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Top 10 Twd Characters..do You Agree With This List?

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Well, nobody will fully agree with that list, but I think it's fairly decent. The only problem that I have with it is that Carol was only an honourable mention. WOT IS DIS?!?!?!

I mean seriously, she's had some of the best development in the entire series. Another problem I have with the list is that Abraham and and Sasha were left out, while characters like Dale

got 10th place and T-Dog got an honourable mention... On the bright side, though, it's good to see Shane so high up on the list.


My personal list (Only counts for characters in the TV show)


5. The Governor

4. Abraham

3. Michonne

2. Rick

1. Shane


My list is only a top 5 though, and it could change after any episode.

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At the moment my top 10 (from the TV show)


1.  Rick

2.  Daryl

3.  Shane

4.  Michonne

5.  Glenn

6.  Maggie

7.  Hershel

8.  Carol

9.  Abe


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I'd have a hard time producing a  top ten favorite character list because  my feelings about the show have  become a bit lukewarm. Hope the return in February turns it around. 


I"ll watch it when it returns... but I'm not impatient for it like I've been in years past. 

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I think it is a fine enough list. I don't really know how to order "top characters" as opposed to favorite characters but the ten they picked makes sense. Some would probably put a few of the honorable mentions in the top ten list. Rick would be the top character to me. I don't agree with their decision to put Daryl ahead of Rick.

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Nope. As with everything related to The Walking Daryl TV show Daryl is number one. It makes me feel physically sick and makes me despise this fucking show and everything about it.

Bring on the thumbs down I don't give a shit I hate him with a passion

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Nope. As with everything related to The Walking Daryl TV show Daryl is number one. It makes me feel physically sick and makes me despise this fucking show and everything about it.

Bring on the thumbs down I don't give a shit I hate him with a passion

I'm with ya there buddy, I don't hate Daryl but I hate how it seems like he's above the show sometimes. Can't wait till he dies, I think it'll be interesting and good for the show.
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My top 10;

1; Shane
2; Carol
3; Rick
4; Michonne
5; Hershel
6; The Governor
7; Merle
8; Daryl
9; Abraham
10; Glenn
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1:Jim digging holes
2:Jim sweating
3:Jim sitting under tree
You get the point
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My top 10:


1: Girl who named Nick the Walker.

2: Daryl

3: Michonne

4: Nick the Walker

5: The Governor

6: Dale

7: Glenn

8: Lori

9: Carl

10: Carol

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Favorite characters - Lizzie, Daryl, and Michonne

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Honorable Mentions:

Dale, because we all want someone to comfort us in a time of need;

Herschel, because he became a father figure and friend to all those that were in need;

Andrea, because she realized that you needed others to survive and that is your best resource.


10.  Merle, hated the character but loved how he turned himself around in the end.

9.    Glenn, character development from teenager feel (even though he was an adult) to manhood.

8.    Phillip, The Governor/Brian, one heinous asshole I was glad to see gone.

7.    Sasha fierce.  Both good and bad in her.

6.    Maggie, shown decent range of development in character and still going forward.

5.    Daryl, range of character from thug to hero.

4.   Shane, because of his antagonistic selfish wildass style.

3.   Michonne, really a comic book warrior type character.

2.   Rick, just because of who he is.

1. Carol, just because of who she has become along the past 5 seasons.

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Carol rules my world. Her arc is the more believable of the show, her skill set rocks, and she can also bring the laughs (re: Alexandria).


Yes, she's going through a quasi-Morgan phase, but am sure she'll be the baddest ass in S7. After all, she's so bad ass Rick couldn't deal with her – the only member of the inner circle banished!


I also like characters that don't do what I want (Morgan especially), otherwise we don't have any drama – just action, Team Rick vs the world. Which'd not keep me invested in the show from S1.


Daryl's cool, though it's good to see less of him in S6. Unlike many here, apparently, I thought the bottle with him and Beth was good drama and sympathetic character development.


Carl's my boy. From S2 onwards, am high-fiving him (metaphorically) each time he lays the truth down. And he literally takes no prisoners.


Michonne. Totally a badass, and her development's good. The show revolves around characters who see clearly, and those who lie to themselves, are deluded or just crazy. S3 was kick ass thanks to her.


Abe. The writers must've cracked up laughing creating his lines. And the hair rocks.


Morgan. Lennie can act his Aikido pants off. He's the conscience of the show without the wimp factor.


That indie-rocker Wolf. Forgot his name, but he dead bring the threat on in every scene he was in. Pity there was no development for him (ibid).


The corpulent zombie attacking Merle in the sedan. I think I saw him in line at dunking donuts....


Merle. Daryl's flipside, and a good rep for what Daryl's fighting in himself in the early seasons. Plus, any Motorhead fan feeding walkers whiskey gets my vote.


Judith. She knows when to cry to get the action in, and when to be quiet and cute. 



One thing about the show is, I feel like am at the movies, shouting at the screen and giving support to the great lines some of these characters get. But then, I watch TV like my great-grandmother......

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No. This is obviously just by character popularity. If you wanna go by Characterization, then this is the list (at least IMO):

10) Eugene
9) Abraham
8) Lizzie
7) Merle
6) Glenn
5) Rick
4) Michonne
3) Hershel
2) Shane
1) Carol

This is just off the top of my head. I may come back to explain and switch things around.
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10) Lori

9) Aaron

8) Tyreese 

7)  Hershel

6) Maggie

5) Dale

4) Rick

3) Michonne

2) Daryl

1) Glenn

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5) abe
4) daryl
3) Michonne
2) shane
1) Carol.

shane was a better villain than the gov and the t.v. version was poorly done. ty was awful...actually a lot of people were meh. i can't blame the actors, but i can the writers and whoever else was involved in some of these characters. the t.v. versions are bad.

Carol and daryl only ones who had completely changed who they were. season 2 Daryl stepped up and was instantly a lot of peoples favorites and then they just did a lot of things with him that was a bit to much.

Carol is constantly changing and evolving into something new all the time. Mcbride is phenomenal and was one of the only reasons i watched this show at points. the show will miss her if they ever kill her off.
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