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Hehehe, oooh there's a hell of a undead army making it's way to them now that Mark has gone berserk ;)


I like that the runners were held back for a bit and not showcased immediately. It's nice to have the tease of them in the background, waiting to be revealed. Smart decision.

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Jon is fine, dammit.




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I like that the runners were held back for a bit and not showcased immediately. It's nice to have the tease of them in the background, waiting to be revealed. Smart decision.


Thanks, the main reason for that is because of the firework display the cult had, drawing them in. So the runners would of course be far away from the dinner where Mark, Nisha and Max are now having a shoot-out. :)

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Hearing a loud echo of mourns across the west streets of the Bricks, a crimson robed figure watched from the window of a massive office building, eight stories above the moving river of death. He was an old man, likely in his 50s, his hair was short and grey, his eyes light blue. Across his neck was a gold cross, of Jesus crucified. He watched the horde with curiosity, as he listened to the distant firing.


“Mhmn, my children seem to sense heretics. This is unusual for these times, the devil sure is sneakier than I give him credit.” he calmly said before looking to his left to call out to a brown robed woman with an identical necklace “Selina, my most devoted child. I have called you, for I must ask you a request.”


Her hair was short, barely touching her shoulders and light brown, her eyes were small and bright green. Her expression was calm and focused.


“Name it oh holy one. Whatever it is, I will grant it” the woman replied.


“I must call upon your talents once more. Seems there’s still many in service of Satan treading our lands. Do what you do best, and purge them from my and god’s land.”


With a bow, Selina answered “It shall be done my holiness; I shall give them a taste of bliss before they are sent to the abyss.”


The high priest then dismissed her with “Good, now off you my child. Let the lord smile once again as you help us achieve our righteous quest for eternal enlightenment.”


Selina then nodded as she left the premises. The high priest then looked back down to the horde.


Selina then made her way down stairs, to the fifth floor in a office room, there stood 9 figures all in brown robes. The moment she entered the room, she spoke with the utmost authority.


“Brothers and sisters! The holy keepers of the commandments have been called forth by our Messiah yet again to purge the evil within God’s lands. Despite the wickedness we have snuffed out, the devil still has found ways to evade our sights. Our blessed brethren have been drawn to those who could be his followers, we must go forth, find and destroy them. Stand now, and we shall once more continue our quest to rid the world from evil. sanctitate in morte!”


“sanctitate in morte!” the others chanted.


“Now my brothers and sisters. Let the skin of the blessed hide our sins from those that seek to cleanse it till it no longer inhabits the earth” Selina ordered.


The entire group made their way to a small office room, where 10 masks made of decayed flesh carefully laid on ten tables. On the walls hanged the Ten Commandments, one behind each mask. Once they put the masks on, they then made their way to investigate what the undead were drawn to, and kill anyone they deemed to be a heretic.


Back at the dinner, Mark in his berserk rampage was relentlessly firing at Nisha and Max keeping them pinned down. With the moaning getting louder, they knew they were short on time. They needed to take him out quickly.


"Jesus Christ, he only had a pistol last time. Where the fuck did he get that thing!?" Nisha thought out loud.


"Erm, I may have given him it!" Max explained as he fired a few rounds at Mark.


"Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me!" Nisha yelled in frustration.


"Hey, I knew he was a asshole, but I didn't think he was a fucking child abusing psychopath!" Max yelled in his defence.


"Oh this is turning out to be one hell of a reunion, isn't it!?" Nisha sarcastically remarked.


"Less banter, more asshole killing please!" Max ordered.


The undead could be seen slowly making their way over, putting more pressure on Nisha and Max to deal with Mark quickly. Nisha did a check on her ammo count, she only had a clip and half left.


"I hardly have any bullets left, how many mags did you give him!?" Nisha questioned.


"About ten to twelve..."


"Oh fucking brilliant! Think goddamnit think... Max when I yell now, I want you to unload everything in that clip."


"What? Why?" He questioned.


"Just do it, I have a plan."


The two waited till Mark had emptied an entire clip dry. Once he did Nisha yelled "Now!", on command Max open fired and forced Mark into cover. Using what time she had, she ducked down and quickly moved to hide in front of counter before Mark could retaliate. With her weapon ready, she waited till Mark got up from cover. As she got up, she used her left arm to pervert Mark from adjusting his aim so she could shoot him his right shoulder. Dropping his weapon in response, Mark screamed, but before he came back to his senses, Nisha dropped her gun, grabbed his hair, and slammed his face down on to the cash register before letting him go to collapse backwards to the ground.


While she quickly got over the counter to check on Lizzy, Max made his way straight to Mark. While Mark tried to get up, trying to ignore the pain from the knife, Max in a fit of fury, forced Mark to his feet and punched him across face, forcing against the same cash register.


“What the fuck is wrong with you!? You have any idea what you’ve done you dumb shit!?” Max shouted.


“Go to hell!” Mark yelled in defiance, before getting punched again directly in nose, resulting in it being broken.


Max then twisted Mark’s arm and forced him to look at Beck’s corpse, “See that you stupid fuck!? That was your friend you just killed!” Max then pulled out his knife and put it to Mark’s throat “I should kill you right now.”


As Nisha checked on Lizzy, she could tell she was going to be out cold for a while, she also saw Lizzy now had a black eye. Seeing Lizzy in such a state, fueled her with rage.


“You son of bitch….YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Nisha shouted at the top of her voice.


In her rage she forced Max aside and smashed Mark’s face onto counter before relentlessly beating him till he his face was swollen, not paying any attention to her surroundings.


“What kind of sick bastard, beats their own daughter!? She’s just a little girl you worthless piece of shit! What did she ever do to deserve what you did to her you fucking bastard?! Why god damnit, why!? Whhhyyyy?!”


Max watched in shock as Mark was beaten to a bloody pulp. She was screaming like Lizzy was her own daughter. Seeing the undead making their way, he pulled Nisha away from Mark who fell against the counter beaten half to death.


“Get off me!” Nisha shouted demandingly.


“Now’s not the fucking time, look!” Max told her as he pointed to the dead less than minutes away from the dinner.


Seeing the decaying figures Nisha concluded “We’ve gotta get out of here.”


“No shit, I’ll get Lizzy and you get your shit, then let’s get the fuck out of here!” Max said as he was about to pick up Lizzy.


“We can’t go through the front, we have to go through the back.”


“What?” Max questioned.


“Trust me those things outside are the least of our problems. We’ve got a bunch of insane freaks on their way right now.”


“Oh fuck me with a wrench, what then?” Max asked as he picked Lizzy up, having no ideas.


“We’ll have to climb over the parking lot fences. We can use the left side windows to get there.”


“We don’t know how many of those things are out there.”


“It’s the best chance we have. What else is they?” Nisha asked.


The dead began to press again the windows, it wouldn’t be long till they’d start pouring inside, loud screeching could also be heard now, an undead army and its worshipers would soon surround them.


“You… worthless punks…are so dead.” Mark said as he coughed and spat blood, getting Nisha’s attention.


Nisha grabbed him and Mark started laughing weakly at the circumstances.


“You’re dead as well you idiot” Nisha pointed out.


Mark didn’t care however, the thought of everyone else going with him was enough for him to smile and taunt Nisha.


“Hahahaha… Lizzy and that bitch never… appreciated anything I did for look where we are hahaha… because they left me... we’re all going to die hahaha”


Nisha then threw Mark away, not wanting to hear another word from him. Even though she would normally be fuming with rage with every thought in her head would be telling her to shoot him, she instead smiled. Mark started to feel unsettled; an idea had suddenly popped into Nisha’s mind.


“Max, get to one of those windows and smash it open, I’ll be with you in a sec. I’m gonna open the backdoor.” a few of the decaying occupants had now found their way inside. “Hurry!”


Max knew what she had planned. Without thinking he rested Lizzy onto the counter, then fired at zombies coming inside, either killing them or forcing them to floor through sheer force. Once he got over the counter he ran and smashed one of the windows leading to the fenced parking lot before running back to grab Lizzy.


Meanwhile Nisha gave Mark some final works. “You have a very sweet little girl, and to see what you’ve done to her, makes me beyond sick” she then grabbed the door handle.


Mark, finally released what Nisha had planned, with what little energy he had left, he furiously spat blood as he weakly shouted “...Fuck you!”


Looking at Mark, Nisha was unable to comprehend how such a pathetic man could have a daughter as kind as Lizzy. She told Mark with furious delight “I look forward to seeing you in hell.”


Nisha then pulled the door handle down and kicked it open before sprinting over the counter and through the window with Max.


The undead quickly got inside after Nisha, but they could only see Mark horrified at what was inevitably coming. As his eyes filled with whimpering fear, he tried to push himself away but he could barely move at all. As they quickly got closer, his whimpers got louder and they soon turned to weak screams. Once the first one sunk its teeth into his leg he screamed as loud as he could and just as quickly, more began to pile onto him and tear into his flesh.


Max and Nisha waited just by the corner of the outside wall as the dead flooded inside. Hearing the screams, Max couldn’t help but smile at Nisha’s brutality.


“You’re one fucked up bitch you know that?” Max whispered delightedly.


“Oh haven’t I always been(?)” Nisha asked rhetorically.


With that said, the two then fist bumped as the screams began to get quiet “It’s great to see you again Nisha”

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I'm glad that Mark didn't get an easy death. Fuck that dude.

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Jon is fine, dammit.




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Hehehe, oh they was no way Nisha or Max  would let him have a quick death after what he did. ;)

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Me when I first read the Mark death part:



Kid said it best though, yeah, fuck that dude.

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Once the screams were silent and the dead were now inside feasting on Mark’s remains, Max made his way to the corner end of the partly bent fences while Nisha shut the dinner's backdoor. Once at the corner Max waited for Nisha to come back. The moment she got back to him, he handed Lizzy to her. He then climbed over the fence and told Nisha to "hand her over." Using the bent of the fence, Nisha gave Lizzy back to Max and climbed over herself. While a few of the rotten bodies were making their way towards them, most were preoccupied with getting into the dinner.


To the east of them were the rubbled remains of a building and directly to their south was one still intact.


“Where to now?” Max asked?


“Me and Lizzy were heading to gun store not far from here. It’s near the coast so it’s our best bet.” Nisha answered.


The pair headed east over the rubbled building, Max had to extra careful due to carrying Lizzy as well has his weapon and supplies at the same time. Once they got to high ground where walkers wouldn’t be a threat, they could see there was a vertical road dead ahead was visible. The road had been directly hit by bombs and had a large debris filled crater where a couple of mourning corpses were trapped, unable to get out. As they slowly made their way down Nisha suddenly stopped.


“Wait.” she ordered as she put her hand forward.


“Wait? What for?” Max asked.


“Gotta be safe, trust me when I say someone could be waiting to blow our heads off” Nisha informed as she slowly made her way down to take a peek if they was a building south with a sniper waiting on it Fortunately there was no sniper and the dead wandering around were few.


“Are you fucking kidding me? We’ve already dealt with one psychotic asshole today, we don’t need another one” Max remarked.


“If only it was one” Nisha commented.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Max asked, not liking the sound of what he just heard.


“I’ll explain later. Looks like nobody's around. Let’s go.”


The pair crossed the destroyed road, went around the north side of the crater and towards the ruins of a collapsed department store. As they started to make their way through, suddenly a hand reached out for Nisha from beneath the rubble. After a surprised gasp Nisha kicked the hand away.


“Max hold it” she told him as she observed the body in vain try to grab her.


“What? Max asked.


Suddenly, after what was like a quiet quire of moans, hands suddenly started appearing from below. Ahead of them people who had turned started to reach out from the holes in the concrete, their nails scratching against, slowly peeling away their dead skin. Some of the gaps where just big enough that something small could fit in.


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me… a zombie minefield?” Nisha quietly said to herself.


"Oh fucking hell fire. I've had enough shit happen for one day" Max complained as he saw the hands reaching out.


While there were two other buildings between them, going towards either of them would be risking exposure. The two threaded carefully over the concrete graveyard, while the undead beneath weren’t strong enough to get out, they could easily trip someone over and drag them. As they carefully threaded through Max and Nisha both had to wonder how so many bodies were buried below them.


“Must have been a real massacre here. I’ve seen the odd one in other ruins but not like this” Nisha commented.


“Let’s just focus on not adding to it al... fuck” Max was suddenly grabbed by his ankle from behind.


In shock he almost threw Lizzy forward, but managed to catch her.


“Nisha get this fucker off me” Mark told Nisha.


The thing had grabbed Max with both its hands and Max couldn’t kick it off without losing his balance. Nisha grabbed Max’s knife and stabbed both its hands, while the corpse gave weak mourns in response, it refused to let go until they were almost severed off. Once it was weak enough Max forcefully moved his leg forward, taking one of its hands with it.


“Oh get the fucking hell of me you maggot ridden shit” Max said he shook his leg to get the detached hand off.


All the sudden a rifle was fired, scaring the two. Once again loud shrieks could be heard from far away. At the first the two looked at each other, however there was no sound of impact so the bullet wasn’t directed at them. Nisha took that as a sign that the cultists were close, and were directing the herd away from the dinner.


“We need to hurry up. Give me your gun” Nisha ordered.


“Who the fuck was that?” Max asked as he handed Nisha his weapon.


“People who make people like that asshole father seem like a fucking saint, now let’s shut up and move before they find us.”


The two then moved quicker through the ruins, they had multiple close calls as the gunshot had riled them up even more, their mourn and snarl made the two feel like they were right above a pit of lost souls. Quickly hoping from concrete piece to concrete piece the two only glanced to see where the mourning beings were reaching out from. As they kept moving straight ahead Nisha was grabbed by a hand she missed, making her trip over and hit the floor with a loud thud.


“Shit” Max remarked as he saw Nisha fall just moments before he was grabbed in same fashion he was early. “Oh fucking hell, not again. Get the fuck off me.”


With his feet close together, he didn’t have the same problem as before, allowing him to stamp on the prying hand till it eventually let go. As Max was handling that, Nisha was temporarily stunned as she giggled at the feeling she felt around her body, she managed to snap back into focus the moment she felt something grab her hand and try to pull her into concrete hole.


“Oh no you don’t shithead” she told the trapped body, unable to stop smiling and chuckling.


After sitting herself up she used her strength, she twisted the thing’s arm beyond what it was capable off and use her other arm and right leg to snap it’s joint. As she did that, Max had managed to get himself free. He ran and grabbed Nisha’s arm then pulled her up.


“Come on, let’s stop fucking around” Max told Nisha as she got up.


After a few small hurdles they finally got past the department store ruins and into what was its parking lot. Not far away Nisha could see the back of what was, according to her map, the top of the gun store. After cutting through a small alleyway, they both could see the city’s coast surrounded by the blight blue sea, with now not being the time to admire the scenery they darted straight to the store’s back entrance


The door was locked and the pair knew making a racket would be a horrible decision. Nisha glanced from the east store corner to see if the south streets were clear; they were. All that was in sight was a seemingly deserted horizontal road and entire group of levelled buildings directly south. After slowly moving down against the wall Nisha found the that not only did the store seem to have been previously broken into as made clear by the broken windows, which was rather unsurprisingly, but the road wasn’t as deserted as it first seemed.


At least half a mile away tons and tons of decaying bodies could be seen headed either east or south towards where the gunfire likely came from. The sight wasn’t something she was used to; she had seen hordes before, but none as seemingly massive.


“Jesus Christ…” Nisha remarked at the sight.


“What is it?” Max asked.


“A river of lost souls” Nisha answered as she watched the bodies drift to a sound they had most likely forgotten about.


“Sorry, what?” Max asked, not understanding.


“A fuckton of flesh eating dead things” Nisha clarified using words Max understood.


“Oh. Can we still get inside? Lizzy is really starting to weigh down my shoulder” Max told her.


“Ya, but it doesn’t look like there’s much left inside.”


Quickly the two went through the the broken store door and just like Nisha predicted they wasn’t much left. Not only was it obviously raided for everything it had, but it was clear this was once the sight of a battle, bullet holes littered the wall, shell casings, spare bullets and a hand full of hole ridden bodies covered with files decorated the floor. The casings for the weapons and ammo were all broken, while a somewhat noticeable amount of guns were scattered around, without the ammo needed for them, they were just useful as metal clubs.


“I knew it was a fucking longshot…” Nisha bitterly reminded herself.


As Nisha looked around the front room frustrated that her journey hardly provided much fruit. Max went through a staff door to the left to find even more evidence of gunfight. He rested Lizzy on a sofa right by the west wall, to be sure she was okay he put his palm on her head and checked where he assumed she had hit her head, thankfully all he could feel was a small bump, so it wasn’t anything major. Confident Lizzy was going to be okay, he went back to Nisha.


“Is she gonna be okay?” Nisha asked, feeling somewhat guilty.


“She’ll be fine” Max answered.


Nisha was relieved to hear that, “Oh thank god. As much as I’m glad that fucking scumbag is dead, it’s my fault she was there in first place. Should have known coming here was pointless.”


Max assured Nisha that “I’ve known her a while and trust me, that kid has bigger balls than most. Even more than some grown ass adults. She’s gonna be fine.” Max then changed the subject, “I almost didn’t recognise you for a moment, why the hell do you look like a damn skinhead wannabe?”


“I’d rather be alive than look good max” Nisha answered before commenting on Max’s appearance “You haven’t changed a bit.”


“Neither have you apart from that stupid haircut, this beauty hasn’t gotten me killed yet” Max pointed out as he directed his hand at his Mohawk.


“Yet” Nisha repeated “How’s Eric and rest of the gang?”


“Most of us are alive, Eric, Arron, Carla, Dante, Megan, Michael… Jordan and Jinx are still alive and kicking ass” Max answered to Nisha’s relive.


“Okay, that’s better than I thought… any of them still pissed off me and Jackie left them?”


“I think Eric is way too pissed off at me to be thinking about you at the moment” Max told Nisha, making her suspect something.


“Don’t tell me you actually dated Carla and fucking ran like I said you would... I told you she was into some freaky shit, but you never listen.”


“Hey, how was I supposed to know that behind that voice she’s a masochist's wet dream? And no, that’s not it, that weapon I gave that shit eating fuckwit, I had to ‘borrow’ it”


Nisha slowly covered her eyes with her palm at what she just heard. “Oh that just makes it even better. Max you can be a seriously stupid bastard at times. Stealing from Eric, are you out of your mind?”


“Hey that little girl is worth it. Though I can’t say I’m not hoping bringing you back will save me from Eric hanging me by my testicals… because I fucking well am.” Max admitted, to Nisha’s lack of surprise.


Laughing a little at Max’s unwise actions, Nisha wanted to make one thing clear, “Well, all that shit aside, it’s really great to see you again Max.”


Meanwhile at the dinner, two black robed figures armed with scoped hunting rifles and wearing flesh masks were investigating, the recent outburst of noise that occurred. while most of the undead had cleared the building a few still remained and bumbled around aimlessly. Looking around they saw a badly eaten up body that couldn’t be identified, and a few dead bodies by the entrance. The pair soon drew their attention to a small group of walkers past the dinner counter.


“How did they get behind there…” one of the monks thought to himself as he approached.


The man calmly walked towards the counter to see the walkers, crowded around a barely moving corpse, it’s skin and blood was still fresh so it was clearly someone who turned recently, it’s fingers twitched and it’s head barely moved as it weakly mourned from being eaten to an extreme degree.


“Were there others among you?” he asked as he stared at the body.


“I should be asking you the same” a woman asked from behind.


Both the eyes of the monks froze as they recognised the young feminine voice. Both calmly turned to see 10 brown robed figures with skin masks, each one with a cross carved onto it. The leader of them stood in front of the others with a sharp sickle in her hand. Both the monk looked at her with fearful respect as she asked them.


“Are there more heathens treading our sacred lands?”


End of Chapter 2

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Finally just got caught up good job, am real curious about the psycho hoodies.

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Roll outta my coffin Drink poison in my chalice Pride begins to fade And y'all feel my malice

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I got caught up this morning.  This continues to be a top read!

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Every two chapters I'm gonna do a special for a key character in the story. This one is for Lizzy.


The scars of childhood


Underneath a city that was riddled with death and decay was a small settlement of just under a hundred people. It was lit by the bright fires from within metal barrels that slowly decorated the the tunnels with the ash remains of paper and echoed with the squeaking of rats and the small chit-chats between its inhabitants. One occupant in particular was a small eight year old girl with short pitch black hair, and was wearing her favourite red shirt with a yellow smiley on the middle and blue jeans to go with it.


Alone, she wandered through the tunnel's community, passing lockers, benches, fences and other objects that had been taken from  the subways that lead to the world above. She waited close to a small set of sandbags where a bald man wearing a black leather biker jacket was standing guard with a shotgun. She stood still and watched till a another man came by. He wore a grey sleeveless jacket and had a black mohawk. After the two bikers talked to each other, the one in the grey jacket went towards her direction.


"Hi Max" she said as she went towards him.


"Thought you'd show up you sneaky little shit" the man remarked with a smile as he saw her "Saying hi while your asshole daddy goes out?"


"Mhmn" she answered. "Mommy is praying too, so I can come visit."


"It's fucking Thursday... does that bitch ever not pray for just one day?" he asked.


The girl just shrugged. Even though the man swore like the worst of sailors, the girl didn't take the slightest note of it, to her they were just words the man liked to say and she was bright enough to understand the context to a moderate degree.


"Ahhh whatever, so long as she doesn't try to banish me with her cross, I don't care what she does. So what do you want to talk about kiddo?" Max asked as he sat besides the wall with her.


Lizzy was at first unsure about answering but went ahead and told him “Ermm, I was wondering if I could… join your gang one day...“


Max smiled, he expected her to ask at some point and he already had an answer prepared.


“I knew you’d ask that someday. Sorry kiddo but the answer is no.”


“Awwww whhhyy?” Lizzy asked in disappointment.


“Kid, unless you’re a badass motherfucker like me or the rest of the gang, you ain’t getting in.”


Lizzy wasn’t going to just give up at no, “I can be bad.”


Max just smiled at her, he didn’t buy that for a second, “Kid, don’t get me wrong, you’re pretty ballsy and smart to be here, but you’re not a bad girl... unless you’re like that Carla bitch which I fucking well doubt.”


“What’s she like?” Lizzy asked out of intrigue.


Max remembered he was the only member Lizzy really knew, “Let’s just say, I’ve… spent time alone with her, and there's a side of her you never want to see, you’ll be scared for fucking life kid. Trust me on that.”


“Okay… but still, I can be bad. I’ll prove it someday” Lizzy promised


“Don’t do anything stupid kid, I’ve fucked up a few times trying to prove myself” Max warned


“I’m not stupid” Lizzy protested


“That’s not what I…” Max tried to clear the misunderstanding but Lizzy wasn’t giving him room to talk.


“You’re stupid, I’m going to show you I can be bad girl one day, you’ll see”


Max just rolled his eyes “Ya, keep telling yourself that.” He then smirked, “Okay then little miss hotshot, I dare you to sleep on the floor.”


Just the thought was horrible to her “But the floor’s dirty, those icky rats…” Lizzy then realised she fell right for Max’s trap and started to sluk


“See, if you’re a bad girl then I’m Jesus fucking Christ. Aww come on Lizzy,  being a good girl isn’t all that bad, You keep us bad boys in line, “


“But I don’t wanna be a good girl” Lizzy complained


Max couldn’t help but chuckle as he messed with her hair “Maybe one day you’ll be bad enough kiddo but for now you’re not getting in.”


“Okay... “ Lizzy said in defeat.


“Hey keep your chin up. Okay, how about this, next time your father is gone I show you our symbol. See if you’re into our crap.”


Lizzy’s face lit up “That’ll be awesome” she replied in glee.


“Alright then, speaking you better head back, your father finds out you’ve been here he’ll fucking freak out.”


"Yeah, bye Max"  Lizzy said as she waved.


Lizzy nodded and then returned back to her living space, it was nothing more than a bench and a pair of sleeping bags. What was interesting to note was the bench was relatively clean compared to everything else, resting on top of it was a miniature sleeping bag and a teddy bear and right next to is was a cage and cat bowl.


"Snitchy" She called out.


After a brief moment a ginger cat came from the shadows of the cage. Once Lizzy let it out, it walked to her and rubbed itself against her leg before she picked it up and sat down. The cat got comfortable on her legs as she petted it and waited for her parents to return. As she waited she was suddenly spooked by a rat.


"Ahhh!" she shrieked.


The cat also jumped, but once it saw the rat, its instincts took over and it chased after rat.


"Snitch come back!" Lizzy ordered.


The cat didn't listen so Lizzy chased after it. Lizzy ran through the community calling out to cat that wasn't listening. She wasn't paying attention to her environment, to make sure there was a healthy relation between the bikers and the other occupies guards were light, anyone could slip in or out. After a bit of a run Lizzy had finally caught up to her pet. Snitch had killed the rat unharmed.


"Bad Snitch. You shouldn't hurt things. Now I'll need to brush you again." She scolded as she picked him up.


After briefly cuddling Snitch, she looked around to realise she had wandered further than she thought while she couldn't see the community itself, she could see the lights coming from within it.


"Oh no." Lizzy remarked afraid.


"Lizzy?" a voice echoed from behind.


Lizzy's eyes widened as a cold chill ran down her spine. She turned around to see three people making their way towards her, all carrying backpacks and the woman held a . They were all casually dressed, two were men with short black hair and other was a woman with long brown hair.


"Why are you all the way out here sweetie?" one of the men asked.


"Ehm... Snitch chased a rat" Lizzy explained, looking a bit fearful.


As they approached her, the woman rolled her eye and the other man looked at a picture inside his wallet. The one who addressed Lizzy looked very similar to her, his eyes were like her's with just a darker shade of blue.


"For god's sake Lizzy, what have I told you? Snitch will always come back. You don't have to chase him." the man told her. "You two go on ahead, I'll catch up."


"Sure Mark, let's go Becks." the other man said before the he and woman set off.


"Why are kids such dipshits?" Becks pondered.


"Hey now, you were a kid once, don't be so hard on her" the other man said.


"Yes and I was a idiot as well. I don't know how parents can do it; taking care of a needy little brat sounds more trouble than it's worth."


"I was a father once, remember Becks?" the man reminded her with a daggered stare.


"Sorry Simon, I didn't mean to imply..."


"It's alright. Just remember Lizzy is only one of two kids here. It must be hard on Mark, seeing ex-fathers like me all the time. I swear his smile feels fake sometimes."


"I guess I understand, but still, a brat is still a brat."


Simon sighed as he whispered to himself "If you were a mother you'd understand."


Back to Mark and Lizzy, Mark kneed down to Lizzy's level. She was visibly afraid as Mark's expression turned to one of serious anger.


"Seriously, what have I told you?" he asked under his breath.


"To" Lizzy stuttered.


"(Just like your damn mother)... stop stuttering like a coward and tell me. What. Did I tell you?"


Lizzy gulped before answering, trying her best not to cry. "To never leave without your... permission. But Snitch..."


"I don't care about the damn cat, what if it wasn't us Lizzy? We could have been rapists for all you know, I wouldn't have been able to help you would I?" Mark asked.


"I don't know what..."


"Would I!?" Mark repeated as he grabbed her shoulder, putting a subtle bit of pressure on it.


Lizzy fearfully said exactly what Mark wanted to hear; "no you wouldn't dad."


"Exactly, now come on, I need to have a word with your mother."


The two then went back the community. As they got there a light brown haired woman wearing a green shirt, blue jeans and a cross necklace was waiting and looking extremely worried. As she saw them, she rushed over and hugged Lizzy.


"Why'd you wander off like that? You scared life out of me."


"Snitch ran off. You and I need to have a talk Lilly." Mark answered in Lizzy's place.


Lilly quickly started to beg "Mark, I know, just look I’m sorry, I know I should have been watching her, but I had to pray, you know I can't go by a day without god to guide me. You must understand."


"Lilly, can we discuss this later? Lizzy is fine, no harm done." Mark replied.


"Alright, come on Lizzy." Lilly said as she took Lizzy's hand.


While Mark and rest where taking the stuff they savaged to be distributed around the community. Lizzy and her mother went back to their spot. Once they got there, Lilly had a talk with her daughter.


"Why did you run off like that? You know how angry dad gets, I don't want you to get hurt. You had me scared out my skin."


Lizzy was on urge of crying, around her mother she felt more open to her emotions.


"I'm sorry mum, I just wanted to get Snitch back."


"He always comes back, you didn't have to chase him."


"He was chasing a rat" Lizzy explained.


"That's what cats do Lizzy...Mark you're... you're back early?"


"I said we needed to talk didn't I?" Mark asked, lacking the friendly tone he used earlier but keeping a straight face.


"Mark please. She's just a kid, she doesn't know better" Lilly said in her defence.


"That's not the issue, the issue is you weren't watching her. What if a bunch of muggers showed up? She's easy prey."


"I need to pray in private, you know I only pray publicly on Sunday."


"Then wait till I get back, you stupid cunt, Christ you're just as useless as a mother as you are a wife" Mark stated "Do I need to show you what could have happened to her?"


"No Mark please, she's already about to cry, she's sorry she ran off."


"Crying isn't going to stop a vicious bastard beating her to death is it?" Mark asked, "I'm going to have a chat with Simon, you better still be here when I get back." Mark ordered before leaving.


Lilly waited till Mark was out of sight before talking to Lizzy again.


"Lizzy, do you love your father?"


"I... I dunno... he protects us doesn't he?" Lizzy asks.


"I... I don't know either Lizzy. I use to think he does but, even those demon worshipping freaks have been nicer to us...Lizzy would you like to live somewhere else one day?"

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Great tie in, super glad Mark is dead, and the Max and Nisha tie in ,great job     WS

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I agree. Love the backstory chapter, it's nice to get to know the characters better and it prolongs the excitement and build up for the oncoming horde...still amped up to meet that runner!

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Jon is fine, dammit.




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“The holy keepers… what brings you here?” one of the monk’s asked with fear in every breath.


“I believe I asked a question, or am I mistaken?” the woman replied.


“Forg… Apologies. It’s just….” the monk stuttered, being really carefully about his choice of words.


Selina tilted her head a little to the left, making it clear she was paying full attention to what they were saying.


“We don’t know, we just arrived, two of those bodies, were of unholy beings but…”


“Many more could be around…” Selina said in their place. “I see (This is almost beyond unacceptable).” Selina then smiled in a manner that came across as threatening “You need not fear young one, a student is only as good as his master, would you two be so kind to escort me to him?”


Both the monks felt lucky things went the way they did, but their minds were in deep worry about what would become of their priest. Neither of them though, would dare ask her what she had in mind, as neither wanted to know the answer.


“Of course, why would we not?” the monk said in an attempt to be polite.


Ten minutes later at the cultist’s police station the red robed priest in charge was in the middle of his daily pray. The entire room was full of silence, his whispers were so quiet, that even with a ear against his lips it would be hard to hear his word. Near the end of his pray, he looked up to the rotten decayed face of the police chief.  


“My Priest. We have important guests!” Alex suddenly told him as he burst into the room.


“...Alex… why must you interrupt my prayer?” the priest asked angrily, trying to avoid an outburst “You know, how important it is for us keep this place sacred...”


“Of  course my elder… but this is more important” Alex insisted,


“What could possibly be more important right now, than giving us all the lord’s blessing?” the priest asked, keeping himself calm.


“The keepers of the commandments my elder… they’re here.”


The priest didn’t react, in fact he didn’t even blink for a few seconds, as he took in what he just heard. Slowly he took multiple breaths, keeping his composure, though his shaking body couldn’t hide the stress that suddenly overtook him.


“I must apologise Alex. You are right, that is more important. Why are they here?” the priest asked, lacking his previous calm and collected mindset.


“They did not say, only that that she wants to speak… to you personally.” the monk told him, fearful for the priest's safety.


The priest gulped as he tucked his robe’s ‘neck’ he then looked up to the cross on the Altar, he slowly stood up, his eyes not moving an inch away from the cross.


“Please have mercy on me my lord. I am but a lowly servant of your divine will” he whispered.


He then turned to face his apprentice and nodded at him. Alex then went away to tell the visitors the priest would see them, though there wasn’t a choice for him to begin with. While Alex informed Selina, the priest just stared at the crucifixion as he continued to pray inside his head.


Selina and two of the other brown robed figures, approached the office, with Alex leading the way.


“Thank you Alex, please wait outside and make sure we are not disturbed.” Selina said in a friendly tone which then faded to a deep sadistic one once the door was closed “You have a lot to answer for.”


Not entirely sure of what his crimes were the priest forced himself to ask “What have I done that deserves the attention of God’s fists…?”


Selina didn’t bother answering as the priest had his back turned, and Selina loved to exercise her authority on those she considered below her.


“Have you forgotten your manners priest? It’s considered rude to talk with your back turned, especially towards your betters” Selina reminded.


“My apologies” the priest said as he turned around to face his higher up.


“That’s better. Now, in answer to your question, surely you're aware of the little...spike in activity of unholy abominations within our holy grounds... particularly within your grounds."


The priest slowly started to sweat as he felt like a rope was being tied around his neck.


"Yes, but I assure you we're taking measures...I personally released one of their sinful bonds. And the first instance was taken care of quickly."


"By a monk not under your command, yet they were so close to your territory as were the other two instances, I've walked among your grounds and not seen a single one of your measures. Starting to see why our Messiah is disappointed with you? Three of the four wicked souls near here have been cleansed by others, we've had to herd the blessed back to our Lord's temple. You have no excuse."


The priest felt backed into a corner as Selina slowly stepped forward with her sickle at hand, he daren't move nor speak, fearful of more consequences. As Selina raised her blade the priest glupped, already feeling its sharp tip. One of the two figures behind her twitched as they held back intervening.


"Remember how one of the two souls outside came to be that way?" she asked, smiling ever so slightly.


"Yes, please forgive my incompetence, I will make sure our grounds stay holy" the priest begged.


"Forgive? Forgive? Has my reputation not preceded me? Surely everyone understands by now I leave God to do the forgiving."


Selina could see the fear warping the man's eyes. She then move the sickle away from his neck, satisfied she got her message across, putting the man at ease.


"But that does not mean I am without mercy. Search these lands for anymore satanic abortions. If they are anymore see to it they are disposed of, if they aren't, I'll see to it you are denied redemption."


"It shall be done" the priest promised.


"Good. We will make our leave. Pray we don't meet here again Anderson."


The three then left the room. While Alex guided them to the entrance, the priest took off his mask and took in big gasps of air while whipping the sweat off his head. When Alex returned he found him with his hands on either of the altar facing down.


"My elder, what is happening?" Alex asked, concerned for his master.


"Alex, what I ask of you is of grave importance, have your fellow brothers and sister at arms and ready to search all of our lands, leave not one stone unturned, if you see a single heathen, do everything in your power to have them destroyed. Otherwise, you will find yourself succeeding me earlier than you should be."


The monk quickly realised what he meant, “... I’ll be right on it. I’ll gather our brethren and let them know.”


Once Alex left again, Anderson looked up to the Altar with his amber eyes, still praying inside his mind. Feeling his the weight of his life being on the line, he stroked his brown hair back and tugged the ‘neck’ of his robe.


“Thank you for your mercy…” he said before leaving the room.


Outside the station the keepers all gathered around, waiting to hear the words of their leader.


“Did they get the message my priestess?” One of them asked.


“If not, they certainly will soon. We give him the honor of being at the front of our crusade and what does he do? Have our brothers and sister wait around for something to happen” she then looked up to one of the hanging bodies and pondered “perhaps a demonstration will be suitable if things don’t improve here” aloud.


“Forgive my questioning but, didn’t that seem… barbaric?” one of them questioned.


“Barbaric?” Selina asked with a questioning glare


“Forgive him, he’s the new blood. He came all the way from the west” one of the other priests explained.


“Ahh yes, Luke Stockhill correct?” she asked.


“Yes” the man answered as he nodded


“Mmm, I’ll let your wording slide, tell me, what seems so as you put it ‘barbaric’ about my disciplinary measures to you? Isn’t your strong lust to destroy the evil consuming our god’s green earth the reason you’re here?”


“Yes, but that’s not the fu.. point. He is one of our brothers, a man dedicated to god, why bring such brutal hardship to our own?”


“We are the keepers of the commandments Luke, we must ensure that our folk uphold them by any means necessary, that is what you swore an oath to, and if we must make examples of our own, then that is what we’ll do”


Luke had to hold in his usual words for the cult held a strict law on foul language “That’s b.. That doesn’t explain why the use of such…  brutal methods. Hetics of course, they can burn in hell for all I care, but not our brethren.”


“You’ll understand in due time, don’t misunderstand though, we do this simply out of necessity, nothing more or less, sometimes the best lessons can only be taught by using the harshest of methods. Now, let us return to our temple. Hopefully we will not visit here again under similar circumstances.”


Sometime later, as the keepers were making their way back to their “temple”, Alex had gathered the entire station’s occupying monks into the meeting room. In the middle were rows and rows of steel chairs, many taken by black robed men and women. Alex stood at the press stand, as he began to make his acconment.


“My fellow brothers and sisters, as you all know, the keepers of the commandments visited us. Our laziness has disappointed our saviour and how the life of our elder is held in the balance. What we do now will determine his fate, we do not have much time to plan, agents of satan could be in our lands right now we must search for them and without mercy, purge their souls from existence. We must prepare now to find those who spit in the face of God and give them just punishment. To arms!”

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Thanks you two, honestly didn't expect people to like this as much as they do and yeah I figured now that Mark's group is dead that would be the best time for Lizzy background story and provide some insight to why Max volunteered to help find Lizzy. :)
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Roughly twenty minutes earlier, Lizzy woke up to find herself on a old grey sofa. Both confused and suffering a minor headache, Lizzy looked around and frighten to see a body not far from where she was. Jumping out of her skin, she backed away to the sofa’s far end, as she reached the end, she felt a sudden stinging coming from her right eye, not seeing anyone nearby she called out “Nisha?!” hoping she was around.


Someone approached the doorway right in front of her and to her relief, Nisha was at the other side. Lizzy’s face lit up. Keeping her bruised eye covered, she ran straight towards her for a hug.


“You’re okay” Lizzy said as wrapped her arms around Nisha.


“Of course I am, gonna take more than a worthless father to take me out” Nisha replied happy to see Lizzy


A herd of flashbacks suddenly hit Lizzy’s mind as the last thing she remembered was looking at her father in horror. She then let go and started looking, keeping her eye covered.


“Wait, where is he, where's dad? I...he..” Lizzy said panickingly.


“Shhh, Lizzy it’s fine, your dad’s not gonna hurt you anymore” Nisha told her


“Where is he?” Lizzy asked, fearfully.


“He’s… dead…” Nisha told her.


Lizzy looked into Nisha’s eyes, they exchanged the same look when Lizzy found out her mother had died so she knew Nisha was telling the truth. Lizzy didn’t know how to feel, Mark had treated her harshly, but he was still her father.


“...I...I stab him…” Lizzy mumbled.


As her memories became clearer, she slowly started to shake. Keeping her right eye covered with her left hand, she looked to her right hand in horror, remembering her father’s scream as she stabbed him violence wasn’t in her nature and it showed.


“Yes you did, that was very brave of you” Nisha assured her as she gently held her hand.


Lizzy looked back up to Nisha, despite their short time together, they was already a bound of trust between them and they both could see it in each other’s eyes.


“My dad told that lady to kill you… I… you… he… I wanted to help you like you helped me… he...” Lizzy stuttered as she tried to find the right words as tears slowly left her eyes.


“Hey, you don’t have to explain yourself. Your dad was an asshole, I can’t imagine how hard it is being hurt by the one man who should protect you no matter what. But he can no longer lay a hand on you. I may not be your mother, but I’m gonna try protect like you are.”


“Why?” Lizzy asked, confused.


Nisha hesitated to answer, “... because I know what it’s like to have a father be with you through thick and thin and believe me when I say this… Nothing, absolutely nothing fucks me off more, than a worthless sack of shit father hurting their innocent child. You deserved better than him kid”


Lizzy felt didn’t know what to say other than “Thank you.”


“No, thank you. If it weren’t for you. I may have died, you saved my ass”


“Really?” Lizzy asked,


“Yes, you’re not a bad girl, but I certainly won’t want to fuck with you if I was a kid” Nisha answered cheering Lizzy up, making her chuckle a little.


“How’s your eye Lizzy?” Nisha asked as she tried to move Lizzy’s hand away.


Lizzy backed away from Nisha’s hand, “It’s okay, stings a little.”


“You don’t have to hide it Lizzy, come on I’ve already seen it” Nisha pointed out.


Lizzy just started at Nisha awkwardly in embarrassment. Her cheeks blushed as she tried to move her hand away but she just couldn’t do it.


“Lizzy, it’s not that bad. I mean look at me.” Nisha pointed at her multiple face scars to emphasize her point. “I look like I dipped my head into a bucket full of razor blades, trust me, it’s nothing to be ashamed of… come on Liz.”


Lizzy took a long look at Nisha’s face, and then focused on her palm covering her eye. Nisha smiled as she slowly and gently grabbed Liz's hand and moved it away. Lizzy’s eye was slightly swallow and it was surrounded by a few different shades of purple. Rage still burned inside Nisha as she had to imagine just how hard Mark must had hit her. She could feel Lizzy shaking as she grew more uncomfortable, not knowing how she looked.


“See, it’s not so bad” Nisha told her.


Lizzy started to sniffle as tears fell down her eyes, she took a lot of pride in her appearance and not being able to hide her bruise hit her on a emotional level.


“Hey don’t cry” Nisha said as she hugged her. “Everything is going to be okay.”


“I’m sorry I lied.” Lizzy said apologetically.


“It’s alright…”


“Arrgh! Fuck my cock! This is annoying as shit!” Max suddenly shouted in frustration from the room up ahead, ruining the atmosphere.


While Lizzy jumped from shock, Nisha sighed “Way to ruin the fucking moment Max, you jerk!”


“Oh blow me, think you can do better? Be my fucking guest” Max responded cheekily.


Lizzy immediately recognised that voice “Max?” she asked as she ran through the doorway with Nisha following suit.


The room was entirely comprised of three green coloured steel lockers, each of them were padlocked. To the right Max was kneeled down trying to pick lock one of them open but to no avail.


“Max!” Lizzy cheerfully yelled with a big smile before running up to hug.


“Hey sport” Max replied just as she jumped on his back, “Glad to see you’re awake, you scared the shit out of me when you stabbed… sorry.”


Lizzy’s happy mood vanished for a brief moment, but she tried to keep the mood high by saying “It’s okay, I… wanted to protect Nisha”


Max chuckled like he wasn’t surprised, “hahaha, for a hard ass bitch, you sure have a way with kids don’t ya Nisha? Get the fuck off me Liz, you’re embarrassing me.”


“Wait” Lizzy said as she jumped off Max and began to look at the two bikers with her left eye “You two know each other?”


“Yep, we were part of the same gang; The Satanic Angels.” Nisha clarified.


“Indeed we were Lizzy, Nisha here was quite the riot, she freaked the fuck out of everyone… well almost everyone” Max added with a quick wink.


“Let’s not go there Max…” Nisha warned, getting a smug smile from Max in response.


Lizzy was too thrived that both her friends already knew each other to wonder what Max meant.


“That’s so cool. Does that mean I have a better chance of joining?” Lizzy questioned.


“No” Max and Nisha replied.


“Awwww!” Lizzy mourned while stamping the floor in frustration, making the others chuckle.


“Anyway Liz, how you feeling? Your eye okay?” Max asked.


As Lizzy nodded, Max felt the need to apologize to her, "I'm sorry your father was an asshole, if I knew that fucker... I would have killed him long ago."


"You told him?!" Lizzy questioned, looking to Nisha feeling uncomfortable.


"She showed me enough… Why didn’t you tell me Liz? Or anyone for that matter?"


"Don't put her on the spot like that Max, she's got enough on her mind for god's sake"  Nisha said in objection of Max's questioning.


"I'm just wondering, Mark had been with us since we first took shelter in subway, none of us had a fucking clue Mark abused her. How do you think I feel knowing that sick fucker was doing it right under everyone’s damn nose?"


“It doesn’t matter, she has a lot...”


Lizzy then ran off almost in tears again.


“Liz!” Max and Nisha called out.


“Thanks a fucking lot Max” Nisha scoffed before following Lizzy “Just keep working on busting that locker open.”


While Max was obvious about what error he made, Lizzy ran through the small hallway to the store’s toilet locking it behind her, with Nisha not far behind.


“Go away…” Lizzy said as Nisha tried to open the door.


“Lizzy, I’m sorry but I had to let him know. We just want to....”


“I said go away!” Lizzy yelled.


Nisha backed off a bit before trying a lighter approach “Liz, it’s okay. I’m here to help. I don’t know what you’re feeling but you can trust me, I’m sorry.”


“Just leave me alone...”


Nisha sighed, she wanted to help, but she knew she could only help as much as Lizzy would let her. After telling her to not be long, Nisha went back to the locker room. Max could immediately tell something was wrong by look of Nisha’s face.


“What the fuck did I do now?” Max asked, feeling he made a bad mistake.


“Nothing… though you should work on your damn timing you dumb bastard. This is why we were never going to be a thing, you don’t know shit when it comes to children.”


“Did I ever fucking claim to?” Max asked rhetorically. “All I know is I had an abusive asshole living with my crew and none of us were fucking aware of it. When I called Mark a fucking child abusing psychopath back there, I didn’t think he was actually hitting that poor girl.”


“I know, you told me already…” Nisha groaned as she felt useless to help Lizzy “Look, just leave the child stuff to me, you focus on getting that fucking thing open.”


“I was going to do that shit anyway, there’s a reason I stay away from most kids, they’re mostly just annoying shitheads, even you have to fucking admit it.”


“I know, I may be good with kids, but that’s because I was a hell spawn as a child. Max… you know what I put my family through and what my father had to go through just for me.”


“Ya… the gang still doesn’t know about that by the way, kept my promise. That why you screamed while beating Mark senseless? Don’t get me wrong that cocksucker deserved every single bit of it, but I didn’t know better, I’d think she came out of your couch...sorry”


Nisha lent against the wall before continuing, laughing a little at Max’s wording while also taking offence to it “I could punch you in the fucking face for that. Lucky for you, you’re a adorable moron.”


“Hey all the blows I’ve took to the head must have given me some brain damage, cut me some fucking slack woman.”


“Like fuck I will. Anyway, back on topic, I haven’t spent much time with Lizzy, but she’s a bloody angel compared to how I was. That bastard deserved much more, just thinking about what he did makes me want to punch a wall.”


“If you do, don’t get too fucking excited. Seriously though ya, I hope he’s only half dead, death is too good for him. If I see his body again as a biter, I going to skull fuck his rotting eyes with my knife” Max declared.


Nisha chuckled at the thought “Leave some for me will ya?”


“You can fuck off, you bashed his head in, beat him senseless and left him to be eaten alive. I think I deserve the fucking leftovers you greedy bitch” Max full heartedly joked.


“Fine, but do it where I can see, I love a good show.”


The two then started laughing at the direction the conversation was going.


“Okay, that’s enough fucking around. Max, get that fucking locker open and also, when Lizzy decides to come back, let’s just do what we do best; chat about shit and not give a fuck. She’ll talk about it when she’s ready.”


“Ya you do that. Lesson learned, I’m fucked when it comes to children.” Max stated as he went back to picking the lock.


While Nisha smiled, trying not to think too hard about Lizzy, Lizzy was looking at her reflection in mirror staring at her sallow eye, while it didn’t seem so bad, seeing it brought back memories of threats, yelling and shouting causing her to start crying into the sink. For her it was a last marking her father had given her that wasn’t going to go away anytime soon, and unlike the ones she hid beneath her shirt, this one was in plain sight.

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Another good chapter, keep them coming.    I really dislike all those robed dudes and gals.

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After five solid minutes of tinkering with the lock, it finally opened with a loud click. Max was overjoyed to had finally have it unlocked, remarking “Oh fucking finally, the goods better be in here or I’m going to choke a bitch.”


“Is that a offer?” Nisha questioned with a raised eyebrow.


“Didn’t mean that, but if you’re up for it…” Max answered with a grin on his face while opening the locker to find weapons and ammo were inside. “Oh fuck ya!”


“Oh hell ya, that’s more than either of us can carry. Also no, it was a one off Max, will you deal with it?” Nisha asked instantly.


“How about you just admit it? We were more than fuck buddies, you just didn’t want your father to know, you liked the boy who told him to go fuck himself” Max argued.


“Among many other things I won’t forget… Max, I just wanted to get laid that’s it. Get it in your thick stupid skull already” Nisha told Max, irritated about his stubbornness.


“And why did you pick me again?” Max asked smugly “Carla was open to idea of satisfying your curiosity, I know you regretted it later but still, you were curious.”


Nisha face went dead blank, she knew exactly where Max was going “... because you are the most trustworthy person I know, that doesn’t mean a fucking thing. You’re just thinking with your dick as usual.”


“Hey, it’s got me this far so it must be doing something right” Max countered.


“Did it also tell you to sleep with Carla and steal from her father?” Nisha asked shutting Max up.


“... How about we just loot this fucking thing?” Max replied in defeat.


The two took what they felt they needed most from the locker, all while Nisha was silently celebrating her victory. The two found a good amount of bullets for their current weapons, Max also grabbed a Colt King Cobra revolver, while Nisha grabbed a Beretta BM59 Mark III along with the ammo needed for them.


“Really? A dick gun Max? Now’s not the time to be fancy” Nisha criticized.


“Hey, this bad boy packs a punch, if I miss, I want to be sure they fall flat on their ass.”


“They’ll be eating your ass, with the noise that fucker will make” Nisha pointed out.


“Firing a gun in first place will bring them on us, Better put a few of these guns in bag, the lesser chance Eric will take my head the better.”


“He’ll kill you regardless. That giant, has always had a problem forgiving people. Remember what he did to that Mafia boy?”


“You mean what Carla did right? Fuuucck that was brutal. Almost felt sorry for the bastard, like father, like daughter. God he’s not lost his muscle by way, he can still knock a whole set of teeth out” Max informed while putting some of the weapons in Nisha’s bag.


“I figured he wouldn’t. There, that’s enough. Hope lizzy is feeling better, because we can’t stay here, much longer.”


As max took the bag, Nisha went back through the hallway to the toilet door and gently knocked on the door. Nisha got no response, she knocked again and still nothing.


“Liz?” Nisha called out, once again getting out response.


She then realised the door was unlocked and quickly opened it to find Lizzy wasn’t inside.


“Lizzy!?” Nisha called out, making Max worry.


“I’m in here” Lizzy called out.


Nisha and Max sighed in relief. They both went towards a pair a doors, inside they saw Lizzy had not only found a eyepatch to cover her swollen eye, but found a cupboard with some canned food inside. At the sight of Lizzy with eyepatch Nisha tried not to laugh, knowing it would likely hit her on a personal level, while Max though Lizzy looked weird but wasn’t going to immediately comment on it for same reason.


“Lizzy, do you really need the eyepatch?” Nisha questioned, holding her urge to smile back.


“It covers my eye…” Lizzy said innocently.


“Lizzy it’s not that bad, you can still see with that eye, there’s no need to blind yourself.”


“Ya Liz, you don’t have to look like a fucking pirate munchkin” Max added.


“But, but… I don’t want anyone to see it…” Lizzy said in discomfort.


“Lizzy…” Nisha got on her knees so she was on Lizzy’s level “What did I say earlier? Look at me Liz, you think it’s just my face that’s like this?”


After pointing at her face, Nish rolled up one of her sleeves, to Liz's surprise there were multiple cuts marks across her arms and even her wrists, Lizzy didn’t realise that one of them looked fresh compared to the others. The fact Nisha was hiding injuries beneath her clothes reminded her the bruises she was hiding. Max choose to stay silent, he wasn’t good at moments like these, though he felt like he should say something.


“You’re not the only one hiding your injuries Liz, I’ve got them in places a person should never have them, trust me, I know what you’re going through. You’re not ashamed of them for your looks… they remind you of what your father’s done don’t they?”


“Mhmn...” Lizzy nodded with a sad face.


“I don’t know what it’s like to have a father hurt you, but I know what it’s like living with the marks of the past” Nisha said with great sympathy towards Lizzy. “But don’t worry, what he’s done to you will fade away.”


Nisha tried to take the eye patch off but Lizzy slapped her hand away, telling Nisha “I still don’t want anyone to see it”


“But Lizzy, you can’t see as well with it…” Nisha pointed out.


“Can I say something?” Max interpreted. All eyes were then on him, “Lizzy, I don’t know what the fuck it is you’re going through, but I think I can help…”


Max took off his glasses, reliving his light blue eyes and gave his shades to her.


“Sorry I put you on the spot back there kid. I fucked up” Max said as Lizzy reached out for his glasses.


“Thank you” Lizzy said grateful for them.


“You’re welcome, now take that damn eyepatch off”


“...can you look away please?” Lizzy asked nervously.


Nisha sighed, “Liz I’ve…”


Max then interrupted “Do what the kid says…” Nisha then groaned as she slowly started to lose her patience a bit.  


“And will you promise not to tell anyone about.. you know?” Lizzy added as she put out her pinkie.


“I promise.” Nisha told her. That wasn’t enough for Lizzy however, she shook her pinkie to let her know “You’re not serious are you?”


Max on the other hand, didn’t mind unlike her, he shook pinkies with her and even said “Pinkie promise.”


“Max said it. Please?” Lizzy said with a puppy dog eye, making Nisha feel guilty.


Nisha dropped her head in defeat, as she shook her pinkie Max said “Say the words bitch.” with a really smug smile, getting a pair of daggered eyes from her response, realising he intentionally trapped her into saying it.


“I pinkie fucking promise…are we done with this?” Nisha asked bitterly.


“Thank you, so are we going back to your home?” Lizzy asked.


“No, we’re going to Subway, I’m going to meet the gang again” Nisha told.


“What so soon? But I cleaned your room and what about all your cool stuff?” Lizzy complained.


While Max was stunned by the cleaned room part, Nisha told Lizzy “It’s not safe there anymore, there’s too many bad people around, and don’t worry we’ll come back to get it one day, I know it.” Nisha assured her.


Lizzy then pulled out Nisha’s Silver dragon necklace, making Max’s eye’s widen in surprise “Well, at least I brought your ex’s necklace.” Lizzy said with a smile.


“Ex’s? That’s the fucking necklace I gave...Nisha.” Nisha’s mind filled with dread, she knew exactly how Max took it, “what does Lizzy mean by ex?” Max asked suggestively.


“Max was your boyfriend?” Lizzy asked with a delighted smile.


“No! f..fu..fuck, no, shit I mixed up…” Nisha stuttered in a panic. “Max, don’t you fucking dare.”


“So you did consider us a thing” Max jumped to saying.


“No I didn’t shit for brains, Jackie gave me one that looked nearly identical to that” Nisha strongly insisted while pointing at the necklace.


“That’s a load of bullshit Nisha, I can see it in your fucking eyes! You just don’t want to admit don’t ya?” Seeing Nisha’s nervously frustrated face, Max told her with a very delighted smile “Oh this is fucking gold”


“Are you two going to kiss?” Lizzy asked, slightly confused “That’s what happens in movies.”


“No! Nisha yelled, “I just made a mistake, I thought that know what fuck you both, I’ll be waiting by front door.” Nisha said before storming off, leaving Lizzy even more confused and Max in joy.


“Oh just admit it Nisha, ya fucking love me.” Max said, keeping up with his smugness.


“Oh eat me Max” Nisha yelled.


“Done that already remember?” Max replied


Nisha was shaking with anger, she stopped for a moment before replying “... just go fuck yourself!” furious at everyone, including herself.


While Nisha went to the front entrance and began pacing back and forth venting her anger, Max was almost in hysterics, unable to stop himself chuckling at Nisha’s attitude while Lizzy had no idea what on earth was happening.


“Oh my fucking god, that was beautiful, thanks for that Lizzy, my day just got a whole lot better. Hahahahaha, Jesus. Oh ya, I’ll look away for ya.”


Max turned around so Lizzy, who had forgotten about the glasses for a moment, could put them on.  Once Lizzy had taken the eyepatch off, she put the shades on.


Once Lizzy let him know they were on, he turned around and told her “That’s more like it. You look much better now, hey now that Nisha’s… denying everything, I’ll let you know this. You had some serious balls standing up to your father like that, before you ask, Nisha told me. Not many Kids can do that, you should be proud of yourself you fucking little fighter.”


“You really think so?” Lizzy asked, unsure.


“Ya, my father was a bit of a asshole but nothing like yours. I guess I was wrong about your mother, she wasn’t so bad after all, still a paranoid bitch but, not an asshole. You understand what I’m saying or am I just chatting shit?” Max asked.


“I think I understand.” Lizzy then hugged Max “So was Nisha your Girlfriend?”


“It depends who you ask. Anyway, I have something to ask you, did you actually clean Nisha’s room? The place doesn’t look like the crack of my ass anymore?” Max asked.


“Ewwww…” Lizzy replied with a scrunched up face “Ermm… no it doesn’t, the place was disgusting, I don’t know how she lived there. The subway was… less filthy.”


“Oh I know, she’s a hell of woman, but cleaning is a fucking foreign concept to her. Last time I was there, you‘d think she had a party every day of the fucking week. Liz, you may not be a bad girl, but I fucking goddamn commend you for being able to clean that shit tip.” Max partly joked.


Meanwhile at the entrance, Nisha was pacing around with side of her hand on her forehead, cursing and criticizing herself with whispers. “Good job you fucking idiot, way to mix the two up, now Max thinks you still have the hots for him, you stupid, stupid, stuuupppid woman.” Getting tired of pacing around, she looked outside and decided “I need to get some fucking air.”


As she went outside, she rubbed  down her face sighing at fact it was just the start of the week, and she knew deep down that things were going to get more interesting. Once she finally managed to calm down, she thought back to that necklace. She was mad at herself for mixing them up, just as she whispered “I’m sorry Jackie.” a loud bang came from the west then a ping from it impacting the store’s wall, her instincts briefly took over making her duck.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, shit fuck, shit” she mumbled in fear, as she looked to the west.


“What the fuck now?” Max thought aloud at hearing the gunfire.


While Lizzy stood by, Max investigated. The moment Max got to the doorway to main part of the store, Nisha ran right into him, shouting “We need to get the fucking hell out of here!” on sight.


“What is it, what’s out there?”


“We’ve got a bunch of fucking cultists after us that’s what.” Nisha told him.


Outside, a figure wearing a flesh mask pulled back the bolt handle of their rifle. Along with him were four others all armed with the same kind of weapon, with them was also Alex.


“You know what is at stake my brothers and sister, once you see them, don’t bother trying to injure them, go for the kill, show them no mercy!” he ordered.

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"What's going on?" Lizzy asked, afraid to know the answer.


Nisha quickly ran straight into the room and took Liz’s hand, Lizzy repeated her question and got answered with "There's horrible people after us Lizzy, we have to escape."


"Why are they so many bad people around here?" Lizzy questioned.


"I could ask the exact same fucking thing. How many fuckwits are we talking here Nisha?" Max asked as he ready his M4 and began loading his new revolver.


“I’ve no fucking idea, looked like six to me and I bet there’s more coming, either way we need to leave this ditch right now!” Nisha insisted.


The trio then went straight for the back entrance, the door was not only locked, but there was a steel gate right in front of it.


“I ain’t picking those fuckers as well.” Max thought out loud.


“You’d take too long with just one of them... we’re gonna have to go through the front…” Nisha realised, dreading the thought.


“Can’t catch a fucking break can we?” Max brought up in frustration. “Nisha, how deep in the shit are we? What’s the deal with these fuckers?”


“They think the undead are God’s giftful vengeance or something just as mind numbingly stupid. So we’re in really fucking deep. Though… we may have a chance… they prefer to let the zombies do the killing” Nisha explained.


The three went straight towards the front entrance; Max kept his M4 at the ready while Nisha held Lizzy’s hand while also holding her rifle. Lizzy kept breathing at a steady pace, to keep herself from panicking. Once they reached the entrance Max nor Nisha couldn’t see any sign of anyone, Nisha figured they were waiting for them to make a move. It was only a short dash to the side of the store, but they also depended on the cultist’s being rather lossy shots.


“I can’t see a single one of them, I’m not peaking my head out any further either”  Max pointed out while keeping an eye on the urban environment.


“...We’re gonna have to make a bolt for it…” Nisha said reluctantly before getting down on her knees to talk to Lizzy, “Liz when I say, you make a run to left and hide behind the wall, got it?”


“But…” Lizzy stuttered, holding onto Nisha tightly.


“No buts! Do you understand Lizzy?” Nisha asked in an orderly tone.


Lizzy nodded in response. Nisha then made her let go off her hand and readied her rifle, she then slowly went to Max’s side.


“Let me guess, we run out shoot the shit out of the place and hope we hit someone, and not get skull fucked by lead ourselves?” Max asked.


“That’s pretty much the plan, got any better ideas?” Nisha asked, open to suggestions.


“Nope, this dumb bastard has got nothing.” Max admitted.


“Looks like we’re doing this then, if only you could pick a fucking lock quickly.” Nisha complained.


“It’s not easy you know, can we save the chit-chat for when we get out of here?” Max asked.


Nisha agreed, and the two readied to make their change. The monks outside had placed themselves, behind various cars and waited, while two of them slowly closed in ready to fire at the slightest moment.


“Now” Nisha ordered


Max went outside first, the two monks ahead open fired, both their shots had just barely missed Max who retaliated. With their rifles being bolt action, they had no choice but to take cover by a car close by. Nisha followed suit with Lizzy running behind her, while Lizzy went to the store side; Nisha joined Max while the other monks fired back. Bullets flew from either side, the monks were by no means marksmen but they were accurate, the ones who fired before taking cover almost hit their mark while the others took quick glances before taking their shoots. Nisha quickly managed to get behind the store unscathed, Max on the other hand wasn’t as fortunate to escape unharmed.


“Fucking hell!” he screamed as a bullet pierced right through his M4, some of the pieces of the weapon had got stuck in his left arm, he dropped the now useless gun and ran behind the store, dodging the next line of rifle fire that came.


“Max!” Lizzy yelled at seeing Max’s lower arm that multiple bit of shrapnel stuck in it surrounded by small bits of blood.


“You alright?” Nisha asked in concern.


“Do I fucking look alright?!” Max asked rhetorically, “I swear if get my hands on the bastard who did this I’m ripping off his fucking head!” Max declared in brief frustration.


“Calm the fuck down, we’re not out of this shit yet” Nisha reminded him.


As Max quickly calmed himself down Nisha went towards the other side of the wall, just as soon as she had a look a bullet impacted the wall beside her, Nisha giggled and laughed as bits of concert hit her face.


“I think we’re deeper in, in fact” Nisha stated as she tried to get a hold of herself.


Lizzy started panicking as the thought of the cult getting closer weighed down on her, “I don’t want to die…” she said as tried not to cry at the thought of death.


“We’re not dying here Liz.we can still can get the fuck out of here. We just need to get around that fucking fence up there.” Max assured Lizzy.


Ahead of them was the only building between them and the city’s shore; a large motel that hadn’t been fully constructed. They could see parts of the upper part of the motel that hadn’t been fully made but that was it. The fencing was covered up so they couldn’t tell what was on the other side, while it was unlikely for any undead entities to be on the other side, they could never be too sure. Nisha didn’t like the idea of trying their luck again but they didn’t seem to be any better options.


“Well, it’s the least stupid plan I can think of, but what about your arm?” Nisha brought up.


“It wasn’t my wanking hand, so I can still shoot, I just can’t aim. Not like I was doing that anyway. Nisha get a weapon from the bag and load the fucker” Max ordered as he turned around, allowing Nisha to take a Uzi and load it while also grabbing one for herself.


“Here, grab Lizzy and run, I’ll stick  right behind ya. Lizzy, you better cover your ears.”


The monks slowly closed in sticking to the cars so they weren’t exposed. Alex ordered them to “move in quicker” and the monks obeyed, as they slowly moved inch by inch towards their target a sudden barrage of 57 small 9mm bullets flew directly at them hitting one of the closer monks in the shoulder, forcing him to hid behind a car while the other beside him attempted to see the damaged caused, The other monks, apart from Alex took cover while he fired a round, which only resulted both him and Nisha getting hit.


While Alex grabbed his right arm in sudden agony, Nisha fell down in middle of the road, firing the rest of her clip before throwing it away to get up and continue running. Max put Lizzy down and the pair waited behind a metal skip full of various metal beams, for Nisha to show up, when she did, Max saw her face was blushed and she was trying really hard to get aloud of herself, She had a uncontrollably wide smile on her face and she wasn’t breathing rapidly, but heavily pleasure.


Max quickly noticed she was holding her right shoulder and blood was beneath her hand. “We’re really pushing our luck now” she said under her breath.


Lizzy saw the bloody wound shortly after and quickly covered her mouth in shock. “Are you Okay?” she asked.


“I’m feeling fucking great at the moment so chances are no, I’m not okay” Nisha said while chuckling.


While Max understood the context of the oxymoron, Lizzy, scared out of her wits, forgot about Nisha’s unusual form of masochism.


“What? I don’t know. why are you laughing? We’re still in danger, stop laughing, it’s not funny.” Lizzy demeaned in her confusion, before cracking under pressure “I said stop laughing.” she demanded  as all the pressured stress inside her let itself out in the forum of tears “Stop laughing.”


“I can’t help myself Liz. I told you, I’ve never felt pain once in my life” Nisha reminded her. “Now stop it, none of us are dying here. Now that, is a fucking promise.”


“She’s right Liz. We’ve been through too much shit today to be killed by a bunch of deranged fucknuts.” Max said as he looked ahead.


It turned out that the motel wasn’t under construction per se, but rather in the middle of an extension. Most of the motel was in fact finished but the west side wasn’t even halfway complete, with layers and stacks of bricks scattered around. Looking ahead Max, could see multiple cars on the parking, both him and Nisha knew their best was to take one, but how long would their luck last, they both thought.


“You’re going to be alright Liz, just keep telling yourself that, it’ll help” Nisha told Lizzy




“I said no buts, just do it. Just close your eyes and repeat after me, we’re going to be okay.”


Lizzy out of desperation, did what Nisha said, she repeated the same words to herself over and over, it only helped ease her a little.


Meanwhile the monks were still on the move, “We can’t let get them get away, the keepers may deny us salvation if we fail here.” Alex remained his fellow brothers and sister.


While Alex was injured, he had a trait that was common among the cult; zealous determination. The average cult member put their faith ahead of their own lives, and would fight to the bitter end to achieve their goal. The other injured monk forced himself on his feet, as they and the other monks north continued to make their way forward, the sound of screeching screams could be heard, prompting Alex to order.


“Our time is limited brethren, the evil within our weapons cannot be used much longer, ready your blades.”


“We’ve got to fucking move” Max said as he grabbed Lizzy and carried her across the construction site and through the parking lot towards the parked cars.


Nisha was right behind them along the way they passed a bunch of bodies on the parking lot, all lined up, each with a bullet hole in their heads, but what caught her attention was the one ahead of them, he had a cross carved on his forehead just like hers, and his throat was slit, with a knife in the corpses hand. Seeing them made her instantly forget the pleasure she was feeling and stop dead in her tracks. She muttered the question “How many people has that bitch killed?” as her head filled with a painful memory of her screaming.


“What the fuck are you doing? Giving them a fair chance? Get the fuck over here!” Max ordered snapping Nisha out of her trance.


Max looked around and saw one of the cars had its door wide open, not questioning why Max put Lizzy down and told her to get in the back seat, as Max got into the driver’s seat, and found the keys right below it, Nisha caught up.


“Did you just orgasm back there? I know you’re a kinky bitch but I wouldn’t say a bullet wound is ever orgasmic.” Max asked, while Nisha got inside.


“No you perverted bastard, I just...saw something.” Nisha answered “It doesn’t matter.”


Max wasn’t going to ask more questions instead he just wanted to escape before their luck ran out.


“So where are we going?” Nisha asked as she blocked images out of her head.


“This is going to sounds fucking suicidal but, there’s a subway station near the highway straight ahead, I think our best chance is to…”


“No!” Nisha interrupted, seeing where Max was going. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That’s not stupid, that’s fucking insane. We should run those assholes down.” Nisha suggested.


“What and risk a bullet in our heads? I could crash if I ducked down, and I’m not fucking risking that.”


“Mark escaped in a van when he got ambushed at a supermarket.” Nisha pointed out.


“Only to have his tires get royally fucked by spikes, and Beck’s almost lost her hand.” Max countered, “Look I don’t want an argument like this not when we’ve met again after so many fucking months, but listen to me, the highway is our best bet. If you’d rather take your chances here, get Lizzy, run the fuck inside and I’ll drive off and distract them, I ain’t letting either of you fucks die on me. Which is it?” Max said, with a frustrated passion.


Nisha had forgotten how much Max cared about his friends, seeing his determination to keep her and Liz alive struck her silent, she wasn’t going to argue back at him.


“... Okay, you win Max; get us the fuck out of here.” Nisha responded slowly.


“Thanks Max.” Lizzy said, admiring his bravery.


“No problem kid, alright. Let’s get the fuck out of here, before lady luck decides to fuck us over.”


Max started the car and the pair then drove away. Hearing the Car, Alex panic and ordered all the monks to take aim and shoot on sight.


“Okay, get the fuck down everyone.” Max ordered as he started to drive.


The moment they saw the car all the monks open fired, one hit the glass, but because they ducked no one was killed. At first Alex was furious, but once he saw the car go south he felt relieved.


“They’re not going to get far.”

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Great 2 chapters , very interesting.

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Max lifted his head up and made a hard turn left as bullets continued to fly at them. Lizzy quickly ducked as one pierced the back window making the bikers at the front flinch. Max soon made a another hard turn right, heading directly south towards a highway that was directly against the city’s shores.


Alex watched with mild glee as they drove away further into their territory, but he wasn't going to chance them escaping.


"Our enemies are heading deep into our holy lands. While their demise is certain we must ensure that it happens" Alex ordered.


"Brother Jacob is wounded Alex, he should return to the station" a woman told Alex.


"If he can still fight then he must fight, we are fighting for our priest's life and in God's name, both are more valuable than us" Alex replied.


Before the woman could respond, her arm was grabbed by the man she wanted to head back, “He is right sister, we are nothing but pawns in God’s grand scheme and we must act as such”


The woman looked at Jacob, but didn’t say a word.


“Let’s not waste any more time. Everyone, put your guns away, ready your blades and prepare to strike our enemy should they still live” Alex ordered.


Back at the car, Max was driving through a empty highway besides a large unscared green field with trees planted around it that was between them and and another highway that was jam packed with various cars, trucks and vans. As he drove, a few screaming half dead bodies were charging right for them, with what looked to be a tidal wave of straggling ones right behind them


“Eat this you undead fuckwits” Max yelled as they charged right into the car.


Lizzy held her locket and star pendant as she felt the car’s impact against each corpse and heard the screams of one as it went over the car. At first Max felt that charging right through the herd was a good idea, but as he got closer he had a charge of heart and hit the break. Both Nisha and Lizzy went forward unprepared for Max’s sudden decision, thankfully they both wore their seatbelts so neither got hurt.


“Shit! Okay, maybe this wasn’t a good idea” Max admitted.


“See I fucking told you so!” Nisha told him, unable to resist.


“Alright, alright. I fucked us here. I admit it, but your plan wasn’t any better. Damnit, think you fucking idiot.” Max told himself before looking at the traffic jam to right. “Everyone get out!”


“What?!” Nisha yelled baffled by Max’s order. “Have you fucking lost it!?”


“We can hide in the traffic, I doubt theses fucking dumb shits will think to look inside them if they don’t see us. Got a better plan? I’d love to hear it.” Max said.


Unable to think of something better, Nisha reluctantly went with Max’s idea “... Alright fine, but if this gets us killed, I’m gonna make sure you’re in the ninth level of hell! Lizzy stick with us.”


“We’re going outside? Why can’t we just drive back?” Lizzy questioned.


Max paused, “... Actually we better do that first. Okay, we’ll drive back, stop in the middle, then find a spot to hide before these fuckers see us. That work?”


“That actually sounds like a good idea, alright let’s do it. But we’re gonna have to deal those bastards behind us.” Nisha pointed out as she looked to see six decayed bodies running at them.


“Way ahead of ya” Max stated as he held up his revolver.


“Lizzy, I need you to get down and cover your ears again, it’s going to get really loud.” Nisha order as she readied her pistol.


Max hit the reversed and headed directly for as many of the running dead bodies he could, hitting a grand total of four, however one didn’t go over and instead went into the back window partly breaking it even more. The corpse forced it’s hand through the broken part of the window and relentlessly slammed it’s other hand into the glass, soon breaking through.


Lizzy screamed as the glass broke and the body tried to force it’s way in, before Nisha could react, one of the runners broke through the hole in the passenger window and grabbed Nisha by the shoulder.


"Get off her you bitch!" Max shouted as he shot the corpse's elbow, crippling it's lower arm then at the one getting through the back straight in the forehead.


Lizzy continued to scream in panic, as Nisha shot the partly crippled runner's head using her left hand, rather than her right. Meanwhile Max turned his attention to the one trying to break through his window, placing the barrel end against the glass before blowing it away.


The monks in pursue easily heard all the gunfire, Alex took that as a sigh their end was near but wanted to see it for himself.  Telling his brethren "the enemy still lives, move!"


Max and Nisha quickly gunned the other three runners in front of them down as they climbed onto the car's hood, both of them felt a strong rush of adrenaline flowing through them as they both put down the last one.


"Brings back old memories doesn't it?" Max asked while reloading his revolver and looking at the aftermath.


"Hehe, sure does Ma, how long has it been since we last had this much action together?" Nisha, smiling at this old feeling she had forgotten about.


"Too long you Indian bitch of death... too long” Max answered before hearing more shrieks and screams closing in “I'll get the bag, let's get out of this fucking car."


"Right, come on Lizzy... Lizzy?"


Nisha looked behind her to see Lizzy shaking and looking down to floor covering her ears. Nisha quickly got out and opened door next to her while Max grabbed the bag. Nisha called out Lizzy, but she didn't respond until she was tapped on shoulder making her jump in fright. Lizzy didn't make a single sound; she was petrified with fear, though Nisha couldn’t see it.


"Lizzy, you okay?" Nisha calmly asked.


Rather than a answer, Lizzy ran and jumped to cuddle her. Nisha could feel Lizzy's rapidly breath down the back of neck. Nisha didn't know how to feel, but knowing how scared she must have been, Nisha held onto her.


"Let's fucking move." Max order as he got out and right towards the other highway.


Nisha held onto Lizzy as she followed right behind Max. Together they ran into the grass cover field and passed the trees that were scattered around. Looking to the south they could a small group of runners charging towards them, this time only half as many as before. With Nisha’s left arm occupied, and right shoulder wounded she had to leave Max to take care of them.


“Max you’re going have to deal with those things” Nisha told Max.


“Alright, just get Lizzy in one of those cars, I doubt any of them are locked”


With the trees blocking his vision, Max had to let them get close before firing. His first shot hit one in the chest making it fly backwards. the second hit another right in its nose resulting in the same thing. The third one got close enough that Max didn’t need to aim so much to get a headshot. The one shot in chest earlier managed to get itself back up rather quickly to make another charge at Max, the next round Max fired pierced its upper jaw, shattering it’s front teeth, Max quickly disabled it by running up stamping on its face.


Nisha at the meantime reached the other highway; she went over the barrier and ran to the closest car she could see, thanks to the trees, trucks and vans, her and Lizzy weren’t in sight. The car she got to was a basic blue Ford escape. Nisha opened the driver door and put Lizzy down on the seat.


“Lizzy, I need you to get to other side and hide under there; I’ll in the back okay?”


Lizzy grabbed her hand and beggingly shook her head. Lizzy responded by putting her other hand on top of hers, ignoring the tingling feeling she was getting and calmly saying, it wasn’t going to be like what happened in the other car.


“Lizzy, I’m not going to abandon you, I’ll be right beside you” Nisha told her.


Lizzy listened and went below the passenger seat. Nisha then shut the door and waited for Max to arrive so he could tell which car they were going to hide in. Shortly after hearing a sixth loud bang from Max’s revolver, he arrived.


“Worry about me for a moment?” Max cheekily asked before he went into the back and sat in the space between the back and front passenger seat.


“Like hell, you’re an idiot but you’re still a tough son of a bitch” Nisha answered.


Max chuckled as they both got in middle of the seats. All that was left to do was wait for either the undead to pass or something to drive them away.


Meanwhile Alex and many of his fellow monks had just reached the closer highway. After not seeing any activity from the destroyed building and the constant gunfire, he had a strong suspicion they were somewhere within the traffic, but not wanting to take chances he had his monks split up into two teams, his group would investigate the highway before them while the other team of monks would investigate the woods and other highway.


“You three ready your arms and search among those wrecked monstrosities of metal” Alex ordered.


“But what of Jacob, he can’t wield his weapon properly” the woman from before pointed out.


“He’ll alert us, you and I will watch for any movement from afar, ready your rifle, we lose them here, we’ll lose them completely.”


“Sister, you shouldn’t worry about me all the time” Jacob told her before he and the others set off to investigate.


The monks then pulled out a M9 army knife from their robes, and slowly made their way towards the vehicles. At the same time, the hordes were close to where Nisha and co. were hiding. Lizzy covered her ears as she didn’t want to hear their lifeless mourns any more. Max and Nisha remained still and silent, watching them pass by, hoping not one of them would turn their heads and see them.


The monks remained slow and checked every single vehicle they could, by peeping through the windows, not wanting to risk directing the hundreds of bodies right at them, knowing how easily the dead were attracted to sound. One by one, the three cultists checked every car and van they could, slowly getting closer and closer to their target, Jacob being the closest of them all.


As Nisha watched the dead drift pass, slowly breathing in fear and forgetting her about her wound, her heart then skipped a beat as she saw a figure going the opposite direction compared to the rest then another as she noticed the black robes, the figure checked the car opposite them but before he could check theirs, Nisha rushed up, ignoring Max’s shocked and confused question and grabbed the back of the figures head.


“What the hell!?” Jacob exclaimed in shock, getting everyone’s attention.


Nisha knew that the mask had a cut done on the back of the head, making it easy for her to tear the mask off. Jacob screamed in panic as the mask was taken off. Suddenly the dead weren’t fooled anymore and like starved beasts, they surrounded him. Jacob screamed in blood gurgling agony as one went right for his throat and the rest began ripping him apart from wherever they could sink their teeth.


“JACOB!!!” The woman beside Alex tearfully screamed.


Alex grabbed her, before she ran to him suicidality. The others also called out Jacob’s name in mistakeful vain, the dead weren’t so easily fooled now that Jacob had driven them into a frenzy. Seeing their mistake the monks ran back.


“Run! Retreat!” Alex ordered, not wanting to risk more lives.


The monks jumped onto the cars, setting off some of their alarms, making the undead become even more bloodthirsty, snarling and mourning at them as they made their escape.


Lizzy shook more than she ever did before hearing Jacob’s body being torn apart, chewed and devoured, Nisha sat with her back beside Max’s chest, both of them trying to keep as quiet as possible. Nisha wasn’t just afraid however, part of her wanted to grin at the thought of what was happening to one of the cultists. The eating went on for what felt like a hour. The monks had managed to get away without losing more. Alex however felt the worst, he didn’t just feel like he lead Jacob to his doom, but he had also just cost someone else’s life.


At the police station’s altar, Anderson was on his knees praying for Alex’s success, he kept repeating the exact same words over and over; “Lords please see it in your heart to guide Alex to right path and give him your strength of wisdom.” Much sooner than he expected, he could hear someone running close by, as he turned to look towards the office entrance, he saw Alex rush inside, Anderson was at first happy, thinking that could only mean he achieved his goal, but his expression said otherwise.


“Alex.. what news do you bring so soon?” Anderson asked, trembling in fear of the worst.


“We failed, my elder the Heathens…” Alex tried to explain.


“You what!? How can you fail so soon!?” Anderson demanded to know in fearful rage.


Alex took a step back at Anderson’s sudden outburst of anger, he stuttered a little in shame of his failure “My elder… they headed right for the blessed and managed to get through, the blessed they… I don’t know why but they tore Jacob apart, purged his body clean. I doubt he’s among them now.”


“And you did not think to go through after them!? How could they get through, did you see them go through?!”


“No my elder, but the blessed didn’t feast on anyone other than Jacob, I don’t know how it makes sense but I’m telling you that’s what must have happened.”


Anderson shook as his rage builded, he approached Alex looking half ready to kill him. Alex backed away from the office doorway until he was backed against the wall.


“You have any idea what you may have doomed me to?” Anderson asked as he could barely control himself.


“Sir, I did everything I could, but blessed sensed our sins, there was nothing I could do” Alex insisted.


Anderson was in no mood for excuses, he suddenly grabbed Alex forcefully by the throat.


“They’ll be no sin for them to sense in you soon. I gave you the most important task a priest could ever give to his apprentice, and this is how you perform? I’m ashamed of myself, for picking such an incompetent fool” Anderson told him.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” An unsettlingly familiar voice came from a foot away.


Both the priest and monk froze for brief seconds before turning their heads to see a dark brown haired woman in light brown robes.


“When I said ‘pray we don't meet here again Anderson’, that wasn’t sarcasm.” the woman mentioned with a sinister grin slowly shaking her head in a mocking fashion.

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Just got caught up, still enjoying the story!

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Jon is fine, dammit.




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Anderson’s mind went blank; his breathing became slow and shaky. He let go of Alex’s throat. As Alex caught his breath, Anderson looked at Selina whose grin did nothing but disturb him, she looked at him like she was savouring the moment. He knew she had already decided what was to become of him.


“Keeper…why are you back so...” Anderson said as he trembled.


“I wasn’t finished” Selina interrupted smugly and mockingly. “I warned you. I said I would deny your redemption. Yet, I’m here already...why is that?”


“My priestess, I can assure you that I’m…”


“Silence, please” Selina ordered with a bigger grin. “I gave you orders, to find the godless wrecked beings in your lands and what happens? In just over an hour, I hear gunshots…”


Selina started to taunting approach Anderson who couldn’t help but back away down the hallway in fear.

“That’s… way too soon for any kind of planning to have taken place. They were a lot of gunshots in fact, and cars alarms. You have any idea, what we’ll have to do bring the blessed back to us? Luckily for us the heathens to the west are busy fighting among themselves.”


“I only gave my apprentice orders to find the heathens among us… I am not to blame” Anderson begged.


“A priest should know better than monks that one should not interrupt their betters!” Selina told him with a raised voice. “Where was I… on ya. I had doubts, so I decide I should return… and what do I find? You were stuck here praying like a worthless coward. Having your subordinates do the dirty work to clean YOUR mess!” Selina suddenly became enraged.


Alex now started to shake almost as much as Anderson who was consumed with fear. Every part of him shook the keeper Luke watched besides another one under her orders, he was unable to make himself stop Selina, he was deeply worried what would become of Anderson, he didn’t fully know himself what Selina had planned.


“A priest should lead by example. You command these monks, so they should see you as a figure to what they should want to become but no! Rather than lead them yourself and clean up your mistake, you stayed here and prayed that the lord would spare you. Like a snivelling! spineless! Coward! What do you think this says about you?  It says that you can’t do things yourself.”


“My Priestess please…” Anderson slightly got on his knees his hands laid out in front, he was begging for mercy from her.


“I am not one to get angry easily. But. When I see someone who is meant to be an example of us, butcher everything a priest is meant to represent. My blood boils to the point it may as well be an inferno of rage… and it gets even better” Selina then mockingly made a wide smile on those last few words.


“You find… one of your monks, died in order to save your life and what is only concern? Yourself, what are the rules we all abide by?”


“A, a, a… we are… all”


“I’m waiting…” Selina mockingly interrupted.


“We are all… pawns in grand scheme of God.” Anderson answer.


“Yes, we are...go on.”


Anderson became overcome with grief and desperate, he knew what was to come, and there was nothing he could do “We are nothing in comparison to his perfection. Our lives… mean nothing compared to his righteousness… and so… we must devote our lives to him… and him alone... my priestess please”


“You’re not finished” Selina reminded in an orderly tone.


“To not give our lives to him, is worthy of eternal damnation, for we are nothing but his creations, he is our master. He knows all, sees all. To question his rule is blasphemy and those who should question him... must be silenced.”


With those final words, Anderson broke into tears, Alex and Luke couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He was defenceless and was going to suffer a horrible fate.


“Yes, that is precisely right. And that just makes your crimes all the more worse.” Selina told him as she shook her head in disappointment.




“Shut. Up. It’s clear to me, you do not understand the significance of those words, you are pathetic. Worthless. Incompetent.  And above all else! A coward. You do not deserve the position of a priest! You do not deserve to bear our name! Who are we!?” Selina shouted in furious, rageful, anger.


Anderson had finally broken down, he fell down to his knees, his tears hit the floor and all Selina could think of what a pitiful sight he was as he uttered the cult’s name.


“The Necro-Walkers…” Anderson tearfully muttered.


"Yes, because we walk among our blessed brothers and sisters, and experience their lack of anger, their lack of lust, their lack... of desire. We experience what true peace is..." Selina then cleaned her throat as she casted down her judgment. "And you... do not deserve to walk among them."


She then looked to the keeper besides Luke and tilted her head slightly to the left. The keeper nodded and then lifted his right arm to signal the four keepers who were out of sight. Luke noticed they all had knuckle dusters equipped.


"You can't be...!" Luke tried to voice his objection but was cut off by the keeper beside him.


"The judgment has been made, interfere and you will suffer the consequences" the keeper warned, making Luke reluctantly back down and only watch in anticipated horror.


Alex turned to see the keepers making their way, chills went down his spine and his mind flooded with guilt as they passed him. All he could do was try to keep himself standing up while he blamed himself.


Seeing the keepers coming, Anderson broke down even more, to point he incoherently, mumbled pleads for mercy. He was so desperate he even reached out Selina who backed away and looked down with an unsympathetic stare as she went on to say his punishment with merciless anger.


"You will know what it’s like to have a tranquil mind, but you will not know what it it’s like to wander the world freely without sin. Your body shall hang and you will be forced to choke until your soul is freed from its husk and then damned into the fiery pits of hell!”


“Please!...” Anderson pleaded before he was forced silent with a solid punch.


The four keepers surrounded Anderson as they began to relentlessly beat him. Luke watched in horror as they mercilessly kicked and punched him, he couldn’t believe the keepers could do this to their own without a moment of hesitation. Alex shook as he could hear every fist full of metal make contact with the barely able to beg priest, every moment felt worse than the last as did his guilt. As Anderson was beaten non-stop Selina continued saying her judgement.


“You were given the chance to redeem yourself and you spat in God’s face, be thankful for his mercy for you deserve worse than this! You mocked everything we stand for and now you must suffer, you worthless excuse for a servant of God!”


Anderson was then forced onto his knee by the arms, he was barely able to mutter a sound before one of the keepers began punching him across the face, he spat blood and teeth across the wall and floor.


“Enough!” Selina ordered before Luke had finally had enough of their cruelty. “Take him to the entrance; the monks must see this pathetic man for what he really is.”


The two monks who held him then proceed to drag the man across the floor, leaving a small trail of blood as they passed Alex who closed his eye, not wanting to look at what he believed was the result of his actions.


“I failed you...I failed you...” Alex whispered to himself.


“You did not fail him” Selina told him, “You did as you were told. A soldier can only be as good as his commander. The fact you’re claiming responsibility shows you are more worthy of priesthood than him. With that said... congratulations on your promotion Alex.”


Alex then slowly looked to her in a state of shock, Selina then did a subtle smirk before she left him. Alex had dreamed of becoming a priest, but not under such horrific circumstance. He dropped to the floor, with Anderson’s coming death being the only thing he could think of.


“How can you do this…?” Luke asked Selina as she walked to him, afraid of what kind of person she was.


“It’s simple Luke. The lord demands our full unquestionable and unrelenting devotion. There is no room for those that just wait for him to take matters into his own hands, we’ve all seen the results of that, we let America devolve into a godless pit and we must all work together to make amends.”


“By killing our own brothers and sisters?!” Luke asked almost outraged.


“Serve the lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. That is what we must do, and if it requires hanging our brother Anderson… that is what we will do. Maybe you’re not ready to be a keeper...“ Selina answered before heading to the entrance.


All the monks in the building had gather around the entrance, all of their expression became of either, fear, shook or both. Anderson was dropped onto the middle of the room, his face collided with the floor, his face was covered in red, most of it swallow and multiple shades of dark colours. The keepers backed away from him so the monks could take it in. Selina soon arrived with Luke right behind her.


“You don’t have to watch” Selina told him.


“I want to serve God, if I must be… harsh, I will be.” Luke told, making Selina smile in surprise.


“On your knees Anderson!” she then demanded, “On! Your! Knees! You pathetic man!”


Using whatever strength he had left, Anderson pushed himself up revealing his face to everyone. While the keeper had not a shred of sympathy for him, the monks couldn’t bear to see their priest in such a state. Anderson felt nothing other than humiliation.


“Look to your left Anderson!” As Anderson obeyed, he noticed one of the monks was sobbing uncontrollably under her mask. “You know who she is?!” Selina asked “No?! You, monk, take off your mask. Do not fear child.”


Feeling under intense pressure the woman took off her mask, showing off her tear covered eyes, young face and red hair. She looked at Anderson with nothing but sympathy but dared not speak unless told.


“What is your name?” Selina asked


“Ash..Ashley” she timidly answered.


“Ashley... “ Selina then turned her attention back to Anderson, “Recognize her yet Anderson? How about the name Jacob, ring a bell? He was her brother, not just in name but also in blood. He sacrificed his life for you, I heard Alex tell you and what was your concern again, yourself… every single one of these monks looked up to you to guide them, teach them patience, selflessness, and devotion to our creator. And you taught them nothing! You cared not for Jacob’s life, you ordered Alex to clean your mistake, all you cared for was yourself, now look at what you have caused!”


Anderson stared at Ashley’s eye, after beating so merciless attacked, all he could feel was sorrow and Ashley could see that in Anderson’s bloody tears.


“Apologize to her, or I will consider a more severe punishment.”


With the little strength he had left, Anderson told Ashley he was sorry. Ashley nodded to tell him, she accepted it. Selina wasn’t the slightest bit moved.


“Good. Strip him of his clothing, the fact he still wear those robes is insulting to us!”


The keepers then pulled Anderson down to the ground and forcefully stripped him down to his underwear, making his beaten body visible to all within the room. His robe was then away as they made him stand. Luke started to shake, he still couldn’t fathom what the keepers were doing to a fellow brother, but he kept telling himself it was for the greater good, but he couldn’t bring himself to believe it.


One of the keepers then approached Selina with an injector in their hand.


“Excellent. Get him out.”


The keepers holding Anderson then ran, dragging him allow till they threw him down the entrance stairs. The two hanging bodies outside began to snarl at the sound of his body hitting the floor. One of the brown robed figures stood on his back as the one with the injector forced it into back of his neck and injected the substance inside. Another then came with a rope and tied it tightly around his neck. Selina then ordered the monks to gather around and watch as they took Anderson towards a street lamp.


As the monks and Luke watched in fear, Selina gave her last words to Anderson.


“For your crimes Anderson, your redemption is denied. One your tranquillity has passed, the devil shall feast on your soul”


After throwing end of the rope over the street lamp, then over again from the same direction, three of the keepers began to pull Anderson up, he weakly tried to gasp for air, but it was nearly impossible in his beaten state. As the keepers tied a knot around the lamp, Anderson's body soon went limp.


The monks had no idea how to feel seeing their once priest dangling from a high. Selina and the Keepers just watched the body turn left and right, wondering how long it would be before his corpse reanimated.


"You all have my most sincere apologies. These are not acts we like to do, but they must be taken if we are to reach salvation. I bid you all farewell, Alex will be your priest now, respect him as you would me."


With that Selina put on her mask and the Keepers left to return to their Messiah.


"What a sad sight he was" she thought aloud once the monks weren't in ear sight.


"You think Alex will be a suitable replacement?" One of the others asked.


"Anything will be better than that pathetic excuse for a priest"


Luke looked back for a moment, feeling horrible about the company he was with.


Back at the station, Alex went to entrance, he saw the robes on floor and monks gather outside, some came in and stared at him, hoping he have something to say that'll help. He went and picked up the blood covered robes. Soon the rest gather around, hoping their new priest would be able to guide them.

End of chapter 3

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After a day that many would not soon be forgetting finally passed, rain poured down from the sky as people slept through the night. At the station, monks in black robes slept, trying to get over the death of their priest who was now trying to move while he dangled high above the ground.


Alex, who now had to sleep where his deceased master once did, he shook and rolled around as Jacob's screams and Anderson's pleads haunted his dreams. He soon woke up with fright, and looked around wondering if his new position would ever feel right. Lifting himself up from a brown leather sofa inside the chief’s office room. He looked at the red robes that were on the desk, seeing the blood that had yet to be removed from it. Looking at it did nothing for his conscious as the sound of metal fists colliding with flesh flooded his mind. As he whipped the sweat from his forehead, he realised he body was shaking.


“What am I going to do?” he asked himself, feeling the weight of over a dozen lives resting heavily on his shoulders.


As Alex placed both his hands on his head, trying to think of what he could do. Selina was inside the cult’s so-called temple. On the fifteenth floor inside a room where all of the office furniture had been taken away and the entirety of the ruined remains of the city were visible a figure wearing crimson robes was on knees by the window, looking down to a blue rug where he could see the face of the virgin Mary and hollow shells of the city’s inhabitants. Crosses were on the walls, and the Bible was by his side.


In the room with him stood four white robed figures wearing white masks, two on either side of the room. It was impossible to tell their gender because not once did they ever speak a word. Their eyes were even covered with white contacts, making them appear almost lifeless. Two gold lines went down their shoulders and at the chest area, they were two gold crosses. Each of them carried a crude makeshift Tonfa blade and a PSG-1 around their back..


Soon there was a knock on the door, the figure on his knees looked to right as he told them to come in. Selina entered and was ready to give her report on recent events.


“You’ve been rather busy today. How many heathens were they?” the man calmly asked.


“The reports say four. As I speak one is spending an eternity in hell, one is now freed from his or her sins. The other two are unknown.” Selina answered with a polite and respectful tone.


“Unknown? Selina… why is that?”


“They headed right for your children holy one. At the moment we don’t know if they now walk among them or now suffering never-ending damnation. We also lost a monk by the name of Jacob, he now likely walks among the blessed”


The man was silent for a moment before he spoke with hint of sadness, “It always hurts to lose one of my children. Why did the denial of his redemption come to be?”


“Even the witness are unsure, but one of our own was to blame.”


Selina then had the man’s full undivided attention, “who?”


“The priest Anderson my holiness, he was lazy, the monks weren’t guarding the areas, instead like a pathetic sloth he had them wait until the heretics acted first before taking action. Even after my warning, he just sat by and made his monks do the work just to preserve his own life… I gave him the punishment he deserved.” Selina answered with a prideful smile.


“Good” the Messiah replied before he coldly stated “Nothing is worse than an undisciplined child causing the harm of others. May he rest in hell for Satan to enjoy.”


“Indeed my holiness, indeed” Selina added with a smile.


“Was there anything else my child? After a hard day’s work, you deserve some rest”


Selina chuckled at the man’s suggestion “Rest my lord? Surely you understand, I don’t rest until my job is done. Just like you. The blessed still need to be guided back to us.”


“Oh I know, your dedication is your most admirable trait. But that doesn’t mean you should exhaust yourself, my most devoted daughter.”


The man then slowly stood up then turned to approach Selina, there was a mutual level of respect for one another that they could both see as they looked at each other in the eyes.


“You’ve weeded out yet another potential thorn within my land. I believe that alone deserves rest. The amount of heresy you’ve damned to hell alone is worthy of much more than I can possibly give.”


“Oh don’t flatter me, I just do what God asks of me” Selina insisted “Forgive me, I must ask something of maybe minor importance.”


“Speak, from you I’m sure it’s important” the elderly messiah told her.


“Well it’s two thing actually; the new member of my flock, Luke is… not as harsh as he must be. At least towards your sons and daughters, he has the care of heart, but not the strength of mind to make the hard choices. Second, what of the new priest at the station? He was the apprentice of Anderson, I am unsure if he’ll be fit for the role, given his teacher.”


The man thought for a moment, “Mmmm, let’s give the man three days before passing judgment, the young can be full of surprises. As for Luke, he is a deeply troubled one, brought here by faith but fights for vengeance. You know what became of his flock, he will be a valuable asset. I know too well of the fire, burning inside his eyes”


“I don’t mean to question, but I see no fire” Selina pointed out.


“All you’re seeing is the gas that is yet to explode, trust me child, when the time comes, you will see the same passion for justice that I see in you” the man told him with a gentle smile, making Selina lightly blush from flattery, who seemed a little lost for words. “Now go rest my child, you can continue your work at daytime”


“As you wish holy one” Selina replied before she took his right hand and kissed it.


Just as the Selina was going to leave for her rest, outside in the middle of what was now a just a corpse ridden highway, Max, Lizzy and Nisha were stuck inside the car until the dead eventually moved away. Inside, Lizzy’s head was against the passenger seat, having passed out from mental exhaustion. Behind the seat, Nisha was sat pressed against Max’s back, she being the only one awake.


She did nothing but stare out into space as she still took in that devoured man outside was the first cultist she had killed. As she thought back to the man’s screams, she also thought about her as memories of being bound to her knees and hearing the sound of gunfire.


“One day, one day” she whispered to herself.


She looked back to see Max completely out cold, she could even hear his breathing coming from his wide open mouth. Knowing she had little choice she laid her head down beside his chest to feel more comfortable while trying to ignore the tinkling she was receiving from her wound, luckily for her the bullet went right through, so all it took was tearing the end of her sleeves and using them as a bandage, though that meant seeing the scars across her lower arms that she wasn’t fond of having in plain sight. Before finally getting some sleep, she glanced at the passenger seat and wondered how Lizzy was going to cope with all she had gone through in so little time.


A few hours later as the sun was just setting above the sea to light up the slowly dying city. The monk Ashley awoke from her bed to see her tear covered pillow, her eyes almost burned, and despite the sleep she still felt incredibly tired. She stepped out of her ‘bedroom’ which was really just a cell. Looking to one of the windows she could see the sun wasn’t yet shining through, but she could see the light coming.


She decided to go visit her new priest, wiping her eyes with the collar of her robes as she went through the hallways, which felt cold and lifeless after what transpired. When she got the to wooden door that housed the chief's room she knocked on the door.


“Huh?” Alex peaked up his head from the desk he was sat behind, not expecting someone to be knocking so soon, it wasn’t until Ashley lightly knocked again he realised he wasn’t hearing things. “Oh… Come in!”


To his surprise it was the red haired woman he had saved earlier. He could tell there were dry tears in her eyes which made him wonder even more why was coming to see him of all people.


“I’m sorry A.. my priest, I hope I’m not disturbing you” Ashley said timidly.


Alex rubbed his eyes furiously to wake himself up, as he was on the border of either daydreaming or falling asleep altogether.


“Oh, no not at all, I was just… making plans” Alex told her.


“May I come in A… forgive me, I mean, my elder, can I come in?” Ashley asked as she tried to get use to referring Alex as her priest.


“I’m twenty-two years old, I’m not a elder. Refer to me as priest, though… I’d rather not be referred to that… I haven’t earned this y…” Alex yawned as the lack of sleep took it’s toll on him. “...yet...why are you here?”


“I… I just wanted to say thankful.” Ashley explained to Alex’s confusion.


“Thank… thank me for what?” Alex asked in return.


Alex got up from his new desk and walked to her, not having the energy to run. As he got closer Ashley could see the bags under his eyes and his hair, that was as black as the robes he wore was a mess. Ashley could tell he must have been awake most of the whole night.


“I sent your brother to his death, my master is dead, because of me. I was given the task to lead you and the others to stop those heretics and what did I achieve? Your brother was ripped limb from limb and my masters was beaten to death before being finished of with a nose, his soul is only going to in bliss for a while before he’s a demon’s plaything for all eternity. What could you possibly thank me for…?” Alex asked unable to find a good quality in himself.


“You saved my life didn’t you? I would… have died along with him if it wasn’t for you”


“I couldn’t have another death happen because I rushed in… I should be the one hanging there, not him.” Alex stated with tears in his eyes.


“No you shouldn’t, neither of you should be what that… woman did was beyond cruel… not even the common heathen gets such punishment. You’re not to blame.”


“I’m not to blame? Were you even there when I fired the first shot? If I had waited to get closer, rather than just shoot off the moment I saw her , none of this would have happened, your brother and my master would still live in the... “ Alex was cut off by a long mourn.


Ashley back away, she felt gravely sorry for him, having been put on such a position without any time to consider it, and with two deaths weighing on his mind.


“Have you had any sleep at all” Ashley asked.


“I can’t sleep. Every… every time I close my eye, I hear my master begging for mercy. It’s like his soul is haunting me for my failure. How am I supposed to sleep? I can hear your brother screaming in my head, as we…”


“Stop!” Ashley shouted “I don’t need to hear that. I know, I hear him as well, I had to cry myself to sleep! I know I should be angry, but my brother did not die because of you. He didn’t have to listen to your orders, he wanted to save your master just as much as you did, as I did! We all wanted to save Anderson, not just Ahh!” Ashley was cut off by Alex when he suddenly slapped her across face.


“Don’t you dare speak his name! He may have been stripped of his priesthood but he is still a priest to me! Don’t speak his name… get out!”


“Alex why...oh…” Ashley caught her words and shook realising her mistake too late.


“It’s forbidden to speak the words of your betters Ashley! I’ll forgive you for now, but get out of my sight! NOW!!”


Ashley ran off in despair full tears. Alex slapped both his hands into his face, regretting his actions even more. In a fit of fury he slammed the door before his eyes became waterfalls, he took a couple of steps back before falling back on to the sofa, his cries became louder until he finally lost the energy to stay awake.

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WS, like your writing.   Good chapters.

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Thanks, I thought now would be a good time to focus more on the cult. Chapter 4 is going to be slower paced, considering how Chapter 3 ended. 

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