Carla at least met him halfway "That we can both agree on, you two have been slowly drifting apart. A few months apart hasn't changed a thing. Hope last night wasn't the final shove."


"Me too dad, I'll tone it down. I got too excited seeing her again... ugh, I hate myself sometimes." Carla remarked.


"Just respect her boundaries, don't do what Max does and constantly cross it, only reason he gets away with is because Nisha loves him for some reason" Eric told her, "Nisha is going to tell us what happened to Jackie and her family once she gets back, can I count on you to take that into account when you apologise later?"


"Of course you can Dad" Carla quickly replied.


"Can I. Count on you?" Eric repeated.


Carla slowed her words down as she answered "Yes, you can."


"Good, I'm going to go see the others now. No doubt the gambling duo is waiting to see which of us leaves first, those guys need to find other hobbies. I'll give you some time to think things through"


Before Eric left, Carla had a question she really wanted an answer to "Wait, dad are you ever going to stop treating me like a child? I'm way over half your age, being treated like an adult would be nice."


"I will, the moment you start acting like one" Eric answered.


Once Eric left, Carla sighed and took out her knife from her hostler, it was a world war one trench knife that been modified for use in world war two. Its handle was golden brown, and its blade was a reflective silver, its previous owner obviously took good care of it. Angry at her father, she performed practice swings at the air until she calmed down.


The moment Eric left the storage room he was greeted by Jordan complaining.


"Goddamnit you win again, Michael I swear you've got some kind of fucking sixth sense or something, you win way too many times."


"Ain't nothing like that man, just the luck of the Irish" Michael stated.


"You're not fucking Irish or even half Irish" Jordan pointed out.


"My brother was half Irish, his luck rubbed off on me" Michael then said.


"That's not how it fucking works! It sure didn't 'rub off' on ya at the casinos did it(?)" Jordan asked, taking a jab at Michael's past gambling days.


"That's different, those fucking machines are rigged I know it" Michael argued.


Eric just shook his head and told the pair "you both seriously need a new way to pass the time. At this rate you'll be making bets on which boot I put on first"


"Don't give the fuckers ideas" Dante responded, who was behind the entrance sandbags, keeping watch while Arron was sleeping against a wall.


"Well I would have something to do, but since none of you guys like checkers, I'll bet on whether or not Eric has a bigger right butt cheek if I feel like it." Michael replied.


Eric chuckled while he hid the fact that something was bothering him. "Well you boys better think of something before it gets to that. Dante, was Jinx on post right or left?"


"Right mate", before Eric passed him Dante expressed his concerns "Are you really serious about having that kid stick with us? I get it'll make us look friendlier to others but, that's not us, we use to be hardcore motherfuckers who took shit from nobody, I don't want us to be reduced to a bunch of soft shit babysitters"


"Haven't we been through this already? Dante look if it was before all this, I would been on your side. But things are different: we're not on the road now, we're taking shelter underground. If it were the old days, I would have had Nisha settle down. Right now, that kid is best off with us, at least I hope so" Eric responded. "Beside if Max can get along with that Kid, so can you"


"Max doesn't hate kids as much as he says or thinks he does, he hates the little fuckers that scream and nag all the fucking time. I hate all kids, I can't stand any of the bastards."


"Dante, only thing I can tell you is give her a chance. She seems a good kid. Better than some I can certainly say... it's not like she's tagging along with us on road riding a fucking bicycle is it?" Eric joked to distract his thoughts.


Dante chuckled for a brief moment, "Oh if that happened I'd be fucking gone already... alright, I've give her a chance. But if she's more trouble than I can take, either I'm out or you'all be seeing me on guard and scavenge duty a whole lot fucking more."


"Fair enough. So long as you give her a chance, I'm fine." Eric told him.


Dante then felt something about Eric's tone was off, leading him to ask "You alright dude? You sound like something is bothering you"


"There's just something on my mind, gonna have a talk with Jinx about it, she's probably in a chatty mood like always" Eric answered.


"That's Jinx for ya, if she ain't talkin ya ear off, she's sucking you off" Dante stated.


Eric laughed agreeingly as he pondered "Yeah, I wonder when she'll drop her... 'subtle hint'. Speak to ya later."


Eric then made his way south towards the community's south entrance. Jinx was sat at her post talking to one of the non-gang members. He was in his early 30 and had fully black dirty clothing and shaved beard, he was bald and also spoke with a clear French accent.


"Sorry about yesterday, an old friend came back, so I completely forgot" Jinx apologised.


"No problem, a friend coming back at all this day and age is nothing short of fucking miraculous" the man replied understandingly.


"You said it. So is tonight good? The maintenance room back there still isn't in use" Jinx told him as she pointed her thumb behind her and smiled.


"Hehe, oh you know it is" the man replied gleefully as he leant in and kissed her. "Hey... I think you should know, with Mark, Becks and Simon gone now, Adrian is getting a new scavenge team ready... I was thinking..."


Jinx knew where he was going with the conversation and took over it "If you're wanting my permission stud, you've fucking got it. I ain't gonna hold back by a leash. Though if you have one, feel free to use it tonight, been awhile since I've had one of those used on me hehehe..."


"I'll see if there's something I can use, and thanks doll".


The two then started kissing for a short while till Eric surprised by asking "Am I interrupting something?"


"Oh no, we were just...(get the fuck outta here Joie) having a... arrangement... shit!" Jinx cursed, knowing Eric had already caught on.


"I'll see you later Jinx, good day Eric" Joie bidded as he walked away.


"Good day to you too" Eric replied before he turned to face Jinx and ask "Another addition to your herm Jinx?" curiously.


"No actually, lord and behold I have a real fucking boyfriend now" Jinx clarified, much to Eric's surprise, though he was suspicious to nature of it.


"One that isn't to last just a trip in bed?" Eric joked.


"Very fucking funny Eric... no I thought I'd actually give having a real boyfriend rather than a fuck buddy for a change, granted they'll be plenty of fucking if I have my way. Don't tell the others, the cocky bastards already know I'm no stranger to the London bridge, they don't need more ammo for their jokes."


"I won't. Before I get to why I'm here though, I have two questions; does he know you've slept with more men than you'd find in a whole city's worth of strip clubs, two does this mean you'll stop trying to fuck me?" Eric asked.


Jinx's answers were "Yes and only if he's not into three ways."


Eric wasn't surprised, he laughed before saying "Even having a boyfriend isn't going to stop you from attempt to fuck every guy with a heartbeat. What if he's only for ones that involve another women?"


"Not anything I'm new to" Jinx shrugged off "So what's on your mind anyway?"


Eric took a early breath before he began to explain why he came over "It's about Carla."


"Father issues?" Jinx summed up to which Eric nodded. "I heard I slept through some fucking argument between you and her, that right?"


"Almost, Nisha was also involved. Carla said some things, and they've lead me to wonder if I really know her. Nisha is going to explain what happened to Jackie and I know it's going to be painful for her, she doesn't need to be paranoid about Carla."


"I think it's best I don't know what she said, it's no secret Carla is a bitch, how much of one I don't want to fucking know" Jinx responded.


"It's not just what she said last night that's bothering me" Eric clarified as he backed up against one of the walls. "I scolded her over it not long ago, she admitted she was wrong but, she made a bigger deal about me treating her like a child, act like one, you get treated like one is that so fucking hard for her to..." Eric again paused to take a breath.


"Calm down Eric, fuck if you undid your hair you'd look like a fucked off mountain Lion" Jinx told him.


"With a eye patch..." Eric sighed "Sorry, don't know what I expected coming over here, last thing I want is to be torn between choosing sides concerning Carla and Nisha, should be easy, but Carla... she doesn't make it so."


Jinx didn't have too much to say, Nisha was her best friend for years so in regards to sides, her opinion would be biased.


"I don't really know what the fuck to say, no father really knows their daughter no matter what they fucking tell themselves. What good parent wants to admit their child is an asshole? Not saying... well I just did. You get what I mean."


"Yeah, Carla isn't the easiest person to work with. I won't deny that, you two hardly talk to each other, Max hates her guts, heaven knows what Nisha thinks of her now. The rest of the boys fear her in some way or another... if she could just tune it down or at the very least act her fucking age things could be much simpler."


"Well, you know what she's like, I like to give my men all the control, she likes to have total control over her men and women. And not to blame you but..."


"I should have seen this coming... I know, just never fought she'd go so far..." Eric sighed, anything Jinx could tell him he already knew. "Over seven years of service and yet it's my own daughter who has me more worried than anything else, Max is a pain in the ass but at least with him you get what you see. Carla... I just don't know where I am with her or what goes through her head sometimes."


"Well, sometimes being a parent can make ya blind to your own kid's fuck ups, I mean my dad was a fucking lacked hippy, spent more time puffing weed and spouting government conspiracy bullshit than he did keeping tabs on his sex starved, bitch beating daughter, not the best example but..."


"I get your point..." Eric felt a tad better getting his thoughts off himself but he wasn't closer to solving the problem, after a quick breath he thanked Jinx for hearing him out. "Should have paid closer attention to her... Nisha should be back at the den by now, best to not keep her waiting, let's go. Appreciate ya listening to me, promise not to tell anyone?"


"Eric I may say a lot of shit, but if there's one thing I know, it's when to keep my mouth shut" Jinx told him.


"Shame you can't apply that to your legs" Eric joked before they both set off. "Why did you decide to settle down with someone all of the sudden anyway? You use to average five guys a week, surely a few of the men you fucked and left were boyfriend material."


"I'm not too sure, just after everything that happened with Danny and such, the thoughts been drawing on me that there's gonna be hardly any men I can settle down with. I mean, I know plenty of the men I fucked were nice and all but... I always figured I'd stick with one once I retired from vigilante justice but... well, with how things are it may not be long till I retire permanently, ya follow me?"


"Yeah I follow, you want to have someone close because it's likely your days are numbered... not a good state of mind to have. But I can't blame ya for having it. How long has it been going on for?"


"Just less than two weeks, can't say I love him just yet, but he seems my type, tall, tough outside, soft inside. You know, like you."


"For the fiftieth time Jinx, it is not happening. Did you really that of all things would work?"


"Unless he says loud and clear 'no threesomes' I'm gonna try every fucking trick in the book soldier boy" Jinx made clear.


Eric knew attempting to convince Jinx otherwise was a fruitless endeavor but her persistence did lighten things up. "Jinx, there's just no stopping you is there?"


"Not at all, you'll have better luck convincing Nisha to open her legs to Max than you’ll ever have of closing mine" Jinx answered.


"Okay, that's enough now" Eric replied, not wanting certain images in his mind.


Just as Eric and Jinx had made their way back, Nisha consistently had also just got back. Considering the news she was about to give, she seemed oddly happy, especially to Eric, “What’s got you so happy?”


“Mhm? Oh nothing, just released whatever happens after this, I’ve got some great guys covering my back, heck… as much I hate to admit it, Carla is certainly someone I can rely on in a pitch.” Nisha answered.


Eric was pleasantly surprised, he welcomed her answer, however he knew it would take more than that to fix the situation between her and his daughter.


“I’m glad to hear that, Jinx, go get Megan, and Max if Jim is done with him” Eric ordered.


Nisha quickly stood in Jinx’s way, so she could tell Eric “I think it’d best not to tell Max the whole story, you know how he feels about bringing up the past and Lizzy, well she doesn't need to hear it.”


Eric understood and changed his order to just getting Megan.


“Very considerate of you eh Nish?” Jinx asked.


“I’m just being good to a friend you dick craving midget” Nisha replied.


“Sure, and hey I’m honest about my cravings, unlike you Misses cock block” Jinx responded.


As Jinx walked away with a smile on her face, Nisha stuck up her right hand middle and index finger at her and replied "oh fuck you" and laughed. "At least my ass isn't on offer to every man with a pulse!"


As Nisha turned to face Eric, she could tell he expected her to dreading what was about to come, in truth she was, but she knew Eric was reliable.


"I'm not gonna ask why you seem all cheerful, but I'll let you know regardless of what's said, I'll have your back"


"That's exactly why I'm smiling. Eric, I'm gonna wait out here till Jinx and Megan get back. Need to prepare myself."


"Of course" Eric then went inside the Den. As he went inside, he could see Carla sat on the back end of the sofa acting her usual self. The two exchanged a look: Eric's told Carla had better behavior herself, while hers said she could and she didn't have to be told.


While everyone waited for Jinx, she passed Max, Lizzy and Jimmy and headed straight towards Megan who was looking half asleep.


As soon as Jinx called her name she replied "changing posts already?" with a straight humorless face.


"A hi would be nice you know" Jinx responded.


"Hi, changing posts already?" Megan asked again.


Jinx would bring issue with Megan's blunt, to point attitude but she had already learned it would be a pointless argument, so she just told her "Forget it. No Eric wants us at the Den, Nisha has something she wants to tell everyone, except Max"


"Why not Max?" Megan asked.


"I think it's concerning Jackie and her parents, it's gonna be pretty fucking grim" Jinx answered.


Megan's straight face remained the same. "Understood"


"Come on Miss T-800, before Nisha gets cold feet" Jinx ordered.


Megan told Jinx her joke was "not funny" before following her.


As they made their return a reddish brown haired, middle aged man wearing a black hat and coat along with a white shirt with a grey and black striped tie around the collar called out to them.


“What do you want Fisher?” Jinx asked, not looking forward to talking with him.


“Nothing much” the man replied before his tone suddenly got aggressive, “I’m just wondering why I wasn’t informed that a member of your little vigilante gang had made a return, first Lizzy, now this woman who I hear has scars all over her body. I shouldn’t have to rely on gossip to know when someone has arrived.”


“Not to be funny, but she has just arrived yesterday after being gone for months, sorry for being excited my best friend has come back.” Jinx replied sarcastically,


“Listen here you, I found out about Lizzy, when she had ‘just arrived’, that’s forgivable. But that woman is one of you, by my count that’s plus one to your gang and two less of us, I know that asshole Max is back, he just flipped me off a few seconds ago”


“What’s your point?” Megan asked.


“My point is, if Eric wants things to stay neutral between us, he damn well better make sure I know what’s going on in that little squat we negotiated. Remember it’s only because the public wills it that you have the majority of the guns, if I had my way…”


“We wouldn’t have had them, I fucking know… look if it’ll make ya happy, I’ll tell Eric you want to speak with him, now if you don’t mind, me and Megan need to go” Jinx responded before walking away.


“I thought one of you was supposed to stay on guard duty, at all times. Something I’m missing here?” Fisher asked.


“We have a meeting to attend” Jinx answered


“About what?”


“Doesn’t concern you” Megan answered in Jinx’s place.


“(The fucking cheek of those assholes) Everything that goes on here concerns me. You better let Eric know I want a word with him.”


“I just said I would!” Jinx yelled back, leaving Fisher with his anger.


Angry at Fisher, Jinx went off into a small rant as she quickly walked forward, not taking notice of her surroundings “Fucking paranoid asshole, oh yeah, no thank you for saving Mark’s kid, you know the abusive asshole you were friends with… for fuck sake, oh yeah, did you know he was hitting a kid behind your back, or were you too busy saying, fuck those Angels to even notice….Arrrgghhh! I fucking hate that prick, how did he get in charge?”


“No one else wanted to be” Megan answered.


“I know Megan, fuck… what the fuck has he done to earn it though…”


“Organise rations, scavenge parties, map out looted buildings, give everyone living space…”


“Shut up Meg...I wasn’t asking you” Jinx clarified.


“Ask questions, expect answers.” Megan responded.


“Fucking smartass, okay, maybe he has done something to qualify as a leader, but he’s all up in people’s privacy, I fucking despise people like that. Let me fuck who I fucking want thank you." Jinx covered her forehead as she noticed she was getting furious too quickly.


“You okay?”


“Yeah I’m fine, just really gets under my skin when people poke their damn nose everywhere…” Megan then grabbed her by shoulder, “What is it? Oh... ” it wasn’t Megan who asked her, it was Nisha, Megan just stopped her from wondering off.


“Oh, shit, I really stormed off on one. Yeah, just got really pissed off” Jinx explained.


Nisha had a confused look on her face, “I noticed. Someone get in your face and start calling you a whore or something?”


“No, no, no… just a fucking asshole who wants to know everything that happens here” Jinx explained.


“Adrian pissed off yet again?” Eric asked.


While Nisha wondered who Adrian was, Jinx told Eric, “Yes he is, as per usual. He wants a word with you for not telling him Nisha arrived yesterday, I swear he thinks we gonna outnumber everyone some-fucking-how.”


“How the fuck could we do that? We’re what...ten biking assholes without bikes and if Lizzy counts, a little tomboy. Yeah, fucking army right there.” Michael responded.


“Can someone just make that bastard a tinfoil hat already? He damn well needs one” Arron added.


“Guys, guys, guys. Let’s not not get distracted here. Nisha has something she has to tell us. I’ll deal with Adrian later.” Eric told everyone before the conversation got side tracked. “Nisha you ready?”


“Not as ready I was earlier to be honest…” Nisha admitted as she was starting to get anxious.


“Need another…”


“No…” Nisha took a deep breath as she told Eric “I think about it too much, I’ll… let’s just get it out of the way. Eric, mind if I take center stage?”


Eric moved out of the way and let Nisha stand with her back against the storage room. Nisha kept her eyes looking down until she reached the storage door, she then turned and made herself very clear to everyone.

“Now, I didn’t want my return to be a downer, but… well everyone of you better be fucking listening to me right now, because I am never repeating what I’m about to say, you’re all wondering what happened to Jackie… my parents... my sister… even a few of my friends who none of you except Jinx have ever met, well, I’m about to tell you…”

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As everyone gathered around, their ears opened as their eyes fixed on Nisha; she looked around to make sure they were listening. They all knew her story wasn't going to be pleasant in the slightest.


"Are all of you ready?" Nisha asked, getting silent stares and nods as answers.


"I'll take that as a yes. I'll start from the beginning."


The day was April eighteenth; the sun had only just risen above the clouds. Nisha was outside wearing a black short sleeved shirt and was leaning against the wall of a house that was surrounded by a green field where not a single being between the lines of dead and alive could be seen. To the east and west one could see the roads that lead out of the city, but the way out was blocked by a huge concrete wall, which was impossible for any human to climb over.


"When the Army had withdrawn and left us all to die in this god forsaken city, my Dad decided the best place to hold up would be that house in between the highways at the very edge of the city. I wasn't too sure, but he made a point that with if the Army bombed the place, which they did of course, we'd be way out of the firing range... he was right, so we went there..."


Nisha had a troubled look on her face; she was looking down with one hand placed firmly against her belly. As she heard arguing coming from inside, a few tears fans down against her cheeks. The intense drama was concerning her, she knew it was going to happen but nonetheless, it still hurt her.


"As you know, my mother and my father especially, were never fond of you guys. No matter what I said, you were all nothing more than 'punks who just hate laws because they mean consequences'. I thought maybe after me and Jackie went to save them, he'd change his mind at last... I was so fucking wrong... I underestimated his stubbornness again..."


As the arguing continued a Asian man went outside the front door, completely furious, he swore at the people inside before slamming the door. The man was none other than Jackie, Nisha could easily remember him wearing the traditional leather jacket the gang typically wore, complete with the Angel symbol on the back. She could also remember the silver earring on his left ear, silver necklace around his neck and the black sock hat he was wearing the day he had died.


When he turned to see Nisha upset, he apologized for how the argument had dissolved into nothing but meaningless shouting, but emphasized that her father was unreasonable. Nisha said that her father had every right to be angry, but admitted he was overreacting somewhat.


“It was a shit day that day, Jackie was usually able to keep things neutral. But not that time, it had been a long time since I had seen him or my dad so worked up, to be fair though. They both were right to be… it was a touchy subject. I know Jackie could be… well a total suck up, but not this time.”


Michelle put his hand forward before asking “What could be so important that even Jackie wouldn’t get down on his knees and suck dick?”


Nisha just reminded him that that “like I said, touchy subject.” evading the question. “Anyway…”


Jackie told Nisha he understood why she’s willing to stand by her father no matter what, but the way she just stood and took his harsh words to her was pathetic and he was even more mad at her for not sticking up for herself. Nisha tried to reason with Jackie, saying that she wanted to but she just couldn’t, it did nothing to help though as Jackie stated that, that meant Nisha was scared of her father. Nisha then snapped and yelled that she’s not scared of him; she just felt what happened was their fault and they both should have known better. Jackie stepped back just before Nisha had burst into tears.


“Wait, Nisha I know you said it was a touchy subject but, what on earth had you so on edge you even cried?” Arron asked.


“Ask me one more time and I’ll stop, it’s fucking irreverent.” Nisha angrily threatened. 


“Everyone let Nisha just say what she wants to say. Alright?” Eric ordered.


“Alright, sorry. (Damn)” Arron replied.


“Look things were just tense there. My father never forgave me for joining you guys, we fought over a few things, I just couldn’t argue back then. If we hadn’t of been on the outskirts, I’m sure those zombified fucks in the city streets would have heard us… before the people who found us did anyway… Before that though, Jackie proposed an idea...”


In emotional disarray Nisha hugged Jackie and slammed her right fist against his shoulder, spouting only partly coherent pleads of confusion on not knowing what to do, and being split on her love for Jackie and her family and how hard it was to choose. Once Nisha stopped hitting him, he hugged her back awkwardly and told her the stress wasn’t good, only just realising how imbalanced her emotions were. He apologized for yelling for her, but said things were only going to get worse if they stayed.


“‘Well what can we do’ I asked. Then the proposal came…”


“He wanted to leave with you didn’t he?” Eric asked as he caught on.




After Jackie proposed they leave, Nisha was stunned. At first she didn’t think he was serious, but once she realised he was.


“I could understand why he wanted to leave, normally I would be outraged at the idea, but I was too stressed out and tried to be angry anymore. It was only halfway through the day and I already felt like shit… so I heard him out”


Nisha didn’t reply at first, after a while Jackie asked if she was okay. Nisha said she was and told him to go towards the concrete wall as discussing such a subject so close to house could turn out disastrous. They went south towards the walls that were sealing them inside the city, passing two of Nisha old neighbours who had stayed outside to avoid the argument that happened, their faces were blank in Nisha’s mind for she hardly remembered them, only detail she knew for certain was there were a couple.


“I can hardly remember their names, I know they were married. I hadn’t spoken to them in years, getting back with them was so awkward, we had changed so much we couldn’t really get along, so we mostly just greeted each other and helped one another. Good people that was for certain. Couldn’t blame them really for staying out of our shit.”


The two asked if they were okay, Nisha told them they were surviving, for what that counted for. Once they were by the wall Nisha asked if he was truly serious about leaving not wanting a single bit of doubt she heard him right. He confirmed she heard him correctly. Nisha took a deep breath and said if they did leave, where they would even go, and would it be just them two.


“I couldn’t believe I was considering it, have things really gotten so tense I was willing to leave my father… the man who had saved me as a child? That’s what I asked myself… what thoughts to have the day you see your father alive for the last time…”


“Nisha, want to take a quick break?” Eric asked, noticing Nisha was on verge of tearing up.


“No, I’m pushing through this… I not backing out.” Nisha insisted.


“Nishy don’t push yourself so hard, we’re all here for you” Carla told her.


“That’s funny coming from you, you bitch” Nisha snarled.


“Nisha... don’t. She’s just trying to help.” Eric calmly ordered.


The rest of the gang were confused to why Nisha said that to Carla but Eric understood clearly, the thoughts inside her head were upsetting and Carla after yesterday was an easy target for her to take out her grief on.


“Sorry… you’re right, just give me a minute..”


The gang was feeling awkward, what they were told so far wasn’t needed, but they all got the sense that it was something she needed to say, and none of them wanted to rush her. Though they hoped she’d get to the point soon.

Once Nisha had pulled herself together, she got straight back to continuing her story.


“Okay. where was I…? Right, while I was considering leaving my family behind… they were still the issue of where would we go, and who would go…”


Jackie admitted he hadn’t thought of that and the idea had only recently come to him. He suggested heading somewhere north along the highway as the undead were likely in low numbers on account of the gunfire they heard coming from northwest. Nisha admitted that was a good plan and it made sense to stick to coast, but what of the two they just past? Would they want to come along and if so would they let them? Jackie said that if they wanted to, he wouldn’t complain, confessing it was really just Nisha’s parents he wanted to get away from, her sister however was welcome.


“To say Jackie had only just thought it up, I gotta say, he had it all figured out...”


“That’s Jackie for ya, that guy was always quick to think up an escape plan” Jinx added.


“Heh, speaking of escape plans…”


Nisha had to ask why her sister was okay in his books, Jackie answered that he felt her sister was in same position as him and was trying to keep things calm between them. He then jokingly added that he had thought of threesomes involving her but that was beside the point, getting a fierce stare off Nisha, making him go back on what he said.


"What a dumbass" Jinx commented.


"Yeah, his timing with jokes was still terrible, nothing was changing that. But, he wouldn't be Jackie if he couldn't sweet talk his way out of it" Nisha added.


Jackie went on to say that it wouldn't do it in reality and that even if he did, he would probably focus on her before changing his word, saying he would focus on her, because he obviously loves her, though not to say he didn't find her beautiful and her scars gave her character. He then shut up before his ramblings got worse.


Nisha smiled and complimented his save; though she made it clear she could tell he was lying about not doing it in reality. After punching him in shoulder and calling him a "perverted asshole" she hugged him and said she doubts her sister would leave her parents based on fact she has more in common with them than her. Jackie agreed she had a point, however for him, in end it was up to her whether they went or stayed; his mind was already made up, he was just waiting on her decision now.


Nisha didn't have an answer at that moment in time; she said she'd think about it and have a answer by tomorrow if not tonight. The two then kissed before Jackie stated he just wants what's best for them.


“Damn, knowing what you know now, it must be…” Jordan commented before Nisha interrupted him.


“Yes it is….I know I’m taking forever, but please. Will you all stop interrupting me?” Nisha asked, irritated at the interruptions. After Jordan apologised Nisha told everyone “yeah though, knowing what I know, all I can think of is that… I can’t it’ll just drive me nuts… moving on…it was too much to think on, I was considering it. But again, this was my family I was talking about; I couldn’t leave them at the drop of a fucking hat.”


Nisha stated she already knew that, he had just proved that in the earlier argument and that she wanted the same for him, but she’d need to think about it. Jackie was fine with that, but told her, if she chooses to stay, there's only so much of her father he’ll be able to tolerate before he’ll no longer stand him.


Nisha could understand, she only asked if he’d give her till tomorrow for an answer to which he said he would. After thanking him, Nisha took a look towards the house, seeing her father looking both mad and disappointed. Nisha sighed as she looked down to ground and acknowledged she’d have to talk to him sooner or later, it was obvious she was dreading going back inside.


Jackie then took a look towards the window and sneered at Nisha’s father. He told her she’d best talk to her dad sooner and get it over with as he’ll just get over time. Nisha agreed and asked if he was coming with her, he replied, saying he wouldn’t and still needed time to cool off before speaking to her father again. Nisha sighed in disappointed; her father was the only man in the world she truly struggled to speak up against, especially alone. Jackie then told her straight that he knew the sigh meant she was expecting him to hold her hand, he then said while he was sorry for saying she was scared of him, they was no denying she in some way intimidated. Nisha wanted to explain to him why she was so reluctant, aside from Max, no one in the gang knew the true reason why she loved and respected him. Now wasn't the best time and for she knew then, Max could have been dead.


"I know you guys don't know the details over why I mostly spoke of my dad in high regard despite him always being a pain in your asses and the most I've given is that he saved my life. I don't see much reason to hide it now... but let's get to that another time"


Nisha told him there was something that stopped her standing up against him, and she'd maybe explain if they leave and find somewhere else. Jackie then said "okay" before telling her to hurry before he comes out himself. Nisha complied and went over.


"So I went inside, even though I didn't fucking want to...I'm not going over what we talked... no, yelled about. It was just a whole lot of pointless noise. I still remember my dad wearing his reading glasses and that brown coat, matched his eyes. My mum and sister were in their traditional dress, even... even when the whole world wanted them dead, they still held onto those stupid fucking traditions, why the fuck did they matter in the first place..."


Eric then spoke out on behalf of everyone else, "I don't mean to rush you, and I know you want to let everything you can out... but can you speed things up?"


"I'm almost to what you're all really wanting to hear. Just give me a few more minutes... after arguing with my dad, I storm off into my room and locked myself in, like a bratty child. That argument... had settled things; I was going to leave..."


Nisha was sat down on her black, white skull covered bed with her hand against her face as she mumbled in anger while her family argued among themselves downstairs. Feeling like she had been forced to make a choice she never wanted, she was confused over if she should have been more angry or upset, tears were close to escaping her eyes and her breathing was fast paced.


Not long after there was a knock at the door, after asking who it was, she heard Jackie’s voice. After unlocking the door she let him in and locked the door again. While Jackie said the locking was unnecessary, Nisha stated she didn’t want to see her father for a while. While Jackie lent against the room draw he asked why she looked like she was about to cry a river, having heard the arguing but not understanding a single word of, and he wasn’t going to ask her family who could be heard still arguing downstairs.


“My dad had said something, something I have all but forgotten, after all the shit that happened later it didn’t fucking matter anymore, I just know it was the final nail in the coffin. Besides, I know he didn’t really mean it…”


After telling Jackie what her father had said, he was about to head back downstairs in a fit of fury but Nisha grabbed his arm and told him he’d just make things worse, it didn’t matter, she had made up her mind; they were going to leave. Mad at her father, she felt he didn’t deserve to know beforehand and they should leave by tomorrow night. Jackie then asked about the others, to which Nisha said after what just happened she’s sure they’ll understand. Jackie didn’t argue against that because if what she just told him was true, anyone would understand why. Jackie had only one question on his mind; when they go, should they try finding the rest of the gang?


Nisha paused, the thought hadn’t occurred to her. Before she could pondered with the idea however…


“That’s when they came...”


A loud bang followed swiftly by a bloodcurdling scream was then heard outside, mere seconds later another shot was heard followed this time by a woman telling to surrender and that they’ll be shown mercy if they compile.


“I quickly looked outside my window to see who was out there before Jackie pulled me back, just in case they were full of shit… or if ‘mercy’ was just a bullet to the head. I remember just as clearly as the scars on my face, the brown robes they were all wearing. I didn’t see any of their faces, mind you I couldn’t, they were all covered by those fucking disgusting flesh masks, all except one of them… but I’ll get to that fucking cunt soon enough. My dad wasn’t the type of guy to surrender...”


Nisha quickly rushed downstairs her STI Grand Master at the ready; her father was in the living room pressed against the window with a Mossberg 500A while her sister and mother were at the kitchen. Forgetting their argument for the time being, Nisha joined him and asked how many he saw, to which he reported four or five, all wearing brown robes. Jackie wasn’t far behind, armed with a Ingram M-10.


“They were using the cars along the highway to hide, While we prepared for them, we were too late to realise they were only a distraction though…”


They were once again asked to surrender but this time they were answered with a “go fuck yourselves” from Jackie. Their response was gunfire, which they returned. Jamie told Nisha to head back upstairs to get a better view and reminded her to keep her head low. Nisha ran back to her bed and got on her knees to get a better view. The moment she raised her head a bullet went right through the window, luckily hitting only her hair.


“I didn’t just cut my hair short just for survival reasons… gunshots don’t make a good hairstyle let me tell ya.” Nisha joked to lighten the moment to no effect. “Back to point…”


Nisha nervously chuckled at how lucky she was as she fell backward before quickly getting back up and firing off three rounds. She then went towards her parents’ bedroom in hope their sights were focused on her room. Before she could see if her plan would work she heard the smashing of a window and her mum and sister’s screams coming from downstairs, Nisha yelled out “Kiri!” as she heard Jackie and her father yell out before she noticed white gas starting to flood the room at first she thought it was tear gas, but it was just smoke. The back doors then burst open…


“I don’t know what happened then, I know we put up a fight, with the smoke blocking our downstairs vision, they rushed us. Turns out there were nine of them. I ran down the stairs and tried to get my mum and sister but that was pointless. Once the smoke cleared, we were surrounded and outnumbered, so we surrendered.”


Nisha, her family and Jackie were taken outside with their hands against back of their head and rifles being pointed at their backs. A woman with small green eyes and brown hair was waiting for them by the field where the other two were still whimpering from their wounds, the man was shot in the kneecap while the woman was hit in the shoulder, as they were forced onto their knees, the man’s pain was quickly ended as she fired a round into his skull. She stated that it was for the best as, if he lived, his end would have been more painful. The woman screamed before one of the robed figures forced her up in line with the others.


“I remember that bitch’s face clear as day, she congratulated us on putting up some resistance, said if we had surrendered straight away it would have been boring, I thought God was meant to be all about peace…”


The woman praised their resistance but criticised that they were fools for picking a location where they could easily have been cornered by the undead if they hadn’t of attacked by them, and then criticised them even more for not leaving when a battle at a nearby prison had occurred, asking if they were relying solely on luck. She took the silence as a yes.


At the nod of her head, her men forced them all down to the floor with the stocks of their rifles before forcing them against their head. Nisha’s father complained that they had surrendered and there was no need for their actions. The woman said that to the contrary, they were necessary, she explained that each and every one of their was equally guilty of spitting in the face of God, except for maybe Jackie based on him looking like a gang member. Either way they were all heathens in her eyes, equally deserving death. She then noticed Nisha giggling, thinking she was amused, she ordered her to face her.


“That’s when I looked right into her eyes, to say she’s supposed to be followers of God, all I could see in her cold eyes were a fucking devil, that sadistic grin she had when she thought I was giggling because I was scared… I was scared though, no I was fucking terrified...I knew...I knew what coming...almost…”


After taking her attention off Nisha she then declared that if because they had based their choices solely on luck, luck would then decide which of them would get to live in the end.


“My dad was the only one who still had the balls to speak up against them...not that it mattered, my mum and sister were begging for mercy, to her what she was doing was mercy compared… compared to what she said we deserved… me and Jackie looked into each other’s eyes… I know he wanted me to be the lucky I...didn’t know...I didn’t know what to think…. I didn’t want anyone to die and I sure as fuck didn’t want to be the so-called fucking lucky one!” Nisha then screamed.


“Nisha calm down” Eric told her.


“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down!” Nisha yelled. Nisha was now devastated, it was this part of her memory that hurt more than any of the others, but nothing was gonna stop her finishing now “She then took out a fucking revolver, decided a reserve game of russian roulette would be fitting, she killed one of us already, so they was only fucking six of us left, seeing how my dad, still had the nerve to yell at them he was first, bang! Then my mother, bang! Then it was Jackie….I… I saw his face the moment she put a bullet in him… the other woman was next… bang a-fucking-gain… then it was me… seeing how there was just me and my sister left, they forced us to stand up… we were both crying our fucking eyes out and I know that woman wasn’t losing a single bit of fucking sleep…!”


“Nisha!” someone yelled, trying to snap her back into focus.


“Shut the fuck up!" Nisha screamed.


"I... we looked into each other's eyes, I was hoping I'd be one to get shot... I know what my sister wanted... she got it, when I heard the hammer I... was begging her to shoot me, fucking bitch said, the terms were clear... my sister told me it was okay... no it fucking wasn't...then that cunt had the fucking cheek to say we were both being brave... any good sister would say the exact same fucking things! The moment I heard that final bang... I was just about ready to kill myself...hell I would have thanked her if she decided to kill me anyway... would have spared me the month of fact I thought she was going to, she had someone inject something into the back of my neck, said it would purge the sins from my body, whatever the fuck that meant... but nothing happened, I got sick but I got better. Some fucking purge... they left me alone after that, they knew I wasn't going to do anything...they left me my gun, empty of course, fighting chance I guess... I knew the undead were coming...I had only managed to get my sister and Jackie inside before the runners came and..."


Nisha then fell down to the ground onto her knees and just dissolved into tears, everyone around her had no idea what to say. Except one.




Nisha then suddenly felt Lizzy cuddling her. It didn't take long for her to realise that if she was here, that also meant Max was. Nisha looked up to see Max with a shocked and horrified look with raging anger behind his eyes. It then dawned on her that the one part she didn't want him to hear, he heard. 

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The den was in a deafening silence. Nisha held Lizzy tightly as she tried to pull herself together, feeling like she had just reopened a giant wound within her mind. She may not have known physical pain, but she knew what it was like to have her mind in agony.


"Don't cry Nisha" Lizzy told her.


"I'm okay Lizzy, I'm okay... I'm okay" Nisha replied.


The rest of gang exchanged looks at one another, wondering who was going to speak up first, the silence and uncomfortable awkwardness was getting worse, but no one knew what to say, nor wanted to be the first talker.


Max was stood with his right hand against the fence, not knowing what to do, he rubbed his other hand around his face, holding back his building rage and urge to pick Nisha off her feet, not knowing how she'll react.


Eventually Eric stood in and lifted Nisha up on her feet, standing right beside made him feel everyone's eyes were looking directly at him and her.


"Nisha get up, let me take you in here" Eric told her calmly as he escorted her to storage room "Lizzy, can you come along as well please?"


As the three of them went inside the storage room Nisha told Eric "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I shouted at ya, I...I had forgotten how painful it all was...I'm sorry"


"Don't apologise, you didn't forget the pain Nisha, you just locked it away. Some pains last forever, and all you can do is lock it away and hope it stays locked, believe me I know." Eric then rested Nisha onto floor and comforted her with "I don't want to leave you like this, but I need to let the others know what we'll be doing. Before I go let me promise you; we're gonna find that bitch and make her pay for everything she did that day, if things go my way, that cult is gonna fucking burn."


"Good, after what they did, nothing... nothing could make me happier" Nisha replied as sorrowful anger left her lips. "I... must have looked fucking pathetic back there..."


"No you didn't, I'd be worried if you managed to keep a straight face. Watch over her Lizzy" Eric responded just before he walked back to gang.


Lizzy didn't respond, instead she watched Nisha sob. Lizzy slowly walked to her, her whimpers could almost make Lizzy want to cry. Lizzy told her "it's okay Nisha" and "that woman can't hurt you anymore... I'm here for you".


Nisha then lifted her head to look at Lizzy; the sadness in her wet brown eyes was clear as day. Nisha then invitingly put her arms out, to which Lizzy went forward. The two of them wrapped their arms around each other, with Lizzy lightly patting Nisha's back, it was all she could do to make her feel better.


"You're a good kid Lizzy, you're a good kid" Nisha muttered.


Meanwhile Eric stood silently as the gathered their thoughts.


"Dad, I... is she gonna be...I'd really like to let her know I'm..." Carla mumbled as she picked up her thoughts.


Eric knew what she was trying to say so he answered "She's not gonna be okay, not for a long while, and give her time, she's in no mood to speak to anyone."


Carla then asked the question that was on everyone’s mind "Alright, we're not gonna to sit around here are we? No one should do something like that and expect to sleep all cosy at night, especially to one of us.”


“Unless most of the people say no, which I really doubt. You can damn well bet we’re gonna make them pay, but Carla, before you start picturing what you’re gonna do to them with Miss cutthroat there, I want you to remember this isn’t just about us, how many others do you think were up there just trying to get by before a bunch of deranged death cultists butchered them. These aren’t just a threat to us; they’re a threat to everyone in this place.”  


Carla took out her knife with a mischievous smile replied “I understand dad, protect the weak and all that, you reminded me earlier...Face it though, this is gonna be personal for all of us. Nishy and Maxy especially, poor dears.”


“Dears?” Eric noted.


“Dad, I know they both don’t like me, but love’s tough eh?” Carla asked.


“To say you’re my daughter, our definitions of love couldn’t be any more different… this is not the time to discuss it though…” Eric stated.


Arron, Michael and Jordan were caught in their own conversation.


“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a real itchy trigger finger right now” Arron stated.


“Man I think we all are, that shit was beyond fucked up. I haven’t seen someone break down like that before, when Nisha gets out of there she’s gonna look totally fucking FUBAR” Michael replied.


“No shit Sherlock, she’s gonna look a whole fuck ton worse than that time you realised you blew all your life savings in Vegas.” Jordan replied. “I’ll be honest with ya through, my trigger finger isn’t as itchy yours, I don’t think picking a fight with those guys is a good idea.”


Michael was Flabbergasted “Jordan are fucking serious, after hearing that shit? You’re gonna let these assholes get away with it, Jackie may have sucked dick if it meant getting pussy, but he was one of us damnit. What about Nisha, her family was killed one at a fucking time”


“I was right here when she said, I haven’t fucking forgotten already. We’re talking about starting a war with a cult of god knows how damn many. They can walk among the fucking deadies, what can we do?” Jordan asked.


“We have the fucking subways man; we can hit them where ever we damn want.” Michael pointed out.


“He’s right Jordan, we could recon wherever they’re hold up and blow those fuckers to pieces before they even realise they’ve seriously fucked with wrong people.” Arron added.


“I ain’t saying they haven’t, one of us is a force to be reckoned with, but Nisha and Max were lucky to escape alive. And what if one of them figures out we’re holed up here? This place will be a fucking death-trap if they figure out we’re hiding in a dark ass tunnel.” Jordan argued.


“Well, I’m sure a few 7.62×39mms can silence a few weaknesses.” Arron replied.


“That’s what I’m talking about Arron. Jordan, these bastards are on a goddamn hunt, what about if they find us anyway, I dunno about you, but I’d rather die showing a couple of these bastards that me and them are gonna be sharing the lava beds in the same anel chambers of hell.” Michael stated


“I still don’t know about this, we’re down to less than half of us, I’ll stand by you guys, but I don’t want to pick a fight I’m certain I’ll lose.” Jordan replied.


“I’m sure it’s not just gonna be us man, what about Lizzy’s parents and those other two, I’m sure they had a few friends that’ll be wanting in on our upcoming killing spree” Arron replied.


Jordan still wasn’t sure that taking on an enemy he knew little about was a good idea, he felt like he was the only considering that the subway was a double edged sword, they could attack from multiple directions, but the cult could easily trap them if they discovered their location.


Dante was next Megan as he usually was, he asked Megan if she had anything to say about this and her response was a quick “I feel like killing a bunch of fuckers”


“That’s all you have to say?” Dante asked.


“Yes. Nisha is a friend, they killed her family, what else is there to say?” Megan asked back, giving Dante a cold soul piercing stare.


Dante had to admit she had a point "Well... fuck all else really, I feel the same fucking way. Would it kill you to show an emotion every once in a while though?"


"Told you before, I prefer to keep my emotions inside." Megan reminded.


"Right, sorry. Well could you tell me how do you feel at least?" Dante asked.


"Angry." Megan's expression became even blanker; she never liked truly expressing herself and preferred to keep both her words and thoughts simple. "Now please leave me be."


"Alright, cold as fucking ice you are." Dante commented, to which Megan just looked up and sighed in silence.


Jinx on the other hand had nothing to say, all she could do is take in how her best friend lost her family, Kiri was also a friend of hers and hearing how she died had her speechless, covering her mouth and looking around as she processed everything. She soon noticed Max doing the same, but he was also pacing around the entrance and looking up to the tunnel’s dark ceiling.


“Max, are you okay?” Jinx mistakenly asked.


“Am I okay?” Max asked with a condescending, sarcastic smile before repeating himself, “Am I...okay?”.  Furious, Max just needed a minor excuse to go off on rageful rant “Oh I don’t know, I just heard some fucking cunts just executed the parents of the best woman I’ve ever fucking knew one by fucking one, like fucking cattle and put a bullet in one of my goddamn fucking friends as well, never mind the fucking fact she loved him!”


“Max, calm down alright?” Jinx asked, not wanting an argument.


“Calm down? Calm fucking down?! I haven’t even gotten fucking started yet, and you’re telling me to pipe the fuck down!? Fuck off you sex depraved Nympho, if you were just into cunts just as much you are into dick, it wouldn’t have surprised me if you slept with the fucking bitch beforehand!” Max yelled.


“Hey! Now that’s below the fucking belt asshole!” Jinx yelled back.


“You two, calm the fuck down!” Eric ordered.


Jinx and Max were in no mood to settle down, both pent up full of bloodthirsty rage.


“Me!? This asshole fucking started it!” Jinx shouted.


“Oh suck my fucking dick! I know you want to, you’ve been trying to for over the past fucking decade! Well go right ahead, I’m giving you an open invitation right now! Go on, blow me!” Max dared.


“Oh I’ll blow it alright! I’ll blow it to fucking pieces you asshole, what the fuck’s your problem!?” Jinx demanded to know.


“My problem!? I think it’s pretty fucking obvious what my problem is! Let’s see, aside from what I said earlier, I had my balls crushed twice fucking yesterday, once by motherfucking commando over there! I had a bad fucking sleep last night thanks to cuntface over there!” Max then briefly faced Carla for a second and told her “and don’t get me started on the fucking shit you said, yes I fucking know you whore! I ought to rip out your fucking eyes!”


“You dare touch her, and I’ll rip your head off Max!” Eric angrily warned.


“Oh fuck you Eric, what I can’t take a fucking gun without getting fucked up by you, but that bitch can get away with the shit she said last night huh? I stole from you to save a fucking kid, what’s her excuse!?” Max demanded to know, getting nothing more than a vicious stare from Eric. “Yeah that’s what I fucking thought, she’s just daddy’s girl isn’t she?”


“Max, that’s between us!” Carla stated.


“I don’t give a flying fuck! You sado bitch! You can fucking rot for all I care!” Max made clear.


“Max, I’m warning you. You better watch what you say next, I’m getting close to putting you in the fucking ground!” Eric told him.


“Go a-fucking-head. After all the shit I’ve been through the past three days, you could put a gun to my head and I wouldn’t do shit. You know what Jinx, I doubt I’m feeling anything there anymore so go ahead, blow them away!” Max said as he opened up his arms.


“You’ve fucking lost it Max!” Jinx stated as she went right in front of him


“Really, I didn’t notice! Go on then, take that Uzi and shoot me, I won’t stop ya.”


That was the final straw for Eric, “That’s enough!” he ran in and pushed Max against the fence, knocking him off his feet, inadvertently knocking Jinx down. Noticing that, he apologised to her and picked her up.


“You okay Jinx?”


“Yeah, I’m fine, fucked off but I’m fine. What the fuck’s wrong with you Max, I just asked if you were fucking okay… god-fucking-damnit...asshole!” Fed up Jinx started quickly taking deep breaths to keep herself


Meanwhile Max was still angry, though Eric forcing to ground wisened him up, albeit just slightly. Part of him wanted to punch Eric across the face for shoving him to ground, but he knew one punch from Eric could knock him out cold.


After hearing Jinx’s complaint about him, his response was “Well if you didn’t ask me a such stupid fucking question, I wouldn’t have fucking exploded.”


“Max you can shut your damn mouth, I know you’re angry, we all are! But what you said was out of fucking line!” Eric shouted.


While Eric’s loud deep voice could intimidate and even scare Max and the other members easily, when Max was angry not even he had much chance of calming him down.


“Oh shut the fuck up Eric, you’re only mad because I told you the fucking truth, it’s okay when your little girl does something but if any of us did it we’d be castrated and thrown out!” Max told Eric, who couldn’t deny it.


“Max, just fucking chill alright, we’re all worked up. We’re all in the same damn boat here” Jordan said, trying to settle things down.


“I fucking know that shit head, I also know that fucking six foot, black beard, captain Santa Claus over here is playing favourites.” Max replied.


Not knowing what Max was even ranting about, Jordan said "Dude, just chill alright. This shit is about Nisha not us."


"Do I look fucking stupid to you? Have I got ‘cunt’ written on forehead?" Max asked as he pointed to his temple. "I know, and I also know how fucking lucky we all are!"


"Lucky? Lucky about what? That we're stuck here with a raging lunatic like you?!" Eric replied.


"No, but now that you mention it yes, you fucking set of bastards are lucky, because who's the 'raging lunatic' that got Nisha here? That's right, this one! But that's not what I mean Eric, what I mean is; how fucking lucky are we Nisha is alive and here? After all the shit she's been through, she found us again, all because some god fearing bible thumper decided fuck this place, if that hadn't happened I wouldn't have fucked off and found her. And you know what Eric, you should be telling that tattooed bitch of a daughter you've got, she should fucking appreciate that! You know what never mind, I'll fucking tell her: Carla, you're being a completely unappreciative, fucking bitch! Nisha has gone through fucking hell and only now has she reunited with us, her fucking friends, and she's doesn't need you ruining everything, you, fucking, worthless, cow!"


Everyone was now in silence, from listening to Nisha's depressing story, to Max's rage full ranting. Eric and Carla especially were stunned, Max had always been one to let his emotions flow out without much direction, but given focus, Max wasn't an easy man to argue with.


"Well?! Tell me I’m wrong, I fucking dare you!" Max shouted.


Eric may not have been fond of Max's attitude, but he knew Max had hit the nail in the head, so he turned to face his daughter and said "Carla..."


"Yeah?" Carla didn't know what to think, she both loved seeing Max's passionate rage, but didn't like the point he made.


"You wanted to be scolded like an adult right?... well there you have it..." Eric admitted.


"What?" Carla replied in surprised.


"You want me to treat you like an adult? Well this is it; Max is right. You should appreciate Nisha is here, if you don't well... you can... you can fuck off" Eric didn't want to say those last words, but Max had him pinned into a corner.


The rest of gang had no idea what just happened, but they could all sense it. Someone had just been put in their place.


"What, the fuck just happened?" Dante asked, completely baffled.


"I don't fucking know Dante but, Jesus where the fuck did that come from Max?" Jinx questioned, seemingly forgetting her earlier argument.


Max just scoffed at the question, "Did everyone here just get fucking lobotomized while I was away? That woman in there, has just told us the fucked up shit that happened to her, and you're fucking surprised I'm not sitting around with my thumb up my ass like Jordan would prefer (shut the fuck up, I've had enough shit today)? Carla, has been a bitch too, and I simply wasn't fucking having that after the shit she just told us. She's your best friend Jinx. Tell me you wouldn't do the same thing." Jinx didn't answer, "Exactly. Now, I'll be going to your post before another one of you cunts asks me something that's fucking obvious." Max then walked off, still angry, but most of his rage let out, as he walked away and loudly voiced his current thoughts, “What a bunch of fucking idiots!” leaving everyone at the den to take it in.


Eric looked around, he saw his gang were both confused and questioning what Max was referring to in his rant against him and Carla. Eric still hoped the incident wasn’t going to go public. Carla on the other hand, impressed and worried, was still taking everything in.


Seeing no one else was going to ask Arron propped up the question “Carla, what did Max mean when he said you weren’t appreciating Nisha’s here?”


Carla hadn’t felt as nervous as she did for a long time, “Me and Nishy sorta got in an argument last night…”


“About?” Arron went on.


“It doesn’t matter” Eric intervened. “We already went over it, Carla is gonna apologise to Nisha once she can, aren’t you?”


“Yeah of course, I went a little too far on Nishy, poor girl doesn’t need any more trouble from me” Carla answered.


“No, she really, really doesn’t. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not in the mood for anymore shit today. It’s not even lunch time yet and I’m more fucked off than Michael is after a night’s vodka binge” Jinx added.


“No I’d say Megan is at that point.” Michael said as he pointed to Megan who was rubbing her hands around her forehead while her eyes were shut. “Migraine?”


“Yes, is our meeting finished? I’d like to go back to my post and relax Boss” Megan requested looking exhausted.


“Not yet, Megan still got one last thing to attend to.” Eric knew there had to be some unspoken doubts in the minds of the others. “Okay, I know you all probably want a break, lord knows I do. But we still have another matter, I don’t know about you, but the thought that not only are the murderers of our comrade Jackie up there roaming free, but are also part of a cult that wants to kill not only us, but every else here doesn’t sit well with me. I know Max wants these cultist freaks six feet under, what I want to know is; do all you?”


“I think I speak for everyone when I say; fuck ya we do.” Dante answered.


“Yeah, I know we’ve done some fucked things to some people, but executing a family like that isn’t just low, it’s fucking unforgivable. I’d love nothing more than to return the favor, see how those bastards enjoy being on the other end of a firing squad.” Michael added.


“Woah guys, shouldn’t we think this through?” Jordan asked.


“Jordan what is they to think over?” Arron asked. “We just talk about this.”


“We did, but you’re not getting the full fucking picture, this is a tunnel, a goddamn tunnel with limited ways in, if they wanted to fuck us up, all they’d need to do is attack us from both sides, then they’d tear us to pieces. No way those guy don’t have automatics waiting to be used.” Jordan argued.


“Jordan, you have a point, but it’s either wait for them to find us or we strike first. Which would you prefer?” Eric asked.


“I’m not saying we shouldn’t go out there and kill them, I’m just saying we’ve gotta play it fucking safe. “ Jordan emphasized.


“That I agree on, I’m not suggesting we just grab our best guns and start kicking down doors and finding them. We’re gonna plan this out, and even though I think Nisha has already said enough, she’s the best lead we have to finding out where these assholes are based.” Eric pointed out.


Meanwhile Nisha was still holding on to Lizzy as her tears and eyes began to dry. As the last of her cries became whimpers, she felt Lizzy put a necklace around her neck.


“Huh?” Nisha lightly moved herself back to see it was the one Max had given her; a red pewter star with a silver dragon behind it and its head through the middle. “The necklace Max gave when we... Lizzy why are giving me this? I said you can have it.”


“Because I think you should have it.” Lizzy answered.


“Why though? It’s not… it’s not Jackie’s I thought it was, but no, it just looks the same. I remember now… ” Nisha hadn’t noticed it at first glance, but there was a subtle difference between them, Max’s had a little engraving around that read ‘For my special babe’ seeing those words, brought back memories of her and Max still in their teens. She again started to cry, but the reason was entirely different.


“What’s wrong Nisha?” Lizzy asked, thinking she made a mistake.


“No nothing's wrong, just I can’t believe I fucking missed the engraving Max did on it. I remember the night he gave me this, was just after we… did things. I didn’t notice he wrote this if you can see it” She put it in front of Lizzy, but she couldn’t make it out. “It says ‘for my special babe’ I didn’t realise till next day, the sneaky bastard. He’s always full of surprises. Dumb as a sack of bricks at first, but he’s a good guy with a few tricks up his sleeve once you get to know him.”


“Is that why you love him?” Lizzy asked.


“Lizzy, I don’t…” emotionally exhausted Nisha could no longer see the point in lying and instead asked “ I really that obvious?”


“Yes, you’re a bad liar…”


Nisha then spontaneously started chuckling “You don’t have to fucking tell me that, pretty much everyone knows it. Even Jackie could tell I still had feelings for him when we went out on dates... my sister even said at one point I was being stupid when I started going out with him. Not that she didn’t like Jackie, she just felt Max was obviously my be honest… when that bitch had that gun pointed at my head, Max was on the top of my head… I… fuck I’m so stupid...I thought I should have confessed to him before running off… but when I see him again, I’m back to saying the same bullshit I said tons of times before...I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying. I’m supposed to be upset but I’m talking how I can’t fucking admit I love the guy who made my life so much fun…”


“Why won’t you tell him? Max saved us from… those men who…”


“It used to be because my Dad hated him, my dad was all about tradition, following the rules, speaking like a gentleman and all that, Max was none of those things. To Max, life isn’t worth living if you’re not going to enjoy yourself. As far as he’s concerned, traditions could go fuck themselves if they’re boring as hell.”  


“Your dad didn’t want you doing anything he didn’t like did he… like mine” Lizzy summed up.


“ dad didn’t hit me but, boy could he get angry. Max being different wasn’t the big problem, was the fact I wanted to hang out with him, I even snuck out at night to go hangout with him and Jinx, he even taught me how to fight so those assholes at school would leave me alone. Wasn’t easy, but I learned.”


“Nisha why don’t you tell Max you love him now? He loves you, and he’d protect you. He’s gross but he’s nice. I don’t get it. But then again my mum liked my dad once...I think...”


“I know you’re young, but trust me, even though I’m twenty-eight, I still find love confusing... Thanks Lizzy” Nisha then hugged Lizzy.


“What for?” Lizzy asked, confused.


“For making me forget I was so sad… and making me see sense… I don’t know why I’m lying to him anymore. I didn’t want him to hear what happened because I know how protective of me he is. He’ll want to make that damn bitch pay for what she did...”


“I want to help too. You saved me, its fair right?” Lizzy asked.


“Sorry Liz, but no. I don’t want you to get hurt again. You’re a brave kid, but this is something you’ve got to let the adults do. I know we haven’t know each other all that long, but… you’ve no idea how bright you are, eight years old and you’re trying to be there for me. Now could a horrible man like him have such a beautiful girl like you is beyond me. You still have that locket around your neck?”


“Yeah. only picture I have of my mum… wish my dad wasn’t in it… he was a asshole...” Lizzy answered.


Nisha couldn’t help but giggle at Lizzy swearing “Do yourself a favor kid, don’t swear. I know what you said is true but… don’t swear. And definitely don’t be Max, it doesn’t suit you.”


“Okay.” Lizzy replied.


Feeling like she realised a lot, Nisha sighed with relief before kissing Lizzy’s forehead. Nisha then got up and took Lizzy’s hand and told her “Come on lizzy it’s time got out of here. Max has no doubt pissed everyone off and said a lot of shit.”


Nisha then left the storage room just as Eric said she was the best lead they have to knowing where the cultists are.


“You want know to where those fucking pricks are? I know the ones who attacked us at the street are hold up at the police station in Newtown. You want to start our vengeance for Jackie and my Family? That’s where we should start.”

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Sorry that's it's been a while since the last part.




Everyone was surprised to see Nisha come out so early, while her dry eyes make her sadness clear, one couldn't mistake the lust for vengeance inside them.


"Nisha? You okay? I thought you'd be stuck in there..." Eric asked.


"Yes... well not exactly, still feel strange in chest, but I feel better though thanks to this Angel." Nisha explained as she smiled at Lizzy.


"Angel?" Lizzy noted "Does that mean I'm...?"


"No Liz..." Nisha interrupted, knowing what she was going to say.


"Oh come on...!" Lizzy complained "Eric said I could join!"


"He did?" Nisha asked while she gave Eric a wondering stare.


"I may have said I'm open to idea..." Eric answered "but that's not important right now. Glad you're feeling better, but Nisha I think you should rest, we can go over what we're going to do tomorrow."


Nisha was exhausted, but she was in no mood to rest, "Eric, that's not gonna happen until I know for certain we're gonna get back at those fuckers. I ain't resting till I can sleep knowing they'll need to keep one eye open. It may take me over five months to clean my room, but it'll take me less than five seconds to put a bullet between their eyes."


"Nish, ya don't need to worry about that, we've all got ya back. This is personal for of us" Michael told her.


"Yeah, Jackie may have been second only to me in the dick sucking department, but he was a good man, I'm with you on this" Jinx added.


"I'm with you too, that shit they did was fucking disgusting, and that woman thinks she's going to heaven? Please, the bitch just signed her one way ticket to hell" Dante chipped in.


"You're a friend Nisha, you didn't deserve to see them die in such a way, I'll help you put them down" Megan calmly informed.


"I don't like the thought of those fucking murderers having a good's night rest while we have to be content with living in this dump. As long as we play your cards right, I'll be with you too Nisha" Jordan stated.


“I won’t say I was fond of your parents, but they didn’t deserve what happened to them, Jackie was a cool guy as well. This is personally for all of us, including me. I’ll cover your back Nisha, if you’ll cover mine.” Arron told her, leaving Carla to be last one to say something.


Carla could feel everyone was looking right at her, whether she liked it or not she would have to say something, otherwise she’d look bad in front of everyone. "Nishy, I'm sorry I was a really bad girl last night. After hearing everything that happened... I... I see how much I messed up. You don't need me making things worse, so I’ll say one more time, I’m sorry. Jackie was a lucky man to have a fierce tiger like you, he didn’t deserve what happened, I promise if we get our hands on that woman, just give me the word Nishy and I’ll make her squirm and beg to your heart’s content.”


While it wasn’t phrased the way he would have preferred, Eric was happy to see Carla apologise in front of everyone. As much as he hated to admit it, Max was the push he needed to make Carla own up to her mistake. Unsurprisingly Nisha was shocked, not so much by everyone saying they’re in, but more so at Carla’s lengthy apology.


With a suspicious and baffled look on her face, Nisha asked, “Who pointed a gun at your head while I was away?”


Eric then explained that “Max said a few things, and as much as I don’t like him, I’ve gotta admit he made some good points. While she could have phrased it better, she means every word.”


“He did? I thought Max would be throwing a fucking temper tantrum, speaking of which where the fuck is he?” Nisha wondered just as she noticed he wasn’t around.


“Oh he threw a fucking tantrum alright. All I did was fucking ask him if he was okay, then he started yelling at me to blow off his nut sacks. I know he had good reason to be angry, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel like punching his smug face and shoving a pencil up his ass” Jinx clarified, regaining her previous anger.


Nisha felt guilty about that so she apologised on Max’s behalf. “Let me guess, he called you something along lines of a whore didn’t he? Sorry, that’s my fault, I knew he wouldn’t take it well, I shouldn’t have spent too long on the details.”


Eric wasn’t having Nisha blame herself, “You’re not to blame Nisha, and Max should have better control over himself. We’re all angry at what happened, but our anger should be focused on the cultists that did it, not each other. We’re all angels, and we should look out for each other. I’m not saying Max isn’t, if anything he won’t be having your back, no, no, no, he’ll be standing in the line of fire to protect you, just like I would for my ex-wife if I’ll ever get the chance to. Don’t get defensive when I say this, it doesn’t matter how many times you deny you love him, even to you it’s unquestionable he’d willingly bear the same scars you’ve endured.”


Nisha was still not in the mood to start denying her feelings, if anything being so drained of energy allowed her to be more willing to listen.


“You know Eric; you’re starting to sound like you admire the numb skulled bastard…” Nisha pointed out.


Eric then clarified that there was “a difference between liking someone and respecting them. Max is just a loud mouthed, hot head, but he’s got morals stronger than mine, maybe too strong but still. (And don’t tell him I said this; a man not afraid to anger me for what he considers right, is a man worth respecting in my books).”


“(I guess you’re right there, I’d normally say stupid, but after spending nearly a week with this kid… I can see why he’d go out of his way to save her. Though giving that shithead a machine pistol didn’t make things easy.) So I don’t think whatever he said has wiggled him out an apology has it?” Nisha asked, though she already knew the answer.


“No it hasn’t, finding you was just a coincidence, one that I’m thankful for. This is one of the reasons why… we won’t be striking them until a week’s time.” Eric informed everyone.


“A fucking week?” Nisha questioned.


“Like Jordan said, we need to play our cards right. And beside you only just got here, I’d like to be optimistic and say we’re all making it out alive, but when most of the world now wants you dead, I’d be a fool to believe that.” Eric then laid a hand on Nisha’s shoulder “We’ve all got your back and we support you. But I think we all deserve to spend some time with you before risking our lives.”


Nisha didn’t want to wait, but she knew preparing would be the smart choice.


“You’re right, thanks Eric. And thanks to all of you, I really appreciate it… and Carla. You’re not in the clear just yet, you’ve fucked up more than what a simple sorry will get you out of…” Nisha then up to Carla. Carla had hoped the apology was enough but she had underestimated Nisha's protective nature. “(You dare ever threaten her again, I’ll kill you, until I’m convinced Lizzy is safe around you, you stay the fuck away from her, you got that?)”


“(Nishy, I just admitted that I was a diva in front of everyone, what more could I do)?” Carla asked.


“(I dunno, figure it out yourself, you’re a big girl) you’re on the right track though. I’ll give you chance. And don’t think I don’t appreciate you standing by me and admitting you fucked up, it means a lot coming from you... just don’t fuck up again.”


Carla then bit her lips, she was angry but just like Max’s rant part of her loved the fact Nisha wasn’t tolerating her mind games.


“So what do you need to know Eric? I’ll give all the info I have on those fucking freaks.”


“I know you will, but not yet, you seriously need to rest, I don’t want you to push yourself too hard, tell me tonight, I need to arrange a meeting with…”


“Eric, I need to have a word with you!” suddenly Eric was interrupted by the very man he was just about to mention.


“Speak of the devil, what do you want Fisher?” Eric asked calmly.


Fisher evidently wasn’t in a good mood “What I want, is a explanation to all the yelling I could hear. If I wasn’t tending to my son I would have had you all shut up sooner. You may have all guns, but that doesn't mean you can start howling like a bunch of rednecks."


It didn't take long for him to rub Nisha the wrong way, based on what the others said before and his bossy attitude, Nisha already took a disliking towards him.


"I take it this is the nosey bastard who pissed you off Jinx?" Nisha asked.


"I'm not nosey. I'm just making sure this place stays safe. One idiot could draw a whole herd on us if we don't keep an eye on everything." Fisher countered. “I take it you’re the new addition to this group of outlaws(?) I see the local gossip wasn’t exaggerating about the scars, you look like hell, no offense.”


Nisha decided she’d try to be nice, having enough of arguments for day “None taken. My name’s Nisha, Nisha Basak and you are…?”


“Adrian, or Fisher, call me whichever you prefer, nice to see someone other than Eric and Jordan have some respect among this lot.” Fisher stated.


“Excuse me?” Nisha asked, slightly unnerved at what Fisher implied.


Eric quickly stepped in to prevent a argument before it could even begin. "Let's not start another argument; I think we can all agree we don't want a fight."


"No I don't. Before I get back to business, let me get this out of the way first; thank you Nisha for getting Lizzy back, Mark was a good friend of mine. Sad to hear he's gone."


Word wasn't out that Mark abused Lizzy so Adrian was completely unaware of what Mark really was. Nisha kept quiet, she didn't want to discuss the worthless man again. Especially around Lizzy who didn't know the gang knew of the bruises on her body. Rather than say anything Nisha nudged her head and aimed her eyes at Lizzy.


"Oh, right, didn't see you there Liz... hold on." Fisher then quickly realised something "Why are you... don't tell me she's staying will you lot."


"Yes dickhead, she's staying with us, got a problem with that?" Jinx asked.


"Yes I have a problem with that, and that problem is you lot. Saved her or not, a kid should not be raised around a bunch of drunks like you." Fisher answered.


"Hey, most of the booze is gone I saw to that shit myself" Michael added.


"That's exactly my point, someone else should be looking after her, not you lot" Fisher counted.


"Oh come on Adrian, what's the worst that could happen to that sweet little gremlin?" Carla asked playful.


"I'm looking right at it" Fisher answered, unaware that the comments made Eric clench his fist briefly.


Eric already wanted to punch Adrian for his snide comment, but he had to keep their relationship neutral, for the community's sake. Anger was clearly evident in Eric's voice. "Fisher, may I remind you of whose daughter you just insulted?"


Nisha wasn't as angry as her leader, but Fisher implying that Lizzy would become like Carla under her care had struck a nerve, while her tone wasn’t aggressive, it was evident she was tired "Adrian, Fisher or whatever. I don't know what's going on between you and my friends, I don't want more shit to start, believe me, but you dare try take Lizzy away from me, I'll shove your head so far your ass you'll choke to death on your own shit"


After rethinking about who his company was, Fisher toned his attitude down, "...Fine, but my point still stands. Look me in the eyes Eric and tell me, do you really think raising kid around your crew is a good idea?"


"I like it here." Lizzy then interrupted. Her voice was timid, Lizzy remembered her father and Fisher were good friends, as such she felt a bit intimidated by him, nonetheless she said what she wanted to say “Nisha is my big sister now, and I like her friends, I want to stay here.”


Nisha smiled a little at Lizzy’s interruption, though she would have preferred if Lizzy had left out the sister part, which still felt strange to her.


Fisher turned to face Eric who had a smug, closed, grin on his face “I think that settles that. Unless you’re gonna say she doesn’t know any better.”


“She’s only eight. What eight year old knows what best for themselves’?” Fisher countered.


“Even if she doesn’t know, I’d like to see you try taking her away. I’m trying to be nice, we’ve only just met but quite frankly, I’m in no mood to be fucked with. If she says she wants to stay, she’s staying, end of fucking story.” Nisha replied, wanting the argument done with.


Fisher had a hard time accepting he had already lost the argument the moment Lizzy spoke up, “Fine, you win this one” so he then had a quick private word with Eric at the front of the den, “Eric, you know that you and Jordan are the only people I consider worth my time. Look, I'm asking you to be reasonable, there isn't enough soap in the world to wash the mouths of your gang, and Max alone would need half of it. Think; is this really an ideal environment for her?"


"No, but is anywhere an ideal place these days? And if you're talking about being reasonable, let me ask you this; can you name anyone willing to burden a kid around here? Half of the people here just get by, no one here was mourning the loss of your scavenge party when word got out, we're not saints but we stick together, like one big family. So, can you still say we're not the best option she's got?" Eric countered.


"Fine, whatever. I didn't come here to argue parenting with you, if you want society's rejects to watch her, fine. My original reason for being here was about all the shouting; what was that all about? I'm already angry that I didn't find out about that scarred woman till someone mentioned her, don't give me another reason."


Eric let Fisher's comment on his gang slide, as they were more important issues to address "I need to discuss that with you as well, but not now, I want to hold a meeting: you, me, Jordan and Nisha, tonight."


"A meeting? A meeting about what?" Fisher asked.


"The people who attacked your old scavenge party and killed Simon; Nisha knows who they are" Eric explained.


"Let me guess, you and your boys and girls want to give them lead fuelled justice?” Fisher correctly assumed. “Well, as much I’d like to avenge Mark and the others, I not going to mindlessly send people to die, not even your cronies, tempting as it is. Why does she need to be a part of this meeting, assuming it’ll happen?”


“Because she has seen them for herself, this is personal for us, but from what she’s told me, these people are also a threat to everyone here.” Eric stated.


Eric now had Fisher's full attention, "I'm listening...".


“We’ll discuss it tonight; I'll meet you at your place at eight. Agreed?"


"Agreed, this better not be a waste of my time. I don't want to be worrying about my boy over nothing... speaking of which, could you bring Lizzy as well? Nick's been lonely, done nothing but sleep the past few days."


While Eric felt Fisher seriously needed an attitude adjustment, he couldn't say no to that question. "So long as neither of them needs to listen in let them have their fun."


"I doubt my boy will be paying attention, he's only six after all. Better be off, whatever you say tonight better be damn good, otherwise I will not be impressed."


"I promise you it will be." As Fisher walked off, Eric took a deep breath and placed two fingers against his temple as he let his anger at Fisher fade away. "You know a fucking thank you at least once would be nice." he mumbled to himself.


As Eric returned to the den, Nisha, seeing him rub his forehead promoted her to ask "What's happening?"


"We're having a meeting tonight. I'm gonna need you to explain to him why this cult is dangerous. Fisher's not an easy man to work with; you'll need to convince him that leaving the cult alone will be more risky than attacking them." Eric explained.


"Right, what the fuck is his problem with us anyway? Who does he think he is, talking to you all like fucking garbage? I swear, he talks to me like that during meeting I'll be moments away from disembowelling him, I'm in no fucking mood to be treated like shit."


"The asshole thinks just because we got drunk, fucked, and kicked ass for a living rather than be law abiding citizens, that we're somehow degenerates" Michael explained.


"Thank you Michael. That's basically it, Fisher was a business manager of some kind before Armageddon came, and because of that he thinks he's most qualified to lead this subway. When we settled down here, we had... a disagreement to who should lead. We came to a compromise; we provide protection and handle any threats, while he handles all the rationing, scavenge parties and... how to say it, decoration."


"He sounds like a controlling prick. I think he and my father would get along rather well." Nisha remarked.


"Eric, seeing we’re done now... may I request a break? All these arguments were exhausting." Megan interrupted, looking close to falling asleep.


"Yes, I think we’ve discussed everything that needs talking about, Dante could you take her place?" Dante agreed and nodded before setting off, "Max is probably arguing with himself at Jinx's post so that's covered I guess. Arron, Michael I want you two on scavenging duty. I know neither of you want to see Fisher again for today, but it's got to be done."


"Alright, we’re on it.” Michael replied. “And to the sneaky bitch who decided they’d have a extra one yesterday, whoever the fuck you are. I’ve pad locked the sucker, so don’t think you’re getting another shot at it.”


"Mich, you'll drink whatever booze we'll find. How you still have a liver is a damn mystery" Arron commented. "I thought you were a recovered alcoholic."


"Ex-recovered alcoholic” Michael corrected, “Fuck being sober, it'd be a dirty crime to leave those poor bottles of whiskey be left to waste, If there's a silver lining in all this, it's there's a brewing factory somewhere with thousands of pints ripe for the taking."


"Leave some for us you greedy bastard; nothing beats a good pint and smoke" Jinx told him.


"After a late night's gangbang right Jinx?" Nisha added.


"Yep" Jinx confirmed.


"Well promise me one of those in future; I'll leave ya something to drink, deal?" Michael asked.


While Jinx was very tempted, she wasn't going to have a sexual encounter without Joie's say, she wasn't going to give away having a boyfriend either, so she decided to answer, "Alright, find me a whole bottle of fine vodka and you’ll have yourself a deal”


“A whole bottle of fine vodka?!” Michael remarked “Why don’t you ask me to find a fucking diamond and shit while you’re at it? Even if I do, you aren’t having it all, half.” Michael bided.


“Alright, deal”


“You ain’t gonna find a fine bottle of vodka Mich” Jordan told him.


“I bet I will, literally. My winning streak hasn’t ended yet, and I doubt it’s ending now" Michael cockily replied.


"Alright, let's get a move on you cocky bastard. The quicker we get done with Fisher the better" Arron told him.


"Why do you think I'm stalling(?) I'm  hoping the thought of getting hammered will help drown out his bullshit when we get there" Michael replied.


"It's gonna take a whole lot more than that. That man's a walking shit spouter" Arron stated.


"Good luck boys" Carla bided as she wiggled her left fingers good bye.


Carla, Eric, Jinx, Jordan, Lizzy, Megan and Nisha were now the remaining ones at the Den. Megan had fallen half asleep against one of the fence. While Nisha's story was still fresh on their minds, there was a mutual feeling of not wanting to discuss it any further.


Carla repeatedly tapped the tips of her fingers on the sofa, with the entire den now quite what Nisha had told her made her feel a strange sense of furious arousal as Nisha's words finally settled in. As she watched Nisha talk with Jinx, her mind filled with thoughts she knew weren't appropriate for such a time, part of her wanted to roughly force Nisha to ground tear off her clothes, she knew Nisha would put up a fight, but that only intensified the thoughts in her head.


“What you thinking about?” Eric asked, interrupting her trial of thought.


“Huh? Oh, nothing” Carla dismissed.


“Mhmn” Eric replied, not believing her. Eric sat beside her as he told “I’m proud of you by the way, I know you were persuaded into it but still, I’m happy you spoke up like that.”


“Thanks at least you appreciate it” Carla replied.


Eric immediately picked up on what Carla was implying “Carla, don’t tell me you honestly thought that’d wipe the slate clean. Just saying you're sorry, doesn’t change the fact you stepped out of line. You know how stubborn Nisha is anyway.”


"I know, it's just frustrating, after hearing what Nishy went through and how Jackie and her family were shot like animals, I feel like a total witch now. I messed up, I know she said she appreciates it, but...”


“Stop, she does, but any good parent or sister as she insists, wouldn’t forgive someone straight away, if at all for using their sibling to get what they want, you’ve got to see this from my and her point of view; if someone used you, to get to me, what do you think I’d do to them if I got my hands on them?” Eric asked.


“...Same thing I’d do other way round, make them wish you’d kill them.” Carla answered, as reality slowly sank in.




“What can I do though? If staying by her side as we get back at those robbed bad boys doesn’t earn her trust back, what will?” Carla asked.


“I know you hate it when I talk down to you, but all I can say is; just be a good girl.”


“I’m not five…” Carla responded.


Realising how Max’s choice of words had a stronger effect on her, he decided to say something he likely would, “Alright then, how about this; stop being a fucking bitch to Nisha and they won’t be any more fucking problems. That better?”


“Yes. Dad, I know it’s not the issue, but please stop calling me girl, you know how insulting that is? I know you copied Maxy. Speaking of, I overheard you say you don’t know why I picked him as my man, want to know why? Because he doesn’t care who or what someone is, he’ll speak his mind to anyone, and he never sugar-coats it. That’s all I want from you. Do you understand me now?”


“I think I do. I get it, you want me to treat you like a woman, but that’s not gonna happen if I don’t see you acting like one. I’ve told you that. If it’ll make you happy, I’ll stop saying girl. But remember what I told you, you… fuck up again. You are out, I can’t take what I said back. Not even for you.” Eric told her.




Meanwhile Jinx had just told Nisha everything Max said during his rage.


“He really said all that?” Nisha replied.


“Yes, I'm over what he said to me, but only because he gave 'bad girl' over there a hell of a fucking scold... Nisha I know you say you're not into him, but you should talk to him, I dare you to say, after everything I just told you, that he wouldn't die for you. Because I tell you what, you fucking well can’t." Jinx advised.


"Is the whole world trying to get me and him together? And you're one to give relationship advice" Nisha replied.


"Hey, relationships aren't my style sure, but Nisha my point still stands, you should talk to him. I don't need a fucking psychologist or whatever to know you need him now. Nisha, I’m telling you this as your best friend, stop the tsundere shit and kiss the arrogant bastard already… hell you’re wearing the necklace he gave you, I can see the engraving, just open your legs already and have done with it."


“Why would she have to…” Nisha quickly covered Lizzy’s mouth before she finished asking.


“Don’t answer that…” Nisha told Jinx, before sighing in defeat. “I guess, I best just own up to it. Eric! I’m gonna she how Max is doing, after what I’ve heard, I think I better talk to him”


“Fair enough, just so long as you get some rest.” Eric replied.


“Finally gonna tell the hunk you want him, if you heard Max’s hot rant, you’d know he’d go through hell and back to save your sweet buns.” Carla added.


“I thought you wanted to get in my pants just as much as he does. Finally wisened up, what we ‘had’ is never happening again?” Nisha asked.


“No, I’m just thinking that if you get with Maxy, I could kill two birds with one stone” Carla explained with lustful grin and wink, unnerving Nisha slightly.


“That’s the Carla I know. Seriously though, I just told you all what happened to Jackie and my parents and already you’re fucking...what?” Nisha’s attention was diverted to Lizzy who was tugging her tight black jeans.


“Nisha… just go to Max.” Lizzy told her, before Nisha got distracted.


Nisha had finally accepted her feeling, but the fact Lizzy had to be one to make her realise it, made her feel embarrassed “...grrr, you know Lizzy? For a eight year old you’re giving Max a run for his money for who grinds my gears more, why do you have to be so right?”


“Because I am right?” Lizzy replied, not too sure why Nisha was irritated.


“(Fucking smartass)” Nisha mumbled under her breath. “Jinx, can you watch over Lizzy for me (And don’t let Carla near her)?”  


“No problem, good to chat with someone close to my size. Hey Jordan, seeing you’re not doing anything, want to talk?”


“Hell why not, will make a nice change from Michael's insane bet addiction.” Jordan replied.




As Jinx and Lizzy went to sit beside Jordan, Nisha set to go talk and confess to Max.


Max was sat beside the sandbags, his arms were folded and legs crossed with his right foot tapping against the bags, as he still had a lot of rage inside him. “Is that fucking cuntass bitch, ever going to get the fucking memo? The only reason, I haven’t shoved a sword up your anus is because Eric would shove a mace up mine and turn me inside out in the fucking process. Why the fuck did I date that slimy bitch to begin with?”


“Because you’re a stupid stubborn bastard that’s why.” a familiar voice answered from behind.


“Nisha?! Why the fuck… I mean, why you here? You should be back at the Den. Hey, l’m so fuc...”


“Max, can you shut up for a moment… I’ve got something to say...”

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