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Have you guys ever played Mafia? In case you haven't, I'll enlighten you


(Here's an article if you don't want to read through my lackluster explanation)



There are multiple players, and each is assigned a role (roles vary from game to game. A lot of people seem to play a different way). The way I played, the roles were villagers, a Detective, a Doctor, and the Mafia 


Typically, there's one Mafia member for every four players, rounding up (depending on how many people wanted to participate, this ratio can fluctuate)


The villagers, Detective, and the Doctor are all on a "team." The Mafia are also on a team. The catch is that you only know your own role and nobody else's, so you don't know who's on your side. It's essentially a game of trust (however, the Mafia all know who else is the Mafia). Under no circumstances can a player reveal their role


Now, this is usually a party game and not something on a forum, but this is how I envisioned it would be played (if you have any questions or improvements to the game, go ahead and ask/tell)


First, simply post in the thread if you want to be a player. For the first game, I'll be God (basically a moderator of the game who doesn't participate. I won't be God for every round). Once I have everyone, I'll use a random number generator to determine who gets what role. I'll PM you your role (and the Mafia will be in a group chat)


The game starts at "nighttime" with the Mafia unanimously voting on a person to kill (ideally the Detective or Doctor, but the Mafia won't know who is who). During nighttime, the Mafia votes on who to kill. The Doctor also chooses one person to save (unaware of the Mafia's vote). If the Doctor saves the same person the Mafia kills, the player doesn't die. During nighttime, a Detective can also investigate one player and will learn of the player's role through the moderator (unfortunately, the Detective can not share the information with other players through revealing his/her role)


During daytime , everybody learns who dies/who was saved. Now, all the villagers (this includes Detective and Doctor and Mafia members disguised as villagers) have to discuss their theories and put in a majority vote on who to kill (villagers don't wanna kill villagers). After somebody is killed during daytime, nighttime begins 


By the end of the game, if no Mafia members are left, the villagers win. If more Mafia are left at any point than villagers, Mafia wins


I know it sounds confusing as hell if you haven't played before. I just wanted to gauge people's opinions on whether or not they think it could work on a forum and if they'd be interested


Also, looking on wikipedia, it seems there are some other roles, but I don't know if these would overcomplicate the game or not


Barman: A mafioso who can cancel the effect of another player's ability each night

Vigilante: A villager who may kill a player each night

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Imagine a group of a hundred motorcycles driving down a freeway. Eventually, they hit a junction. One road goes northwest and the other goes northeast. So one guy, we'll call him S, says, "Let's go northwest!" A mile past the intersection, a semi careens into the group and kills ninety of them. Ten are wounded, but they survive and keep going. Eventually, they hit 10,000 miles. S suddenly has his consciousness thrown into his past body right before the junction. Now, he says, "Let's go northeast!" All 100 bikers survive. Happily ever after, right? But what about the ten, no nine, who went northwest and survived? What happens to the reality they were living? Does it just disappear now that S has changed the past? It's not like only bad things happened on that 10,000 mile journey. Maybe one of them fell in love with a gas station attendant and got her pregnant or maybe one adopted a homeless kid that joined the adventure. That 10,000 mile journey would be full of stories. Romances, farewells, friendships...the loss of those ninety lives is horrible and unfortunate, but what would rewriting their history mean? The nine who survived lived full lives and did the best they could with the hand they were dealt. How could it be right to just erase all that? Isn't that worth something? Is there a point to a world where everything is happy? Are people who struggle for a better life just idiots? Being human is about fighting even when it seems hopeless and finding happiness in a world that hates it. Are you saying that's worthless?



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