E3 2015

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NintenDONT uggghh how the great compay has fallen.........


To be fair, they made what was probably their two biggest announcements a few days before e3 even began. Which is still pretty sad, but hey, they announced that Ryu from Street Fighter would be in Smash 4, and that Mother 1 would finally be localized after like 20 years (which made me cry many tears). They had their Nintendo World Championships thing a few days before (which was great) and they announced the stuff there.  Plus, their last few e3's were pretty good so they were due for a dud eventually I guess. 


No excuses though, their actual presentation was pretty boring.  It was like 20% amiibos, 20% weird spin offs, 10% Mario, and 50% games we already knew about.  Not to mention the whole Metroid Federation Force fiasco. I love Nintendo, don't get me wrong. Hope they do better next year.


The other conferences were good though. FF VII and Last Guardian are dreams come true, although we probably won't get to play either of them until like 2026.  I hope they'll announce a FF IX remake next, slated for release sometime between the years of 2040 and 2050. 


also lol at the tags

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