Other Small Communities? (Comic Spoilers!)

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Whatever happened to the other small communities Jesus had mentioned when he first met the Alexandrians?


In issue 92, when Jesus meets with Rick, he mentions there is a couple of other communities. He even mentions one being a few miles west of Alexandria.



In issue 108, again Jesus mentions the existence others groups besides The Kingdom and Hilltop, though he says they don't engage them much and that they are smaller than those.



Why didn't they ever contacted them again? Wouldn't it been useful to contact them and add people for the attacks against the sanctuary and the outposts?


I think the people from the covers of the issues following All Out War are from one of those other communities, but why didn't we learn anything from them sooner?

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good catch, but maybe the people on 127 and 128 are part of these other communities. 

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