Rock And A Hard Place 11-Part 2 The Church Of The Dead

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Rock and a Hard Place 11 –Church of the Dead- Part Two
It has been a week since Gloria arrived on the island and she never felt more apprehensive. She gleaned as much information as she could from the women population barely seeing any man besides David and his few guards. The residents were not too forth coming but they made her feel uneasy; as if everyone was hiding something.
“Good morning Gloria.” Clara walked in with a radiant smile. Clara had been shadowing Gloria around with the pretense of “showing her the ropes” but Gloria was no fool. Clara’s sole purpose was to watch her and to scrutinize the information Gloria was getting. “It’s a glorious day. A perfect day for church.” Clara began pulling clothes out of a drawer and laying them on the bed.
“Church? Is that really necessary? The world pretty much ended, instead of going to church and praying we should be out doing something productive.” Gloria suggested.
“This is productive Gloria. Not everyone is as…strong emotionally as you seem to be. Some people need their faith now more than ever. All have lost their families and homes and ways of life; we need our faith to keep us going. So, David has deemed that we all attend church once a week. Here you are, I’ll wait outside.” Clara finished laying out the clothes and closed the door behind her.
Gloria had to admit that Clara had a point. For someone who has lost everything, what is their reason for living now? Faith that the human race will survive may be all they have. It wouldn’t hurt to give church a chance. Gloria dressed in the khaki pants and white button down that Clara laid out.
Walking outside, Gloria saw the other residence dressed in similar clothes. Clara took notice of Gloria’s semi-shocked expression.
“We dress similar as a sign of our unity.” It was little statements like this that would cause warning sirens to go off inside Gloria’s head. Once inside the converted cabin, Gloria sat in a pew with Clara and other happy congregants.
“My brothers and sisters, welcome.” David took the pulpit and began to speak. He looked like a compassionate politician but Gloria learned that not everything is what it seems here.
“It has been 10 months since our forming of this community. We started out with nothing, a few scraps. We were scared and disheartened. But we survived and we thrived and here we are together in a working community. We’ve had to sacrifice much to have what we have. While people are still dying on the mainland, we’re safe and should be grateful for all we have…” David’s speech ran long and Gloria thought it felt forced and disingenuous.
She took this time to look around the church and saw eyes blinded by faith and obedience. These people were still scared and had to stay in line to live on the island. This was no life for her. Gloria made the decision to leave the island on the next boat. She’d rather take her chances among the dead than be surrounded by these people.
“Bless you, David. You saved me and my daughter. Bless you.” A woman stood to give her praise. Strange, Gloria thought, they were more focused on David and less on God in this church.
“Welcome our sister, Gloria, she’s a newcomer but I believe she will fit in perfectly here. Gloria, come up here, please.” David smiled with his hand outstretched. Gloria didn’t want to go near him but as she stood with a nervous smile, all eyes were on her.
“Go ahead, Gloria. This happens for all newcomers.” Clara assured her. She stood with Gloria and walked her down the aisle. The church was full of claps and cheers as she walked, the mood can only be described as joyous; so why was Gloria’s heart racing?
“Gloria, why don’t you say a few words.” David spoke with his hand at the small of her back. Just that minor contact unnerved her.
“There’s not much to say but…my story is the same as everyone’s. I lost my family and people I love. It makes it hard to find something to live for…”Gloria was somber but truthful.
After the service David took Gloria aside in the church. The people had dispersed and only she, David, Clara, and two men remained. “What did you think of the service?” David asked her. She didn’t want to tell him what she really thought. From what she saw it was a way to blind the people to what may be really going on. People talked about David as if he were God and in a way, he was. With a word from him he could give life as well as take it away. David seated himself as the ultimate power on this island and Gloria wanted nothing to do with it.
“It was good. Very….inspiring.” Gloria said cautiously and smiled.
“Now that’s not what you really think, is it Gloria?” David sat next to her so close she feel his body heat. He placed his hand on her thigh, it made her skin crawl.
“I don’t know what you mean. It was nice….it’s just I never thought to go to church even before the world ended.” Gloria found herself looking for the words that wouldn’t upset him.
“Gloria, I know what you’ve been asking people. I know what you’ve been doing. You’re trying to find a fault where there is none. This world now is what we make of it; what I make of it.” David spoke calmly and with that smile plastered on his face.
“What you make of it? I thought this was a group, a team. But to me it looks like everyone is here to serve you. Why?” Gloria couldn’t hold her tongue any longer.
“I made this place what it is. I saved these people’s lives. Brought them here to live in peace without the constant fear of the walkers ripping them to pieces. Is that what you want? You want to live on the run?” David’s smile never wavered. His piercing brown eyes offered no warmth. It was that vacant look and imitation smile that caused Gloria real fear; in that moment, she wished she was never brought here.
“David, what you made here is great but…I want to leave. I don’t think I belong here and I want to go off island. I think I may still have surviving members of my group out there. I…I want to find them.” Gloria knew that wasn’t true. Her group was completely destroyed but she’d rather take her chances alone than stay her one more day.
“It’s such a shame we couldn’t make this work for you. Clara, please gather Gloria’s things, she’ll be leaving on the next transport.” Clara left without question. “I sincerely hope you find what you’re looking for. The next transport is arriving in 15, wait here please.” David stood and left the church. Gloria felt a huge weight off her shoulders. She’s sure that David was just shocked that someone didn’t want to stay here in this pseudo-paradise. But Gloria couldn’t live with her eyes shut, not in this new world.
Clara returned with her belongings and the men told her it was time to go. The four of them walked out the back of the church along a path and took them away from the camp. The island was really lovely, too bad the company isn’t so nice, Gloria thought. They walked about 10 minutes before reaching a small hill overlooking the dock where a small motor boat sat idling. David was there waiting on the hill.
“I guess this is goodbye Gloria. Unfortunately, you won’t be taking the boat to the mainland. I’m sorry, but we can’t risk other people knowing about us. This island is…well…invite only. You say you don’t belong here and I think you’re right. You…ask too many questions. You’re strong willed and intelligent, I need people who are subordinate and obedient.” That smile, that same smile.
“I won’t tell anyone,” the men grabbed each arm and forced Gloria to the top of the hill where David stood. Gloria was shocked to see what lay immediately beyond the hill on the other side. A large trench had been dug in the ground. The trench was deep and wide, it seemed to follow the natural curve of the island. Inside the trench were walkers. Hundreds of walkers clawing upwards looking for a meal.
“Amazing, isn’t it? This trench is very useful in keeping the unwanted out but also to keep members of my flock in.” The men brought Gloria close to the edge. She looked down in the darkness of the pit and the deafening sound of the combined moans. “I have a few strays. People much like yourself that think a little too much. They may try to leave the island without my permission, I can’t allow that. Some fall in the trench….they get what they deserve. Why would anyone want to leave paradise?”
“Because this is not paradise. It’s a prison. And I know why you get rid of people like me…because we know it’s a prison.” Gloria’s voice caught in her throat. She knew she was going to die. “You’re an asshole.”
“No Gloria, in this church, I am God.” David smiled wider and there was a twinkle in his eye. He must only truly be happy when he’s killing someone. David was standing behind her, his breath on her neck. Gloria turned to face him, she wasn’t afraid to face the devil.
David thought he saw fear in her eyes, so use to looking down on others that he didn’t see the determination instead. There was nothing Gloria could do to save herself but maybe she could make one last difference in the new world. Quickly, Gloria reached up and grabbed David’s collar shirt balling the fabric in her fist. His body guards had no time to react so taken aback with her intentions.
Bending her knees she pushed herself back into the pit and carried David with her. She focused on his face, his celebrity type face with a strong jawline and handsome features. She watched with satisfaction as that conceited look of triumph quickly turned to terror. David was a coward and he screamed all the way down.
As the walkers began to rip at her body and face, Gloria didn’t scream. Surprisingly, she felt calm. She was accepting of her fate and relieved that this hard life was finally over. Memories flashed in her mind, her parents dancing, her sister laughing, her first love, her honeymoon in Hawaii; life was good.
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As always GDM, excellent really liked this .
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Love it! Excellent job as always.
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Nice :) It's awesome how she took David down with her.
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This was really good! I liked the ending. Especially the final paragraph where Gloria flashed back to happier times. A nice way to wrap things up.
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