The Beginning Of The End

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Hey Y'all!


I've started writing again, and this is my newest fic. It starts just as the world starts to end. My OC Nola and Daryl knew each other a bit before the apocalypse, but circumstances bring them closer together.




Here is an excerpt from my latest chapter (7):


Then he heard a scream. It only took him a few moments to get back to where Nola was, but one of the dead things was on top of her. Nola was kicking it away desperately with her feet as it reached for her. In a single move Daryl grabbed his hunting knife from the rock he'd laid it on and plunged the blade into the top of the creature's skull. The dead went limp in his hands and he threw it roughly to ground. The thing had been a woman of slight built – smaller than Nola to be sure. Daryl shook his head to think what might have happened had the creature been slightly bigger.


Nola was pale and shaking. She lay on the ground stunned. Daryl knelt.


"You bit?"

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