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Chet K. Friedman

Chet K. Friedman


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Took part in filming a Zombie survival video based on the game "Dayz" with my friends two summers ago. Despite not having a budget and filming with only 3 people on set for most scenes, we managed to get over 500k views.
After a long two semesters of college we decided to make a follow-up better than the original in every way. Not only did we use elements from "Dayz" but the Walking Dead comics and show were a strong inspiration this time around. The result is a very well paced , action packed 11 minutes of life in the apocalypse. We still have two more parts to release that equal the duration of this feature. I hope some of you will take the time to check it out. If the support is there we'd be open to filming more parts next summer! Enjoy!

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