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This doesn't take part in the Walking dead universe, though this fic is largely inspired by it, It does have a few differences. 




It was a dark and gloomy day in the south east streets of Union City. For some it was very fitting given its current state. For others it just added to its grim state. For one person in particular it was the former, looking through her apartment’s window blinds, eyeing the quiet and dead streets like a hawk, she looked out for the slightest hint of life.


“Quiet day today it seems.” She whispered to himself.


She then shut the blinds and laid down on her stain covered bed, and placed two fingers on her forehead as she pondered on what to do to pass time. After nearly five minutes she eventually came to the conclusion to read a newspaper that was lying down on her small desk besides her.


“Ehhh may as well do, not like I have anything else to pass the time.”


The newspaper was wrinkled and partly torn like it was months old, the front page had the following headline.




Patient Con Johnson from Glendale who was admitted to hospital on May 15 was declared dead yesterday; shortly thereafter he attacked a nearby doctor and was quickly restrained. However upon closer inspection it was discovered he was in fact still dead. Doctors are baffled as to how…. continue on page 3


“Should have just shot him right there.” she remarked before throwing the paper across the floor “Oh fuck this, there's gotta be something better to do.”.


She looked around her room that was nothing but a filth ridden mess. Soda cans, tin cans, plates with food that was close to rotting were scattered around. “Maybe I could…. nah, maybe tomorrow.”


She then eyed her fridge for a while before getting off her bed. She opened it and saw all that was left in it was an almost empty bottle of whiskey.


“God damnit I must have drank more than I thought…. well bottoms up.”


After grabbing the bottle she then looked at a picture of herself with her brother right beside her which was hanging from the wall. “Cheers.”


Before she could even take a shot her attention was diverted to the sounds of a woman screaming and begging for help. She hurried to window and saw woman running while being followed by a large mob, as she screamed for someone to help the woman merely just watched.


“Keep it down you stupid bitch, you’re only going to get yourself…” she whispered.


There was then the loud banging sound of a rifle followed quickly by the woman falling to the ground as blood flowed out of her chest onto the pavement.




As she tried to drag herself to safety the woman observing just watched as the mob descended on her. She struggled to get them off but it was in vain, her screams of agony didn’t last long as the mob sunk their teeth into her flesh and started to tear and devour it.


The woman just sighed at the sight, she wasn’t surprised or horrified at what just happened. Instead she got back to what she was previously doing and drank what was left in her bottle and rested it on desk.


After a while of tapping her foot on the ground she looked around before deciding to go to bathroom and look at herself through her cupboard mirror, seeing her hazel eyes, light brown hair, lightly freckled and faintly scarred face one being a cross on her forehead and small silver ear piercing on her left ear. She tried to tug at her own hair to see if it was long enough to pull and barely managed to. She then opened the cupboard and took out a comb and pair of scissors. She trimmed her hair till she could no longer pull it then put her stuff away.


Once that was done she could hear her stomach growling. Knowing there was nothing left to eat she debated in her head whether she should risk going outside or wait till tomorrow with a mob just outside. With boredom seriously getting to her, she decided to play it dangerous.


“Fuck it I’m not staying here all day.”


She went to her door and grabbed her backpack, a holster with a Manning AS pistol inside of it and an ice axe beside it. She grabbed a map of the city from her bag and laid it out on the bed. A part of the map in a section of the City called Alton there was a building  surrounded by a green circle while other buildings close by were covered with red circles. On the upper right of it was a key showing red meant either salvaged or unsalvageable and green was the apartment she was in, or ‘home’ as it was written down, another key with a grey line and the letters STFO next to it, the only part in grey was the entirety of a section directly southwest called West Bricks.


“Mmmm, I don’t plan on going far…. I haven’t tried the Newtown east supermarket yet. Ya, that sounds ideal” she thought out loud as she eyed a place, directly northeast on map.


After putting the map back inside, she took a quick glance at the window to see the mob was starting to drift apart. “I’ll wait another hour before going anywhere.”


Once an hour had passed she readied her weapon and opened the door to the apartment's hallway, as her footsteps caused the floorboards to crek she could hear weak mourns coming from downstairs. “I thought I…”


As she cautiously went down the wooden stairs, to the ground floor she saw a decayed man in clothes half torn wandering and looking around aimlessly. She whistled very quietly to get his attention from the bottom step, as he turned she could see his face was suffering an extreme case of necrosis, one of his eyes was missing and his lower jaw was partly damaged.


As he drifted towards her she told him to “Hurry up sweet cheeks” tauntingly.


Once he finally got close enough, she struck him in the head with one swift blow. After waiting a while to see if the sound of impalement attracted more attention she grabbed him by shirt and lowered his body against the wall before removing her axe.


Now that the minor threat was dealt with, she put her back against the wall and slowly sidestepped till she could get a peep of the outside. As she saw the front door was wide open she realised she’d forgotten to lock it and silently cursed her forgetfulness. Looking outside she saw the crowd of decaying flesh cravers was too close for comfort to leave the door open, not willing to risk being seen she tried to use her axe as an extension of her arm. Ever so slightly she pushed the door with the adze part making sure to not make a slight sound. Once she finally managed to shut the door, she grabbed her keyring from her pocket and locked door, leaving only the clicking of the lock to possibly get attention.


After a quick sigh of relief she looked at the reception desk.


“Back door it is” she muttered


After going around the desk and through a narrow hallway, she was at the backdoor. After a brief check to see that there was no one around, both on the ground and watching from buildings, she went outside. Before her was a building in ruin and to her right was a seemingly deserted street littered with rubble, bodies and wreckage.


“Time to finally get something to eat.”


After a quick sigh he announced today was “Just another day in purgatory.” before she began to head north.


Keeping herself close to the building, she watched the streets to west and saw there wasn’t much activity, however once she got to corner of the building she saw the walking dead were far too numerous for her to make a run for it unnoticed. Some of the corpses were also shaking like they had a lot of built up energy, which for her was a bad sign.


“Not good, not good.”


While she was desperate enough to risk slow moving bodies chasing her, potential runners was another story. She bit his lower lip as she tried to figure out a way to get to the supermarket. She looked at the wreckage ahead of her and then to south. With no alleyways to use her only two option were either to run straight ahead and risk the half dead horde seeing her or climb the destroyed building and risk a different kind of danger.


“Starvation, eaten or bullet to head… which sounds better?” she pondered.


After a shrug she ran straight for the rubble, ducking the moment she reached it. As she slowly climbed the ruined remains of the building she kept taking brief glances east to make sure she wasn’t within sight. Once she reached the top he laid flat down her belly on what remained of a floor.


Right in front of her was a large motel surrounded by a fence. Cars were scattered around road just outside the parking lot and past them was a barricade made out of large blue containers with sandbags on top of them lined across the middle. Directly north of them was a wooden watchtower. After some looking around she saw that no one was around.


Keeping her body low, she crawl across what little of the wreckage she could and waited till person in watchtower wasn’t looking. Once she had the chance she got to her knees and sidestepped down the ruins then quickly ran to a bus that was tipped onto its side. After a quick look south she ran across the road into the parking lot.


As she stuck to the fence she saw across the parking lot were multiple bodies some still others walking. Even though they were heading towards her she paid them no mind. She went around the back of the motel and saw the ruins of a campsite. The tents were ripped apart and at least five dead bodies could be seen, One was still standing and it was coming for her quickly but not quick enough as it had to drag its left leg that looked to have been shot.


“Guess they gave you a ‘chance’ ” she guessed, noticing a distinct lack of injures.


With no hesitation she went and brought her axe down on the lone half dead wander’s head. She again looked behind to watch the buildings to see if someone was watching. After she kicked it away, she searched its body for anything useful but all she found was a cross scar on its forehead almost identical to one she had.


“Yep, I was right.”


She then checked what remained of the campsite. All the bodies there were badly chewed up and rotten and it seemed everything they had was taken. They all had one thing in common however; a bullet hole in each of their heads.


Knowing what likely happened she felt disgusted “Kill all but one then force last one to turn, typical of her. Fucked up bitch she is. Wonder when this happened. Poor bastards. One day I'll...”


Her stomach then growled and reminded her why she went out in first place.


"Right, now's not time to get distracted. Those bastards could be anywhere." She reminded herself.


Using a part of the northern fence that was destroyed she got back into the streets and To her relief there wasn’t any undead being close by so she the opportunity to run north into Newtown East.


Ignoring the few dead walking the streets, she quickly ran to the back of a police station that was directly northwest of her apartment, using the cover of destruction to conceal herself from the deceased, while this seemed needlessly risky, she feared the threat that could potentially see on the streets from above even more. Once she was around the station she saw a sight that caused her to hesitate; a rotten still moving body hanging from a streetlamp just outside the station’s entrance and another not too far away. It wasn’t what she was seeing that made her stop, but what it was to someone else.


“All this time and I never knew they were this close.” She whispered to herself.


She slowly moved closer to the road, keeping a close eye on the hanging bodies, as she knew if they noticed her she would have very unpleasant company follow. Keeping her body low she creeped to the road ahead, keeping a close watch on the rooftops as she did. Once on road she went watching her footing so she didn’t make the slightest noise.


Once she was finally out of harm's way, she could see the back of the supermarket she had put herself in high risk just to get to.


“All this just to get a bite to eat.” she muttered to herself irritated before heading straight to it.

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Nicely done! I'll definitely read the next installment.
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Definitely looking forward to the next part, Aaron! If you'd like to just keep it all in this thread, it'll make things a little bit easier for your readers to keep following the story. Good stuff so far!

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Jon is fine, dammit.




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Thanks you two. I'll have the next part up soon :)

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Betting on the undead being at the front she decided to stick to the back of the supermarket. The back way into the storage area was wide open and a delivery van was in plane sight. Her first thought was to check if there was anything worthwhile inside. Looking around first before searching the vehicle, she saw to her dismay that someone had previously been around. Rotted bodies of the supermarket’s pre-outbreak workers were scattered around, all of which had fatal head injuries.


“Someone did my work for me” she remarked as she noticed the back of the van was left open.


Much to her disappointment, it appeared that all the food inside was vastly outdated. Any possible canned food that was inside had already been taken. Frustrated that she may have wasted her time she kicked the van.


“Damnit. Theres got to be something.”


She went inside the van and searched through what was inside. Whatever was inside the plastic bags felt disturbingly soft, and the sight of whatever was in some of the plastic containers made her feel sick to her stomach.


“Oh fuck it, I’ll just throw up whatever’s in these.”  


Not wanting to bare the thought of what was inside any longer, she closed the van and decided to check the boxes laying around. To her relief she managed to find some canned goods, but only enough for a few days. As she searched, she suddenly heard a young girl’s voice.




Raising her head in confusion, she looked around to find the source of the voice. To the far end of the room she saw someone peck through a doorway to the cold storage. At the sight of her the child gasped and went back inside.


Wondering what a child was doing in a supermarket seemingly all alone, she went towards the room. When she went inside, she saw a young girl who couldn’t be any older than ten holding a kitchen knife with both hands. The woman could she in the child’s light blue eyes she was terrified, her scared face certainly not helping.


“Hey kid” the woman greeted politely “I don’t want to hurt you.”


“Stay away!” the kid demanded as she swung her knife around.


The woman kept her distance, she understood why someone, especially a child wouldn’t trust a stranger never mind someone who looked like her. To help the kid feel more comfortable she lowered her axe to floor


“See, I’m not going to hurt you. Just lower the knife alright?”


“No! You’re with my dad” the child assumed. “just leave me alone.”


“I’m not leaving a child alone in the middle of this hellhole. Just put the bloody knife down.”


Seeing the child was in no mood to corporate, she decided to take a different approach; pull out a gun and threaten her.


“Just put the fucking knife down.”


“Please don’t shoot me! I’m sorry lady!” the kid exclaimed in panic.


“Shut up kid. Just drop the damn knife.” Finally the kid complied and put the knife on floor. “There, was that so hard?”


Afraid, the kid started to cry and wiped away her tears.


“Oh for god’s sake” the woman put her gun back and approached the kid while speaking softly to her, “I wasn’t really going to shoot you kid, I just wanted you to put the knife away… oh will you stop blubbering please?”


“I want my mum” the child muttered under her tears.


“Mum?” her thoughts turned to the woman she watch get mauled to death not long ago. “How long has it been since she left?”


“An hour, I think.”


The woman’s expression turned nervous as she instantly connected the dots. “Oh...errmm, I don’t think...she’s coming back.”


“Why?” Already nervous, she assumed the scarred woman in front of her meant the worst. “No, you’re lying! She’s not dead! She’s not!”


“Keep it down you little shit!” the woman demanded as she covered the kid’s mouth and grabbed the back of her head


“I never said she was dead… but you’re right she’s dead. I saw it myself. I couldn’t help her, I’m sorry.”


She could feel the kid’s tears on her hand as they ran down her hand as the child’s eyes formed a river. Looking deep into her eyes she saw denial slowly fading away into sorrow.


“I’m going to let go, I know exactly how you feel, trust me. But try to be quiet, your mother left you here to be safe am I right?” the child nodded.


“Alright, if you make a lot of noise she’d have died for nothing. Are you ready?”


There was no nod, just a long stare. She let go of the little girl. The kid then cuddled her, holding her black biker jacket tightly as she balled her eyes out. After sighing at how her day had been she hugged the kid and padded her back.


“Its okay. (What am I getting myself into?)”


Five minutes later the kid regained her composure, though unsurprisingly she was extremely down.


"Can I stay with you? You don't seem nice but, I don't want to be alone."


"Smart girl" woman remarked "and yes, I told you, I'm not leaving a kid in a godforsaken place like this."


"Thank you."


"Don't mention it. My names' Nisha by way, what's yours?"




"Nice name" Nisha commented. "Okay now, I know you're not in best mood right now, but I need you to stay with me, weigh me down too much, I'll cut my losses. Understand?"


"I think so" Lizzy answered as she rubbed her eyes.


"Good, now let's go."


Nisha returned to searching the back for food while Lizzy just sat by a forklift. Once she was done she found there would only be enough between them for three days at most. Looking at Lizzy, she debated if taking a kid with her was a great idea. But considering she just told her, her mother is dead she couldn’t bring herself to.


She looked through the door window to see the market aisles, undead still shifted around but what caught her attention was the sea of decaying bodies outside the front doors. After biting her lips and looking at her bag, she decided to risk searching for more food.


“On second thought, Lizzy you stay here. I’ll be back soon.”


“Don’t leave me!” Lizzy pleaded as she grabbed Nisha’s leg and looked up to her.


Once again Nisha held Liz's mouth shut “I said keep it down. I ain’t leaving you, I just need you to stay here while I get something I’ll be right back. Just sit there.”


Reluctantly, the kid sat back at the forklift “Come back soon.”


“I will kid” Nisha promised.


With that said, she went inside through the door, the sound of it opening made a few heads turn around. Unsure how good their soulless eyes were, she kept herself kneeled down.


It was obvious the place was once previously looted, albeit unsuccessfully. Some of the undead inside were wearing bandannas and backpacks. The place was also littered with trolleys as well as shelves that had been tipped over. As the decaying bodies made their way, Nisha looked at the aisle signs to find the canned goods section. Fortunately for her they were just to her left to at the far side. Only thing between her were two rotting attempted looters,


“Wish I had taken that knife.” She whispered to herself.


With them being close together, others closing in and not wanting to attract the outside crowd, she needed to think of something. Unable to think of something with little risk so she took a gamble, she took her axe and swung it at the right zombie’s head with the adze end knocking it off its feet and into the other one. They both fell and collided into one of the freezers. Before one could get back on its feet she swung down on its head, forcing it to the floor. Then with the pick end, she backed away, using one of the shelfs as cover before swinging it into other’s eye socket then the one down on ground before it could get up. Thankfully, nothing outside noticed.


“Thank fuck for that.” she said in relief.


Others were coming so she had no time to take a breather, she headed straight for the aisle and what she hoped for, cans littered the floor, more than her backpack could carry.


“Guess today is my lucky day” she remarked.


While keeping an eye out for the other walking corpse, she noticed that something had the attention of the undead outside, she wondered what could possibly have their attention if not her, it was loud enough to get their attention but not enough for her to hear it. What could it be? It then suddenly hit her.


“I had to open my fucking mouth.”


Less than a minute earlier Lizzy was kicking her feet and looking down to ground, as she waited anxiously for Nisha to come back, she reached into her red shirt and pulled out a small locket. she opened it to see a picture of her, her mother and father. Tears were about to drop from her eyes until she heard…


“Jesus Christ!”


“No, no, no, no, no” Lizzy panicked at hearing that voice, it was one she could never forget, “not dad. Not him.”


Just outside the police station, the two hanging bodies were snarling and desperately trying to reach for two men and a woman who looked at them shocked and confused at the sight.


“Who the hell hangs biters?” the one whose voice Lizzy recognised asked.


“Maybe they both committed suicide” the other man reasoned.


“Who cares? We’re looking for that brat of yours ain’t we?” the woman asked the father.


“Right. She took off with hardly any food, the market here is our best bet.”


The trio headed to the market, completely unaware that the hanging bodies were in fact acting as alarms. Inside the station, in what was once a office room, a man wearing red robes was on his knees praying. Before him was a table with lit candles on both sides and the Christian cross in the middle. Beyond that was an even larger cross with the body of who was once the chief of the place nailed to it. He heard the snarling and multiple voices but continued to pray, once finished he calmly stood up.


“Seems we have heathens at our doorstep.”  

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great start walkersniper.

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I can't wait to find out the backstory for Nisha and Lizzy. Good stuff!

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Jon is fine, dammit.




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Great to see you putting it up, Sniper. It's been a real honor to be your test reader. (which also means I'am ahead of everyone else, heh.)


And I told ya people would like it, didn't i? :3

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Great to see you putting it up, Sniper. It's been a real honor to be your test reader. (which also means I'am ahead of everyone else, heh.)


And I told ya people would like it, didn't i? :3


Yes you did. :D One day I'll get over my nerves  :wacko:

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Looking to his left, the red priest grabbed a PSG1 next to the wall, strapped it to his back and left the office. He slowly made his way through the hallways that had been stripped of everything connected to its past and decorated with a cross on the wall every so often, all the way to the entrance. Other people in robes were also headed to the entrance, however their robes were black and their weapons were M24s. Once close to the entrance the red priest stopped.


“The heathens seem to be unaware of our presence. Do they not realise they are treading on the land of God’s chosen?” he asked a black robed individual.


“They must be ignorant of us my priest” the other assumed. “Shall we remove these abominations from God's world?”


“Don’t be hasty my monk” the priest advised. “They may be ignorant, but they can still be dangerous. Alex, if the blessed don’t purge the sin from their bodies in due time. You are free to do God’s work. Until then we shall wait. Remember young one, our souls are not yet free of sin.”


“I shall my elder.”


At the supermarket, Lizzy was scared of her father finding her. As she looked around for a place to hide, seeing how the cold storage didn’t work she decided to hide between some of the boxes at the far end. As she moved some boxes around so she was in the middle of them, she could hear her father talking close by. Before they went inside she sat down, keeping her head low.


“Stay watch outside, the biters no doubt heard those them hanging bastards” the father ordered the other man.


“Fine but don’t be long, I hate the streets.”


“I don’t care, and make sure that bitch doesn’t give us the slip. If she’s here she’s hiding.”


The father and women then proceeded to search the back area, starting with the van and then between some boxes, making their way to the cold storage room, while keeping each other at a close distance.


Meanwhile, Nisha was hurrying to get as much food as she could inside her bag.


“Shit, shit, shit!” she mumbled as she panicked.


Once she felt she had enough, she got up and turned. In her panic she didn’t pay attention to the walking dead close by. The moment she turned she saw a pale lifeless face within a meter’s distance of her. Startled, she backed away and almost fell backwards to the floor. The rotten being lunged at her, however she managed to grab its neck, slam her boot down onto its knee, forcing it to kneel. With the undead and cultists now aware of someone being close by she no longer felt she had to keep quiet.


“Oh fuck it.”


She then used all her strength to force the pale man into one store shelfs and force it over.


“The fuck was that?” the father wondered aloud. “Check it out.”


The woman pulled out her M9 pistol and slowly walked to the door. As she looked through window, she saw by corner of her eye a vested woman driving a axe into a dead guy’s head.


“There’s someone here.” she told the father.


Once he was at the door he busted it open and saw her fending off two corpses and another one was closing in. He also saw that noise also got the attention of a crowd outside. Pale, rotten and tore faces were pressed against the window, if it wasn’t for the power being out, they would have flooded inside.


Seeing no point in staying quiet he order the woman to “Put down those dead beats.”


Seeing the pair raise their guns she kicked one of the undead away and ducked down. The pair then started firing, getting even more attention from the outdoors. Even though they unloaded a whole clip each, only once did they get a headshot.


“Fucking amateurs” Nisha remarked.


Not knowing who they were and all attention now directed to the market, she pulled out her Manning AS and got close to both of them, before shooting them in the head. She then pointed her weapon at the man and woman just as they had reloaded their guns.


"Don't even think about it. Who the fuck are you two?" she demanded before they could raise their guns.


"What's going on back there?!" The man outside yelled.


"Everything is under control, just keep an eye out alright?" the father replied. "(Lower your gun) we’re just going to lower our weapons alright? We're not looking for trouble."


Nisha watched them carefully as they put their firearms on the ground.


“Look we don’t want any trouble alright? Name’s Mark. I’m just looking for my daughter. Short black hair, wears a red shirt with a smiley face on it, seen her?” the man asked in a seemingly innocent tone.


The man looked friendly and Nisha could partly see the resemblance, minus the small beard and moustache. But there had to be a good reason for Lizzy to be afraid of him.


"No, I haven't seen a kid anywhere, is that all you're here for?"


"Well, you look alone. Is it just you? We have a community and you must be able to handle yourself, maybe you could come with us."


Overhearing the conversation, Lizzy repeatedly mumbled "please" to herself out of fear wanting Nisha to keep her safe.


"(What the fuck are you doing? We don't know this bitch)" the woman whispered.


"We need all help we can get Becks. So what do you say? You in?"


"I'll pass" Nisha decided. "Now will you piss off?”


“Hey now no need to be rude, I was just asking. (She knows something.) We’ll just take our weapons and go.”


“Leave them. I don’t trust either of you one bit.”


“Hey we could have shot you early couldn’t we? I think that…”


A rifle shot suddenly broke the conversation, the man outside was screaming in agony having been shot right in the knee scaring everyone inside the store. While Nisha knew who it was, Mark assumed it was Lizzy’s mother.


“I fucking knew it!” he yelled as he and his accomplish quickly ducked to floor and grabbed their guns as Nisha fired at them.


“For fuck sake” Nisha remarked at how her day was getting worse and worse. Before they could return fire she took cover behind the shelf stacks, as did they. Bullets whizzed through the market and the undead were getting more determined to get inside. In the midst of the horde, faster and louder decaying bodies were pushing their way through to the windows, when they got to them, they didn’t press against it, they slammed themselves into it. The glass wasn’t going to last for long.


Seeing he didn’t have long, Mark told the woman “Hold her off, I’ll try to get to Simon.”


“Alright. Have it you bitch! You’re dead!”


Mark ran to the backway unaware his daughter was watching terrified at all the noise being made, not wanting to hear anymore she covered her ears. Mark saw Simon whimpering from the pain he was in. Simon tried to grab his gun but another round was fired, hitting his hand; he screamed again just as loud. Mark tried to reach him, but a bullet narrowly missed his leg making him back away.


“So that’s how it is huh? Where the fuck is my daughter?!” he demanded unaware of who his attackers really were.


Firing from a distant window, a monk was taking aim with Alex right behind him.


“The imbecile seems to believe we have his daughter. Remind me to correct him before we commit the purification ritual” Alex told the monk.


Mark aimlessly fired back to where he assumed the bullet came from, the next shot from the rifle hit his left hand.


“You fucking bitch!” he loudly screamed.


Seeing the situation as hopeless he checked the van, to see if the key to start it was around, to his luck it was. He then ran for Becks.


“We need to get the hell outta here!” he yelled as he shoved the doors open almost getting shot in process.


"You got lucky this time" Becks claimed.


Using his one good arm Mark covered her as they retreated. Nisha took one last chance to shoot them but in a stroke of bad luck a bullet grazed her right arm. Her reaction however was unusual, she flinched slightly and bit her lips, trying not to giggle and focus. She managed to to fire two rounds but they only hit the door.


“Lucky bastard” she remarked with a smile as she looked at her minor wound.


She decided not to chase them as she came to idea that maybe letting them go would do her a favour, at the sound of the van’s engine trying to start, she couldn’t help but smile wider.


“This may all work out actually” she thought out loud.


However with the shooting now ended, she could now hear the relentless banging on the windows, her heart sank as she knew it wasn’t long now till it would break.


“It’s one thing after another isn’t it?”


At the van, Becks was desperately trying to start the vehicle while Mark was waiting for Nisha to show up, but to his confusion she never did.


“Damnit, son of bitch start!” she angry yelled.


Eventually the engine roared and the pair was relived.


“Finally! Wait are we seriously going to leave him?” She asked.


“He’s done for, now get us out of here and keep your head low.”


They then drove the van, narrowly missing Simon. The monks tried to kill the driver, but with their rifle being bolt-action, they only had one shot and it missed, only hitting the glass. Simon couldn’t believe his friends had left him for dead, he yelled at them in anger for abandoning him and was terrified of what was coming.


While disappointed they hadn’t captured the others; the monks didn’t seem to mind.


“Should we pursue after them?” the shooter asked Alex.


“As much as I’d enjoy removing those eyesores of god. I think we shall leave our other brothers and sisters to them, they won’t make it far in that van.” Alex assured.


With her father now gone Lizzy decided to get out from between the boxes, afraid she may be all alone she called out for Nisha. Much to her relief, she came right through the doors. Overjoyed she ran and hugged her.


“You came back”


“I promised, didn’t I?” Nisha pointed out. “No time to waste though get in there.”


Nisha pointed to the cold storage much to Liz's confusion.


“What why? We need to leave.”


Nisha then grabbed Lizzy’s shoulders and pulled her right into her face.


“Just do it alright? Trust me.”


Lizzy listened and the two went into the cold storage, Nisha left the door slightly ajar. She then heard a loud echo of snarls, moans and growls; the undead had broken inside.


Lizzy again started to panic “Why did we go in here, we should have ran away. We need to go.”


Nisha grabbed Lizzy mouth, keeping her quiet. She then spoke slowly and quietly.


“I know you're scared kid. But listen to me very closely; I need you to stay quiet. You make too much noise we’ll both be dead. There’s some bad people outside, I may not know why you're scared of your father but I know this, these people are much worse than the dead ones. You can cuddle up next me if you want, just stay quiet. Okay,”


Lizzy nodded, and then Nisha let her go.


“Can we sit down?” Lizzy quietly asked.




The pair then sat at the far left corner and to help herself stay calm, she cuddled against Nisha who cuddled her back. As the moans echo through the store, Nisha had to wonder why a mother would risk her child in a city ruled by the dead to escape someone, however she remained confident that it wasn’t worse than the cult outside.


Outside Simon was crying at what seemed to be an impending doom for him, he looked at the store where the mourns of the dead could be heard, then back to see two robed men approaching him.


“Who the hell are you two?” he weakly asked.


His face turned disturbed as he saw the faces beneath those robes.


“The beginning of mankind’s redemption” Alex answered as the other forced the stock of his rifle into Simon’s face knocking him out.  

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Ten minutes later and the moaning still continued. Nisha and Lizzy just sat by in silence both not really sure of their company.


"Thank you" Lizzy whispered. "You didn't let my dad find me."


"No kid is terrified of their father without good reason. Why are you scared of him anyway?"


Lizzy didn't feel comfortable telling her so she just said "My dad is a bad man."


Nisha knew there was more to it, but she wasn't going to force it out of her "It's okay, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."


"Thanks, sorry I swung my knife at you."


"You were scared and you had every right to be. Let's just put all that behind us. I'm gonna keep you safe from now on kiddo."


"I guess you really are a nice lady. Your face is still scary though."


As Nisha chuckled Lizzy noticed her wound and got concerned.


"Are you okay?"


"Huh? What do you... oh this, don't worry it'll heal eventually."


Lizzy was confused, "Doesn't it hurt? It looks bad."


Nisha shook her head "Nah, if anything it just feels a little funny. You could prod it and all it'd do is tickle me."


Lizzy didn't believe her "You're lying, you're just trying to look tough."


Nisha took that as a challenge "Oh really? Okay tell you what. When we get to my place, you can hit me right there and then we'll see if I'm acting tough. Deal?"


Nisha put her hand forward. Confident she was making it up Lizzy shook it. The two then smiled at each other.


"You're on."


"You're in for a surprise kid." Nisha told her.


Lizzy then rested on her side. With nothing to distract her she couldn't help but think of her mother.


"I miss my mummy."


Nisha identified and hugged her to keep her spirit up.


"Everything is going to be okay. I'm sorry you had to find out like this. Just get some rest, you need it. I'll make sure no bad people show up."


Nisha then rested Lizzy's head on her legs and let her try sleep. After she fell asleep Nisha looked down at her, seeing a little girl sleeping on her legs peacefully made her smile and her eyes slowly tear up.


Meanwhile inside the van Becks was driving, they drove north through the streets of Newtown West towards Uptown. They went moving rather slowly, thinking they were free from danger and to keep the noise down.


“I can’t believe we just left him” Becks remarked


“My crazy bitch of a wife shot him twice, they was no way he’d make it” Mark reasoned.


Becks found that hard to believe “Are you sure that was your wife? She's always been a timid skank.”


“There’s no way it was a coincidence. She knew I’d be there. She finally fucking snapped.”


Suddenly they heard banging noises come from both sides of the van and it suddenly lost speed. They both feared the tires had popped, then two more banging noises happened simultaneously from behind and van went to a haul.


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” Becks thought aloud.


They both went outside and saw all the tires had exploded, looking behind their vehicle they saw a spike strip on the road.


“Oh that’s fucking perfect!” Becks yelled in sarcastic rage.


“Will you keep your fucking voice down?” Mark ordered “Uptown is just up ahead, we’re not far from the station.”


Stressed out over current events she wasn’t in mood to listen and kept on yelling, not realising the attention she was getting.


“Oh fuck you, me and Simon dragged our asses into this just so you could find your deadbeat wife and your bratty ass kid! Now look where we are, Simon is no doubt dead now, your hand is fucked. They say it comes in threes, and guess what? I’m next!”


“Will you shut the fuck up?” Mark ordered, noticing that the undead around them were now closing in.


“You know what Mark, I’m done with your shit, I’m out.”


As Becks separated her arms, a shot came from way behind them and it took off her middle and index finger. She instantly screamed in shock and panic. Grabbing her right wrist, she was unable to not look at her hand. Another shot was fired, this time at Mark instead hitting the van. Mark took the chance he had to grab Becks and get her to the front of the van out of the line of fire. Becks wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings, and in middle of her pain she cried and laughed at the same time.


“Becks snap out of it!” Mark shouted.


Unable to divert her attention he resorted to slapping her across the face, which brought her back to just being terrified.


“We need to get out of here” she mumbled.


“No shit!”


Mark saw a small alleyway to the east, with no walking corpses coming from it.


“We’re gonna have to take our chances. Becks you ready?”


She shook her head, but grabbed Mark’s hand anyway, they then bolted to the alleyway, luckily avoiding the next round that was fired at them.


An hour later at the station, Simon had woken up sat on a chair, but to his horror, he couldn’t see nor could he speak. As he tried to move he was painfully reminded of the two bullet wounds he had received earlier. He tried to scream but he just couldn’t realising duct tape was covering his mouth and he was strapped, his arms were also positioned so back of his wrists were visible.


He could still perfectly hear however. A door opened in front of him and he could hear two voices, one was familiar the other wasn’t.


“A messenger told us your friends had managed to escape us. No matter, they won’t exist to spread their filth much longer.”


“My lord, shouldn’t we just get it over with?”


“Apologies, some of my monks are rather impatient. But yes Alex, we shall.”


Simon could hear footsteps approaching him then going around him.


“Forgive us, but we searched your belongings and found out an interesting fact. You were a charity worker apparently before God enforced his wrath on us. So, as far as heretics go, your evil and ignorance is not deserving of our worst punishment. Instead we shall let your spirit become pure and set you free.”


Simon suddenly started shifting as he felt someone’s hands on his shoulders.


“Theres no need to fear. Even if God decides you’re unworthy you will find yourself in a temporary bliss. For God has mercy.”


Simon then attempted to jump in fear and panic as he felt a needle being injected into his wrist.


“Calm yourself, it is only a means in which god connects to our souls.”


Once he was injected with a unknown substance and the needle was taken out, Simion was starting to sweat as his mind was left to imagine all the possible things he may have had put in him. His fear soon turned into despair as he became certain it was the end for him.


The priest then stood in front of him and began to chant.


“In due time your soul will be free of all the sins you've committed, your mind free of desire, your loyalty will be only to our lord and saviour. You shall become nothing more than a tool for God in his just cause to free the world from sinners. Take joy for he has been so merciful to us, that rather than flood the earth like before he has decided to give humanity a temporary state of holy bliss, before casting us into the pits of hell where we so rightly belong.”


The bag was then lifted from Simon’s head but before he could even see his surroundings, the priest placed his hand on his face, giving him a few final words.


“Do not tremble brother, I understand how scary this is, but soon your fears will be a thing of the past. God will soon cleanse you from everything that is evil.”


The priest then removed his hand and the bag was then put back over Simon’s head. The two then walked away and left Simon to his fate.


Back at the supermarket, Nisha had fallen asleep.


“Nisha, Nisha wake up.” Lizzy whispered as she shook her.


Nisha woke up partly confused.


“The moaning has stopped” Lizzy pointed out as Nisha rubbed her eyes.


Nisha listened out and discovered she was right. She slowly went to the door and took a peek through, to her surprise there wasn’t a single body around.


“Stay there for a moment” she ordered Lizzy as she went to the double doors.


She backed herself against the wall and took a split second peak, which was more than enough for her to know how things were The undead were still around, they had just lost interest and were now drifting aimlessly. The more active undead were mostly gone which was actually bad news. She quickly went back to Lizzy and told her the situation.


“Okay kid, the dead people are still here, but they’re just wandering around. That means we need to stay extra quiet alright?”


Lizzy did a zip motion on her lips.


“Good. Now I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. I need you to stay close to me like glue, if you wander off or anything, I ain’t gonna look for ya. I know my way around these streets. Now grab your knife, you may need it.”


Lizzy went and grabbed her knife and then grabbed Nisha’s hand which was covered by a fingerless leather glove. Nisha looked at her and felt slightly weird but shrugged it off.


“Ready to head home kid?” She asked with a light smile


“Yes mam.” Lizzy answer as they began to head outside.

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The pair kept to their knees as they made their way to the back entrance, hugging the wall Nisha took a glance to see if any robed individuals were around. None were within sight. They then went around the wall to take a look down the side of the market. She only had to take a quick glance to see that a few of the remains of Union City’s occupants were close by with many more behind them, some of which were fidgeting wildly. The large debris covering a good chunk of the road would hide they from eyesight, but they’d have to be low to ground.


“Lizzy I’m going to need you to lay flat on the floor okay?” Nisha informed.


Lizzy nodded and the two then laid flat on the ground and proceeded to crawl, using the rubble to shield them from sight. While it was uncomfortable for Lizzy, she pushed through. Once they were at a piece of debris large enough for them to get on their knees, they did so.


“That wasn’t comfy” Lizzy whispered


As she checked her locket to see if it was okay, Nisha watched the hanged bodies in front of the station. She then grabbed Liz's hand and took her around the station. Lizzy also looked at the two bodies and couldn’t help but feel sorry for them.


“Do you think it’s sad?” she silently asked Nisha.


"What's sad?" Nisha asked in return as she was getting a proper footing on wreckage and checking its stability.


"Them up there, they look so... helpless. I know they're bad but... they were people before."


"... Its best you don't think about it. There's nothing left in them from before"


"Did my mum turn?" Lizzy then asked out of the blue.


Nisha stopped dead in her tracks at the question "(This is hardly the time.) I'll tell you later. Now no more talking, hold on to me."


Lizzy held Nisha's right hand tightly as they began to slowly climbed up the ruin, then around the station.


Once they got around and went down back to the path, they slowly made their way to the streets. to their benefit the racket at the supermarket and the van had diverted the undead away from the street they were in. Nisha was going to remark on her luck but didn’t want to jinx it. However a quick look south showed her she was jinxed from the get go.


“For fuck’s sake….” Nisha exhaustively thought out loud she dropped her head.


“I thought you said no more talking” Lizzy pointed out.


Nisha dismissed her with “Oh bite me kid.”


Nisha didn’t know of any other route to take, going back meant risking the cult finding them and even if she evaded them getting around to her apartment would be like navigating deadly maze.


“There’s gotta be something I can do” she whispered to herself.


With only one option available she decided to get back up the rubble and check if the roads east were safe. To her relief they were few in numbers and none of them seemed to be moving sporadically and the road ahead seemed rather clear as well.


“Hallelujah” she remarked. “Lizzy come up here.”


Lizzy slowly climbed up and stopped right next to her and looked around.


“Where are we going?” she asked, realising she had no idea where Nisha lived.


Nisha pointed to the apartment that was southeast across the road.


“Right over there. That’s my home. Now I’m going to need ya to climb down slowly then head straight for the back entrance. Ya see it?”


“Mhmn” Lizzy replied as she nodded.


“Good. The moment your feet touch the floor, you make a run for it.”


The two then made their way down the rubble without making much noise then head straight for the entrance, A couple of the undead drifters noticed them, but they wouldn’t be a problem however. Nisha got to the door first and waited for Lizzy to catch up with her. Once she got there, she pulled the door open for her and the two went inside before the dead could see them enter.


"We're finally here" Nisha announced. "Keep your voice down okay, no doubt they'll be dead ones around."


As Lizzy was escorted to the reception desk, she looked around the place like she hadn't seen one like it for a while.


"Did you live here before zombie came?" she asked curiously as Nisha looked through the front windows.


The undead outside front were few but she could sense that wouldn't be case for long.


"I sure did kid, I lived in one of the rooms on 3rd floor, still do now in fact. Come, let me show ya."


Nisha took Lizzy up the stairs to third floor and then to her room. At the sight Lizzy was disgusted by the leftover food and bit and pieces left lying around.


"Ewww. Don't you clear your room?" she asked.


"Of course I do... when I can be asked to" Nisha answered.


"An adult should always clean up after themselves" Lizzy told her.


"You're not the boss of me kid. You don't like it, you clean it. You live with me now, so you’re gonna have to deal with it."


Lizzy took a good look inside and while the room wasn't in a horrible state, to her it looked horrendous and disgusting.


"... Can I have my own room?" she politely asked.


"No" Nisha told her bluntly. "I know you're a kid and all but I can't trust you on your own just yet. So unless I feel like it, you'll have to clean it up yourself."


"Fine" Lizzy said as she sulked.


A she walked inside the room, Lizzy could tell Nisha rarely cleaned up after herself. The dusty cupboard, left over food, the bad smell that made her cover up her nose and fact she watched every step she made, it all made her feel like she was inside a garbage bin. With everything looking the way it did Lizzy had only one question on her mind.


“Is there anything here that isn’t dirty? Even the subway wasn’t this filthy.”


“Subway?” Nisha noted


“Ya, I use to live at the subway with my friends until I ran away with my mum. At least there are no rats here… I hope.”


While Nisha was interested to hear more on the subway, seeing Lizzy acting paranoid about where she was stepping got a little irritating for her.


“Will you stop tip toeing about, you look like you’re going to piss yourself.”


“Can I just have my own room, please?” Lizzy begged as she looked around


“I said no. But if it’ll stop you dancing around the floor… I'll clean up; you’re helping as well though.”


Lizzy wasn’t complaining, so long as the room didn’t look like a dumpster’s insides. Lizzy had Nisha clean up all the leftover food, which she dumped outside one of the back windows while Lizzy put all the clothes away while keeping her face a safe distance from them. Lizzy even went out of her way to clear up the dust, like she obsessed with having a clean place to live. As Nisha disposed of the last of the food, she looked at Lizzy both annoyed at how a kid was making her clean up and confused at much she wanted everything cleaned up.


“How old are you Lizzy?” she asked.


“Eight” Lizzy answered.


“Eight? Why is an eight year old so obsessed with cleaning?”


“Hey, you should respect your home, that’s what mum always told me.”


“Kid, it’s the end of the world” Nisha pointed out.


“So?” Lizzy asked.


Nisha had no answer for that. Seeing Lizzy also double check the room for anything she missed made her realise this wasn’t just an ordinary obsession, this kid wanted everything spotless and was determined to make it so. In the two hours and a half they had been cleaning Lizzy had arranged everything properly. Even when Nisha was satisfied she still felt need to check, going as far to find cleaning products.


“Liz, everything is clean now. You can stop. Liz!”


Once Lizzy stopped she looked around, really happy at her work.


“What kind of kid goes out of their way to make a room spotless?”


“I just like things clean.” Lizzy answered.


“I can’t see a single speck of dust. You took my dead neighbour’s washing up liquid to clean all of the plates; I can see you used up one of my water bottles to rinse them as well. The damn cupboard looks polished. You have problems.”


“No I don’t. You have a problem, just because you look scary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean your room.” Lizzy replied.


“That makes no sense. Why are you so obsessed with cleaning my room. Not even a maid goes this far, even my sister would tell you you’re obsessed.”


“I just don’t want to live somewhere filthy alright?” Lizzy said as she looked around the floor.


Nisha could tell Lizzy was ready to get defensive so she backed down a bit.


“Kid I’m not trying to get at ya, this room looks better than it’s ever been than since I’ve first lived here. But we’re going to live together. I think we should have some rules, deal?”


“Okay. Can I make the first one?”




“Keep your room tidy from now on.”


“You’re not my mother.. but fine. (The day is not even over yet)”.


The two then tried to reach a compromise that would please the both of them.


Meanwhile back at the station, Alex and the priest checked up on their captive. When they opened the door, Simon started moving around rather aggressively trying to break free.


“I believe enough time has passed for the purification to be complete. Remove the bag; I must see for myself the work of our wonderful saviour before sending our brother to freedom”


Alex removed the bag and the priest looked at the sight with awe.


“My, isn’t it beautiful what God can do?”


Simon’s skin had gone slightly pale, his eyes devoid of life and colour, his once short black hair now slowly becoming grey. He no longer saw the two monks as something to be scared of, but as food that he couldn’t get.


“Welcome to enlightenment brother.”

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The bag was placed back on his head, his hands were untied and put behind his back then tied again. They then undid his legs and stood him up as another monk came to help Alex hold him.


“Take him outside and let him reunite with his fellow brothers and sisters in their quest to cleanse the world of evil.” the priest ordered.


The now resurrected Simon was taken through the hallways to the outside.


“Hold him still” the priest commanded as he walked in front of Simon.


The priest drew a cross with his hand in front of the now undead man before removing the bag from his head. At first he tried to bite him, however as the priest moved his face close to him, while it still moved erratically, its aggression slowly faded away like it was no longer interested in eating him. The priest then placed his hand gently on its forehead and slowly removed the tape on its mouth before he whispered to him.


“Go forth brother, searched this cursed earth for heathens and heretics alike. Let them know that God will no longer take humanity’s defiance of him.”


The two monks then undid its hands. Simon then shoved the priest out of the way and began to wander west aimlessly. The three cultists watched as he slowly drifted off into the distance.


“Do you think it’s sad Alex?” the priest asked out of the blue.


“That the lord had to take it into his own hands for us to realise his unquestionable rule? Yes I find it very sad indeed.”


The priest then said “I’m proud of you my apprentice” in a satisfied tone. “Your patience needs adjustment, but you are on the right path.”


The men then proceed back inside as Simon soon faded as another addition of the undead masses in the city.


Back at the apartment Lizzy and Nisha had come to an agreement. With Lizzy now settled in with her new home, the two sat down on either side of the bed and decided to know each other better over a meal with the food Nisha found at the market. As per their agreement Lizzy had them eat ‘properly’.


“You’re lucky you’re a kid Lizzy” Nisha informed her as she ate from a plate.


“People shouldn’t eat with their hands” Lizzy replied.


“I’ve been through hell, cultists, travelled through the city of the dead and yet it's a kid that has made me her bitch” Nisha pointed out in sheer disbelief.


Lizzy giggled, seemingly having an idea what she meant.


“You don’t seem to have a issue with me swearing a lot do you?” Nisha asked out of curiosity.


“They’re just words. My dad has said worse things.”


Nisha raised an eyebrow and asked “Like what?”


Lizzy hesitated to answer “Erm… I’d prefer not to say them. Why are you nearly bald anyway?”


“Those things can grab your hair if you’re not lucky… besides, I’ve always like my hair short. How about you? Why’s your hair so short?”


“Same, my dad would alway cut my hair short. My mum never liked it, said my hair makes me look like a boy. But I like my hair like this.”


“I do too, it suits you.”


“Thanks.” Lizzy then re-asked a question she had brought up before. “So what happened to my mum?”


Nisha knew Lizzy would keep bringing up the question so she answered “I don’t really know kid, I know she’s dead I just don’t know if she well... “


Lizzy then put her head down, knowing what Nisha couldn’t say “if she turned...”


Lizzy then pushed her food away, not feeling hungry anymore.


“Hey cheer up kid. I know it’s sad but… hey don’t we play a game or something?”


“Don’t feel like it” Lizzy responded while looking at her plate “You want to eat this? Shouldn’t waste food.”


Nisha had already finished her plate and she felt a compelling need to check the window outside to see what became of her, while she could eat what Lizzy had left she decided to lie.


“Nah, I’m full. Why don't you just dump it outside? First window on the right."


Lizzy didn't so much as nod as she picked up her plate and fork. While she went to dump her food Nisha checked the window to see if her mother's body was there. Looking at the road Nisha couldn't see a body on the ground but a dry blood pool. The only possibly was she had been resurrected but given she was eaten by a crowd it wasn't likely she would be recognisable. Now the question was if Nisha would tell Lizzy this.


"Say Lizzy... do you like cleaning?" she asked once Lizzy got back.


"Erm... ya. I know it's weird but cleaning makes me feel better."


"Maybe it is weird but if it makes you feel better, why care if it is? Assholes use to say I'm weird for a lot of things. But well, fuck them."


Nisha then handed her, her plate.


"Do what makes you feel good kid." Lizzy then smiled a little at Nisha appearing to accept her cleaning obsession.


As Lizzy went to scrub the plates, Nisha followed up behind her and gave her a gentle hug. Making Lizzy keep her sad smile.


"My mum would like you. She told me to do what makes me feel happy as well."


"That's what any parent that wants their kid happy would say."


"Ya... wish my dad would say that..."


Nisha's ears then payed very close attention to Lizzy's words.


"he didn't like me touching his stuff, even at the subway. He'd always get mad and..."


"And?" Nisha asked after a long silence.


"Ermm, can I use some water to clean plate?" Lizzy asked in an attempt to change subject.


Nisha caught on instantly, but went along with it. "Sorry, not a chance. We need it for drinking."


"But it's filthy." Lizzy complained.


"What did we agree to? No using drinking water for cleaning. That's one of the rules."




Once they were done it was time for bed, and after a hectic and dangerous day, they both felt they could really use it. Realising that they were no clothes or pajamas for Lizzy, Nisha asked her.


"Lizzy would you like me to get you some other clothes from one of the other rooms?"


"Nah, I'm okay."


"You sure I could easily find some for you. If you like your privacy I'll let get change in another room."


"No thanks I'll sleep in these for today."


Lizzy seemed a little too set on staying in her clothes, but Nisha wasn't going to argue. The two shared the bed and under Lizzy's request Nisha wrapped her arm around her like her mother use to. Patiently, Nisha waited till Lizzy was fast asleep, a hunch she had made her slowly lift the back of Lizzy's shirt, to her shock and anger she saw a dark coloured faded bruise hidden underneath. Further inspection revealed two more. She put her shirt back over them and felt a deep rage inside her making it difficult to sleep.


As Nisha tried to sleep with this new knowledge on her mind, deep underneath the city inside it’s underground railways, lit up only by the fires coming from barrels was a small but noteworthy sized community of people. Made up of fences, lockers, benches and bins the place was blocked by the subway trains, keeping any of the undead that managed to stumble down at bay.


Sat next to a bunch of fences, Becks looked at her right hand, still trying to take in the lose of her two fingers. What was left of them had been bandaged. In between the fences Mark wound was being stitched up by a brown haired man, wearing a pair of glasses and a dirty white coat.


"Sure it's your wife who did this Mark? She seemed such a nice woman" he said as he finished his stitching.


"I'm positive, not the one who took Becks fingers sure, but there's no way she'd leave Lizzy alone with some punk bitch. Maybe she has nothing to do with it but I've got a hunch she does. I'm not leaving my girl alone with a psychotic mother, she deserves better."


"Sorry, it just doesn't add up to me. She seemed so happy around her and she's always looked out for Lizzy. Maybe you're being paranoid" the doctor reasoned.


"I'm not being paranoid!" Mark yelled in anger "My wife was just pretending that has to be it. She couldn't anymore and.. aarrghhhh fuck."


"Calm down mark! Jesus christ you reopened it now."


The doctor had to redo the stitching to his annoyance.


"Look, all I'm saying is maybe she left because she wanted a better life for her. Sounds crazy I know, but people do crazy things for their kids."


"I'm her father, why would she leave me out of it?"


"Would you have let her go?"


"No, of course not. We're safest here."


"Exactly, so she picked Lizzy before you. Would you do the same?"


Mark didn't answer and just let the doctor do his work till he finished.


"Thanks Jimmy, look maybe you're right. But either way my daughter is out there. I ain't resting till I get her back. And I'm not going to let anyone get in my way."

Becks then came by and told Mark "I don't give a shit about your kid, but there's a chance to get the fucker who did this to me or killed Simon, I'm in."


End of Chapter 1

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Okay, I want to grab Nisha by the shoulders and shake the hell out of her. You're in an wasting food!  :rolleyes: 

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Okay, I want to grab Nisha by the shoulders and shake the hell out of her. You're in an wasting food!  :rolleyes: 


Haha, I won't say Nisha is the best when it comes to survival,  :rolleyes:

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Haha, I won't say Nisha is the best when it comes to survival,  :rolleyes:


Yeah, she's definitely got that devil may care, lackadaisical attitude towards things. Maybe she and Lizzy, with all her OCD tendencies, will help balance one another out?

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Yep, Nisha and Lizzy are in some regards polar opposites of each other.  Also may I ask, how you finding the cult so far? :)

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The jury's still out for me when it comes to them. My natural inclination is that they're just nutjobs, but I'm curious about the part when (zombified) Simon didn't make a move to attack the priest. Rhetorical questions, of course, but I'm wondering if they'll be an additional supernatural layer there in which their faith actually protects them physically from the zombies? Or was it just a one off, odd event that might make the cult falsely believe they are safe? Hopefully time will tell.

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Jon is fine, dammit.

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Good Job WS.

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The next day, as the sun began to rise and light shined through the window onto Nisha’s face. She awoke to find wasn’t in bed, as she looked around to see Nisha looking through her trunk light blue trunk that was beside the wardrobe. The trunk was supposed to be locked, after quickly checking her pocket Nisha realised Lizzy had taken her keys.


“Give me my keys back you nosey kid.” she demanded while mourning.


Lizzy turned around and gave her back her keys.


"Sorry. I was bored and thought I'd have a look. You like weird things."


"I get that a lot." Nisha remarked as she got out of bed.


Once she was out, she saw Lizzy had already eaten and prepared breakfast for her. While still annoyed at how a child was seemingly taking care of her, she wasn't complaining.


"Thanks, you didn't have to you know."


"I know, but I like to. My mum use to let me help her cook." Lizzy mentioned as she searched the trunk.


"I see... how about your dad?" Nisha asked.


"Dad never cooked, said it was my mum’s job."


Knowing of the bruises, Nisha's assumption of Mark being abusive felt more likely. She didn't ask anymore questions, instead she just let Lizzy be.


As Lizzy looked through the trunk she decided to show Nisha some of the things inside. The first thing she pulled out was a poster. It had a large white inverted pentagram with a goat’s head within it on top of a skull’s forehead. Below where the neck would be was a inverted cross and at the skull’s sides where two scythes. Lizzy looked at it if, she didn’t know what to make of it.


“What is this?” she asked.


“A Black Metal poster, doubt you know what that is.”


“Music?” Lizzy assumed.


“Yep, I’d be surprised if you’ve ever heard any though, I certainly wouldn’t have it on around you, even I could. What you think of it?”


Lizzy took a good look at it before deciding “Erm… it looks kinda cool. But my mum would probably go crazy though if she saw me holding something like this. She says this stuff means devil worship… is that true?”


Nisha covered her mouth to hold in her laughter, she even lightly banged the table. Lizzy felt a little embarrassed, thinking she asked a idiotic question. Nisha soon calmed herself down.


“Sorry kid. I don’t mean to be nasty but… your mother… it’s not devil worship, lets leave it at that. I’m not a believer anyway. Are you kid?”


“I dunno” Lizzy answered “My mum said God loves us but… why isn’t he helping? She told me it’s punishment but I don’t get it, I think I’m a good girl. Why am I being punished?”


Lizzy hesitated, while she had an opinion she wasn’t one for forcing beliefs on others. “I can’t answer that. You’re going to have decide for yourself… but if there is a God, I think he made a mistake. I think you’re a good girl, you got me off my lazy ass and made me clean my whole fucking room didn’t ya?” Nisha’s pointed out with a smile.


Lizzy returned the smile, “Ya I did. Thanks… hey what’s this?”


Lizzy suddenly pulled out a necklace with a silver dragon behind a red pewter star, with it’s head through the middle. Lizzy instantly fell in love with it.


“It looks so cool” she commented as her eyes fixed on it.


"Like dragons eh? Was a gift from my only boyfriend. Try it on if you want."


Lizzy put it on as quickly as she could.


"He must have really liked you" she said as she looked at the dragon.


"He did. He was a bit of an outlaw...but nice. Wasn't going to work though."


"Why?" Lizzy curiously asked.


"Sorry kid, but I don't feel like telling you. We've hardly known each other over a day. Maybe another time. Keep the necklace though, I can't wear it."


Lizzy was overjoyed to know she could keep the necklace. She continued to ask Nisha about some of the things inside, and Nisha was happy to tell her about them.


Underground, Mark was arguing with a big muscular man wearing a pair of shades and was sat behind a bunch of sandbags with a a bunch of lockers and a few other people behind him. He wore a black, leather, biker jacket and held a Mossberg 500 shotgun. His most noticeable feature was his bald head, thick beard and thick eyebrows. When he spoke it was full of authority.


“Look Mark, I understand Lizzy’s your daughter but for the last time, you’re not getting any of these weapons, they’re for protecting this place only” he insisted.  


“You mean so Eric can stay in charge of this place? Funny you guys can have all the guns but none of us can. Worried about a uprising?” He asked as he started to lose his patience.


“What? Mark calm down, we discussed this ages ago. Everyone agreed to this. We keep the weapons here if the worst ever happens remember? I think you need to relax.”


“Relax!? My daughter is out there dammit! My wife murdered my friend took my girl away, my other friend's right hand is now useless. And you’re expecting me to calm down?!”


The other man kept calm and laid out his palm to the others who were about to approach. “Stay there. Mark listen, I know why you’re angry. I completely understand, but listen to me, say you got these guns. You're still recovering from your wound, and Becks will never recover from hers. You’ll both just be heading to your deaths unless you find someone willing to risk their lives for someone who may not be alive anymore.”


The man’s words fell on deaf ears, “Oh fuck you Arron. You know we could find them, if we organised a search it wouldn’t take long to find her.”


“Organise an entire search? Are you crazy? I shouldn’t have to tell you the problems with that idea. We scavenge in small teams so the biters don’t flock to us. Send out a rescue team? May as well hang a sign saying all you eat.”


“Fine if you’re not going to help me, I’ll find my own way.” Mark then stormed away furiously.


Arron sighed as he watched Mark walk down the tunnel. While he watched he was approached by one of the other guards. He was a young man wearing a similar pair of shades and a grey biker vest, he had a black mohawk and small chin beard and carried a M4.


“Would you like me to keep an eye on him? Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid?”


“Please do Max, I don’t want another man getting killed.”


Mark proceed through one of the subway tunnels, passing people gathered around a fire barrel and others with improvised spears, hunting down rats and later the doctor that had stitched up his hand. He soon found Becks sat by a bench stroking a ginger cat with what remained of her right hand. When she saw him, she has a unsurprised look on her face.


“Let me guess, the bastard said no."


The two exchanged a look and the answer became clear.


“Well what did you expect? Arron won’t give up his weapons unless he has a army at his doorstep. Tight ass bastard he is… are you going to say something?”


Mark just stood against the wall looking furious. After a while of silence he swung his fist down at the wall and yelled, making .


"Who the hell does that asshole think he is?! Keep the guns in case the worst should happen? More like make sure Eric can keep his gang safe."


“Well what the fuck did you expect? Ya, a bunch of biker mobsters are going to give up their guns. Get real. So what now?”


“We need to think of something, every second I waste here, is another second my baby girl is at risk… Fuck! We can’t do this ourselves.”


Becks raised her right hand and said “Well, no shit. All this is good for now is stroking my brat’s furball over here” as she pointed at her two missing fingers.


As the two were stuck with their frustration they heard a man yell at them.


“Yo, Mark. Why the fucking hell didn’t you wait for me when Lizzy went missing!?”


Mark groaned at seeing him, knowing what was coming, he stood up and immediately started getting aggressive.


“I don’t need your shit Max, Why don’t you piss off.”


“Piss off? Why don’t you screw your head on right, you dumb motherfucker? You, know I’d stick my head out for that sweet girl of yours. What, you’re so much against her being with someone like me, you won’t let me save her fucking life?”


“What?” Becks remarked at hearing a new piece of information.


“I’m not letting my daughter get influence from some biker punk. The least you could do is watch your mouth around her.”


“So fucking what? What’s more important? Lizzy’s life or the fact you have more sand in your vagina than your own damn daughter. Sad when a sweet eight year old girl is less of a whining bitch than her own damn parents.”


“Get the hell out of my face Max, I’m not in the mood.”


“Will you both shut the fuck up!” Becks interrupted. “Max are you telling me that you would have been willing to help us?”


“Yes. I was scavenging with couple of my buddies, when I got back I found Mark’s whore of a wife fucked off with Lizzy and he was nowhere to be found. Now you’re back and I see Simon has bite it, your wanking hand is FUBAR and Mark is still a cunt.”


“Will you fuck off already?” Mark demanded.


“Wait a mintie you dumshit. Mark, don’t you see you idiot. He could help us?”


“I’m not trusting my daughter's life on this asshole.” Mark made clear.


“You’d rather trust it on your wife who I hear has gone fucking psychotic? Mark, listen to me, I don’t give a shit about you or your tail slut. But that girl of yours deserves better than this shit tip. Look I can get you something better than that piss shooter and I think I could work something up for that fucked hand. I could get all this shit done in a day, how long do you think Lizzy has left Mark?”


Mark turned his head left and right as he couldn’t refute anything Max said to his frustration.


“Fine. Whatever you can do, do it. I know where Lizzy likely is. The fireworks will be going off soon. My wife won’t be far from where she ambushed us. We have to ready by tomorrow, if we miss that chance… I may never see my girl again.”

“Trust me. We’re going to find her.”

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Seeing how not much really happened in part 1 I decided to release part 2 early.  




Back at the apartment Lizzy and Nisha were still talking about the things in the trunk. While normally she would tell Lizzy to stop, Nisha was recalling fond memories of her past as she explained some of them. The last thing Lizzy asked about happened to be Nisha's favorite. It was a Jacket right at the bottom that had a Angel with pure white wings and hair yet a crimson tail and held a crimson trident. A fiery halo was also above its head and it was ready to throw the trident at someone being dragged into a red fiery split in the earth. Above it was the words "The Satanic Angels" letters mixed with white, light red and crimson. Lizzy's eyes lit up as she saw it.


"Wow, what's this? It looks awesome." She remarked in awe.


Nisha had a big smile on her face. "That right there, is the best thing that ever happened to me. I use to be part of a gang. We did all kinds of shit, get drunk, beat up trouble makers, even met my boyfriend there. Oh it was a riot."


"Sounds kinda bad" Lizzy thought aloud.


Knowing she gave a bad impression, she rephrased her words "Oh it wasn't, we gave the bad people what they deserve. When we weren’t doing that we just did whatever the fuck we wanted."


"Really? A man whose part of a gang said they did same at the subway."


"Gang? Were they called 'The Satanic Angels’?” Nisha quickly asked.


Lizzy shook her head, "I dunno. My mum and dad wouldn't let me go near them. Said they worshipped the devil. I use to sneak away and talk to one of them; my dad would get really angry with me if he found out. They seem really nice though... my friend also said some... really bad words a lot."


Nisha pondered for a second, but subtly shook her head. She didn't want to risk Lizzy on possibly her gang still existed. Lizzy then put the Jacket on, it was clearly too big for her. Her hands were way too small and it was over half her size.


"Think I could be in a gang?" She asked, making Nisha chuckle.


"You better be careful with that. That Jacket may be one of kind now. And Lizzy, I don't you think you could; only a bad girl can be in a gang."


"I can be a bad girl."


"Prove it" Nisha dared.


Lizzy quickly tried to think of something mean she could do."Errmm.... I won't clear your room anymore."


"I never did in the first place kid."


Lizzy tried again. "Erm... I'll hit you."


"That'll just tickle me. That reminds me, we forgot about that deal."


Nisha went over to Lizzy and kneeled down in front of her with her wound in plain sight.


"Let's see what you've got kid."


“Ermm won’t that hurt?” Lizzy asked in hesitation.


“I thought you supposed to be a bad girl, don’t you want to be in a gang?”


“Well… maybe.”


“Wimp” Nisha provoked, making Lizzy hit her.


“Hey!” Lizzy yelled as she hit Nisha.


To Lizzy’s confusion Nisha giggled, feeling like she was being made fun of, she hit Nisha again. Again Nisha giggled, this time a little louder. Determined to prove herself, Lizzy kept on hitting Nisha’s injury to no avail. Lizzy quickly got frustrated and resorted to slamming both her fists against Nisha who soon fell to ground and started laughing. Unaware of why Nisha was laughing, Lizzy thought she wasn’t strong and got upset.


“Heyyy, don’t be upset. I told you it wouldn’t hurt.”


“I’m weak aren’t I?” Lizzy said as she looked at the ground.


Seeing Lizzy’s sad eyes, Nisha felt like she had to explain her reaction.


“No Lizzy. I just can’t feel pain. Never have once in life… Awww come on Liz.” Nisha gently hit Lizzy get her attention. “It’s not your fault. I can’t be hurt.”


“You’re just saying that, everyone gets hurt” Lizzy said.


“Not everyone. All my life everything that’s supposed to be pain, has always felt… good. It’s not so much I don’t feel anything. I just feel the opposite of what I should do” Nisha explained.


“How can you not get hurt?” Lizzy asked confused.


“Doctors tried to explain, but I didn’t understand it. All I know is you slam a door in my face and I’ll feel great. When your dad shot me I felt… actually I better not get into that. Bottom line I can’t feel pain.”


“Must be great to not get hurt” Lizzy assumed.


“Its not kid, I won’t say much. But feeling pain is actually a good thing.”


“No it’s not, pain makes people feel bad” Lizzy reasoned.


“Sometimes feeling bad is good” Nisha tried to explain.


“That doesn’t make sense” Lizzy stated.


“Trust me, if I could somehow make myself know what pain actually feels like. I would have a long time ago. But enough about me, Lizzy don’t try to be a bad girl if you aren’t. No offence to your mother but she doesn’t sound like someone I’d get along with.”


“I miss her but, mummy would yell at me if I ever touched any of this stuff. One time, I forgot to bring my cross necklace to school and she shouted at me, said I forgot Jesus.”


While every fibre in Nisha’s body wanted to comment on that, she decided to chance the subject rather than discuss Lizzy’s mother any longer.


“Hey Lizzy. How about we stop talking and playyy erm... a board game? You like those?”


“I love games” Lizzy replied.


Nisha then took Lizzy around the apartment, looking to see if any of the past residents had any board games. The two eventually found a few games and a few new clothes for Lizzy to wear as well. While Nisha wasn’t a fan of board games, she was just glad to have company again, having spent so long without it that didn’t care. Lizzy on the other hand loved them though she didn’t always understand the rules. Nisha did quickly get bored of the game’s themselves, but Lizzy kept her entertained.


As night approached, Lizzy started to get tired, sometimes yawning though the last few hours of the day. As Lizzy got changed in another room, Nisha was watching the sky from her apartment window. Once Lizzy got back in a pair of bright blue pajamas, she saw Nisha sat on the bed.


“What are you looking at?” She curiously asked.


“You know what day it is?” Nisha asked in return.


“Huh? Erm, no. Friday?” Lizzy guessed.


“Nope, Sunday, wanna know how I know?” Lizzy shrugged. “Because of the fireworks that are going to happen tonight. I’m sure you’ve heard them. Ever seen them for yourself?”


“No. I didn’t see the sun much when I was in subway.” Lizzy answered. “I would like to though. Fireworks are pretty.”


Nisha patted the bed “Come here then, it’ll be a while, you can rest on my shoulder while we wait.”


Lizzy went up her and sat beside her.


“I had a fun day today, much better here than the subway” Lizzy said as a way to thank Nisha.


“So did I. I’m glad you did too. You’re taking everything rather well you know. I know we got off to a bad start yesterday but you’d think we’ve friends for weeks.”


“I like making new friends” Lizzy stated.


“That threatened you with a gun?” Nisha asked.


“Well.. maybe not like that but, you saved me right?”


“Well I did tell you your mum was dead. I would be a huge asshole if I left you there wouldn’t I? You’re a real brave kid you know?”


“Really? I don’t think so” Lizzy admitted.


“Well you are, sorry to keep bringing her up but you're taking everything very well. I know you had a little cry but… most kids would be devastated.”


“Well I didn't want to cry. Crying won’t stop people hurting me will it?”


“Who says that?” Nisha asked


“My dad.”


“Oh. Well even if he’s right that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry. Sometimes crying is braver than not crying at all, shows you’re being yourself. Now how about we relax and wait to enjoy the fireworks?”


Lizzy nodded and smiled, with her slightly wet eyes. The two then waited for the fireworks. Nisha couldn’t help but feel concerned about Lizzy’s safety. Something about Lizzy just didn’t seem right to her.


As the moon was at its peak, all around the city men and women in robes gathered around in front of altars inside of buildings. Each one had a person crucified to a cross ahead of a table lit with candles and a cross of Jesus against either wall to sides. In front of each table were figures in black robes behind a single red robed person. The monks all got down on their knees and put their hands together, with the red priest voicing their pray.


Just before midnight, fireworks flew up into the sky before exploding with bangs so loud they could be heard all over the city. Then like mourns from the pits of hell, the southeast of the city boomed with noise. Runners screamed and charged to what they thought was the source of the sound like moths to a flame, while the slow mourning hollow shells of the once living followed behind. The entire Bricks section of the city in mere minutes was filled with half-dead souls and it was slowly getting bigger and bigger every week..


Lizzy held onto Nisha as she had never heard such loud moans and screams so devoid of life. She tightly held Nisha, scared but unable to shut her eyes.


“Promise me you won’t let my dad get me. Please?” Lizzy pleaded with sincerity.


“I promise. I don’t know what his deal is, but from what I gather he’s a real piece of shit. I won’t let him anyway near you.”


“Pinkie promise?” Lizzy asked as she put out her right pinkie.


After a bit of hesitation Nisha shook pinkies with her. However she wouldn’t be caught dead repeating those two words.


“It’s a promise.”


Shortly thereafter Nisha tucked Lizzy in bed and decided to check her ammo count, to her fear she saw she only had two and a half mags left. They was no way she could protect Lizzy with just that and an Ice axe so she quietly got her map and looked around, the police station would be suicide so she looked at a gun store to the east that wasn’t far away and close to the coast.


Meanwhile underground, Max had improved strapped knife around Becks hand to make up for her lost fingers, it fit perfectly around her wrist and knife was held together by strings and a belt was wrapped around it for protection.


“So what you think becks? Bitches are going to have a hard time disarming that.” he commented as he smoked a cigarette.


“I’m liking it. How the hell did you come up with this?” Becks asked as she looked around the knife.


“Well if there’s anything my ex taught me, it’s that there's plenty of creative ways you can bring a bastard pain. Speaking of which where the fuck is that pain in the ass Mark?”


“I ain’t the slightest bloody clue. Can’t believe he let his own prejudice get in the way of saving his daughter. I won’t say Mark is the smartest guy but, god I didn’t think he could be this stupid.”


“You think that’s bad? Fucking hell, his wife would fuck the bible if it was a guy, wouldn’t be surprised if she fingered herself while reading it. One time the stupid bitch held her cross in front of me like I was a damn demon. I’m amazed she had balls to leave. I kid you not she would spray this whole place with fucking holy water if she could.”


“I believe ya, I never really talked to her, Mark can be cool at points but, that woman had no damn spine. I don’t even know her name.”


“I think I heard it once or twice. I just called her the bible bitch.”


“What the hell are you doing here?” Mark asked as he came by “Shouldn’t you be getting the weapons?”


“Oh sure, get the weapons now and hope my mates don’t notice. Are you fucking retarded? I’ve been making Becks a weapon so she can tear a few assholes and I've been checking what we’ll be able to take without being noticed straight away.  Look, I’ll be able to sneak ya a TMP, and army knife, the gun is small enough for you to hide it and we hardly ever use it, so I can sneak ya a good bit of ammo too.”


“Good. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, thank you.”


“I’m not doing this for you asshole. I’m doing it for your girl. As far as I’m concerned you can have a chainsaw shoved up your ass.”


“Feeling’s mutual.” Mark concurred.


“Anyway, I’ll have the weapons ready tomorrow. Then we can make our way and put a few holes in that whore and anyone else who is with her.” Max declared before heading off.

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The next morning before the Sun shined through the window Lizzy awoke. After rubbing her eyes she saw Nisha already up and packing stuff into her backpack and even had a small one prepared for Lizzy. As she yawned and got up, Nisha told her to get dressed once she had something to eat. After breakfast Lizzy went next door to get changed, once she got back in her usual clothes she saw Nisha looking like she was prepared for a mission.


“Are we going somewhere?” she asked Nisha curiously.


“Yes we are. We’re going to see if we can find some better weapons. My gun doesn’t have many bullets left. I can’t leave you here either on off chance your dad shows up.”


“Do we have to go so soon? I just woke up.”


“Sorry Lizzy but we do, The dead people have mostly gone away, so we should make the most of it. I’ve put some food in your bag just in case we get side tracked. Get ready, we’ll be off soon.“


Lizzy put on the backpack Nisha provided her then gave her, her knife. Lizzy was a little hesitant about taking it.


“I won’t have to use will I?”


“I should hope not. Why you hesitating now? You didn’t have a problem swinging it at me.”


“I was scared I only wanted you to leave me alone. I wouldn’t even hurt those icky rats at the subway and they’re gross.”


Nisha took Lizzy’s hand and put the blade handle on it as she held her shoulder.


“Well you’re going to have to hurt someone someday. Even kill.”


“But I don’t want to. It’s not nice.”


“I know it’s not, but sometimes it’s only way. Tell you what.”


Nisha took the knife back from her and put it in a thick sock before putting it in Lizzy’s bag so that she wouldn’t cut herself by mistake.


“You’ll have to learn someday, I’ll teach ya when we get back, until then keep it close in case of an emergency. Where did you get it from anyway if you didn’t want to use it.”


“Mum gave it to me, before she left.”


“Oh, I see. How’d you get there anyway? I should have asked you all this yesterday.”


“Dead people chased us, mum told me to go inside store while she lost them…” Lizzy then suddenly went silent.


“(Way to pick a time to ask dipshit) I’m sorry. Your mum clearly loved you if she’s willing to do that. Want to wait a while before going out?”


“You said you wanted to go now.”


“Yeah but, not when you’re like this.”


“I’m okay Nisha. I can go. Where are we going anyway?”


“Oh right, I forgot to mention that. There’s a gun store near the coast. It may have already been looted but, it’s our best bet at finding anything. I know you won’t like it but If I find something small enough I’ll give you a gun.”


To somewhat a surprise Lizzy didn’t object “Okay. Hope I don’t use it.”


“You and me both. Let’s not waste any more time.”


The two made their way downstairs and to the reception desk. Nisha first checked the windows to make sure they weren’t many walking decayed bodies in the streets.  They didn’t seem to be many, but remembering that Lizzy’s mum was shot there, Nisha decided to once again use the back door. Shortly after walking out the door however Lizzy stopped.


“I need to pee. I’ll be quick.” she told Nisha.


Nisha sighed, “Okay, just use one of the toilets. I’ll wait by door.”


Lizzy then quickly ran upstairs to one of the upper floor toilets while Nisha went back inside and waited. As she waited, she wondered just how she could protect Lizzy as memories of the past came to her mind. Sounds of muffled screams flooded her mind followed shortly by gunshots, then her muffled laughs that were forced in nature. Lizzy shook her head to stop her mind from drifting. As she scanned her forehead, feeling the faint cross scar, she quietly asked herself.


“Ugh, what’s taking her so long. I need some air.”


As she went outside she looked around as she wondered why her mind drifted off to such unpleasant memories. As she realised the reason, she put two fingers against her nose and kept herself from tearing up. Lizzy then opened the door from behind her.


“I’m back. You okay?” she asked.


“Ya I’m fine, just remembering something. Before you ask, it’s none of your business. Let’s go.”


The pair then took to the streets, heading east. The streets ahead had few bodies roaming, from the south, a subtle but eerie sound came from the south. Both of them knew what it was but paid it little if any mind. Sticking to the apartment walls, Nisha held Lizzy’s hand and kept herself against the wall. Once she got to the corner she looked down the south road to see there still are a couple of drifters. Eyeing a somewhat ruined tall building in the distance, she gathered that would be where a sniper was nested.


“On my single, I want you to run over. I’ll go first” Nisha told Lizzy.


After another look Nisha ran to the opposite path and took cover. After watching the distance rooftops, she waved to Lizzy and she ran over as well. Once she got across, Nisha took her hand and they continued east, They soon found the road that went northwest towards the supermarket from before.


“Best we take a detour, this way Liz.”


Not willing to take chances Nisha decided to cut through a relatively intact building. While lacking an intact signature, its design made it clear the place was dinner. Past the hedges surrounding the front of the restaurant were various tables and chairs many of which knocked over and covered in dry blood. As they get closer to it, they both saw a large white cyclical tent blocking the alley. Just ahead of them were a couple of police cars and barriers.


“Police carry guns right? Why don’t you search those?” Lizzy asked.


“I have, nothing in them but casings. Let’s go through here.” Nisha said as she was about to take her inside.


“There’s a tent there can’t we go through it?”


“Trust me kid, you don’t want to.”


Nisha then took her through the front of of the building to the inside. The main room mainly consisted of dining tables and benches; at the far end was the checkout desk with part of the kitchen visible. Lizzy’s attention was on the vending machine next to a door. The machine still had various sweets and drinks inside.


“Hey there’s still candy in there.” Lizzy remarked as she went to it. “Why haven’t you got them out? I bet they’re still yummy.”


“I wouldn’t be too sure of that, besides I couldn’t find key to and I’m not risking my life for candy so you can have some.”


“Awww” Lizzy replied in disappointment.


Nisha sighed, “I’m going to check the back, you just stay here in…”


“Don’t move” the pair heard from behind.


At the sound of that voice, shivers went down Lizzy’s spine and her eyes widened; already she was on edge of panicking. Nisha knew who it was, she was amazed she was found so quickly, the pair turned to see a dark brown haired woman with a knife attached to her right hand in replacement of two missing fingers and a man with similar looks to Lizzy. Mark was armed with a TMP and Becks carried her M4 with her weaker hand.


“Surprised to see me again?” Mark remarked as he aimed at her with Becks right behind him.


An hour earlier, Mark, Max and Becks were traveling through the underground subway tunnels with flashlights. Mark had the TMP Max promised in his left hand while he used his torch with his right hand. Behind him were the other two, determined to find Lizzy he was way ahead of them. Nonetheless the two kept their voices down.


“I’m so fucking dead when I get back” Max remarked “We better come back with her, otherwise my ass and balls will be hanging on Eric’s wall.”


“Why are you risking your life for that little brat anyway? I didn’t think biker’s had a heart for children.” Becks questioned.


“Oh don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of kids I’d love to throw into a fucking fire. But Lizzy is not one of those, which is surprising… (Considering the parents). She’s no hard ass, but she’s tougher than she looks.”


“Tougher than she looks?” Becks repeated skeptically “Are we talking about the same kid? She seems pretty scared of me. Heck whatever Mark said use to go. Braver than her mother sure, but that’s like saying a slug is faster than a snail.”


“I’ve talked with her a few times, even though she’s not allowed, she’d sneak off for a chat. Trust me, there’s plenty of things neither of them know about her.”


“Oh yeah? Like what?”


Max then whispered into Beck's’ ear.


“That doesn’t seem like a big deal, I’m skeptical about that myself.”


“Maybe not to you but think about it, she has a asshole father who I wouldn’t give a shit about unless  he was raped before my eyes, even then I’m not too sure, and a mother who wouldn’t fuck a guy with protection unless the condom and dick was blessed by Jesus himself.”


Becks paused at Max’s wording but she understood his point. “Okay that’s just vile. But I see what you mean. That woman’s life is the bible.”


“Exactly and as much as I’d like to deep throat a pipe into Mark’s mouth and watch him choke to death, I’d rather him have her than that insane bitch.”


“We’re here.” Mark told them as he reached the subway stop just below east Newtown.


The three got off the runway and went up the non-functioning escalators to the outside. After looking around the streets and seeing they was little in way of life, they made their move.


“Okay, so where are we going?” Max asked


“South of course idiot were you think” Mark told him


“I was just asking fuck face” Max replied.


The two then made their way south through the city with Mark leading the way, keeping close watch on their surrounding while avoiding the undead that still lurked around. Along the way they came across a motel, as Mark looked to the east and quickly backed away. After peaking, he saw Nisha walking against a building with Lizzy.


“Hold on… Lizzy? Li..!”


“You see her?” Max asked.


“Yes, as well as that bitch we saw at the store. I knew it, I fucking knew I was right. Where’s Lilly?” Mark asked himself as he looked around for his wife.


Seeing Lizzy crossing a road a distance away. Mark wasn’t going to let Lizzy out of his sight again. He signalled the other too to follow them from behind, using the cars on road to keep themselves hidden from sight. Once they saw the two stop near a pair of police cars. They stopped by a white car not far away and whispered to each other.


“Max, I want you to stay outside. I don’t want a repeat of last time” Mark ordered.


“Isn’t that how it happened last time dimwit?” Becks pointed out.


“Are you trying to get me fucking killed?” Max asked, suspicious about Mark’s motives.


“Just fucking do it. See if you can hotwire one of these cars if possible.”


“Right because I’m biker, that means I hotwire cars. Fine I’ll be your fucking eyes. But listen here, if Lizzy gets hurt because of you, the last thing you’ll be doing is shitting lead” Max warned




Mark and Becks then made their way to the dinner. Seeing Nisha and Lizzy by the vending, they readied their weapons and told them not to move. After asking if Nisha was surprised to see him, he looked to Lizzy with a friendly smile.


“It’s time to go home sweetie.”

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Lizzy was frozen in fear; she held Nisha’s hand as tightly as she could. Even though Mark tried to act friendly it didn’t affect Lizzy’s state of mind. Nisha could feel Lizzy’s tight grip, knowing of the bruise marks on Lizzy’s body she wasn’t going to just hand her over to Mark.


“She’s not going anywhere asshole. I’m not leaving her to a piece of shit like you.”


Mark was tempted to shut Nisha up permanently, but Lizzy was too close and he had questions that needed answering.


“I don’t think you’re in a position to say that. Come on sweetie, I’m taking you home” Mark said as he put his left hand forward.


Lizzy clutched Nisha’s hand tighter and took a few steps back, they was then a subtle shift in Mark’s expression, something like friendly.


“Lizzy please, I’m going to take you home. You don’t have to be scared.”


Lizzy again backed away slightly with eyes full of nothing but fear. Becks started to suspect something was up, not only did the look in Lizzy’s eyes and her backing away contradict everything she was told and knew, but the fact Mark is her father made her wonder if there was something she was missing.


“What’s wrong Lizzy? I’m your dad remember?”


“And that’s exactly why she’s not going with you” Nisha declared.


“What!?” Mark exclaimed in shock, shortly demanding “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” afterwards.


Undead nearby had heard his voice and were now on alert, for any more noise.


“Don’t play stupid with me. I’ve seen it for myself, I know what you do to her” Nisha explain.


Lizzy knew what Nisha was talking about and looked at her surprised while Beck’s doubts about Mark were getting bigger.


“What the heck is she on about?” Becks asked.


“I’ve no idea” Mark denied “Did my wife put you up to this? Where is she?!”


Nisha quickly started losing her temper, she wasn’t going to tolerate someone lying about what she suspected Mark had done to Lizzy.


“She’s dead. And you know exactly what I’m talking about shit face. The bruises on her back ring a fucking bell?” she asked, making Lizzy feel uncomfortable.


“What bruises?! I would never hit her, don’t you fucking dare accuse of me that!” Mark shouted.


Overhearing the shouting, Max started to get concerned, “What the fucking hell is going on over there. That dumb fuck better keep his voice down.”


“Mark shut up. You’re going to bring hell on us, and what’s this about bruises?” Becks asked, looking at Mark.


“Are you kidding me Becks? You believe her?”


“I never said that dimwit. But why is Lizzy afraid of you?”


“I dunno, but it’s not because I hurt her, what kind of father does that? She’s just pulling this shit out of her ass. She’s buying time.”


“Oh really? How about proof then? Lizzy, I know why you’re scared of him. Show her.”


Lizzy paused and looked up to Nisha to see if she was serious, she could tell she was, but she was overcome with discomfort she shook her head in refusal.


“No... what are you talking about…?”Lizzy nervously mumbled.


“See, what did I tell you. Nothing but lies” Mark remarked.


“Lizzy you know what I’m talking about, I saw them myself. Just show her.” Nisha said again, surprised at Lizzy refusal.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Lizzy insisted with a look of fear.


“Lizzy! Just do it…”


“Leave her alone! Your trick isn’t working” Mark told her as he slowly made his way closer. “Now I’ll be willing to forgive you if you just hand her over and tell me where my wife is. Just give use your weapons and we’ll be on our way. Come on Liz, we’re getting out of here.”


“Liz.” Nisha pleaded


With Nisha asking her to show her bruised body and her father telling her to come back with him, Lizzy slowly started to panic as she kept looking at the two, shaking as she was unable to decide. Becks was also starting to suspect they was definitely something Lizzy didn’t want to be seen.


“Let go of her.” Mark demanded, making Nisha shake Lizzy’s hand of her.


“Good, Lizzy come now, come back to your father” Mark told Lizzy gently.


No…” Lizzy mumbled under her breath.


Everyone apart from Lizzy then went “Mhm?” as none of them heard her clearly.


Slowly Lizzy voice got louder to an almost scream like tone. “no, no, no, no, no, I’m not going back. No, I’m not going back! I’m not going! I’m not!” she yelled in defiance of her father.


As tears ran down her face, they was something angry in Mark’s expression.


“What?” he asked, trying to keep his cool.


“I’m not going back!” she yelled getting everyone’s attention.


Max, knowing that voice anywhere was starting to get anxious. “What the fucks’ going on?”


In her tearful sorrow she ran straight to door next to the vending machine. Both Mark and Nisha went to chase her, but Mark threatened to shoot Nisha as she tried to go through door.


“Hold it Mark!” Becks demanded, as she aimed at him.


“Are you fucking kidding me!?” Mark shouted in disbelief.


“What are you hiding mark?! I don’t know kids, but no one says something like that to their father for no reason!” Becks pointed out.


Lizzy ran through a small hallway that had multiple doorways, two lead to the toilets and one lead to the kitchen behind the counter. She ran through the door to the Kitchen. Ignoring Nisha and her father’s calls to her, she opened the door to the back parking lot. To her shook, they was a small flock of walking dead bodies just outside. At the sight she screamed and shut the door.


“Lizzy!” Nisha yelled in response to the scream, taking her eyes off mark.


“Hey get back here!” Nisha demanded as Mark ran through small highway to Lizzy.


“Hold it!” Becks shouted to Nisha, threatening her at gunpoint.


“Who’s side are you on?” Nisha asked in frustrated confusion.


Becks didn't answer as she hadn't yet fully decided.


With nowhere to run, Lizzy backed herself against the employee lockers near the door that was now being restlessly pushed by the undead. Seeing her father right in front of her, she sat on floor feeling completely cornered.


"Lizzy, please what's wrong? Come on, I'm not going to hurt ya." Mark insisted.


As mark slowly got closer and closer to Lizzy, his expression went from sheer confusion, to deep anger. He focused his eyes on Lizzy and he started to look at her less like a child but more of a disobedient brat.


"Please dad, leave me alone, I don't want to go back." Lizzy pleaded quietly, being too scared to raise her voice anymore.


Mark soon got close enough to whisper to Lizzy "You have no idea how much trouble you are in missy, do I have to put you on a leash for you to listen to me? Where is your mother?" Mark asked threateningly as he closed in on her.


"Mummy's dead" Lizzy told him.


Mark was tempted to shout at her, but he knew what would happen if he did.


"Don't lie to me kid. I know when you're lying" Mark told her, convinced he knew his daughter.


"I'm telling truth dad, please don't hurt me" Lizzy again pleaded.


"Keep your mouth shut from now on, maybe I won't. Now come here" He demanded as he put his arm forward.


Seeing no opinion and not wanting to get hurt, Lizzy grabbed his hand. Mark than drag her towards the counter.


"I got her. She's okay" Mark told Becks.


Becks wasn't convinced, she then pointed her weapon at him "Oh just like that? Mark I know you're full of shit."


“Now him, make up your fucking mind” Nisha told Becks as she grabbed her handgun.


Max then showed up, finally losing his patience "What the fucks taking you... Nisha?"


"Max?" Nisha asked in return.


"You two know each other!?" Mark asked.


Seeing the two recognised each other Mark started getting paranoid, he let go of Lizzy and took aim at Becks, Nisha took the chance to aim at Mark making becks aim at her and Mark aim at Max, Max having no idea what was going on, had not the slightest clue who to aim at so he took aim at Mark. None of them paid attention to the racket they were making due to all of them now being on edge, the banging from outside certainly wasn’t helping.


“Were you in on this Max?! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you!” Mark convinced himself


“In on what?! What the fuck’s happening here?!” Max demanded, confused.


“Did my wife set this all up?! You fucking scumbag, I should kill you both right now, Becks fucking shoot her!” Mark demanded.


“What the fuck Mark!?” Becks and Max exclaimed simultaneously.


Becks started shaking due to stress, seeing Mark’s paranoia warp his mind and in a perfect position to gun her down if he snaps. She didn't point it at him, worried that could push him to tipping point, however...


“ARRGGHHH!” Mark screamed in sudden pain, shocking everyone and taking them off guard.


Mark looked to his right leg and to his shock and outrage, Lizzy had taken her knife and stabbed him. Lizzy froze in horror at what she just did, shaking uncontrollably, her mouth wide open and eyes wide and fixed on the knife. She slowly looked up to see her father’s face go from shook, to beastly rage, his teeth were all laid bare and as eyes were looking at her almost psychotically.


“YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH!!!” He screamed at the top of his voice as he punched his daughter with full force, straight into the kitchen equipment, knocking her out.


“You son of a bitch!” Nisha screamed in rage.


In just a few seconds, everything went to hell. Seeing Mark’s true colours, Becks tried to shoot him as did Nisha. Max bolted to wall, knowing what was coming. In a split second Mark opened fired at the three, spraying the entire dinner with bullets. Becks was quickly gunned down and fell to ground. Seeing that sudden bullet barrage, Nisha fired at Mark and took cover besides Max at the same time.


Both Max and Nisha took turns pinning him down. While Mark reloaded he declared.


“You’re both dead you hear me!? YOU’RE BOTH FUCKING DEAD!!”


As they exchanged fire, the undead all around could hear it. A mile southwest, the massive herd consisting of thousands started to slowly shift east. Once a runner heard the noise, it let out a loud scream, and just like that, an army of half-dead bodies were making their way to find out what was causing such a ruckus.

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Oooh, ooh, ooooh! Bring on the runners, bring on the runners!



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Oooh, ooh, ooooh! Bring on the runners, bring on the runners!




Hehehe, oooh there's a hell of a undead army making it's way to them now that Mark has gone berserk ;) 

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