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Hey guys, I remember during All Out War somebody had made a topic about how many Saviors had died so far, and it was interesting to see as the story arc went on. Well, now we have the Whisperer threat, and there appears to be a LOT of these people, so I figured we should have a Whisperer death toll now. :)


I would think it goes without saying; but MAJOR comic spoilers ahead!


Issue 132:

     - 2 Whisperers killed by Dante

(Dante and his search party also killed about 10 zombies. Some of those zombies might have been Whisperers, its hard to tell in that scene because we don't know the exact nature of the "talking zombies" just yet, but only 2 are seen holding weapons and talking, so I went with that. But there could potentially be more than 2 killed by Dante's search party.)


Issue 133:

     - No Whisperers died


Issue 134:

     - Joshua killed by Jesus

     - 12 Whisperers killed by Jesus

(I'm hesitant to call the two zombies Jesus killed that were trying to eat Darius Whisperers...but again, it's really hard to tell whose a human and whose not, even more so considering that the only ones who talk in that scene are Joshua and Lydia. So, potentially less than 12 Whisperers died in this issue.)


Issue 135: No Whisperers died


Issue 136: No Whisperers died


Total: 15 (give or take)


If I missed anything or you guys want me to add anything, let me know!

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Jesus killed 12 Whisperers? I need to look at that issue again.

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