Thoughts On Season 4's Original Music?

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Is it just me, or did season 4 have the best original compositions of the whole series?
I think Bear and Co. did an excellent job. A lot of the tracks really packed a punch this season.

Highlights for me are the closing music for The Grove and just about everything used in Too Far Gone.
In The Grove's case it was just...jeez. It was harrowing. Not only that but the first couple seconds of it reminded me of some of the music you'd hear in Romero's old dead movies. Nice combo of nostalgia and  "oh :c"
For Too Far know honestly I think the reason I keep coming back to this episode is more for the music than the actual events. Don't get me wrong, I love the episode, but the music really helps a lot of scenes pack more of a punch. 

I love the balance of suspense, action and sadness they struck in the episode. 

The music that played when the battle was winding down is probably my favorite track in the series. Really made me feel like "shit...the prison's gone. HERSCHEL'S gone."
and I loved how they managed to fit a little bit of the Governor's Theme (what played when he was staring at his fish tank o'heads back in S3) in near the end.



Anyhow, how'd ya'll feel about McCreary and CO's work this season?

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Loved Bear McCrearys work on season 4. The music was excellent! Gimple probably had a big input. 

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